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by burqawitz

Table of Contents

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Guide and Walkthrough by burqawitz

Version: 1.04 | Updated: 08/13/2016

Table of Contents

  2. Version Information
  3. About Me / Contact Information / Support for this guide
  4. Viewing this Guide as a Single Page
  5. Basic Combat Strategy
    1. Rock, Paper, ...Shotgun?
    2. Cancel Bonus
    3. Combat Skills - use
    4. Signeturgy
    5. Targeting
    6. Roles - Use
    7. Reserve Rush
    8. Putting it all Together
    9. A Note on Character Leveling
    10. Status Effects
  6. Character Skills
    1. Fidel's Battle Skills
    2. Miki's Signeturgy
    3. Victor's Battle Skills
    4. Fiore's Signeturgy
    5. Emmerson's Battle Skills
    6. Anne's Battle Skills
  7. Roles
    1. Attack Roles
    2. Defensive Roles
    3. Healing Roles
    4. Support Roles
    5. Miscellaneous Roles
  8. Specialties (Party Skills)
    1. Harvesting Skills
    2. Drop Rate Specialties
    3. Lockpicking
    4. Minimap Skills
    5. Other Useful Skills
    6. Useless Specialty Skills
  9. Item Creation Skills
    1. Rare and limited Items
    2. Alchemy
    3. Authoring
    4. Compounding
    5. Cooking
    6. Crafting
    7. Engineering
    8. Smithery
  10. Synthesis
    1. Synthesis Recipes and Item Rankings
  11. Augmentation
    1. Augment Lists
  12. Materials
  13. Skill Books
  14. Usable Items
    1. Healing Items
    2. Attack items
    3. Buff / Debuff items
    4. Specialty Items
    5. Signet Cards
    6. Food
  15. Equipment
    1. Fidel's Weapons
    2. Miki's Weapons
    3. Victor's Weapons
    4. Fiore's Weapons
    5. Emmerson's Weapons
    6. Anne's Weapons
    7. Heavy Armor
    8. Medium Armor
    9. Light Armor
    10. Accessories
  16. Valuables Encyclopedia Listing
  17. Enemies
    1. Humanoids
    2. Beasts
    3. Avians
    4. Insects
    5. Plants
    6. Corrupt
    7. Machines
    8. Divinities
  18. Main Story Walkthrough
  19. Chapter 1
    1. Stahl
    2. Passage on the Cliffs
    3. Coast of Minoz
    4. Myiddok
    5. Resulian Plains
    6. Central Resulia
  20. Chapter 2
    1. Dakaav Footpath
    2. Stahl - Ch. 2
    3. Eitalon's Hidden Den
  21. Chapter 3
    1. Optional Trip through Myiddok
    2. Central Resulia - Ch. 3
    3. West of the Eastern Eihieds
  22. Chapter 4
    1. Santeroule
    2. North of the Eastern Eihieds
    3. Ancient Institute
    4. Castle Bariff
  23. Chapter 5
    1. Northern Territory of Sohma - Partial
    2. The Charles D. Goale
    3. Northeast Trei'kuran Dunes
    4. Cryptic Research Facility
    5. Protect Anne - Sentinel / Robo Gunner Boss Fight
  24. Chapter 6
    1. Western Dakaav Tunnel
    2. Operation Snake Eyes
  25. Chapter 7
    1. Eastern Trei'kur
    2. Trei'Kuran Dunes
    3. Symbological Facility Prime
  26. Chapter 8
    1. The Trei'kuran Slaughtery
    2. Defend Trei'kur against Der-Suul
    3. Return to Santeroule
  27. Chapter 9
    1. The Charles D. Goale G
  28. Chapter 10
    1. The Cavaliero
    2. Boss Fight - Kronos Commander
    3. Symbological Research Facility B5F
    4. Boss Fight - Illustrious Manticore
  29. Chapter 11
    1. Northern Territory of Sohma - Full
    2. The Signesilica
    3. Crystal Guardian - Boss Fight
  30. Chapter 12
    1. Alcazar of the Golden Age
    2. Shrouded Gaze - Boss Fight
    3. Feria and Thoras - Bossfights
    4. Kronos's Sickle
    5. General Alma - Boss Fight
  31. Chapter 13
    1. The Maze of Tribulations
    2. Chasm of Repose - Level 1
    3. Der-Suul, MoT
    4. Daril
    5. Indra's Return - Level 2
    6. Gabriel Celeste
    7. Terpsichorean Genesis - Level 3
    8. Party Animas Bossfight
    9. Ethereal Queen
  32. Private Actions
    1. Chapter 1 Private Actions
    2. Chapter 3 Private Actions
    3. Chapter 4 Private Actions
    4. Chapter 5 Private Actions
    5. Chapter 6 Private Actions
    6. Chapter 7 Private Actions
    7. Chapter 8 Private Actions
    8. Chapter 9 Private Actions
    9. Chapter 10 Private Actions
    10. Chapter 11 Private Actions
    11. Chapter 12 Private Actions
  33. Side Quests
    1. Chapter 1 Side Quests
    2. Chapter 3 Side Quests
    3. Chapter 4 Side Quests
    4. Chapter 5 Side Quests
    5. Chapter 6 Side Quests
    6. Chapter 7 Side Quests
    7. Chapter 8 Side Quests
    8. Chapter 9 Side Quests
    9. Chapter 10 Side Quests
    10. Chapter 11 Side Quests
  34. Cathedral of Oblivion
  35. Battle Trophies
  36. Playstation Trophies
  37. Frequently Asked Questions
    1. Do Exp., SP, and FOL acquiring skills stack?
    2. What healing items and Food are most useful?
    3. What enemies can I freeze for the 'Freeze 100 enemies' battle trophy?
    4. A million hits?! Are they insane?! How am I supposed to get a million hits??!!!
  38. Legal Information

