Stuck in Resulia, battle mode stuck?

  1. So after defeating the four laser gun guys in the alleyway, I'm stuck in battle mode, I can't go up the alley to another fight since it's too far away, , and I really don't want to fight them again, because that was my third or fourth time fighting them, and I sorta got lucky this time around. I backed them in a corner and spammed double slash and death palm. Any ideas?

    User Info: Christiandude7

    Christiandude7 - 4 years ago


  1. There is an endless battle right outside of the castle when you first exit - enemies will keep spawning. You have to travel down into the alleyway to your right (west on the mini-map), win the fights there, and keep moving on. Events will unfold once you win the fight, and the game will move forward.

    User Info: MasterJG

    MasterJG - 4 years ago 0   1
  2. Hi, Master JG has a point however you can go directly to the leader in that area and beat him there.... WELL , not really but it will con't on after you win the battle..
    i hope that this helps out... thx

    User Info: Mercy_N_Grace

    Mercy_N_Grace - 3 years ago 0   1

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