What roles can is best for each characters???

  1. Can you help me guys I can't decide it

    User Info: Nischal77

    Nischal77 - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. There really is no specific way to go. It's very dependent on the situation and how you set up and use your team. That is what makes the Role system great - it's very adaptable.

    The only characters I had a pretty stagnant setup with were Miki and Emmerson. For Miki, I use Sage, Skulker, Princess, and Savior. This keeps her from the front lines for the most part, keeps her from being targeted, regenerates HP/MP at certain intervals, makes her Heal/Revive more readily, and reduces the casting time. Also, make sure you remove ALL Battle Skills from Miki, and turn OFF her offensive Signeturgy so she only focuses on healing. Emmerson is a great candidate to use Berserker with since his attacks are long-range by default. Using Berserker and Assassin on him helps keep him from being targeted, and his attacks will become crippling. The other Roles are up to you for Emmerson - I personally used the other two for the Roles that add a chance to Stun enemies, in conjunction with adding four +5% Chance to Stun factors on his weapon.

    Enchanter and Archivist are musts for Fiore. It's also wise to use one of the Emissary Roles on Fiore to boost specific Elemental damage, then equip ONLY those elemental spells on her and turn off the others you do not want her to cast.

    The Emissary Roles (ie: Moonlight Emissary) are also great to use in conjunction with any characters that are using an Elemental weapon. For example, using Moonlight Emissary on Fidel while he's equipped with Farwell with four +30% Light Damage gives him a total increase of 160% Light Damage. Whirlwind is also a great thing to use on a melee character like Fidel, Victor, or Anne for normal battles.

    The different Slayer Roles are always great for your controlled character, you just have to adjust them according to what you are fighting.

    Using your ancillary Roles like Instructor, Altruist (if you are grinding SP), etc. are great for Relia since she doesn't directly partake in battle. I personally made a little defensive tank out of Relia and put Instigator, Defensive and Stamina Stockpilers on her to draw enemies to her while my other characters pounded away.

    If you spend time unlocking and maxing out the Roles, experiment with what works best for you.

    User Info: MasterJG

    MasterJG - 4 years ago 2   2

Other Answers

  1. Dead Man Walking, Berserker and Instigator for Fidel. Sage, Skulker, Holy Mother and Savior for Miki, with all her offensive spells turned off. Nothing else really matters, since you'll be invincible at that point.

    User Info: BlackDragon

    BlackDragon - 4 years ago 6   6

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