Need help on how & where to begin post-game leveling, synthesizing, and augmenting?

  1. hi everyone. I finished the final boss to this game, and now I want to do the post-game quests (i.e. Maze of Tribulation etc). I have not been synthesizing nor augmenting for the story related gameplay. I know there is already a FAQ (kinda) for this, but it is complicated to follow. I hope someone out there can just simplified what I need armor, and weapon wise to get through end game content.

    My questions are as follow:

    1. I have unlocked and maxed out synthesizing and augmenting on the "Specialties" menu. Where do I begin with synthesizing?

    2. What armors AND weapons should I be synthesizing? I see on the strategy that the gold standard should be "Laser Weapons" and "Elemental Leathers", but are these enough for me to get through the Maze of Tribulation (at least 3 times)?

    2. If "Laser Weapons", and "Elemental Leathers" can get me through the Maze of Tribulation more than once if I do not get enough metals (i.e. moonstones/orichalcum), how many times do I need to augment them OR power it up? What should I augment Laser Weapons and Elemental Leathers with? The same item (i.e. augment a elemental leather with another elemental leather to get elemental leather+ and Laser Weapon with a Laser Weapon to get Laser Weapon+)?

    3. What about accessories. What accessories should I focus on synthesizing?

    4. Leveling up: I read somewhere that I will need to synthesize the scumbag slayer for Fidel, but I think I read that I won't be able to get to the "Metal Scumbags" until I at least get through the Maze of Tribulation at least 1 time. I saw on one of the FAQs, that the Metal Scumbags is on Level 2 - Indra's Return. Is this true?

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    jc253 - 1 year ago


  1. 1. Elemental Leather are the gold standard for synthesizing post game, since they are pretty powerful with 20% dmg reduction 20% factors.

    2. See above. Weapons I'd suggest you do Cathedral of Oblivion if you haven't yet to get everyone's elemental or high end weapon. Augment appropriate elemental for your melee and they do a lot of damage.Stat boost with Laser weapons or more elemental leathers

    3. I personally went with HP increased from Amulets (I believe Energy) as the factors with Elemental Leathers to finish augmenting

    4. MoT is 3 floors, so once you clear the 1st, you can start farming them for massive exp boosts.

    Hope this helps

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    TGArthur - 11 months ago 0   0

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