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by MKillBill

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Dead Ops Arcade II Guide by MKillBill

Version: 2.3 | Updated: 07/16/16

Title Screen

About This Guide

It's been a long time coming, but Dead Ops Arcade has made its long awaited return to Call of Duty and I could not be any more ecstatic. I will be devoting the same amount of care and attention to this game as I did with the original DOA game in Black Ops 1. After reading this guide I make no guarantees on how far you will go; only that you will have a better understanding of the game and thus setting you up to have better, longer games.

To be clear, this guide is focused solely on the game type "Dead Ops Arcade II" within Call of Duty - Black Ops 3.

This is only my second FAQ, the first one being the original Dead Ops Arcade from Black Ops 1. As you read through this guide, you may notice that small segments were copied and pasted from the DOA1 guide. This is because parts of DOA2 are identical to DOA1. I figured, why waste time trying to reinvent the wheel?

As you can tell from the lengthy version history, I am constantly adding and making changes as I continue to gather new information and dispel the inaccuracies. The guide will be updated with the most current information as it is uncovered. I am confident in saying that you will not find a more comprehensive guide for this game anywhere than right here. I can't even begin to fathom how many hours, days, and weeks I have spent creating this article from top to bottom. I hope you get as much out of this guide as I have put into it.

You've probably noticed that this guide has become more visual with the addition of pictures. A huge shoutout to Call of Duty Zombies forum user "DaveLo07" for providing most of the raw images seen throughout the guide which I was able to modify. Many thanks to "BLIKEFRITZ" from PSN and to "i T R U T H am" from XBL for their invaluable input on several areas of this guide. Their information has helped to make it more authentic, not to mention they are amazing Dead Ops players.
Follow Fritz on Twitch - BLIKEFRITZ.

Lastly, a special thank you to David King, Chief Technology Officer at Treyarch and the creator of Dead Ops Arcade for making this awesome game, for giving your personal endorsement on my guide, and for tweeting it out to all your followers. These games have given more hours of enjoyment than I can count and will keep me entertained for many, many more.
Follow David on Twitter - @JuggaJugga

Ape Pound Chest

Thanks and ENJOY!

Email: coltskillbill@gmail.com
PSN: MKillBill

Version History

0.1 (11/8/15)

-First version (text only) submitted to GameFAQs (partially complete)
-Silverback Challenges, Underboss Battles, and late level round strategy still being finalized

0.2 (11/10/15)

- Completed level strategy for all 64 basic levels
- Added and completed Underboss Battle strategies
- Added info on the Temple Fortress Silverback Challenge
- Added description of mech robots to "Item Pickup" section
- Updated Table of Contents
- Updated "About the Author" section
- Fixed some spelling/grammar errors

0.3 (11/12/15)

- Completed Redin's Rally & Chicken Bowl Silverback Challenges
- Updated explanation of how the vortex barrels work
- Added the AGR, Teddy Bear, Skeleton ally, Gersh Stone, Zombie Heart, and Sprinkler power-ups to the "Item Pickup" section
- Removed some erroneous information in the "Room of Fate" section
- Fixed spelling/grammar errors

1.0 (11/15/15)

- Completed Tank Vault Heist Silverback Challenge
- Added Mine Layer and Robot Zombies to the "Enemies and Hazards" section
- Added "Siegebot" to the "Item Pickups" section
- Renamed some of the power-ups and arenas to match what they truly are
- Updated "Controls/How to Play" section
- Updated Redin's Rally Silverback Challenge regarding the rewards for winning
- Updated the World Record
- Updated and renamed the "Avoiding Bad Players" section
- Updated "About the Author" section
- Updated "Critical Intel" section with info on the benefits of earning another life when maxed out.
- Credit to XBOX1 user "i T R U T H am" for the info
- Updated the Room of Fate and Room of Judgement with current info as to how they work.
- Credit to XBOX1 user "i T R U T H am" for the info

1.1 (11/17/15)

- Added new section "Bonus Rooms"
- Updated description of Robot Zombies and Hellhounds
- Updated Underboss Battle strategies
- Updated level strategies for the Metro Station and Forest levels
- Updated the Room of Judgement information
- Credit to XBOX1 user "i T R U T H am" for the info
- Updated "FAQ" section

1.2 (11/22/15)

