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Free Man!
Unlock all trophies
The Wet Bandit
Flood 50 toilets across any of the prisons.
Cash IS King
Earn over $1000 dollars across any of the prisons.
Favour Fave
Complete 100 favours successfully across any of the prisons.
Hit quota at least once across ALL job roles.
Never Be Alone Again
Attend 100 visits from outsiders across any of the prisons.
Let’s Get Physical
Achieve stats over 80 for both Strength and Speed
I Present To You
Give away 50 items to inmates and guards.
Naked Month
Spend 30 days in game time without wearing any outfits.
Grey Matters
Achieve stats over 80 for intellect.
Punch Drunk
Knock unconscious a total of 50 inmates.
Disrespect My Authority
Knock unconscious a total of 50 guards
Man On The Run
With a Guard Heat of 100, successfully evade capture until it returns to zero.
Clean Away The Crime
Spend a total of over 20 prison hours in the showers.
Digging It!
Clear a total of 50 tiles using the Shovel item.
The Escapist!
Successfully escape from all six prisons.
Master Craftsman
Craft all the items available in the game.
Quick Learner
Complete the tutorial
Getting Crafty
Craft an item. (outside of the tutorial)
All By Myself
Spend a total of over 20 prison days in solitary.
Wheeler Dealer
Buy an item off of an inmate. (outside of the tutorial)
They’re In The Walls
Get into the vent system.
Sneaky Beginnings
Escape Centre Perks
Prisoner Of War
Escape Stalag Flucht
Escape Shankton State Pen.
Jungle Is Massive
Escape Jungle Compound.
Escape San Pancho.
Runaway Success
Escape HMP Irongate.
Escape Team Trophies
Cage’s Buddy
Gift the Sovereign Ring to Cage.
Ladies’ Man
Gift the After Shave to Andy.
The Mad Man
Gift the Trash Bag to Sean.
Tanked Up
Complete the construction of the Tank.
Soldiers Of Fortune
The Escape Team have escaped.
Loved Up
All members of the Escape Team love you upon escaping.
Duct Tapes are Forever Trophies
The Voice Of Reason
Successfully activate the Voice Analyzer control Panel.
The Key to Success
Successfully activate the Keycard control Panel.
Finger Of Blame
Successfully activate the Finger Print control Panel.
Getting Noticed
Read the instructions to successfully activate the rocket.
On Top of the World
Try out the evil villain’s seat.
Spy Hard
Successfully escape the level.
Santa's Sweatshop Trophies
Tinsel Town
Successfully dress the Christmas Tree with Tinsel.
My Gifts To You
Successfully place Presents under the Christmas Tree.
Wrapped Up
Successfully wrap the Christmas Tree in Fairy Lights.
Getting Your Hands Dirty
Clean up the Reindeers mess.
Santa's Lap
Listen to a kids Christmas Wishlist.
Northern Lights
Successfully escape the level.

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