How do you know what chapter you're on?

  1. I'm kinda confused where I'm at in the story in chapters.

    User Info: HxPunisher

    HxPunisher - 4 years ago

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  1. You can tell by the icon next to your most recent game save.
    Ch. 1 - picture of Fidel and Ted
    Ch. 2 - picture of Victor standing beneath a castle battlement
    Ch. 3 - Picture of Miki chasing after Relia
    Ch. 4 - Picture of Fiore standing in the futuristic looking city of Santeroule
    Ch. 5 - Picture of Emmerson standing at the head of the group in icy mountains
    Ch. 6 - Emmerson in his military uniform, with Anne in uniform behind him, leading Relia
    Ch. 7 - Fidel talking to Daril
    Ch. 8 - Victor with sword at the ready, next to Miki and Fiore in the desert
    Ch. 9 - Fidel, with Miki, Victor, and Relia behind him on a bright shiny Federation spaceship
    Ch. 10 - Fidel with Fiore next to him and Emerson and Miki behind, standing in a dark Kronos ship hallway
    Ch. 11 - Fidel talking to Miki with the ship's engine room in the background
    Ch. 12 - Anne and Emmerson front and center piloting a shuttle, with the rest of the group in the background
    Ch. 13, - Fidel and Miki with their back to the camera, overlooking a blue sky with white clouds.

    User Info: burqawitz

    burqawitz (FAQ Author) - 4 years ago 1   0

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