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by vinheim

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Guide and Walkthrough by vinheim

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/16/2015

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Hello everybody and welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough for the highly anticipated Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Although not many people play the campaign, its one of the things I'm most excited about in a Call of Duty and this year is no exception. The Hype is probably even higher this time around because there are so many changes to how the campaign works that its simply marvelous. They started the changes with Advanced Warfare allowing you to level up your Exo, giving you new and improved abilities.

Join me in this amazing story and find all collectibles throughout the game! Lets go get them trophies!

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Objective: Infiltrate the Security Station

Watch the opening scene, which is pretty disturbing. The world is falling apart due to biometrics and Mega Cities. This... a new Cold War. We're introduced to Hendricks and we get to know our objective. Rescue the Minister Said. Its time to create the mother of all distractions so keep on watching the scene until you gain control of your Character. The door in front of you opens up and there'll be a couple enemies stunned thanks to the crash. Kill them and proceed downstairs. Pick up NRC Comms Earpice from behind the counter and proceed to the bottom of the tower.

Follow Hendricks across the crash site and into the tunnel, where we go check out the Security Station to locate the Minister. Before anything check under the window to find another Collectible, the Dud RPG.

Now examine the Camera Control panel and watch some people being tortured. Watch the life feed until you get to see the Minister and where they're taking him.

Objective: Go to the Interrogation Room

After the door is where we finally get to kill some enemies. There are a couple as soon as you head down the stairs and many more inside the tunnel that follows. The good thing is that there are many containers that give you cover and there are black and red explosive containers, which you should shoot when you see enemies surrounding them. Be extra careful for the armored enemies. Although still easy, they take more bullets and can get annoying really fast if you let them. Your biggest threat are the enemies that are on the upper part of the tunnel, on the catwalks and whatnot. Kill them first before you focus on the ones on the ground. Now proceed up the stairs and into the next room.

Although this room is big there's nothing in it so breach the room you're told to and in here you'll find another Collectible, Egyptian Army Cap.

Now its time to go rescue Khalil. He's located in cell 4 so go get him and we'll be discovered. Time to move.

Objective: Go to the Extraction Point

This room is the armory... and they only have the same gun, the KN-44. Oh God. More enemies in here, so take cover as you go down the stairs, kill the enemies on the upper ledge and continue to another room with many more enemies. They like to throw grenades so stay behind the arch at the entrance and start shooting down all the enemies. Like before, the ones on the catwalk have priority. Proceed to the other side of the catwalk and more enemies will come out of the elevator so toss a stun at them and shoot them down. Now enter the elevator and watch a short scene. We reunite with Taylor's squad, the one whom we've been talking to over the comms.

Use the Ammo Crate to resupply yourself and go outside. Here you can either wait for the hangar door to open or you can go upstairs and enter through the shattered window. Do the latter and jump down on the catwalk. Use the small metal sheets as cover and start mowing down enemies. You now have tons of help so don't worry too much. Exit the hangar through either the door or the window and you'll have a couple turrets in the next hangar. Try going in and back out because another armored vehicle comes in. Then you're told about the VTOL on top hanging from the ceiling. SHOOT at the missiles on the side of the VTOL to drop them and destroy the vehicles, but this causes the appearance of many enemies. You can use the entrance as cover and take as many enemies as you can. There's second floor on the left side so make sure to take care of those first. Now that everything's clear, enter the small room on the left (from where you enter) to find another Collectible, Replica Nano Drone.

Once outside again, take out the enemy on the turret ASAP and proceed to a larger and wider area. Stay behind the first set of crates and don't do anything crazy. There are TONS of enemies popping out of everywhere so stay here, chill and kill enemies until reinforcements arrive and Taylor ends up blowing up the bridge.

Objective: Go to the Comms Room

Now from here enter the next building, resuply using the Ammo Crate and go up the stairs. As you see many enemies gather inside the room the power goes out and you get to kill them in the dark. Its really simple and you can toss all your grenades for some easy kills. Note that they can't see you but they can hear you so be careful with that. Simple enough eh?

Objective: Go to the Motor Pool

Watch how they take out a VTOL with their bare hands as you step outside the Comms Room. Amazing. Now a couple more enemies. Be careful of the guy on top of the building. He uses RPGs so he's the mayor threat. Take him out and continue up the stairs. Jump down and you'll immediately feel something bad is going to happen... and it does. Many new enemies will start approaching your location, enemy robots. First there'll be a single line of robots. Use the red canisters to stun them, making it easier to kill them. We've got to protect Taylor while he opens the door and once he does get inside ASAP because a whole horde of robots will come your way.

Objective: Go to Secondary Extraction Point

Before getting on the turret, proceed to the back of the hangar to find the last collectible of the Mission, the VTOL Panel.

Now get on the APC's turret and we'll have the ride of our lives. The turret kills almost instantly the robots, which is good but its the least of our problems. Along the ride we'll have robots, APCs and even VTOLs coming in on us. Focus on the vehicles first, obviously and then on the robots and normal enemies. There's a point in which you guys get stuck and a horde of robots come at you, as well as a couple enemy APCs. Take the vehicles out first and start spreading the turret fire among all robots. Its the best place to get the Decimator trophy.

