Santa shop item list ?

  1. just finished the bonus dungeon and read on the PRIMA website of all places that after each completion the santa shop gets better and is awesome after the 3rd run but im still getting the same shop list i did after the second completion so does anyone have a good santa shop list for all 3 dungeon completions ?

    User Info: phoenixra99

    phoenixra99 - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The wares he sells is random (from the 3 separate pre-determined lists anyway) but it DOES get bigger/more diverse each completion. All you have to do is beat the dungeon 3 times then go back to him and if you don't see something you want/need then back out of his inventory and talk to him again. His wares will be slightly different. Now with that being said, he will still sell the same items as before, his inventory just gets bigger. Thusly it will largely appear as if he hasn't sold anything new and why it may take a couple of shopping trips to get something new to appear.

    List 1= Acuity Bracelet/Acuity Crest/Arcane Amulet/Fortitude Bracelet/Fortitude Crest/Mind Crest/Signet Card:Angel Feather/Signet Card:Enlighten+/Blue Roses/Coal/Crystal/Ebony/Gold/Iron/Ruby/Silver/Wooden Stick

    List 2=same as list 1 minus the accessories & new stock: Bee Stinger/Demon's Tail/Dwarven Embroidery Thread/Fish Scales/Gerel Secretion/Giant Bird Feather/Hand-Spun Thread/Lizardskin/Peryton Droppings/Snakeskin/Taffeta Ribbon/Tortoise shell/Velvet Ribbon/Wolf Fang/Wool

    List 3: same as list 2 & new stock: Acuity Amulet/Arcane Amulet/Attack Amulet/Energy Amulet/Fortitude Amulet/Mind Amulet/tri-Emblum

    List 3 is exactly the same as list except it has a few new accessories. Largely worthless change IMO from list 2 to list 3 but there you have it. Taken straight from the Prima Strategy Guide.


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Other Answers

  1. Thanks so much :). i refused to buy the guide since i was so let down by the Xenoblade X guide. Well at least now i KNOW that the shop is mostly garbage but at least you can still grind the bosses after the 3rd win.

    User Info: phoenixra99

    phoenixra99 - 4 years ago 0   0

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