Chapter 8 (Continued)

The Northeast Tower

This is where you'll encounter the Cunning Zurtail for the Subjugation Directive: Zurtail mission.

Cunning ZurtailCorrupt 054L 5319,400 HPF +10

There's a minor treasure chest on the left. When you reach the tower, turning left spirals down while right spirals up. Go left first. At the bottom you'll find a few guards protecting a treasure chest with a Mirage Robe. It's a nifty piece of equipment that ends up reducing all damage by an extra 4%, when you do the math. It's probably a good fit for Miki or Fiore at the moment. Then head back to the stairs spiraling along the inner tower and follow them all the way to the top. There are a couple of Cursed Horrors here that need to be put to rest. After that collect the treasure chest just outside the cell you were fighting in, then enter the cell and turn right and head through the door into the next cell toward the south of the tower. A few more hapless Trei'kurans guard this room. Kill them, then head out of the cell, back toward the inner tower. There's a hallway that goes even further inside the tower and turns left or right. Go left first where you may run into some more zurtails. There's a minor treasure here, and a dead end. Return to the innermost hallway and follow it back the other direction where it will lead up and then out to another cell along the outside of the tower - this time on the North.

Here you'll encounter another miniboss fight.

Grendelian Knight-ErrantCorrupt 023L 5151,500 HPL -15, F +10, D +15
CabrakanCorrupt 021L 5152,000 HPL -15, E +10, D +15
These walking hulks of hollow armor resemble the miniboss fight you encountered in the Western Dakaav Tunnel earlier, and the method for fighting them remains the same. Equip Air Slash on both the long range light and heavy attacks, then just keep away from the brutes and switch back and forth between light and strong air slash attacks to build up your cancel bonus for bonus damage as you take them down from long range. There's less room to maneuver here than there was before, so move all the way into a corner before starting a string of air strikes, and don't hesitate to break off your attack and retreat to safety on the other side of the room if one of them gets too close before you've finished off a 200% cancel bonus string.

After the fight, continue through the door on the west side of the cell where you'll fight another wimpy group of Trei'kurans. Then go back up the stairs on the southeast to the inner tower hallway which will spiral up once again before finally exiting the Northeast tower onto a central walkway.

There's a couple of Cursed Horrors here, accompanies by a couple of Trei'kurans. After you defeat them, look to the door to your south. Walk up to the door and press X to open it, revealing a locked treasure chest with Alastor, a new sword for Victor (assuming of course you have the lockpicking skill).

Head west across the walkway until you encounter another group of Trei'kurans. After defeating them, examine the door they were guarding to the north. It too can be opened with X to reveal 2 more treasure chests, one of which contains the Cerulean Orb Signets, Vol. 3 which can teach Miki Terra Hammer, or Fiore Arctic Impact. These are both wonderful attack spells that also reduce the enemies stats. Usually I give Fiore first pick of attack spells, but Terra Hammer is just such a great spell...

Continue west across the walkway, where you may meet the last group of zurtails. South of your position is another door that you can open - this time with a save point inside, which you should of course use before continuing on.

There's one more group of Trei'kurans to the north. Before you enter the Northwest Tower, there's one more building on your right with an openable door and a treasure containing an anti-curse amulet. Now head into the Northwest Tower.

The Northwest Tower

Like before, the path splits. Left spirals down, while right spirals up. You should go down the stairs to your left first, so you can beat up some hapless Trei'kurans for their mostly useless treasure at the bottom of the stairs. One of the treasures is a locked treasure containing a heroism potion. Return to the spiraling staircase and follow it all the way to the top, where you'll come out in the North room of the outer tower. Turn right and go through the door on the east to beat up another group of Trei'kurans. Just outside this room on your way back to the tower interior is a treasure chest containing a Fae Signets, Vol. 2. Fiore can't use this book, but it teaches Miki Faery Light - by far her most powerful healing spell to date.

Take the path southwest back to the inner tower stairs - which again splits left and right. The left path is a dead end. Turn right and proceed upward toward the top of the tower, emerging back to the outer tower on the northwest. Pummel the Trei'kurans in this room, then turn left, proceeding southwest into a room that could contain more zurtails. Take the passage east back to the inner tower and follow it up and around till it comes out on the south.

