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  1. So I am really in to football but haven't got any of the newer Madden games due to a somewhat easy/cheap way of beating CPU. I would put the difficulty on All- Madden with the sliders almost all the way up for the CPU but would just call a Hail Mary then audible in to an Iso run and the defense could not stop me from getting at least 10 yards a run. I forget what exact play the defense would always do but it was along the lines of Prevent or Deep Zone. I know I could just not do it but it's one of those things that is just to tempting not to do especially if it's in a late game situation and you need a score. So if anybody could try this out for me and see if it's fixed bc the defense would never do defensive audibles and I'm really interested in getting Madden 16. Thanks. (I know I could play online but I like local gameplay)

    User Info: logankohn

    logankohn - 3 years ago

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