- Updated information on the Bloodpool map (hidden items found on the outer edges of the map)
- Updated info on the Rooms of Fate and Judgement
- credit to a LOT of people for finding this out; including XBL users "i T R U T H am" and "PR0T0C0L." Also confirmed by PSN user and current world record holder "Blade3291" and another player whose full name eludes me (man-something).
NOTE: This has been proven false.
- Updated Underboss Battle Info
- Margwa battles have been added to rounds 61 and 64
- Updated Item pickup info for First Person Mode
- Updated the World Record for rounds played
- Fixed spelling/grammar errors

1.3 (11/29/15)

- Added "Shock Zombie" to the enemy list
- Created a video to demonstrate how to obtain hidden armory in round 25 and added link to video
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDVeBsjnRpA
- Renamed some of the arenas to more closely reflect what they are
- Yet another update to the Room of Fate and Judgement strategy
- The Room of Fate indeed has a pattern based on the shape of the rock. Your fate can be determined based on which rock is selected. XBL player "qp Derek qp" has made a video which is almost a requirement to view to determine the fates. Link attached below:
- At this time, there is still no proven strategy for obtaining the desired fate in the ROJ. The previous solution submitted has been determined false after more testing.
- Minor formatting changes

1.4 (12/3/15)

- Updated the Foreward
- I have once again received recognition from Dead Ops Arcade creator David King for the creation of this guide.
- Updated some descriptions of items and weapons
- Updated some level strategies
- Updated "Critical Intel" section
- More information added to the Room of Judgement, per the word of David King
- Removed the World Record section
- Reasoning: This is meant to be a strategy guide. Posting world records which need to be updated constantly, while impressive, does nothing to further the purpose of the guide.
- Fixed spelling/grammar errors

1.5 (2/1/16)

- Added new section for Advanced Level Strategy (65+)
- More updates according to the word of David King
- The purple parasites first seen in round 40 shoot a red mucus, unlike their yellow counterparts in the Margwa battle. This is important to note because the purple parasites will zero out your skull meter whereas the yellow ones only slow you down.
- The Cyber Silverback throws explosive banana bombs
- Massive update patch from Treyarch
- DOA2 is FINALLY accessible from the main menu screen.
- Public matches now enabled.
- New item "Golden Egg" added for high round play (60+).
- Updates to all of the Fates, except Force/Swiftness (it was already OP anyway.)
- Room of Judgement will now ALWAYS reward a player, in both solo and multiplayer.

1.6 (2/14/16)

- Another update to Room of Judgement
- You can now encounter the Room of Judgement more than once on advanced playthrough (level 65+). More than one player can now upgrade their fate if they make it far enough in the game.
- Updated strategy for Bloodpool arena
- Updated "Critical Intel" section
- Updated the "Dead Ops No-No's" section
- Updated the FAQ section
- Replaced M60 with LMG
- Renamed Sky Ruins arena to Streets
- Fixed spelling/grammar errors
- Minor formatting adjustments

1.7 (2/21/16)

- Yet ANOTHER update to the Room of Judgement from the mouth of David King
- The secret to determining the ROJ lies in damage dealt to the Stone Guardian and karma points obtained (revival of fallen allies.)
- Updated level and boss strategies
- Updated "Critical Intel" section
- Updated the FAQ section
- Fixed spelling/grammar errors

2.0 (3/3/16)

- Converted the document over to HTML format

Ask and you shall receive! After receiving feedback to make this a more visual guide, I took the plunge and went for it. With the assistance of Call of Duty Zombies forum member "DaveLo07" who donated countless game pictures, I have finally converted this guide from text only into a more robust HTML format, complete with pictures, videos, and the like. The guide is now much easier to update and more comprehensive than ever before. Guide is currently missing two images (Golden Egg and Hidden Mine) but with the recent patch I cannot afford to have inaccurate information out there any longer. I will post the images as soon as I come into possession of them.

- Overhauled all sections of the guide
- The game had been looping the same theme (Slashers) from round 37 to 64, non-stop ever since it launched. Through my reporting the bug to DK, the later levels now play the correct music.

2.1 (3/21/16)

- Added the two missing images (Golden Egg and Hidden Mine.) The Hidden Mine image was actually sent to me by David King, himself.
- New post round 64 item pickup added: FIDO the Siege Chicken

- Continued to overhaul all sections of the guide with updated information
- Fixed spelling/grammar errors

2.2 (4/20/16)

- Added the Zombie Spider to enemy list
- Added info on new Challenge Round "Eight Before Fate"
- Added and corrected outdated information throughout the guide as needed
- Fixed spelling/grammar errors

2.3 (7/16/16)

- Life donation rewards changed - No longer receive vortex, extra life, or tank. You can now receive a monkey bomb and chickens in their place. Nuke drops reduced from 3 to 2.
- Fortune/Fortitude perk has been slightly reduced.
- Nightfury damage boosted. It will kill regular zombies in 3 hits or less.
- Room of Judgement update...
......Second time through the ROJ will now result in all additional players getting their fates upgraded. You no longer have to play through the game 3-4 times for all players to upgrade.