Objective: Get out Alive

After crashing you need to protect your Exfil so run towards it and use the rocky areas as cover. Start shooting all the enemies you possibly can until the enemy APC comes. This can kill you in a second. I recommend cocking a Grenade and keep it in your hand until it has a couple seconds before exploding. Afterwards toss it at the APC to kill the turret guys. Once this APC is neutralized the rest is easy. Check the small path for robots. Take them out ASAP and keep on protecting the exfil until you're told to board... but something happens and the rest... is up for you to watch.

Objective: Go to Suspected Terrorist Hideout

After the awesome scene and an update of your status after the events of Mission 1, you get to test out your new skills. This first area is large but shouldn't pose much threat. Stick to the right side and to Diaz. Soon enough you'll be told about your DNI by pressing right on the D-Pad. This is very useful as it tells you many things that are going on in the battlefield. Some of these things are the distance of the enemy, the explosive range of granedes and so on.

Soon enough Diaz tells you about Wall Running. While running press X to jump and continue running on the wall. Another way is to run off a ledge while sticking to the wall. This next area is pretty straightforward as you go inside the warehouse. You'll be told about how you'll be able to see enemies even through walls since all your eyes and brains are connected. This is really useful in situations like this - with many hordes of enemies coming out of everywhere. At the end you'll have a scene with Diaz.

Objective: Locate the Generator

He'll tell you about how to hijack an enemy drone, so do so (L1 + R1). You can take either a ground or flying Drone. Both are awesome but the ground drone has rockets and its easier to kill, although its really slow. Kill the enemies and you'll be told about the generator. Shoot it and you'll be back in your body. Before continuing, run across the field you just passed as a drone and when you enter the warehouse, check behind the fire at the entrance to find the first Collectible of the Mission, Defective Robot Hand.

Now return and continue following Diaz. Enter the Metal Casting Facility, resupply and go down the stairs.

Objective: Locate the Terrorists' Command Center

Down here will be many more enemies and some turrets. These are very hard to destroy but the good thing is that you can hijack them and use them to kill the enemies around you. Press R1 + L1 to hijack one, kill any and all enemies around and press Square to exit, destroying the turret. There are 3 turrets in the area so use them to your advantage. Hack the door open to trigger a couple cool scenes.

Objective: Pursue the Suspect

Now we're playing with Sarah Hall. Quite cute! Jump down, let her take care of the grunt and start chasing. There are no collectibles in all this area so follow Sarah and kill the grunts when they appear. Run across the billboard across the rain tracks or wait for the train to pass to cross it by foot and you'll be told about another ability, which stuns drones and destroys flying drones. Continue pursuing the subject until Taylor appears and you're taken to another part.

Locate the Explosives

Time to play with Maretti. He's pretty cool and gives you another ability, which makes enemy grunts and drones self destruct. Take out the enemies in the area and go up the stairs behind the derailed train wagon on the left of where you started to find another Collectible, Bomb Detonator Cap.

Continue along the tunnel and Maretti tells you about another ability and allows you to change between them by pressing Down on the D-pad. The Firefly Swarm is pretty useful as it "bugs" the enemies and allows you to kill them easily. There will be a mix of regular enemies and grunts so cycle between your abilities to easily take care of the enemies. Remember that by using the Immolation ability makes other grunts explode if they're caught in the explotion of the first one.

Now there's Mobile Armory. Just like with Online Multiplayer, this allows you to create and select between different loadouts. Resupply your ammo and hack into the door. You'll now be able to use your Enhanced view. Just like in the hotel in the first mission, this allows you to see in the dark, in a room full of smoke, etc. Really useful and you can distinguish between enemies and friendlies. Proceed to the next area where a couple grunts are pushing a train cart. There are many enemies here as well so stay at the entrance and start mowing down the enemies. There are a couple snipers on the upper room at the far back of the room so use your Immolation ability to take them out.

Now that everything's clear, near the entrance of this room is a stairway going down. Go down here and at the end you'll find another Collectible, Model Maglev Train.

Go back upstairs and continue following the path until you reach a massive room with tons of enemies, grunts and drones on the other side. This part is really easy as the enemies are far away and don't come at you. Its only a time consuming fight. Hack the door at the end and go to the computer to learn some more. We'll now end up in the train from the beginning of the mission. Proceed to the second car and check behind the blue bar on the left for another Collectible, Premium Liquor.

Proceed to the third car and some grunts come in through the windows on the sides. Use your Takedown ability to one shot them and proceed to the next car. Go up the stairs on the right side and check the seat on your right (as you go up) to find the last Collectible, Train Pass.

On the next car 2 more grunts come from outside so take them out and go up to the roof of the train. Outside there will be more grunts and luckily for us some wall pop up allowing us to take cover from them. You'll also be told about a new ability, Concussive Wave. For this press R1 + L1 while jumping to create a wave, smashing all enemies nearby. Continue, resupply from the Ammo Crate when you get to it and you can spam Grenades in the next room and go back to get some more. Hack the door at the end of the car to trigger another scene a end the mission.