Outside on the walkway you can see another set of enchanted armor like what you encountered in the northeast tower walking around. This time the armor is accompanied by a few various Trei'kuran wussies, but the strategy for fighting them is no different. Ignore the weak enemies unless they get close to you. If the do, dispatch them with Mirror Blade or Double Slash moves and continue firing Air Slashes at the empty armor. You probably won't even need to worry about them. They'll likely get taken out as collateral damage from Fiore's powerful attack spells aimed at the armor.

Proceed south across the walkway until you see a save point on your left - which you should of course use. Before you go through the door ahead of you, there are a couple of cursed horrors beyond the save point that you should dispatch. Then follow that path until you reach a dead end and get the treasure chest - defense seed.

Return to the save point and proceed to the door to the southwest tower, which is your obvious destination. There's a healing point just past the door, so heal up, then proceed through a second door to find Daril and Relia.

| Ruining the Production |

They find Daril and Relia in the innermost part of the Slaughtery,
but the party discovers they have walked into Der-Suul's trap.

Leaving Daril's release to Miki, Fidel endeavors to combat the horde
of Trei'kuran soldiers that surround them.

Miki unties Daril while the rest of the group holds off the Trei'kurans. It only takes a moment.

| Daril Unleashed |

Miki is able to untie Daril's restraints, and he in turn destroys
the cage holding Relia before joining his son in battle.

Trei'kurans keep pouring in, but these guys are pathetically weak. There is no challenge to defeating as many as they throw at you.

| Gunned Down |

Their victory almost assured, Daril adjures Der-Suul to surrender,
but then, reinforcements armed with Kronos weaponry arrive and
open fire.

Daril shields Relia from the shots, and is hit in the back
by a beam of energy.

Everyone knows that cutscene bullets are a special kind of deadly, and even though Miki literally knows a raise dead spell...

| Daril's Death Throes |

Daril's wounds are too severe for Miki's signeturgy, nor does Emmerson
have his ship.

Before his last breath, Daril tells Fidel to honor his vow to
protect Relia, to which Fidel responds by thinking his dad for
sacrificing himself to save her.

Defend Trei'kur against Der-Suul

| In Mourning |

Now back in Eastern Trei'kur, Fidel stares forlornly at
his father's corpse.

Victor warns of an enemy attack, and the din of battle slowly
grows louder, but Fidel makes no move to part with his dead father.

| Miki's Kind Words |

While everyone else has gone to fight, Miki stays behind
with Fidel to console him.

After your moment of mourning, press the L stick to get up, and walk out of the inn with Miki in tow. There's an item shop set up at the front desk, but it's just your usual run of the mill usables. Proceed out the front door.

| Back in the Game |

Emerging from their lodging, Fidel is met with encouraging words
from his allies ...and with Der-Suul.

The Trei'kurans seemingly know this is their last chance at victory,
and show no signs of retreat as an option.

Outside, Gunter, Hana and Daks are battling Trei'kuran invaders. No need to bother with these enemies. Head west and circle north around the inn to find Der-Suul.


Der-SuulHuman 016L 53365,400 HPI -10

Der-Suul will be accompanies by weak Trei'kurans, but you shouldn't even concern yourself with them. Concentrate on Der-Suul. Make sure you equip Fidel with the Warrior Slayer role. When his HP gets low Der-Suul will unleash a devastatingly powerful area affect fire attack. Try to keep Miki away from him as his HP gets low. You'll need her healing to restore your party after the fact.

It is very fitting to have Fidel unleash a full power Reserve Rush to finish off Der-Suul. In fact, if you time things just right, unleashing a full reserve rush bar with a 200% cancel bonus and the Warrior Slayer and berserker role equipped, you might be able to take him down without ever giving him a chance to release his party devastating area fire attack.

| Advice from Beyond |

Having defeated Der-Suul, Fidel is overcome with a feeling of emptiness,
but finds solace in Relia; He recalls his father's last words
when he sees her, and finds new resolve.

Victor then presents him with Daril's sword as a heartfelt reminder
of their master.

Return to Santeroule

Daril's sword, Insignivon, is a powerful weapon that allows you to build up the reserve guage much faster. Don't forget to equip it. When you gain control of Fidel again, go to the east side of town to meet up with the rest of the party.

| Back East |

The heroes assemble at Eastern Trei'kur's gates.

Now that the war is over, Victor can join the others on their trek
to Santeroule.

But before we get on the road, there are more side missions to cover. Considering you're on the far west side of the map, and need to make your way to the far east side of the map - you'll be going right past all of them anyways.

There are no new side quests in Eastern Trei'kur, but there are a lot of private actions, and some of them are very important. In fact, there is a missable Private Action in Eastern Trei'kur that can only be done right now, and gives you a role - equal opportunist. If you miss this Private Action, you miss this role. See Chapter 8 Private Actions for details.

