How do i synthesize each of my party members ultimate weapon?

  1. I synthesized Fidels ultimate weapon Levantine but im curious if anybody knows the items i need for the rest of my parties weapons and which combinations i need to make them.

    User Info: bakedspartan117

    bakedspartan117 - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Fidel and Victor Ultimate Weapon or Armor:
    Moonstone x1 + Gold x5 (result should be metal)
    Anne ultimate weapon or Armor
    Moonstone x1 + Laurel Tree x5 (natural)
    Miki and Fiore Ultimate Weapon or Armor:
    Moonstone x1 + Ghost Soul x5 (signeturgy)
    Emerson Ultimate Weapon:
    Moonstone x1 + 5x Quantum processor (machine)

    Anne and Emmerson uses the same armor
    Miki, Fiore and Relia uses the same armor

    To synthesize moonstone you can use:
    Orihalcum x1 + Gold x5 (metal)

    Started the game on universe but didnt get the damned universe trophy, even after sacking ethereal queen up to 3x or more lol

    User Info: Madskills

    Madskills - 4 years ago 0   0

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