1. Akira Yasuda Artist
  2. Akira Yasuda Artist
  3. Motoi Sakuraba Composer
  4. Motoi Sakuraba Composer
  5. Hiroshi Ogawa Director
  6. Hiroshi Ogawa Director
  7. Mick Wingert Voice: Aaron
  8. Erica Luttrell Voice: Anne Petriceani
  9. Ayumi Fujimura Voice: Anne Petriceani (Japanese)
  10. Yuri Lowenthal Voice: Ceisus
  11. Yu Hayashi Voice: Ceisus (Japanese)
  12. Ray Chase Voice: Daks
  13. Tokuyoshi Kawashima Voice: Daks (Japanese)
  14. Roger Jackson Voice: Daril Camuze
  15. Ryotaro Okiayu Voice: Daril Camuze, Aaron (Japanese)
  16. Mark Engelhardt Voice: Der-Suul
  17. Kazuya Nakai Voice: Der-Suul (Japanese)
  18. Christopher Corey Smith Voice: Emmerson T. Kenny
  19. Junichi Suwabe Voice: Emmerson T. Kenny (Japanese)
  20. Max Mittelman Voice: Fidel Camuze
  21. Kaito Ishikawa Voice: Fidel Camuze (Japanese)
  22. Aimee Castle Voice: Fiore Brunelli
  23. Aya Endo Voice: Fiore Brunelli (Japanese)
  24. David Boat Voice: General Alma
  25. Taiten Kusunoki Voice: General Alma (Japanese)
  26. Anthony Hansen Voice: Gunter
  27. Hiroshi Tsuchida Voice: Gunter (Japanese)
  28. Ashly Burch Voice: Hana
  29. Hana Takeda Voice: Hana (Japanese)
  30. Eden Riegel Voice: Miki Sauvester
  31. Nao Toyama Voice: Miki Sauvester (Japanese)
  32. Corey Krueger Voice: Pavine
  33. Setsuji Sato Voice: Pavine (Japanese)
  34. Tessa Netting Voice: Relia
  35. Yui Ogura Voice: Relia (Japanese)
  36. AJ Locascio Voice: Ted
  37. Hiro Shimono Voice: Ted (Japanese)
  38. David Holcomb Voice: Thoras
  39. Anri Katsu Voice: Thoras (Japanese)
  40. Crispin Freeman Voice: Victor Oakville
  41. Yuichi Nakamura Voice: Victor Oakville (Japanese)
  42. Melissa Fahn Voice: Welch Vineyard
  43. Tomoe Hanba Voice: Welch Vineyard (Japanese)


Data and credits for this game contributed by Blk_Mage_Ctype, ClaudeLv250, desocietas, Doumah, Hardkoroff, Krystal109, oliist, Rellni944, rix_wingnut, Super Archer, and t260saga.

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