As you end mission 2, you'll be taken to your "HUB". From here you can do all sort of things:

  • Service Record: You can check out the Medals you've been awarded here.
  • Collectibles: Allows you to check out the Collectibles we've been gathering all along.
  • Wardrobe: Allows you to change your outfit and even the gender of your character.
  • Data Vault: Gives you access to a whole lot of data like videos, images, info on weapons and so on.

In the next room there are move options. You can Upgrade your abilities, check your loadout, use the Paintjob, etc. Really handy indeed.


Since we're here lets go grab a trophy. Head over to the Data Vault and you'll see on the left side your Emblem and your Clan Tag. On top it says Data Vault and to the left is a symbol. Move your cursor over the symbol and press X to have Dead Ops Arcade 2 pop up. Watch the video and you'll get the Silverback in Black Trophy.

Objective: Go to the Docks

After the initial scene follow Hendricks to trigger a scene... OH MY GOD. Now that's something new in a CoD. So graphic. Time to deal with many enemies. Lets avenge the poor guys that just died. Use your Blinding Swarm ability to distract the enemies for an easier kill. There's an armored enemy here. Don't even bother shooting at it. I recommend taking out the rest of the enemies and when he's alone use your Blinding Swarm to distract him and spam your melee attack until you kill him.

Before proceeding, go inside the white house on the right side (when you're seeing the target indicator) to find the first Collectible of the Mission behind the counter, the Broken Respirator.

Continue following Hendrick and start using that Bolt he gave you so the wind doesn't blow you away. Go up the path into a torn down building, where the wind intensifies and you jump down into the water along with Hendricks. Remember your anchor? You've got to use it here as well because there are small tidal waves that will push you back. Keep the SQUARE pressed to not get dragged with the current. Follow Hendricks while you struggle with the waves until you come to an open area with many enemies on the other side. You'll have to fight them while standing your ground from the waves. Once you've taken care of them, go right and check the side of the building you're about to go in for another Collectible, Urn with Incense Sticks.

Now run to the other side of the building, kill any enemies that are lurking around here and follow Hendricks towards the Dock. Start plowing through the Docks and hack the terminal that Kane tells you. Now breach the door, kill the enemies in slow-mo and watch a scene.

Objective: Go to the 54i Communications Hub

Now that's a wild ride! From where you regain control go down the water and it'll be time to take a swim. So awesome! Instead of following Hendricks right into the tunnel, continue straight to find the Collectible Child's Toy.

Now start following Hendricks and soon enough you'll come to a Mobile Armory so change your equipment if so desired and go up to street level. Use your rocket launcher to take out as many enemies as you can and once the area is clear, enter the building and instead of going up to the second floor, go to the back of the first floor and enter the room at the end to find the Collectible Warlord Helmet.

Toss a grenade to the Riot Shield guys and go up to the second floor while following Hendricks. Soon enough a scene triggers and Kane comes to the rescue! Hell yeah!

Objective: Go to the 54i Secondary Comms Relay

Time to head out. Follow Hendricks... yes, follow him again... and when you get out of the building youll see many enemies in the next building. Before doing that, go right, go up the stairs and jump across the gap and go inside the building we just came out from. At the back is another Collectible, Fu Dog Figurine.

In the area there will be many grunts and normal enemies. There are a ton of explosive containers to make good use of them. Now go hack the terminal! As you follow Hendricks you'll come across a Mobile Armory. Use it if needed and Kane will be right there, waiting for ya.

Objective: Go to the Black Station

Use the zipline to head down and you'll see many enemies coming in your way. Use your Rocket Launcher to take out as many enemies as you can and once you're out of ammo, continue with normal weapons. There's one of those heavy armored guys so melee him to death. Your target is the Electronics building in the back of this road. There are no enemies inside so go in and run to the back along Hendricks and Kane. Go up the stairs and as you go in you'll find the last Collectible of the mission, Therapy Session Recording.

Now proceed deeper inside the building and kill a couple enemies to trigger a scene and end the mission.

Objective: Get to Cloud Mountain

After the scene, from where we start start in this upper area and start killing the enemies on the streets below. After dealing with them... with the help of the ton of robots, check the right side of the area for a blue 2-story house. In side the first floor of it is another Collectible, Gangster Bling.

Afterwards go down the street and a Warlord appears, the kind of enemies that take tons of damage. Use your Fireflies to distract him and melee him to death. Also in the area with all the stands you can find your second Collectible, Supertree Souvenir.

Continue along the path while killing more regular enemies and soon enough you'll find a Mobile Armory. Use it if so desired and continue. As you cross the tunnel you'll be ambushed by many enemies from the right and many on the cliff above. Backtrack a little bit because they like to spam grenades here. Take it slow and easy here. Go up the stairs and you'll find some people hanging from poles. Poor guys. You can't save them or get them down so don't even bother. Continue a little bit more and stay behind the large rock at the beginning of the area. There are many enemy robots this time to use your abilities to take them down. Jump across the little gap and STOP. Look left and go inside the house. Go up to the second floor to find the third Collectible, Dud Slave Collar.