New in Dead Ops 2

This is just a quick rundown of some changes between the original DOA and the new version found in Black Ops 3. For the most part, it's a prettied up version of the original DOA, but there are some awesome changes to make it even more fun and challenging than before. In short...

  • 64 basic levels
  • New weapon upgrades
  • New support item pickups
  • New bonus game types
  • New enemy types
  • Underboss battles
  • New boss
  • New themes and remixed ones
  • Players can join a game in progress

In addition, many of the glitches that plagued the original DOA have been fixed (i.e. carrying a tank over a portal making the players invisible.)

Controls / How to Play

If you've ever played SMASH TV in the arcades or on the home consoles, you should know how to play Dead Ops Arcade 2 (DOA2.) The game is played as a top-down shooter in which you take on vast hordes of undead zombies. You start the game with a standard issue LMG, but can easily upgrade to other guns and acquire other items as the game progresses.
DOA2 also uses the same basic control scheme as SMASH TV with a few additions. Note that there are slight differences with the PC and home consoles. You will also note that there are a few additions to the basic controls in this game which make it a hell of a lot more interesting. You can enter in and out of first person mode (FPM) as well as leave a vehicle (tank, chopper, etc.) whenever you please.


PS4 ControlsXbox Controls


  • Left Mouse - Fire
  • W, S, A, D - Move
  • Right Mouse - N/A
  • G or Mouse Wheel - Boost
  • Spacebar - Nuke
  • C - Drop Weapon/Exit Vehicle
  • X - Change Camera

The Player HUD (Heads-up Display)

The HUD is virtually identical to DOA1. You will notice on the game screen that each player has their own score as well as several other numbers in close vicinity. We will discuss each number and piece of the HUD in detail.


  • Lives - This is the first number above the screen name. As you would guess, it indicates the number of lives the player has accumulated. You start off the game with three.
  • Bolts - The second number above the screen name indicates the number of speed boosts you have. You start off with two.
  • Nukes - The final number indicates the number of bombs you have. You start the game with one.
  • Score - The largest number on the HUD is your score. Every zombie killed is worth 100 points apiece. You earn a free life (for yourself only) with every 200,000 points.
  • Multiplier Bar - Indicates how far along the player is to advancing to the next multiplier level. A higher multiplier means more points. More points means more lives. More lives means more playing time.
  • Ammo Chain - This appears underneath the HUD if you have a secondary weapon or ammo carton equipped. It indicates how much ammo is left for that particular gun. If you have skull power, the chain will change color accordingly.
  • Skulls - These show whenever you acquire skulls in the game. Red means one extra power level. Purple means maxed power.

Weapon Arsenal

It is critical to understand the differences in the various guns, their strengths and their weaknesses. This section will list all of these things. All of the old guns are back, but there are some minor changes to them. The biggest thing to note is that weapons can now be upgraded from their base strength. This occurs in three different ways, all of which will be discussed here and in the Item Pickup sections.

  1. Picking up skulls
  2. Picking up the same weapon already equipped
  3. Picking up a Max Ammo powerup

LMG (Standard gun)


This is the gun you start out with by default. Pretty standard rapid fire gun. Contains infinite ammo and works fine against zombies in the early going. Against tougher brutes and in later rounds, you will want to seek something a little more powerful.

Death Machine

Death Machine

Basically an upgraded version of the LMG. Unfortunately, without skull power this gun is not as good as it was in DOA1. The firepower was slightly reduced and now renders the gun as rather mediocre unless upgraded with skull power.

War Machine

War Machine

A short distance grenade launcher that will wipe out groups of zombies with ease. The War Machine works wonders well into the higher rounds and even against the toughest of monsters. Use this weapon wisely in short bursts. The good news is that a fully powered War Machine equates to a rapid fire launcher with devilish destruction in tow.

KRM-262 Shotgun


A spread-fire shotgun. Easily the weapon of choice for taking out large groups of zombies from all distances across the map. As the distance increases, so does the range of the spread. Add a chicken or two (or more) for utter mayhem. Even better, watch this thing in action when fully powered up to purple skull power. No real disadvantages with this weapon!