First stop on the way to Santeroule is Central Resulia, where you'll find more missable Private Actions and several new side quests.

It Came from the North
Device of the Ancients
Subjugation Directive: Shelda
Subjugation Directive: Arjain
Wanted Anonnus
Collection as Innocent as a Valkyrie

There are missable Private Actions is Sthal and Myiddok as well, and Welch has a new job for you in Myiddok.

Behavioral Study

On your way through the West of the Eastern Eihieds map, Emmerson receives a transmission from his ship.

| Bad News Travels Fast |

On the way to Santeroule, Emmerson receives a warning that
Kronos ships are also heading for Faykreed IV - and will likely
arrive first.

Spurred by this new information, the heroes quicken their pace.

Despite this warning, it's still probably advisable to continue catching up on Side activities once you reach Santeroule if you're trying to get them all done. There are more missable Private Actions that can only be witnessed now, and Santeroule has the following new side quests.

An Inkling for Artistry
Collecting Something Blue
Open Season on Orizons
For Whom the Bell Tomes

When you're finished with side quests and private actions, make for the Royal Institute of Signetary Studies in Northeast Santeroule. Continue into the second room and follow Fiore who will have a conversation with Ceisus.

| Institutionalized Dysfunction |

The party manages to reach the royal institute before Kronos's arrival,
but the device that performs expunction is broken.

Luckily, the original one housed in the ancient institute should
still work, so off they go in search of it.

The expunction device here is out of order, but there's another one at the ancient institute. Exit the facility back to Santeroule, then exit through the Northwest exit to the North of the Eastern Eihieds map.

| Kronos Draws Near |

Emmerson receives another transmission informing them that Kronos has
entered Faykreed IV's orbital trajectory.

There isn't a moment to lose as they make for the ancient institution.

Continue up the path. There are no enemies here. As you reach the center of the map, a cutscene ensues.

| General Alma |

Almost as the ancient institute comes into sight, a massive beam of light
falls from the sky and obliterates it, kicking up dust and debris.

Amongst the many Kronos soldiers who emerge from the dust,
one man stands out: General Alma, the most wanted man in the galaxy.

| Two Relias |

Seeing Relia next to Alma, the heroes become confused; why are there
two of her?

Before Alma abducts her as well and leaves the heroes behind to stare
at the ruins of the ancient institute, he explains that the girl
traveling with Fidel is Relia's sister Feria.

| Point of No Return |

Emmerson and Anne warn the Faykreedians; if they go after Alma to
save the girls, their deep involvement with the federation and Kronos
may prevent them from ever returning to Faykreed.

Everyone then goes off to contemplate whether or not to go forward
and convene in Santeroule.

| Waiting for Go-Aheads |

Away from the locals' eyes, Emmerson contacts his ship, which will
arrive at Faykreed IV in a few days.

The two federation officers also ruminate on who will join them and
who will choose to stay behind.

| Fiore's Struggle |

Fiore examines a letter in her room of the royal institute.

The letter is from her mentor who struck out on his own, never to be
heard from again, but now that Fiore is in the same situation as he,
will she make the same choice?

| Victor's Inner Conflict |

Victor stands over Daril's body inside Central Resulia's castle,
debating which is more important - his responsibility to his friends
or to the military.

He calls out to his former master in hopes of an answer, but the only
answer he gets is silence.

| It's All in the Name |

Miki and Fidel reminisce about their lives in Sthal: about how they
had parents succumb to the plague and about how Miki joined
Fidel's family.

They also decide, however, that it is time to move beyond that
relationship as they reevaluate their feelings before heading
to Santeroule.

Chapter 9

You start Chapter 9 in Sthal with only Fidel and Miki in your party. Your objective is to meet up with the rest of the group in Santeroule. The enemies are different depending on if you go by way of the Dakaav Footpath, or the Passage on the Cliffs. Keep in mind that if you're trying to get all the trophies, you need to see every enemy in the game, so you'll eventually need to explore both routes - though you can wait till later in the chapter when you'll have access to the teleporter function again.

I actually found it refreshing to not have such a full party and be able to concentrate on my own fighting without constant interference from my party for a change.

Naturally, there are a couple of different routes back to Santeroule, and the enemies you'll fight vary depending on the path you take. When you've just got Fidel and Miki, you'll only ever encounter a single enemy at a time - which makes this a great time to practice the rock paper scissors mechanic and really get to understand the combat in the game. Just throw the pacifist role, and healer roles on Miki, so you can concentrate on battling enemies one on one and have Miki take care of your healing.