There will be a Warlord popping out of nowhere and he's on top of the central platforms. Its impossible to reach him from the ground so use the second floor of the house on the right side to reach him and melee him to death. Other way is to spam your fireflies and shoot him in the head until he dies, but this takes forever. Now proceed and you'll find a ton of trailer containers. As you approach them some of them will fall and Grunts will start coming in from both the left and right. Fall back and take care of these suckers. If you have Immolation it'll make this easier. Now climb it the orange container (which is open but you can't go it) and then the blue container to get on top of all. From here move to the front of the white container you're standing on and look right. Amidst the containers you'll find a Collectible Antique Vase.

When you're done with the enemies around here the main gate breaks down and you'll have to fight a PAWS. Its not tough, but I recommend staying outside and taking out the minions first. Once the PAWS is alone go in and start spamming your Grenades. It has a gatling gun so it can kill you pretty quickly. Take cover at all times and once it goes down some more Grunts and normal enemies come in. Take them out and your objective changes.

Objective: Locate 54i Servers

As you go in more Grunts appear and then Hendricks tells you to take the second floor. Climb up here but be extra careful. There's a ground drone (like the one you drove in Mission 2) and a Warlord. Dispose of the Warlord first using melee and fireflies and then take out the drone, as well as the Grunts. Go up to the third floor and some enemies with Riot Shields appear. Toss a Flashbang and kill them. Take a look at the Grunts on the right of the exit. As you try to leave many enemies appear outside and the Grunts that where inside will wake up. Take all of them out and go up the stairs. Kill a couple more enemies and look to the right. Kill a couple snipers on the other side of the walkway and down to find a ton of enemies moving around.

After a little talk with Kane, go up the stairs back into the building. There will be many Grunts, both awake and waking up. Take all of them and check the central column to find a Collectible, Mineral.

Now exit the builing to have a couple aerial drones appear. Use your Immolation to take them down in one hit. There will be many enemies on the walkway next to you so take care of them, throw back any grenades they throw at you and go up the stairs. In this room many, MANY Grunts will come your way. Immolation takes out many, but just like Kane tells you, toss Grenades in there. There are also 2 turrets so shoot them down carefully and hack open the door to trigger a scene.

Objective: Protect Hendricks

Its time to protect Hendricks. Sounds easier that it is. They come in waves. First of all take a look of all the enemies banging the window. They come in. Yup, all of them and more. The first wave comes in from the second floor. I recommend going up the stairs and shooting down the hallways. This part is simple. Now the enemies banging the window finally break it down and come in. Start shooting them all and soon enough more enemies will come in via a zipline coming from a VTOL. Start taking them out as they come in and as soon as they end many more enemies and Grunts come in from the door across the room from the window. The use of Immolation is important because your ammo is limited, as well as your Grenades. If you tought this was it then you're wrong. Another wave (final one) comes in from a breached wall on the second floor, and there are riot shields this time so be careful.

After Hendricks comes out cross the broken window and use the Z-Tracs. This triggers a scene and looks like the mission is over, but its not.

Objective: Go to the Far Super Tree

Cross the bridge and cross a second one and kill the enemies that start running down the bridge. In this tree there will be many enemies and you'll pick whether you take the inside of the tree or the outside to clear out. Hendricks will do the one you didn't pick. Also note that there will be a red Wraith making rounds and flying here every now and then trying to kill you. I recommend you stay in side this tree house and shoot at the Wraith until you destroy it. It takes a while but its worth it.

Now we can pick between two trees to go to. As you look at them, use the Z-Trac on the left and kill the enemies in this tree. Proceed across the bridge towards a new tree while you kill the enemies around you and Immolate the flying Drones and before proceeding, go downstairs here to find the last Collectible, Bullet Shell Necklace.

Proceed to the last Super Tree and everything starts exploding. Go upstairs and to the elevator. At the top, jump across to dive into the water below.

Objective: Go to the 54i Dock

Follow Hendricks and as you go up to the Docks there will be many enemies waiting for you all over the place. Stay in the water and start taking them down. Once you're clear, hop on the air boat and on the turret. Now Kane drives fast! Try focusing as much as possible and destroy tower as you see them. They explode with a couple bullets so do that. Also focus on the aerial drones since they can be a pain. The Wraith will bother you either way so ignore it. Its destroyed at the end. Watch the scene at the end to complete the mission. Just what did Hendricks see??!

Objective: Go to the facility entrance

After the initial scene, run down the path along with Hendricks and you'll come across a broken down yellow tent. Inside you'll find your first Collectible, 54i Data-Pad.

Now its showtime. Start mowing down all the enemies in the area. Yes all of them. Stay near the buildings to take cover (there's an ammo crate in the left side building) and soon enough a walking tank comes out to play. Looks intimidating but its really easy. First of all pick up the XM-53 near the fountain and look at the walking tank. It has a circular thing on the bottom spinning around. Shoot it with your weapon and when you stun it, use your XM-53 to destroy it. Pretty simply. Note that grenades have no effect on it.

