Destroyer boss question?

  1. Hi so I'm on The Precursers To Relia section of the game and just after what I think is the third protect Anne mission there's a boss or at least I think it's a boss called the destroyer he has a bunch of adds with him but there no big deal he absolutely destroys my party. I tried looking up a walkthrough but the ones I found they seem to be much higher level than me as in there party members have almost 20,000 hp mine only have around 8,000 am I just underleveled? Should I go grind? Pls help

    User Info: TheDarkWielder

    TheDarkWielder - 3 years ago


  1. I am waiting to continue the game until this is answered so please, someone , anyone... lol

    User Info: TheDarkWielder

    TheDarkWielder - 3 years ago 0   0

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