Passage on the Cliffs - Ch. 9
Hades CrabInsect 015L 5820,700 HPW-15, I+10
Adephaga ProxInsect 005L 5819,900 HPW-20
Antlered TortoiseBeast 019L 6021,000 HPI-20, F+10, E+10, W+10, L+10, D+10
Dakaav Footpath - Ch. 9
Polyphaga DrusInsect 007L 5920,600 HPE-11, I-5, W+5
lesser dragonAvian 020L 6021,200 HP
Adephaga ProxInsect 005L 5719,900 HPW-20
Resulian Plains - Ch. 9
StingerInsect 011L 5319,600 HPI-10, E-10, W+10
Lamia RadixPlant 009L 5420,400 HPF-20, E+20
Great ScumbagHuman 005L 5319,800 HP
LeonbladeBeast 003L 5419,900 HP
Elder TreantPlant 014L 5420,800 HPL-15, F-10, E+10, D+15
MyconidPlant 017L 5320,000 HPF-20, I+10, E+15
Myconid Sporeling*Plant 021L 5116,800 HPF-20, I+10, E+15

*Myconid Sporelings don't show up when it's just Fidel and Miki.

West of Eastern Eihieds - Ch. 9
Ancient PerytonAvian 007L 5520,500 HPE-10, F+10, W+10
Winged NightmareAvian 010L 5520,300 HPF -20, W+10
Demon ServantCorrupt 018L 5619,600 HPF+10
Jade GolemCorrupt 007L 5620,800 HPE-10, W+10

While there are new Side Quests if you detour through Central Resulia and Trei'kur, it's best to save those for when you have your party back together. For one, there are no Private Actions at the moment, so you'd just have to go back to do those later. Second - you'll have access to teleportation services again very soon, which will make it much easier to do side quests without as much footwork. Third, since all the enemies are showing up one at a time, you'll get less drops, etc. if you try to do them now. Head straight for Santeroule, and meet up with Emmerson and Anne south of the weapon shop.

| Onward and Upward |

When the Sthalians reach Santeroule, everyone except Victor is there.

Deeming he had one too many attachments to Resulia, they start
to leave, but just as they are to be transported, they see him
running toward them with a smile on his face.

The Charles D. Goale G

Charles D. Goal G - Shops
Weapon Shop
Myth & Weston Outfitters
Ceramic SwordFidelATK +2003500
Titan's NailFidelATK +45020000
Booster WandMikiATK +110, INT +2102800
Resonance ScepterMikiATK +220, INT +44016000
Amalgametal BladeVictorATK +44022000
MikhanesphereFioreATK +90, INT +2204400
Sybilline OrbFioreATK +190, INT +42025000
MicroblasterEmmersonATK +2003700
Photonic BlasterEmmersonATK +40021000
Mechanical FistsAnneATK +2103150
Gatling GauntletsAnneATK +41018000
Bronto ArmorH. ArmorDEF +180, MEN +7517000
Riot GearM. ArmorDEF +60, MEN +452450
Solid ProtectorM. ArmorDEF +150, MEN +14014000
Resistance SuitL. ArmorDEF +35, MIN +70
F +10, I +10, E +10, W +10
Cloak of the StarsL. ArmorDEF +80, MEN +15015000
Energy AmuletAccessoryMax HP +50025000
Arcane AmuletAccessoryMax MP +20025000
Attack CrestAccessoryATK +53000
Mind CrestAccessoryINT +53000
Fortitude CrestAccessoryDEF +53000
Acuity CrestAccessoryMEN +53000
Grocery Shop
The Future Is Now
Prehistoric MeatFoodRecover 10% HP180
Common EggsFoodRecover 5% HP90
Fresh VegetablesFoodRecover 5% MP180
White RiceMaterial-180
Wheat FlourMaterial-240
Whole MilkFoodRecover 20% MP360
Olive OilMaterial-240
Spring WaterFoodRecover 10% MP240
General Store
Atoms R Us Provisions
BlueberriesUsableRecover 30% HP40
BlackberriesUsableRecover 30% MP80
Fresh SageUsableRevive / Recover 30% HP160
MintUsableCure Poison90
BasilUsableCure paralysis90
ChamomileUsableCure silence180
JasmineUsableClear fog90
LavenderUsableRemove curse300
Micro CircuitMaterial-1200
Diffusion DeviceMaterial-1080

You'll be transported to the Charles D. Goale G.

| Victor's First Step Inside a Spaceship |

Though it seems like second nature for the other Faykreedians, Victor is
astounded by everything about the federation battleship.

The weapon shop has new equipment. Take the time to buy upgrades, then head across the room to the turbolift, which will take you to the bridge.

| Charles is Back with a Vengeance |

Despite Emmerson and Anne's explanation of how the Charles D. Goale G
is specifically built for war and much more suited to the task of
defeating General Alma, the Faykreedians cannot tell the difference
between in and the old hybrid research vessel.

| Much Ado about Warping |

The group tries to pursue Alma, but they quickly discover that the
Kronos ship is simply too fast for them.

Anne, however, observes that Kronos's technology is very similar
to signeturgy, so they call upon Ceisus to help speed their ship up.

It seems Kronos has adopted some sort of signeturgy to advance their warp engines, and the Charles D. Goale G. cannot match them for speed. In order to be able to catch up to them, Fiore suggests consulting Ceicus. While Emmerson, Anne, and Fiore see to the upgrade, Fidel, Victor and Miki are free to explore the ship.

Access the turbolift to reach different areas of the ship.