Head over to the facility and hack open the door. As you go down the stairs all the screens turn on. Now that's creepy. Hendricks will start going right... so go LEFT from here to find another Collectible at the end, Contamination Test Kit.

Now start following Hendricks, cross the door and check the EMF Signal when it prompts.

Objective: Descend into the Core

Start descending while you listen to the talk between you and Hendricks. Could it be Taylor? As you descend you'll find a couple of the 54i. There's a Warlord among them so use your fireflies and melee. There are plenty of explosive containers so make use of them. Continue descending afterwards and eventually you'll get to the bottom. You can tell thanks to the street lights. As you get here, go right, down and up some stairs and into the little room to find another Collectible, Coalescence Marketing Material.

Be careful because many Grunts will come at you. Damn these things. After you've dealt with them, Hendricks opens up a path in the floor. Descend, activate your EV and start following him. There will be a series of jumps but nothing too difficult. Listen to Kane inside the little room with the symbol, use the ammo crate and mobile armory if necessary and the door opens.

Objective: Go to the Signal Source

Go through the door and make a quick left into the room to find another Collectible, Bio-containment canister.

Continue along the hallway and you'll enter a room where the Grunts simply start getting up and attacking you. Take care of them and proceed through the door. There will be more Grunts here and the same things is happening here. Dispose of them and proceed to the end of the hallway down the stairs to find a door that needs some hacking. Hack it to trigger a scene.

Objective: Go to the Server Room

After the scene go right from where we start to find another Collectible, E-Ink white-board.

Keep on going down the rabbit hole, put up your EV and help out Hendricks get to higher ground. After the door opens go through, resupply and then go down the hallway on the left. The lights go out and you'll be stuck in here. Grunts will start waking up from underneath the water so be careful. Go down this hallway and exit to the main room to fight even more Grunts. Go through the door towards your objective and make a quick right into the little room to find the last Collectible of the mission right underneath the screen, Prototype DNI Implant.

There will be a long hallway with many Grunts sleeping on the sides. Run past them and they start waking up. Continue along the hallway and down the stairs. I recommend you stay down here and take them out. More XP for you guys! Use the Mobile Armory up ahead if you need to and proceed to the funky-looking room for a boss fight! Nah not really bit kinda feels like it. There will be many Grunts and you'll see Diaz in the central tower. Around this blue-ish tower are a couple of red cooling towers. Save these for later. Start taking out the Grunts (Immolation is incredibly useful in this part) and soon enough the core of the first cooling tower will be exposed.

Its a red sphere spinning around. Shoot it down and approach the blue tower to trigger a little event and toss a grenade inside the tower. After the first grenade explodes, the second wave now has running Grunts, like the ones you've been destroying through the mission. Not that big of a deal. Shoot these guys and use Immolation on the shooting Grunts. Once the core is exposed do the same thing again and wave three starts. This time, the epic music starts (man the soundtrack is incredible!!) and now the running Grunts will head towards Hendricks while the armed ones will come after you. Just like before, use Immolation against the latter while you shoot down the running Grunts. Once the third core is exposed, all Grunts will be normal slow-walking. There will be a ton of them though so start shooting your way towards the blue tower to toss the last grenade and trigger a pretty nice scene.

Objective: Get to the Surface

Put up your EV and start running across the hallway and mowing down enemies as you go. There will be a couple Grunts but your Immolation is more than enough to take care of them. As you get to the end of the room Kane tells you to swim to the surface. You'll have to cover Hendricks while he overrides the system. Protect him for a minute or so and you'll be underwater now! Destroy the Grunts in this next room and follow Hendricks. He blows up a door that sucks you out of here. Make sure to steer your way across the hallways until you get to the main area. There will be mines coming down so shoot them down and swim in between the bridge and into the fallen building (where the objective indicator is). From here swim to the side and keep on following the objective indicator while you take down the Grunts that are in your way. When you're told to swim to the surface, do so

Objective: Go to the safehouse

Before you even move, make sure to go left down the small alleyway to find your first Collectible, Damaged Optical Camo Cloak.

Return to the main street and head to the marker on the right side of the street. Go inside the house and head to the third floor to see some 54i kill civilians. Kill these guys and proceed outside. There will be a sequence and a slow-mo event. Pretty tight eh?! Kill the remaining enemies that come down the street but be careful of the mounted turret. Take cover and toss a grenade at it. Go down the alley on the left to find some more enemies, and a sniper inside the house behind them. Take them out and open the door with red light.

DO NOT engage with the enemies outside just yet. Try to pass underneath the counter without them seeing you. If they do simply kill the Grunts (remember Immolation) and proceed outside. Use the Mobile Armory if needed and enter the door to trigger a little scene. Damn you Taylor! Hendricks now takes the upper path and you'll be left down here. The good thing is that he hands you a Sheiva! This thing is a one-shot kill almost every time. Be careful because there are many enemies in the open area in front of you. There are snipers in the buildings in front of you and in the ones on the left - they have laser sights so you'll spot them easily. There are also groups of aerial drones so the use of Immolation helps out with them.

