How do u get new battle skills?

  1. My characters are lvl 15 already and i still got the same battle skills. Im confuse to how to obtain a new set of skills....and btw i found one of the skill book solar signets and use it to lvl up one of mikis battle skill is that good thing to use to lvl up once skills...thnx in advance whoever answers

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    Kyuki28 - 4 years ago
  2. How do use the skill book?

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    Kyuki28 - 4 years ago

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  1. Skill books are used both to learn new skills and to level up skills you already have.

    I think you can also level up skills by using them a lot in battle, so you may not want to use them for leveling up skills you already have.

    When you get a skill book, you may want to make sure it can only be used by one character before you have them learn it.

    You do get duplicates of certain skill books but they are few and far between.

    User Info: FalseProphet

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  1. Just as previously mentioned, you learn skills from skill books. You get these as drops from monsters, questing, chests, and crafting. Some characters share the same skills books so you will need to decide which skills you want to learn first. But you will ultimately find plenty of skills books for everyone.

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  2. You get battle skills from skill books as FalseProphet has said. You obtain these books from various methods: Quests, Treasure chests, etc.. You use them by going to "Learn Battle Skills" and clicking the skill that has a '-' beside it. You'll notice since in order to use the skill it has to be level 1.

    Keep in mind the multiple characters can learn a skill from the same book even though the books are one use. Be sure to check all the characters when you obtain one.

    Hopefully this lengthy answer helped.

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  3. Do battle skills go up by 1% per use for everybody no matter the level?

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  4. No. My Miki has level 2 Fire Bolt right now and it's taking more than one cast to gain a percentage point.

    User Info: NeptuniaYuriFan

    NeptuniaYuriFan - 4 years ago 0   1
  5. You get new battle skills through skill manuals that you will find all over the world or as a result from completing quests, also I believe one does come from a story event and is a non-missable item.

    To use the manuals go into the menu and select Roles from the sub-menu select Learn Roles. This will bring up a list of your party members and their current skills; any skill that is in green can be learned with the manuals you have in your inventory. If a level is not listed that means that it is a new skill for that party member.

    A word of caution: each skill manual is used by two party members (In example: Fidel and Victor share manuals). There are enough in the game for them to both learn the skill unless you spend the manual leveling a skill you already have. The ones you already have can be leveled by use and do NOT require a second manual.

    User Info: Quazocot

    Quazocot - 4 years ago 0   1

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