Ray Gun

Ray Gun

Fires powerful precise green bursts. It has devastating power and potential, especially when powered up with skulls. A purple skull-powered Ray Gun fires reflective blasts that shock the enemy on impact much like a Wunderwaffle. Simply put, the best weapon in the game when powered up.

Blackcell Rocket Launcher

Blackcell 2

Fires straight rockets at enemies with ease; killing almost anything in a single shot. This gun is ideal for killing a group of zombies from far across the map (or those golden cows/bulls.) Unfortunately, the rate of fire was reduced for this gun and you can no longer kill a straight line of enemies as the rocket now explodes on impact. If you manage to power this baby up with purple skull power though, it transforms into a rapid fire, triple homing rocket launcher! Behind the Ray Gun, this is the second best weapon when fully powered up. Otherwise, I recommend avoiding it as accuracy suffers.

Purifier Flamethrower


Making its fiery return, the flamethrower is as powerful as ever and more useful than the last game. The gun has a wide range and can hit almost any zombie on the map. The effect of the weapon slows down the enemy until they eventually keel over and die. If you recall in DOA1, the downside to the weapon was that using it and firing in rapid circles made it very hard to see the enemies on screen. That problem has been fixed this go around. Highly effective when large swarms are all over you and approaching fast as the weapon will slow them down.

Item Pickups

In addition to weapons, there are plenty of other useful items dropped throughout the game. Here is a short list of the ones at your disposal.

Regular Treasure


Gives the player 125 points per treasure. Appears as numerous varieties of silver and gold bars, medallions, etc. Pick these up as opportunity permits, because they will help raise your multiplier in small increments.



These babies are just as important as they were in the first game and they work the same as before. No points are awarded for picking up gems, but they will dramatically increase your multiplier much more quickly than standard treasure. They come in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. The larger the gem, the larger the boost to your multiplier. They are also found in bonus stages (I.e. Redin's Rally, Temple Fortress, etc.), eggs, or when enemies get sucked into a Vortex item pickup.



A bomb that kills every enemy on the screen (minus cows and bosses.) They appear as golden bombs on the map. You start the game with one. Use only when you are trapped with no hope of escape. Highly useful on higher rounds. Upon using a nuke, you are granted a brief period of invincibility for 3 seconds.

NOTE: You can only carry 9 nukes at a time. If you already have 9 and you see another one lying around, either let someone else pick it up OR drop a nuke and then pick it up.

Lightning Bolt


Also known as speed boosts. An item that allows the player to dash straight through a line of zombies. It appears as a lightning bolt on the map. You start the game with two. Can be used to kill a pack of zombies or as a way to escape a pursuing group. If you use up all of your boosts in a single round, you will always enter into the next round with one additional bolt, so feel free to use one at the end of a round if necessary. A new addition to this perk is that you are granted a brief 3 seconds of invincibility after the end of a boost. This ensures no cheap deaths if you burst into a shock tower or dead end.

NOTE: You can only carry 9 bolts at a time. If you already have 9 and you see another one lying around, just leave it for somebody else OR use a bolt and then pick it up.



A flying chicken that hovers around the player and shoots the same gun you are currently using. Appears as a miniature chicken on the map. You can acquire multiple chickens at once to unleash some simply devastating attacks across the screen. When the chicken is about to expire, it will hover in place and rotate in a circle for about 5 seconds while shooting the same gun you had equipped at that time.

NOTE: The chicken is best used by the player who acquires the Fate of Companionship (discussed later) as clock use of the chicken is doubled.



Rotating electric orbs which fry any enemy they touch. Appears as a golden orb on the map. They work in a chain-like effect, in that they will fry any number of zombies on the map, so long as they are touching or within a close proximity.

NOTE: You can now pick up multiple wunderwaffles. This basically ensures you have a complete circle of protection from all enemies. In addition, this weapon was glitched in the first game where it would only go off after contact was made from north, south, east, or west. That has been fixed and now the item will detonate when it makes contact from any angle.

Sentry Gun

Sentry Gun

An automated machine gun with power identical to that of the death machine. It cannot be destroyed by enemies. Appears as a sentry gun on the map. Ideal for providing cover fire, especially in solo mode. The sentry gun will not fire at a constant rate, so do not rely on it completely.

