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Walkthrough by AlonzoTG

Version: 001 | Updated: 09/08/2016

Al's guide to Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Hello, this is my first faq, pre-ordered the game so I guess I'm on point. 
This faq will be based on my third playthrough, I will be playing at "give me 
Deus ex" without newgame +.

Getting this walkthrough to you has been an absolute nightmare, the on-line 
editor does not work at all. 

Story Structure
The game is a bit simpler than previous titles in the franchise which tended 
to chase a rabbit all over the universe.
90% of this game takes place in Prague. It opens with an introductory chapter 
in a mission in Dubai. When you return to Prague you will quickly be put into 
a "OMG someone blowed up us the train station!!" kinda situation. The rest of 
the game will follow the course of the investigation of this one incident, 
with a number of  side-stories, and then conclude with Jensen watching a TV 
broadcast about the aftermath of his decisions and actions through the game. 
During normal play, the game forces the player to make three decisions of 
progressing moral difficulty. My goal for the current playthrough is to see 
whether a "perfect" solution is possible, as it was for the DLC quest for 
Human Revolutions. 
Deus Ex is primarily a stealth game. At the high difficulty setting 
especially, you will be punished severely for breaking stealth. Also, as 
morality is a strong part of the franchise, you will not be required to kill 
anyone at all, even the game's one main-plot boss will fall quite quickly to a 
simple non-lethal attack. On the other hand, breaking stealth just enough to 
cause a NPC to come to investigate is a major gameplay mechanic and can be 
used to operate "monkey traps" where you use this basic mechanism to attract 
patrolling guards to a side room and then stack them up five deep....
You only need a stun gun and something to break bots, the battle rifle is 
best, and some EMP grenades. all other weapons and ammo can be sold off to 
conserve inventory space. 
Basic rules of exploration: 
1. There is always an air vent (or crawlspace or loft or cable conduit or 
small-diameter sewer pipe). ALWAYS!!!!!
2. Every painting has a safe or switch or air vent behind it. Every crate 
conceals an air-vent. -- not really but it is better to assume the air vent 
3. All obstacles and all puzzles have, usually, three different solutions. 
4. loot all ko'd/dead bodies.
5. Assume that there is some kind of secret behind all TVs, switch them off to 
quickly check behind the glass to see if there is anything to loot. TV rots 
the brain anyway.
6. Neuroposine is an important barter item, keep 3-4 on hand unless bartering, 
don't sell those. 
The dialog parts of the game are far more important to the plot than just 
about anything else. To get the most out of the game you must pay attention to 
all dialog. You will probably want to unlock the socal aug early on in order 
to give you the best outcomes. Resist the urge to skip through dialog sections 
beacuse there are often hidden branches and clues in what is said. 

Jensen's Apartment (#43)
Jensen is loaded and his apartment is packed with loot, there are at least 3 
secret stashes in the thing. For example, at the beginning of the game when 
you first wake up, simply look down and open the floor for the first stash.
Tech Noir
It's a hacking store. If you burglarize the storage locker behind it early in 
the game, you will find the owner installing comically absurd numbers of 
security devices later in the game. XD
Oleg Drago's appartment. 
This is the post-modern apartment above the Northeast corner of Market Square. 
Enter the building from the North. The loot is a Datastick behind the TV. 
Booby Trap Appartment
Go to "Roses Garden" jump from the terrace to the glass roof covering the 
street. Head to the end of the block then make the mistake of entering the 
nearest apartment. Have fun! -- it's not too hard to make it out alive. ;)  
Defunct information bureau across street from Jensen's Appartment
There are a large number of ways in and out of this building and the challenge 
room immediately to the West of it. There is a modest amount of loot in the 
weapons locker behind it. 
Cigar Lounge
If you read the right datapad somewhere and apply the right persuasion to the 
barkeeper the store will morph into a wholesaler for weapons parts, 
multi-tools, etc... 
Note about drones in the sewers.
The sewers are a good way to travel, especially during Martial law. 
Some of the sewers are patrolled by drones and your first instinct will be to 
evade them like usual. The problem is that they will slaughter the 
hobos/refugees that have escaped to the sewers. Some of these are named 
characters who will give backstory and/or passcodes to nearby doors. So, in 
order to protect human life, I want you to delay exploring the sewers 
full-bore until you have enough hardware, hopefully a battle rifle, to destroy 
at least three drones in quick succession. In this case, you want to make the 
drones hunt you as quickly as possible so that they aren't given time to kill 
any more innocents. 
Information Broker.
The information broker moves around but he is present in all 3 states of the 
city, day night, and martial law. During day he's in a small yard directly 
across from Adam's apartment. During Night he's next to the Rave den. During 
martial law, he operates out of a storage locker in "Old apartment" in the 
northeast corner. 
Main Quests

M1: Black Market Buy
The first thing you should do is open options and select HUD, turn on all 
assistance, unless you want to go REALLY hardcore on this game. 