There's a Swordsman's Manual VI in the Cargo Bay on Deck 1. It will teach Fidel Abyssal Gate, or Victor Diabolic Edge.

There's a CQC Program Zeta on the port side of the of the Private Quarters on Deck 7. It will teach Crescent Wings to Emmerson, or Acrobat Lotus to Anne.

There's a Restorative Signets, Vol. 2 in the Sick bay on Deck 12. It teaches Ex Healing to Miki.

If you want to save before moving you, the save point is in the transport room. You can't use the teleporter at the moment. Return the The Bridge to continue.

| The Ladies' Return |

Fidel returns to the bridge right as they receive a transmission
from Anne signaling the end of her mission.

Fiore's muffled voice can be heard in the background while Anne reports
they can expect results of their analysis soon.

| Dr. Krupp's Findings |

By the time they contact Dr. Krupp, he has already finished his analysis,
and determines what they need is to rewrite the navigation software and
imbue the engine with signets.

Fiore agrees to do the actual imbuing, Anne will feed her the formula,
and both Fidel and Miki will watch.

Victor and Emmerson remain on the group, while the rest of the group goes to work on the warp engine. Step back onto the turbolift and you'll be taken automatically to the engine room.

| Symbometrical Sacrifice |

On the way to the engine room, Fiore cannot help but be impressed by
Kronos's advances in technology.

At the same time, however, she is furious that they exploited
Redlia and Feria to obtain these results.

Follow Anne toward the engine core. You can only go as far as the stairs.

| The Imbuing |

Fiore manifests signets in the air, which then waft over and attach
themselves to the engine in a dreamlike, mesmerizing sequence.

With the last signet written, the engine is encased in a light almost
as bright as the expression of anticipation on Fiore's face.

Return once again to the turbolift and go to The Bridge.

| This One Goes to Fifteen |

The gravitic warp engine test drive begins.

It starts up well enough, and they slowly increase its speed until it
finally hits warp fifteen with no issue, causing the bridge to erupt
with cheers.

fully equipped, they try to catch the Kronos ship.

With the new warp drive functioning, you can now catch the Kronos ship, but it will take some time. Emmerson suggests you rest up in case there is a battle. You now have control of your full crew gain. Don't forget to use the CQC Program Zeta to teach Emmerson or Anne a new battle skill. Also, remember that everyone but Fidel and Miki have been out of the party, and so they'll have their accessories and roles removed. Remember to reconfigure these things.

Side Content

While it may seem odd, even though you're travelling through space at warp 15 chasing the Kronos ship, the game will now allow you to use the teleporters to travel back to various locations on Faykreed IV. There's a lot more side quests and private actions to do - and they start right here on the ship. There are a number of Private Actions that take place right in the transporter room of the Charles D. Goale G. None of these are missable - so you can do them now or save them for later. Private Actions are also available in practically every location around the world. A couple of these Private Actions give access to roles. One in particular is very good. In Myiddok you'll have a PA with Miki that unlocks the Minstrel Role, which drastically raises the amount of SP you earn in battle, and stacks with other SP buffs like altruist and the testament to triumph accessory. I also earned the Boon Companion Role from a party private action aboard the Charles D. Goale.

There are a ton of Side Quests in Central Resulia.

Subjugation Directive: Rihvnauts
Subjugation Directive: Hoodini
Subjugation Directive: Vejheerits
Lurking in the Shadows of Collection
Eggcellent Haul
Medal of Honor
Showdown at the Training Hall
Emblematic of Knighthood

In Santeroule there are a few more.

Open Season on Hourigh
Airing Out a Collection
Cloaked in Mistakes
The Enchanted Quill

In Eastern Trei'kur there are yet more

A Peeping Golem!
Wanted: Hanna
Subjugation Directive: Vlad
Mouth-Watering Collection
Processing the Possibilities
Taste of Home

It's also worth noting that if you go back to the Trei'kuran slaughtery to complete the Wanted: Hanna side quest, there are a couple more treasure chests you can pick up that you weren't able to reach when you were there last - though they don't contain anything earth shattering.

When you're done with all the side content you wish to do, return to the Charles D. Goale and take the turbolift to Deck 7: Private Quarters. Enter the first room on the left and examine the bed to sleep and rest up for the coming battle.

| Red Alert |

An ear-splitting roar of an alarm accompanies an announcement
from Emmerson telling Fidel to report to the bridge immediately

As Fidel, make your way back to the turbolift and proceed to the bridge, where you'll witness the Charles D. Goale in a Star Trek style battle with the Kronos vessel - mostly shown through narration by the crew.

| Quantum Leap of Faith |

Despite being the most advanced federation ship, the model G and
the Kronos one are deadlocked ...until Emmerson orders the use of
photon torpedoes.

The enemy ship goes dark and does not respond to Emmerson's
transmission, so the heroes resolve to go get Relia and Feria

------------------------------------------| Side Note |

I will note that the in game descriptions lists that Emmerson's photon
turned the tide of the battle. This is incorrect. The photon
torpedoes proved
useless. It was only when Anne suggested use of
their experimental quantum
torpedoes that the crew was able to
defeat the enemy ship.