Monkey Bomb

Monkey Bomb

A toy monkey which attracts all zombies to it with its cymbal beat, then suddenly explodes; killing any enemy nearby. Appears as a monkey on the map. Great for the higher levels when massive swarms are overwhelming the team. However, be warned. If a zombie is closer to you than the monkey, the zombie will come after you regardless.

NOTE: If you see a monkey that is in play, chiming away and doing its job, try not to shoot the zombies attracted to it. Focus your attention on the others coming into play (or better yet, lead them over to the monkey.)

Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear

A controversial item from DOA1 makes it return, but it is exceedingly better than the first time. Most gamers saw the Teddy as a visual hindrance, not to mention confused its effect in thinking it granted invincibility. This time around, the effects are much more clear. Any enemy making contact with the Teddy Bear is designated with a colorful reticle and turns away in fear. It is much more difficult to break through the shield and the item is much easier to use now.

NOTE: This weapon does NOT grant invincibility! If a zombie runs into the forcefield and turns away, you can still be killed if you chase it down.


Barrel 2

Similar to the wunderwaffle, these barrels will rotate around the player and create a barrier that kills anything they smash into. Very effective against large swarms; buying you time to cut yourself a path through the crowd. Another added benefit is that once they expire, they fly off to the side; killing anything they touch, although these kills are incidental and near impossible to predict.

NOTE: This item will push Meatballs away, but not kill them.



Grants the player double the normal foot speed. These are basically what the player who receives the fate of Swiftness/Force receives (discussed later.)

NOTE: If you picked up the Swiftness/Force perk in the Room of Fate, do not pick up any boots you run across. Leave them for teammates.



A land vehicle capable of running over any enemy in the game (excluding bosses.) Fires explosive rounds similar to the War Machine. Great for taking out large groups, but somewhat difficult to control at times. These are first introduced into the game at round 9. Many people do not utilize this vehicle properly. The best way to utilize the tank is to run over the enemies while firing in a different direction at the same time. Even better, block off an exit with the tank and fire in another direction to cover two spawn points.

NOTE: Be cautious while using this vehicle. While driving, you can push a teammate into a horde or zombies or another hazard and accidentally kill them.

Extra Lives

Extra Life

Grants an extra life to THE ENTIRE TEAM. Appears as a golden soldier on the map. Always be on the lookout for these babies. Pick them up at all costs; even if it means dropping a nuke or speed boost to get it.

First Person Mode

First Person

Previously only available as a mod-hack on the PC in the original DOA, you can now enter first person mode (FPM) on any console (or PC) via an item pickup. When in FPM, controls operate like they would in typical COD gameplay. Now I know what you are thinking... Some of you play Dead Ops because you prefer the top-down view. Understandable (and I am with you there.) You might even want to immediately cancel out of FPM once picking it up. However, doing this is a HUGE mistake. There are several awesome perks to picking up this item!

  1. Your multiplier gains a 4x boost, ONLY while in FPM.
  2. When you go into or come out of FPM, you gain invincibility for 3-5 seconds. This accounts for disorientation of changing views and control schemes.
  3. You can actually take 3 hits before getting killed! This is HUGE and makes this pickup one of the best in the entire game.
  4. You can sprint, just like in regular multiplayer mode.

NOTE: When you die in FPM, you will re-spawn in FPM and remain there until time expires or you voluntarily choose to go back to the overhead view.

NOTE 2: You can still die in one hit from running into shock towers, or getting hit by Meatballs, Robots, Hellhounds, and bosses.



Not the edible type, but the contents are still quite tasty. If you encounter a white egg in this game, zombies will go after it. DO NOT LET ENEMIES ATTACK THE EGG. If it gets destroyed by zombies, the reward inside is lost. Inside, you will find various items such as gems or chickens.

Golden Eggs

Golden Egg

This is a rare find that will only spawn after reaching the Cyber Lair in round 60. Same as the original eggs with the same properties, but with a better prize inside. These golden beauties contain an extra life! Because the prize inside is considerably better than a regular egg, these things have 3x the hit points of a normal egg. DO NOT LET ENEMIES ATTACK THE EGG!



These are an interesting (and helpful) addition to the game. They vary in size and will fill up your ammo bar according to their respective size. They do not signify the death of an enemy or an insta-kill like in regular zombies mode. Rather, they provide a slight boost in power to your acquired weapon when picked up. The effect is only temporary as a countdown meter appears underneath your HUD showing the time left on the effect. Skull power can be upgraded more than once. The first upgrade shows RED in color, which basically upgrades your firing speed and weapon damage. It can be further upgraded to PURPLE. At this level, weapons fire very fast, have max power, and the player gains a slight increase to their speed.