Second, you should jump the somewhat patronizing tutorial process by equipping 
your visual aug. If you don't know how, meh, just play the game. 
There's a stupid qr triangle next to a corpse in a vent under the first 
When climbing the ladder in the large air-duct section, there will be a corpse 
to the Left, search it for his ipad. Take it then open your database to read 
After you bust down the first wall, you will be presented with the game's 
first puzzle. There is a keypad to open the next door but it has no power. You 
can get into the next room and connect the power but it electrifies the floor. 
So therefore you have to jump up to the conduits near the ceiling and use 
those to get back to the keypad. There is a biocell near that switch, go ahead 
and snag that. Unless you start using them on yourself, you will have plenty 
use on any bio-cell socket you come across so don't feel stingy about them.
Enter the code "0451" into that keypad and move on. =P
There will be annoying heavy-handed tutorials in the next few rooms but if you 
want the trophy, suffer through them.
The comm relay is on the upper floor of the northern suite. Use the vents to 
avoid the main area, like many things in games, attacking it from the rear of 
the formation is much easier. You are basically fighting ordinary a-rab 
terrorists, treat them like a cop making an arrest and just ko them. 
Just maintain stealth and you will be good, save frequently and just apply 
patience and keep performing takedowns. LEAVE NO MAN STANDING! =P That's not 
actually required, u can just reach the exit and all will be good too. 
The endgame of this mission should be treated as a speed run to the 
helicopter. Do takedowns and use stun darts as necessary to reach it. The 
target is a panel on the nose, rip out the first component you see and do the 
victory dance. The beginning of the sequence is an excellent chance for the 
express elevator to hell trophy, jump down and use the landing-stun feature, 
then immediately fire the typhoon. My own playstyle basically ignores the 
typhoon completely....
M2: Morning Comes Too Soon
As you are looting the bejesus out of your own apartment, I suggest that you 
take the typhoon off your hot-button and put something, maybe cloaking on it.
This mission actually completes when you step out of the apartment. 

