Castle bariff battle?

  1. I have tried to beat this part of the chapter probably at least 25 times and had no success I go down the path to the southwest and the enemy's there just wipe me out so fast its rediculous any special moves or weapons skills anything that will give me an edge to beating these guys and continuing the story????

    User Info: Harrybear28

    Harrybear28 - 4 years ago


  1. The guys with guns are devastating early in the game, so avoid being in their range at all costs. If you can place yourself behind them, you can kill them quickly. If you have Hammer of Might with Anne, get behind them and spam it. Or, you could spam long-range Air Slashes with Fidel and forego moving behind them at all. Whatever you use, make sure it doesn't have a long wait time before the attack hits...even using Emmerson's basic attack combos works fine.

    Probably the best advice for this and every other fight along the way: never feel like a certain character has to use a certain set of roles. Mix them up...Fidel doesn't have to be your attacker or Victor your defender. Emmerson can be insanely OP if you turn him into a glass cannon... And, Anne can give your opponents that hammer-smashed face you crave!

    User Info: Ignominal

    Ignominal - 4 years ago 1   1

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