Max Ammo

Max Ammo

This pickup extends the time duration of any weapon you pickup. If you get this power-up for your default LMG, nothing happens other than giving an ammunition countdown beneath the HUD. However, if you pick up a second or third ammo carton, it essentially acts as a skull and you will gain red and purple skull power respectively. In addition, as long as the icon appears over the players head they will have unlimited ammo of that color until the icon disappears.

NOTE: If playing with a team and a player has red or purple skull power, always allow that person to pickup any Max Ammos that may fall.



This new instrument of torture is pretty much identical to the barrels from the first game. Picking it up will spawn a saw which rotates around your player and kills anything it touches. Very effective, especially in higher rounds. You can equip multiple saws for chaotic carnage.



A new addition to DOA2, this item will automatically pull any nearby treasure directly to you. Very helpful if you are unable to reach a particular piece of gold because of a pesky swarm of zombies that just won't move out of the way. Also helpful for snatching treasure at the end of a round when the Silverback is coming after you.

Boxing Gloves

Boxing Gloves

Here's another new one. Remember in the first game how some players would just spin around in circles like an idiot? Well, those players are in luck. This weapon was made just for them (and it's pretty fun to use as well.) Two boxing gloves appear on the sides of the player. The boxing gloves will demolish any enemies caught in their wake. You can either run into the zombies with the gloves at your side or rotate the control stick like a mad-man and create a barrier for yourself. Additionally, comic style graphics appear with every kill. The gloves will turn red when they are about 3 seconds away from expiring. The power ends when you hear 3 bells dinging.

NOTE: It is not advised to use this item against Meatballs and Kamikaze Robots (discussed later) as both will explode on impact and almost certainly kill you.

Time Stopper

Time StopperTime Stopper Effect

A GREAT addition to the game, this forcefield makes the enemies who walk into it move in slow motion. This allows you time to catch your breath, decide which enemies to mow down first, and go from there.



Picking up this item will drop some skulls onto the battlefield which can be used to increase the power of your equipped weapon.

SAM Turret

SAM Turret

Think back to Black Ops 1 multiplayer. This thing fires rockets into the air and will home onto the closest zombie for an explosive impact; killing anything in their immediate blast zone. The weapon works similar to the Sentry Gun and will stay in play for approximately 30 seconds.


Fire Sprinkler

Looks like a piece of piping with a bouncing betty at the end. This item spins around in place and shoots water out one end, but the range is very limited. Anything it shoots is destroyed.

Zombie Heart

Zombie Heart 2

Looks like a mechanical, pulsing heart. Probably like what is in the Cyber Silverback, too... This item essentially is an insta-nuke. Picking it up will automatically destroy any non-boss creatures on screen, without using one of your own nukes.

Gersh Stone

Gem Vortex 2

This is a pretty sweet pickup to find. Nabbing this will create a red vortex that sucks in any nearby enemies and turns them into gems and skulls! Imagine getting this thing in the middle of a tightly enclosed arena with a rabid swarm... Multiplier is given a huge boost, weapons are leveled up, and aids in gaining an extra life. This is a MUST FIND!

NOTE: These things will kill Meatballs but not provide any gems.



The Rolling Anti Personnel Sentry. Or...the spiked ball of doom. Pretty much identical to the tank, but a hell of a lot more fun. Controls the same way as the tank, but has the ability to jump as well (not that it serves any purpose in this mode, but fun nevertheless.) This vehicle rolls around the map and smashes anything it touches or stomps on.

Cerberus A.G.R.


This thing is an automated ground robot buddy that will roll around the map taking out enemies on its own by using its own mini death machine and missile launcher. It's not exactly the smartest robot in the world, as it can get stuck behind objects and needs time to turn around. Still a worthwhile power-up to run into.

Civil Protector

Civil Protector

Shaped like a skeleton. Picking this up will cause a friendly skeleton warrior to rise from the ground and attack nearby enemies. That's great, but the best part is that it essentially acts like a mobile monkey bomb; attracting most all enemies toward it!

NOTE: This friendly can be killed by the Cyberback.

G.I. Unit

GI Unit

An automated robot soldier that walks around killing the opposition for you. Similar to the Civil Protector, except it tosses metal bladed discs at enemies. Metal Man reincarnated!

NOTE: This friendly can be killed by the Cyberback.