Enter the turbolift and use it to go to the Transport Room. Halfway across the transport Room, Delacroix will give you an update on the enemy ship. Save at the save point, and then proceed onto the transport pad.

| Boarding the Enemy |

In the transport room, they hear word that the only thing
still working on the enemy ship is its life support system.

As even the power to that will run out soon, the party hurries
to board the ship.

Chapter 10

The Cavaliero

| Welcoming Party |

As soon as they are transported aboard the enemy ship, they are greeted
by a swarm of Kronos soldiers.

You're greeted immediately by a Kronos Soldier, 2 Kronos Gunners, and a Cronos Authority.

Kronos SoldierHuman 083L 6222,600 HP
Kronos SoldierHuman 084L 6222,600 HP
Kronos GunnerHuman 086L 6221,300 HP
Kronos AuthorityHuman 089L 6372,100 HP
EliminatorMachine 011L 6222,600 HPI -10, F +15
Toy SoldierMachine 009L 6121,300 HP

* Note that there are 2 flavors of Kronos Soldier. They're very difficult to tell apart. They have slightly different stats and different drops of fairly common items.

1 - Solid Protector
2 - Laser Oscillator
3 - Anti-paralysis Amulet
4 - Carbon Fiber x 2
5 - Cloak of the Stars
6 - Attack Bracelet
7 - Manacloth
8 - Photonic Blaster
9 - Blank disk
10 - Resurrection Mist
11 - Resurrection Elixir
12 - Reinforced Gunpowder x 2
13 - Mentality Seeds
14 - Defense Seeds
15 - Ultimate Bomb
16 - Guardian Beast (Miniboss)
17 - Kronos Commander (Boss)
17 - 27 minute countdown
18 - Shuttle Bay (Escape)

While you cannot return to the Charles D. Goale during this section of the game, there is a healing point and a save point at the beginning, back down the hall from where you started, so you can restore your party if you're struggling in this area. Remember to save on a new save point if you save here, so you can load an earlier point if something goes horribly wrong.

There's another group of Kronos soldiers at the intersection. To the left of that intersection is a treasure chest containing a Solid Protector - armor you probably already bought on the Charles D. Goale. Back down the hall and to the right side is another group of soldiers and gunners accompanied by an eliminator. This large flying turret is intimidating, but not that much stronger than the other enemies here, and actually has much lower defensive capabilities than the human troops. Target it first for an easy kill. Note that the eliminator can drop a quantum processor, which is something you need for one of your side quests. Make sure you get a few of these before you're through with this section.

Down an to the right is a treasure chest with a laser oscillator, which is another item you need for one of your side quests. The next room along the path has Eliminators and Toy Soldiers, both enemies who drop the aforementioned quantum processor, and following that the next room introduces Kronos Scholars, alongside gunners and another eliminator.

The room on the upper right is empty, so continue to your left, where you'll find a couple more soldiers in the hall, followed by some toy soldiers further down the hall at a T intersection. At the intersection there are treasures to the left, so head that way first if you want the treasures. There's nothing great down there. A few more soldiers and toy soldiers guard the loot.

Right of the T intersection is a room with scholars and eliminators. The room to the right of that is a small empty room with toy soldiers inside. If you still need quantum processors, you might choose to fight them just for that purpose. If you still need quantum processors this is a good place to farm them. Running back and forth between these two groups of toy soldiers, they are just far enough away from each other to re-spawn as you travel between the two points.

Continuing to the fore of the ship, there's a small room with an attack bracelet on the left. Ok treasure. There are a few more toy soldiers in the hall as it turns left. At the end of the hall is a transporter. Press X on the transport pad to transport to another location on the ship.

There's a manacloth in a treasure box just off the teleporter pad. Looking through the door ahead to the starboard side of the ship, you can see something big and nasty looking waiting for you.

Guardian Beast

Guardian BeastBeast 014L 63138,500 HPF -10, I -10, D -10, L +10

This miniboss's main threat is in the form of a powerful white energy blast. The blast continues over several seconds, doing constant damage to anyone caught in its blast. You can't block it. If it hits you, move out of the path as quickly as possible to minimize the damage. Hopefully you've got characters like Miki, Fiore, and Emmerson, set up with Roles that make them run away. If you do, they will move out of the blast zone automatically. I have the instigator role on Victor, which will draw the blast to him most of the time, while Miki heals him.

The path is generally linear and leads south. There's a small offshoot room along the way with a photonic blaster inside. Still nothing you couldn't buy on the Charles D. Goale. Follow the path as it goes down and right. Eventually you'll encounter a few more enemies near a + intersection. There's a blank disk in a treasure chest down the path to Starboard, guarded by a couple of soldiers. This is an important material that can be used with the engineering specialty to craft the various CQC programs that teach Anne and Emmerson their battle skills. The path down the port side contains only a toy soldier enemy. Finally, continuing aft is another Save Point, which of course you should use.

| Clue from the Captain |

The protagonists spy on the ship's captain and clandestinely listen
to his conversation, in the course of which they learn that one of
the two girls is being detained in the room beyond him.