The path splits in two but it takes to the same place so follow whichever one you want and open the gate at the end. Jump up the walls along Hendrick and use the Mobile Armory on top if needed and just like Hendricks says its like an Immortals convention down there. Hold your horses everybody! Do go jumping down running and gunning. There are many aerial drones flying above the large area and enemies as well. I recommend you staying up here and use your Immolation to start taking down all the Drones. While it recharges start sniping down all the enemies who for some reason they don't shoot back or even know one of them were shot. Please note that you may not have killed all enemies so be careful on any enemies down here. Its still hard for them to spot you but nontheless, be careful.

Once the area is clear jump down the right side (towards the fire) and go through the circular entrance and head all the way to the back area, where the staircase going up the tower is. In this small area check the corner next to the tower to find another Collectible, Bio-Luminescent Orchid.

Now proceed to the street and enter the building to get back with Hendricks. There's a Mobile Armory in here so use it if needed. As you leave the building a scene triggers. As its over the same old will happen. Time to take out all the baddies! Yes all of them! There are many enemies in the parking lot in front of you so make sure to focus on them first while Hendricks starts taking out the enemies on the ground. Using the Sheiva helps out immensely so use it. Once they're all dead approach the safehouse to fight an A.S.P. To destroy it you've got to shoot that spinning sphere until you stun it, in which then you have to fire a missile at it. You can find the XM-53 on the left side of the building where you have to go in.

Once its destroyed start moving towards the entrance of the building and as you go through the hole on the wall look left to find your third Collectible, HCXD Bomb Sniffer Robot.

Now continue down the path and you'll be on an advantage point. Shoot as many enemies as you can from up here and jump down. There's an ammo crate down here so you can spam the XM-53 to your hearts content. There's a Warlord here and as annoying as ever. Use those fireflies to destroy that Warlord. There's also a little walking tank so missile it to death. Afterwards approach the building and a scene triggers.

Objective: Go to Safehouse Panic Room

Now you'll be alone inside the burning building. Be careful because there are many Grunts in here. As you gain control go down the hall but be careful because the Grunts will come in from both the room and from the hallway so make sure to run back to the beginning and take the ones in the hallway first. Once its done start taking down the ones in the hallway and go up the stairs in here. As you enter the next room look to the left because in this large room there will be many more Grunts in here. Use Immolation - it comes in realy handy thanks to the small area. Once its clear go inside and check the couches on the right side to find the last Collectible, Dragon Necklace.

Now head to the door to trigger a kick ass scene with Kane and you'll end the mission!

Objective: Meet with the W.A. Contact

As we gain control head up the stairs to find a familiar face. Khalil from the first mission is back. After some chat go up another set of stairs and start following the team.

Objective: Go to the Holding Room

Keep on following the team and as you go inside a room continue going straight towards the desk in the next room to find your first Collectible for this mission, NRC Helmet.

Now enter the Holding Room and speak to Dr. Salim. Watch the scene between him and Hendricks and we get our new objective!

Objective: Ener Ramses Station Central

Kane stays behind sadly so head on out with Hendricks. The killing starts as you enter so take cover ASAP and have your Immolation ready. There are many Grunts in the plaza in front of you and they walk in groups so one Immolation will blow up many at the same time. There's also a Collectible here. From the entrance to this area go left up the stairs and check behind the stand (between the stand and the wall) to find the Collectible Broken Stained Glass.

Now head down and clear the debris to leave the plaza. No enemies in this area (thanks goodness) so board the Technical and you'll be off to a new area. It's time to plant some spikes. We've got the Spike Launcher this time around but WAIT! There is a Collectible nearby. From where you regain control there are 2 doors that cross the wall. Go through the left door (has a small green light on top) and check the same wall on your left to find the Collectible NRC Propaganda Poster.

Now you'll be shown a little video of what you'll be doing withthe Spike Launcher. You'll see the foundations of the street highlighted underground. You can't simply shoot at it from afar and detonate the Spike. You have to approach the foundation (which is highlighted with a bright red color) and press SQUARE to trigger the planting animation. Now back off and blow it. Note that there will obviously be many enemies coming in and aerial drones every now and then. There are 5 planting points throughout the area so approach them carefully and backtrack behind the wall to have another scene trigger.

Objective: Go to Safiya Square

As you go through the building use the Mobile Armory if needed and proceed to the end of the building, in which you go through a hole in the wall (which is super bright outside). There's a Collectible nearby so stick with me. There are a ton of enemies so stay under cover at all times. From where we start stick to the right wall, go down the couple stairs into the building and go down the stairs at your left. There's a couple enemies down here so take care of them and you'll find your Collectible on top of a shelf, Military Officers Sword.

From here the path is somewhat linear. The paths split here and there but you end up in the same area anyway. I recommend you stay on the upper halls so you can have the advantage over the enemy. There are many of them at the little plaza at the end of the area so stay on top and get rid of them. Enter the building where you'll find a downed VTOL. Kill the enemies on top and before you approach the VTOL like Hendricks is asking you to, go over to the couches on the right to find another Collectible, Piece of Broken Statue.