Metal Gear 2

Closely resembling a Metal Gear mech, this thing is a large, slow-moving mech walker with a chaingun and rocket launcher. Terror on two feet never looked so sweet. Pick this up and drop them down.

NOTE: Hellhounds will actually cower in fear when using this vehicle, allowing you an even easier time of killing them.

Wraith Aircraft

Talon Aircraft

This is DOA2's version of the chopper. It flies and operates like a hind chopper with gunfire and missiles. Ideal for getting anywhere on the map ASAP. You will not encounter these vehicles until very late in the game unless you acquire them via an armory, so take advantage when you run across them!

NOTE: If you have a chicken equipped when you pick up the Wraith, the chicken will fire Ray Gun blasts.

Coat of Arms

Coat of ArmsCoat 2Coat 3

This item will first appear in the Bloodpool arena beginning in round 25 and beyond. It emits a red forcefield, similar to the Time Stopper. This shield essentially turns the enemies into your very own bodyguards for about 30 seconds. Any enemy caught in the field is affected, but be careful because the effect is only temporary. Very useful against heavy swarms, allowing you time to find a way out of a hopeless situation. Also plays a war trumpet tune when picked up.

NOTE: Don't pickup this item unless there are enemies all around you. If you pick it up when there is nothing around, the item will either go to waste or not be nearly effective as it could be.

FIDO the Siege Chicken (new 3/21/16)

FIDO the Siege Chicken

The newest powerup to date which can only be found post round 64 after defeating the Silverback (unless you acquire it through the Bloodpool hidden armory on round 25.) This item is essentially the same as the Siegebot mech walker, except it shoots eggs instead of rockets. The other big difference is that it lays (regular) eggs which hatch and become gems, armory, etc. As noted earlier, zombies will attack any eggs (regular or golden) that spawn on the map. To ensure an easy egg hatching, FIDO can simply just fire away at the egg to keep the enemies away killing them at the same time.

NOTE: This item is not completely replacing the Siegebot.

Enemies and Hazards

This section lists all the various enemy types and hazards you will run into over the course of a game.

NOTE: As a general note, any zombie killed with a standard 1x multiplier is worth 100 points.

Basic Zombies

Regular Zombie

This is the generic zombie you will encounter beginning at round 1 and continue to see throughout the game. Nothing special about them, really. They move very slowly at the start of the game and are easy to kill, but their speed and strength will increase as the game moves along.

Barrel Zombies

Barrel Zombie

First appearing in round 5, these guys carry around explosive purple barrels. If killed while holding the barrel, both the zombie and barrel will explode. If not, the zombie leaves behind the purple smoking barrel. Blowing the barrel up will cause an explosion which kills the zombies, but leaves you unharmed. If you leave the barrel alone, it will begin to suck all of the items on screen, including treasure, into the barrel.


Bulls 3Golden Bull

These neutral enemies are only encountered in the Farm arena (rounds 9-13.) They enter from one of the 4 doorways and exit the opposite end of the screen. Anything that gets in their way is instantly killed. Great for use as a barrier when tons of zombies are swarming around. These creatures can be killed; but only by shooting an explosive weapon at them (blackcell, war machine, ray-gun, tank, R.A.P.S, or mech robot.) This causes blood and guts to fly all over the screen. Additionally, some of the bulls will shine gold. If one of these guys are blown up, a bunch of gems will scatter all over the ground. Pick those babies up to increase your multiplier!


Dirtnap Zombie 2Dirtnap 2

As the name implies, these folks will rise from the ground like an actual zombie before coming after you. Appropriately, they are first encountered in the Graveyard arena, rounds 13-16.

Shadow Zombies

Shadow Zombie

Making their debut in the Temple Grounds arena (rounds 17-20), these guys can prove to be a nuisance if you don't pay attention. A crow and a blue flash will show on the level, indicating their spawn point. Once the zombie is killed, it will disintegrate into another blue flash, move to a random point on the map, and re-spawn! Kill it once more to put it down for good.

NOTE: This enemy is unaffected by Monkey Bombs.



These guys are undead creatures carrying swords and can climb up and down the ledges of the levels. You will only encounter them in the Temple Fortress Silverback Challenge.

Blood Zombies

Blood Zombie 2

Introduced in the Bloodpool arena at round 25, these guys can cause problems if you aren't paying attention to your surroundings. They rise from the ground just like Dirtnappers. These guys are red in color and blend in with the red water, making them very difficult to detect at times.