As you continue down toward the back of the ship, you'll see a commander ordering his troops to evacuate one of the girls on a shuttle. Which one, you don't know.

The commander leaves, but there is a large group of troops left behind that you'll have to deal with. There is 1 Kronos Authority, 4 Soldiers and 2 Gunners. Despite their numbers, these troops are not especially powerful. Target the Authority with Fidel and use battle skills to keep him off balance, letting the rest of your party deal with the weaker troops.

Continue into the next room to confront the captain.

| Little Miss Hostage |

Seeing the heroes, the ship's captain grabs Relia to use as a shield,
then tells them to put down their weapons.

Fortunately, Victor saves the day by sneaking up on the man and
freeing Relia - but the enraged commander won't give up so easily.

Boss Fight - Kronos Commander

Kronos CommanderHuman 088L 64227,400 HP
Kronos RangerHuman 085L 6323,800 HP
Cronos ScholarHuman 087L 6323,000 HP

This fight honestly isn't too much more difficult than the one outside. You face the Kronos Commander - a stronger version of the Kronos Authority outside - 3 Kronos Scholars, and 3 Kronos Rangers.

if you have your party set up with intelligent roles, they should pretty much be able to handle their own strategy most of the time now.

Miki, Fiore, and Emmerson should have roles that make them move away from combat. Victor should have the Rival and Instigator roles. That way he'll stay away from Fidel and draw all the other enemies along with him, leaving Fidel locked in one on one combat with whatever enemy he targets most of the time. Victor and Anne should have roles that make them move to short range, so they stay engaged with the enemies, keeping them from attacking Miki, Fiore, and Emmerson.

Lock Fidel onto the commander and attack him relentlessly with Battle Skills, varying back and forth between strong and light attacks to make it easier to build up your cancel bonus. The rest of your group should clean up the lesser enemies with very little trouble, and will then join you in attacking the commander. With all six of you wailing on him, he can't really do much in the way of fighting back.

| We've Known for a Long Time |

As his life expires, the captain warns the heroes that their actions
will spark an all-out war.

Emmerson, however, declares that this eventuality is old news to them.

| Reunion, Interrupted |

Fidel and Relia rejoice at seeing each other again, but Victor is quick
to remind everyone they are still in enemy territory, and thus
should prioritize their escape.

After the battle, however, a self destruct sequence is initiated. You must escape before the ship is destroyed. The timer is very lenient. You're given 27 minutes to make your escape. Even stopping to pick up all the treasures on the way, I made it out in four and a half minutes.

| Final Countdown |

Wary of how their transport signals are being jammed, they investigate
and find out that the captain's death has triggered a self-destruct

Delacroix sends a shuttle for their escape, and the group heads
for the cargo bay.

There's nothing immediately vital in the treasure chests on the way out, but with plenty of time, there's no reason not to pick them up. That stuff can come in useful later for side quests or weapon mods. Pay attention to your mini-map. If you've unlocked the Lookout and Treasure Sense abilities you'll be able to see which rooms have treasure and which have monsters from the mini-map ahead of time, so you don't waste time checking every room and fighting fighting unnecessary battles. Again, though, the timer is so forgiving that if you wanted to explore every room thoroughly, you'd still probably have time.

| Incendiary Escape |

Everyone hurries into the shuttle, but are too late to
clear the blast radius.

Emmerson orders the model G to extend its shields as far as they
can go, which protects them from the explosion with barely
a moment to spare.

| Roaming the Ship |

Fidel is nagged by thoughts of what Relia is doing, so he leaves
his room in search of her.

You'll find Miki and Relia along the port wall in the transporter room, across from the shops.

| Miki and Relia Tag Along |

Fidel finds Relia together with Miki, and the three of them head
out to explore the ship.

With Miki and Relia in tow, head for the Bridge, where Anne and Emmerson are discussing the volatile situation between Kronos and the Federation.

| Slip of the Tongue |

Arriving on the bridge, they overhear Emmerson and Anne's conversation.

During the exchange, Emmerson lets slip that things would be
much easier if Relia had never been creaated, which obviously causes
her to run away crying.

Relia runs off, upset, and you need to find her. You'll find her in the Cargo Bay.

| The Depths of Sorrow |

The group finds Relia in the cargo bay, about to jump to her death
so that she can free everyone from having to struggle on her behalf.

Fidel is able to talk her out of it, however, by proving to her
how important she truly is, and she drops to the ground with tears
in her eyes.

The game progresses once more, and when you gain control you'll be back in the private quarters with only Fidel again.

| Summoned Again by Emmerson |

Emmerson orders everyone to assemble on the bridge again.

When you return to the bridge, the group put their heads together and deduce that Feria is probably being held back in the Symbological Facility Prime.