Now open up the hatch to trigger a little scene and now you'll be in the middle of a battlefield and the following is probably the hardest part yet of the campaign.

Objective: Destroy the A.S.P.-ML

Let me point out the Colletible here first and then I'll explain what the hell is going on. From where you regain control after falling, check the building in front of you on the right side. Its some sort of casino (it has neon lights outside). Go inside, go up to the second floor using the stairs in the center of the building and you'll fight on a little table at the back of the floor your Collectible, Etched glass bottle.

Now lets assess the situation. First of all the amount of enemies. There are many human enemies surrounding an A.S.P. Focus on the ASP since the regular enemies will not stop spawning. There are a couple of XM-53 near where you regained control so nab one of those and you already know what to do against ASPs. Shoot the spheric spinning center and when the missile icon appears shoot it with the XM-53. It took me 3-4 missiles to destroy it and you can shoot 2 at it max before it regenerates and keeps on rampaging. Another thing to NOTE is ammo. There are a certain amount of ammo crates around the area so your ammo is not infinite. Only pick them up when your XM-53 is out of ammo or your main weapon is out as well.

If you think one ASP wasn't enough, another one appears from your left side while a horde of Grunts appear in front of you as well as those RASPs. The use of Immolation is really good here for crowd-control. Also one thing to note of upmost importance: DO NOT stay inside the building where you found the Collectible. Sounds like a good idea but you'll be overwhelmed by the amount of Grunts coming your way it'll be hard to defend against them all, specially if you're playing on higher difficulties. Once you've lowered the amount of Grunts there are take out the ASP, only that now you don't have to shoot the spheric spinning center. Simply shoot your XM-53 until you destroy it.

Wait wait wait wait. Nope, we're still not done yet. There's a third ASP coming out from the building on the upper left side of the area. There are a TON more Grunts coming out as well. Not only that but they come from the upper right side too so you'll have Grunts coming in like ants. Try to focus on the ASP from afar while shooting any Grunts that approach you. Destroying this third ASP ends the mission.

Objective: Defeat Sarah Hall

Right off the bat we've got to fight Sarah and she's riding a Manticore. This doesn't look good at all. It isn't that tough to be honest. Right in front of you is an XM-53 so grab that and start shooting at the Manticore. It takes around 8-10 missiles to fully take her down. She attacks with a gatling gun that's attached to the left arm of Manticore while she likes to jump back to the building she came out from and shoot Javeline Missiles towards you, which stick to the ground and explode after a couple seconds. Run away as soon as you see the Javeline markers.

Once you've defeated her approach the Manticore to trigger a little scene. Now you have to follow the trees as they light up until you reach a baby. A couple scenes trigger explaining some mayor stuff so pay attention.

Objective: Pursue Sarah Hall

Now things are getting weird. Don't worry. This is similar to our experience in Mission 2. As you regain control check your left side to find an ammo crate and a Mobile Armory. A couple steps further look right to find a destroyed bunker that has your first Collectible, Shell Casing.

Now exit the bunker and start following Sarah. As you go up a little hill stick to the left side of the area (which is blocked by rocks and fences luckily) and soon enough you'll find your second Collectible, WWII US Field Radio. It is located on a table at a small guard post where there's a turret.

Please take note that there are a ton of enemies and they will keep respawning so your best bet is to keep pushing forward. Follow Sarah a little bit more and it suddenly goes dark. Night came rather quick. Start walking and suddenly the floor starts crumbling below you and everything starts going up and down. Two paths are created and you get to choose. Both of them take you to the same place so pick whichever you feel like picking and soon enough you'll come across some Wolves, the Dire Wolves. There's an ammo crate right in the center of the area but most importantly, the Collectible Field Binoculars.

These damn Wolves won't keep coming and are rather fast so keep pushing forward while you look behind killing them before they respawn. Approach Sarah and the floor will open up... ? Ok... jump across the floating rocks-like bridge and go to the light to trigger another scene. Be careful because as the house at the end of the scene starts to rebuild itself and you gain control the 3 enemies there will start shooting at 'ya. Take them out beforehand. Exit the house and all the bodies will come back up to life. Some are allies but most are enemies. Use the short wall to take cover and toss any grenades they toss at you. Doesn't the background look amazing? How the ground is going 90 degrees? That's crazy :0. Anyway, enter the large 2 story building on the left side of the area (right in front of where you started) to find a Collectible on the second floor, Russian Field Compass.

Just like before, enemies will keep coming out. But before you leave, approach the door-like window and you'll see more of the town. You'll see a nice little house on the left side, what looks like a barn on the right side and another barn-looking building in between these two (between 2 armored vehicles). Go in here to find another Collectible, Russian Hat.

