Should I prioritize Specialties or Roles?

  1. I just started playing this week 7/25/16. I'm wondering if I should prioritize spending my SP on leveling up specialties or roles especially early on. Also which ones have the best return on investment so to speak.

    So far I'm focusing on harvesting (farming more materials) and Ace (filling up the battle gauge faster making it easier to earn XP/Fol/SP bonuses).

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!


    User Info: slimwhoisdirtay

    slimwhoisdirtay - 4 years ago

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  1. Personally I prioritized specialties. The roles can actually level up through battle (they earn exp too) so you can get them leveled without having to spend SP on them.

    Every so often I would go through and unlock roles I thought would be useful, and then equipped them to characters and let them level up in battle.

    Also once I ran out of specialties to unlock/level (Like I had SP but not enough to level up the skills) I would spend on roles. But I did that rarely. possibly 1 out of 10 times spending SP.

    User Info: namine

    namine - 4 years ago 1   0


  1. There's really no right answer here. It's true that specialties can only be unlocked by spending SP, while roles can be leveled up in combat. But there are far too many roles to rely on leveling them through combat, and as you level your roles up, it unlocks new roles, which can make your party much more versatile and effective.

    I suggest leveling all roles to L3 quickly. The SP cost is low for the low levels, and this unlocks most new roles. Then, when you have extra SP, start working on raising them to L5, then 7, & 9.

    Or, you could take a look at one of the faqs to find out specifically what roles are unlocked by leveling other roles, if you really want to get the most out of your SP.

    As far as specialties, level them as you need them. If you need to learn an item creation skill to craft an item for a side quest, do it. You can easily get through the main game on galaxy mode without doing any equipment creation. That really doesn't become necessary until the post game, or the harder difficulties. If you want to keep it leveled for equipment you certainly can, but by the time you actually need it, it SP will be quite easy to come by.

    User Info: burqawitz

    burqawitz (FAQ Author) - 4 years ago 1   2

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