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Reviewed: 07/08/16

Past & Future

This game goes back to why we loved adventure gaming JRPG. With the obvious next gen style. SO 5 is the recent installment in the series and though I have played one other series SO 3 and watched the rest it brings a good mix of the SO 1 and SO 3 together.

The bad parts most people will have is travelling however as far back as I can remember travelling was the essence of JRPG. Yes we are in a time were we expect fast travel but that was never the case to begin with. Those moments searching every nook and cranny and pressing our characters against walls to find secret paths were made you felt you experienced everything to the fullest. Then when the possibility of having your own means of transportation for the first time felt great whether it was an animal, ship, or airship. We then checked every nook and cranny in the land air and skies seeing were we can now go. Travelling in SO 5 brings that back in a great way with plenty to acquire by doing that from random dungeons to harvest materials for creation.

The great thing to me is the challenge to master skills/roles. This game in particular makes it more like really mastering a move. Rather "oh I did this move 30 times in 5 battles I mastered it." Not in here you don't you can use 1 move through 100 battles and barely master 50% of it. Though the game gives you alternatives ways to boost the process. You know how by travelling collecting and doing what we loved to do in JRPG to begin with.

The game play particularly the battles could have been better but what game don't you feel they could have put a little more sugar. When it comes to the idea of 7 players in one battle that's fun in itself because out of the few games out their you don't have to choose what 3-4 characters you want in your main party is everyone including NPC are all in the action. However with that they could have more collaboration with skills that would've brought out more of the all out action we have.

The story is interesting though for some it may be cliche but. I found it cute and at times suspicious. Some things I was expecting to turn out like this but they went another way with it which no longer makes it cliche. The characters in the story particularly the main character is very straight forward early in rather the cliche not realizing what he has until the near end. Each character has their reason and they play a strong role on how they grow and ultimately conclude the game and the game takes the time to show the characters reason rather then just going with the flow.

This game can easily be broken they practically throws levels at you like spam emails and I love it because being strong in the game is not just about reaching lvl. 100+ its the right combination of roles and skills. The right combination can make a hard boss be trolled like a "slime". This game allows us to be creative and free to do what we want how we want it focus on one or many aspects. From raising the Rush bar a certain way to have your caster rain magic without ever running out.

In closing SO 5 brings us what we loved and still in fact do love about JRPG in hopes we don't get lazy and forget about the journey. Giving us freedom to tackle any challenge how we want. This is a great game that would've been better. But it is still a great JRPG.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness (US, 06/28/16)

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