Meatball Minions


They look like meatballs and are introduced in the Bloodpool arena in round 26. They roll at you with spikes on the sides and will not stop until you have been flattened like a pancake. When destroyed, they turn into mini-meatballs and will continue to track you until killed again. One more thing, if they are not completely destroyed, eventually they will grow back to full size again.

NOTE: This enemy is unaffected by Monkey Bombs, Time Stoppers, Zombie Hearts, Teddy Bears, and the Coat of Arms. A wunderwaffle that makes contact will be completely wiped out.



These things are first encountered in the Underboss Battle with the Margwa. They resemble mutant wasps and look pretty terrifying, but don't actually kill you. There are two varieties of them: yellow and purple. The yellow ones fire a mucus that slows you down. The purple ones on the other hand shoot a red mucus that wipes out your skull meter and destroys any defensive items you may be using (barrels, saws, teddy bear, etc.) Essentially, they are softening you up for other zombies to make the kill. Make them a priority if you see them.

NOTE: This enemy is unaffected by Monkey Bombs, Time Stoppers, Gersh Stones, Zombie Hearts, Wunderwaffles, Teddy Bears, and the Coat of Arms. It is also IMMUNE to the flamethrower and non-powered-up Blackcell.

Mine Layers


First encountered in the Chinese Garden, these brutes will run around dropping proximity mines on the playing field before coming after you. If you run over one of the mines they lay down, it's curtains for you. Fortunately, zombies can be hurt by these things as well.

NOTE: This enemy is unaffected by Monkey Bombs.


Spider 1Spider 2Spider Eggs

These 8-legged monstrosities appear beginning in the Donut arena. Regular zombies will carry tiny spider eggs into the arena on their backs and lay them down. Upon hatching, spiders will come out and start chasing after you. The worst part of it all? These enemies will shoot webs which will freeze the player in place! You will almost certainly be killed if stuck for too long, but you can break free by rotating the left analog stick or by using your armory.

Kamikaze Robots

Robot Zombie

First encountered in the Combine, these robots are short-circuited and have only one mission in mind - kill you at the cost of their own life. Not only are they noticeably faster than regular zombies, but they will explode near a player in their immediate vicinity. This means death in one hit, even while in FPM! If you encounter one of these guys, they take priority!

NOTE: This enemy is unaffected by Monkey Bombs.

Downpour Zombies

Downpour Zombies

If you recall the engineer zombies from DOA1, you have an idea of what to expect with these guys. Your first run-in with these guys will be in the Metro Station arena, round 49. The zombies fall down from the sky and will slowly walk toward you. That is, until you fire at them and then they will charge full speed. Try to leave them alone until the very end.



Those damned demon dogs are back again, and vicious as ever. Your first encounter with the dogs will be in the Forest arena at round 53. Whenever you see one of these beasts on the field, they take immediate priority over all other enemies. They are exceptionally fast and require boots or the fate of Swiftness/Force to outrun them. However, unlike DOA1, they are even more deadly. You now die after two bites instead of three. The first bite will cause an ear ringing sound and the second will kill the player. One more thing, dog bites carry over into future rounds.

NOTE: This enemy is unaffected by Monkey Bombs, Gersh Stones, Teddy Bears, and the Coat of Arms.

Shock Zombies

Shock Zombie

First appearing on the final rooftop level in round 60, these guys are something else. They can be easily identified upon entering the map because they will have a yellow circle temporarily surrounding them for a few seconds. Although that circle wears off, the effect does not. You can be killed by this zombie in one hit, even in FPM. Also, imagine a mine layer zombie who, rather than laying a temporary hazard, lays a permanent one with a shock tower! These zombies will cause electric towers to rise from the ground and make your mission even harder than it already is. Fortunately, these towers can be used against the enemy as well.

Cyber Silverback


The brother of the Cosmic Silverback who is out for revenge on you. This is the boss of Dead Ops 2. He is the big gorilla that you will randomly see appear at the end of a level every so often trying to steal any treasure that is still on the ground. He's also much faster than in the first game. You will notice that he has an orange ring surrounding him at all times. This is because he is invincible and cannot be killed... until you face him as a boss in round 64.

NOTE: If you encounter the Cyber Silverback at the end of a normal round, DO NOT FIRE AT HIM! He will walk around for a few seconds, eventually moving toward any unclaimed treasure you have yet to pick up. If you fire at him, he will charge at and kill you; resulting in a needlessly lost life.