Now enter the building where Sarah went in and you'll be in another battlefield. Oh god when will it end? There will be a couple enemies and no friendlies. But a tank appears. Yes, a TANK. There are a couple of XM-53 near the fountain so grab one. Many enemies come out along with the tank so be careful. It only takes a couple missiles so that's a good thing. Now for the last Collectible. From where you started approach the 2-story building right in front of you and follow the wall left until you find a hole in the wall. Go inside the second floor to find the last Collectible, Wagner Gramophone Record.

Continue towards the cemetery and you'll have to fight your way across it. Be careful because enemies might respawn behind you so do get too cocky. Enter the church to trigger a little scene and now its time to fight an ASP... inside the church and with a ton of enemies. WHAT?! First of all when you gain control quickly go right, spot the ammo crate for when you need it and go up the stairs towards the second floor. There are some good defenses up here which will protect you but keep in mind there are many other small fries that keep attacking you so you're never safe. The weird '(and good) thing is that the ASP also attacks the enemies.

Shoot the spheric spinning center to bring down the defenses and shoot at it with your XM-53. Now head over to Sarah to trigger a scene and now its time to play... Zombies? WHAT?! Hahaha oh man this mission keep getting crazier and crazier. There are 2 floors and zombies will start coming in through the windows. They go down in a shot or 2 but the thing is that the fire will start getting bigger and bigger until you're stuck in the room in front of Sarah. The zombies get meaner and faster so be extremely careful. Also don't stay behind Sarah because zombies will still come in through the window where she is. After this event shoot Sarah to end the mission.

Objective: Eliminate Enemy Air Threat

Time to fly a jet! So awesome! We've first got one enemy we gotta take down. You shoot your machine gun with R2 while missiles are shot by pressing R1. For the missiles to seek out the enemy you've got to keep the enemy in the center of the screen until a red circle surrounds them. They take a couple of missiles before they go down. Afterwards 3 more enemies come but 1 at a time. Do the same thing and it'll be time to take down the enemies on the actual base. There are a couple ASPs here but with the missiles they go down really fast. There are on-foot enemies so use your machine gun to take them down...


This is the perfect opportunity to get the Crackshot Trophy. You need to kill 5 enemies from over 100m away. This is easily done while piloting the ship.

There are also Wraiths flying around so be extremely careful. The ASPs have objective markers so identify them and spam missiles until you destroy them.

Objective: Open the Comms Array Access Panel

Now we need to take care of the COMMS so you'll be shown 2 landing points. I recommend landing on the left side as its less enemy crowded and there's a Collectible here. Head to the building in the center of the platform and you'll find Postcard.

Now jump on top of the room where you're in and break open the hatch and have Kane work her magic. We've got to protect her doing her thing so grab the XM-53 and start protecting her. There are enemies that have rocket launchers so take care of them first before anything else. There may be a Wraith shooting at you so use your XM-53 to take care of it. Now when its time to board your Bullshark more enemies will come so stand your ground up here, clear a path and head over to your Bullshark.

Time to head to the back of the refinery and take out more ASPs and soldiers. There are 2 Wraiths as well so don't even wait for your missile seeker to lock-on. Spam those missiles and you'll take them down. This time we've got to land on the right side of the refinery.

Objective: Go to the Communications Array

As you land go left inside the warehouse to find the second and last Collectible laying on the ground, Industrial Drillbit Parts.

Now follow Kane while you kill any enemies that appear, open up the panel and the same thing will go on this time. You've got to protect Kane again. This one is a bit harder because the area is smaller and the enemies will come from higher up, having the advantage here. They like to toss grenades so make sure to toss them back. There are also many canisters that explode or shock the enemies so make sure to use them whenever enemies are nearby. Also using your fireflies helps out big time to distract some enemies while you kill the others. Now its time to head back to your ship bit some more enemies will come as well as a couple aerial drones. Immolation is your way to go.

Objective: Go to the Lower Levels of the Refinery

Fly over to the other side of the refinery and land there. Go up the stairs and it'll be time to swim. A scene triggers as soon as you try to exit the water. Afterwards Kane will slowly approach the door at the back but make sure you have something to counter Grunts because there will be 3 coming in through the door and a couple more already inside. There's also a RASP in here so shoot this down and use Immolation on the ones coming in through the door.

Afterwards go back down the water and as you turn the corner many more Grunts will be walking your way but they're not as strong since you can't use your abilities. Head outside the water to trigger a scene.

Objective: Eliminate Enemy Air Threat

We'll be on our ship again and its time to take down 3 more aircrafts. Easy but after that we've got to protect Khalil. You can spot them as green arrows and the enemies are, obviously red. They are being surrounded and there's an ASP on both sides. Spam those missiles to destroy them and quickly shoot down as many soldiers as you can. After the ASPs only soldiers come so its safe. Now proceed to the other side of the refinery where you'll find more friendlies. Kill all the enemies before landing.

Objective: Go to the Hangar

You've got to defend your possition for a little bit. Really simple. There are a couple RASPs coming in your way but a couple bullets should suffice. Start making your way to the Hangar until a scene with a jet triggers and then a slow-mo event. Oooh nice. You've got to deal with like 30 more enemies after that tho so be quick and proceed down the hallway.

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