M3: Getting in Top Shape again. (optional?) 
Early in the game, at high difficulty settings, you will not be able to take 
on the duvali ransacking the bookstore (Koller on the map). Fortunately, 
taking them out is not a quest objective so you will probably end up on the 
side street north of the bookstore. At the end of this street is a tiny 
warehouse. The East wall of this warehouse can be pushed down for some loot 
but we want to get into the bookstore so we use the air vent in the south 
This vent will lead you to a shady place behind the stairs, ignore the other 
exits. There is a point where you have to jump up but I'm usually not going to 
point out every one of those. Leave this vent, behind the stairs, and move 
Westward towards an annex, look for a storage room on the Left, you will 
probably have to punch a guy but that should probably feel good by this point. 
Explore around in this vent system, through a few punch-grilles you will reach 
the managers office. From there explore around and obey the prompts.
Now when you get down to the workshop floor, I want you to stop immediately 
after you pass through the doorway after the elevator. There will be a 
painting near the floor on the Right wall. Open it and proceed through to a 
gas-filled secret room. If you rush and turn the valve quickly there's a good 
chance you'll live, even with out the lungs of STEEL mod. Unfortunately you 
won't be able to open the safe yet, RATS... Anyway....   
Now that you have reign over your augs, here is my initial build: 
Social, Lungs, Wall punch, Hacking #2, Iccarus and zen in the back category. 
and legs #1 for jumpyness. 
 When you get back to street level, the Dvalis will be gone, take the 
opportunity to explore the bookstore.
M4: Checking Out TF29
Go to TF29, enter through the side window or make your way through the west 
wall by punching it down... Ayway, Go with the flow until you're settled in. 
When you are ready, I propose trying the air-vent behind the terminals at the 
top of the stairs. The shoddy wiring has the floor electrified but, strangely, 
the metal pipes are safe. You can use them to reach the breaker.
Follow your instincts then... oh boy....
Well, that wasn't so bad, accept the next mission and continue.
M5: Claiming Jurisdiction
In order to achieve the best possible outcome in this mission you must achieve 
Perfect Ninjitsu(tm). You must perfectly escape detection and not even KO a 
single cop. They are cops and they're actually doing their job reasonably well 
so you shouldn't mess with them. Here's one solution: 
After Smiley bends your ear for about two hours, you will have control again, 
better make up for lost time. ;) 
We are not messing around so we go straight to the service room at the back of 
the station. !!! just discovered a secret vent behind a large crate at the 
back of the service room... Gonna need anti-gas aug (lungs) to get to the 
valve and find some intel. 
Go back and take the more obvious vent to get to the rafters of the subway 
station. Crawl the length of the beam until you reach a tunnel leading to the 
You will end up in a security room, camp out of sight from the door until the 
guard leaves then get to work on the computers. When done, camp in cover near 
the door until the guard starts walking away again. When the guard reaches the 
Southern end of his patrol he will be out of range of the wall-punch in the 
annex on the left. 
You will reach a vent overlooking the coffee shop, save before opening the 
vent. Make your way along the left side of the room to the far end. There will 
be a crawl way under a doorframe. Very close by there will be a vending 
machine that can be moved with hercules aug.... Follow the tunnel to it's 
opposite end. You will find yourself in a newsstand. Move to the opposite 
keeping tabs on the guard. There will be another crawl that will put you in 
range of the target. Get to the target and save. 
I want you to take a slightly different route on the way back. When you get to 
the newstand move to the furthest wall, in the back of the store. Just obey 
the stealth tutorials and u'll be ok. The vent on that wall will lead you to 
the back of another vending machine. Move that and go through the doors. The 
next vent is down the stairs and on the left wall. There will be a 
conversation scene, just wait it out, *Sigh*.... You will find yourself in a 
janitorial closet. Notice: you are nolonger in a restricted area.  Whistle 
casually as you mosey past the guard.  
The mission ends when you make the delivery back at TF29
M6: Taking Care of Business
Not much to say or do. 
Only thing you should know is that Miller is trustworthy but Auzenne is not. 
M7: The Rucker Extraction
This mission is a bit weird. Before you really start the mission you will be 
given access to a very strange area. The first room is a defunct 
marianette(sp?) store. The next room is an airplane garage. The door is a bit 
tough so use the grate above the green numerical laythe at the back of the 
garage. This room is belong to your pilot so be respectful, just take stuff 
you really need. Find the button behind the painting of airplanes. Use the 
airplane trophy on the shelf of the secret room to expose the safe. 
There will be a lengthy dialogue screen, answer "not yet" on the "ready to go" 
question, you have a whole new courtyard to explore!!! There is a safe behind 
the fridge in the second floor apartment on the Right, nothing else worth 
The first thing that should attract your attention is the corpse under the 
stairs of the first area, OHBOY....  Might as well read his last testament for 
some flavor text. If you do a 180 on top of the stairs after being accosted by 
the guard, then jump over the house, you will find another corpse... Move on 
to the objective, be sympathetic. Now since this guy was arrested, it's a sure 
thing he had a stash. ;) There is a button under a table near the woman... 
This opens a panel in the wall, get the intel, and move on to the objective. 
When you get to the area labeled the narrows, you will reach a restricted area 
and some rude cops. Don't mess with them, go directly to the air vent behind 
the stairs. KO the cop sitting at the table. Move cover to cover to the door 
on the other side. After the script,  H4X0R the locked closet on the other 
side. Use the air vent. You will end up above an interrogation room. You want 
a chance at the prisoner yourself but you will have to eliminate everyone in 
line in front of you first. You must take out all four cops in that are, even 
the one in power armor. Use standard tactics on the regular cops. 
The standard attack for all power-armor users, and the game's boss is this. 
You stun with either the stunner or an EMP grenade then follow up with a 
standard takedown. The effect of the stunner is barely a half-second on these 
guys so you must do this at close range and in basically a single fluid 
After you've finished with the prisoner, go up stairs and through the door, 
getting around the checkpoint shouldn't be hard. 
If you agreed to help Otar earlier, he will buzz in and throw some objectives 
at you. The guard with the keycard will go take a leak in the toilet in the 
room at the end of market street. Relieve him of his keycard. The room is next 
to the electrics stall, under the stairs with all the bottles. 
Lubos will be near the elevator as advertised. Feed him the password "When 
you've robbed a man...
Talking with Gallois is optional at this point but what the hell. Play it a 
you will. Otar will be satisfied if you just scare him, no reason to kill him, 
or even wound him. 
If you decide to get his stuff, use the back-doors to get into the lockers. 
First, near the lockers, Up near the roof, look for a blue container next to 
two red baskets, jump there for a path to the first locker. 
For the second, look for the next door down to the target locker. It's 
someone's shack, has an easy lock and is near the end of the cop's patrol. 
punch the grate to reach the target. 
As you approach "The Throat" you will be treated to a scripted sequence 
featuring the game's final boss... Sadly you aren't allowed to break his ass 
prematurely. =\
Move the crate to expose the way around the lasers. excessively lame if you 
ask anyone... =P 
I was able to hack the bridge extension on the throat. I am sure it's possible 
to improvise too. 
At the top of the elevator, if you stand in exactly the right place, you will 
see that yes, you are in ARC territory now. 
If you have remote hacking, one of the best augs, you can open a window above 
you and then use the large crate to reach it. The loot is kinda meh, I'm 
mentioning it because it's kinda interesting to get to. 
After the next scripted scene the thing to keep in mind is that the people of 
arc are ex-military but are completely innocent of anything that deserves to 
be called a crime. So therefore we will treat them with respect, do not kill 
anyone and prefer stealth tactics. Beatdowns are just fine though. 
The first thing we want to do is talk to the guy we just broke out of jail and 
ask What gives?!?!?!?!
Approach him under stealth and the scripted dialogue should begin. Be 
professional. If you continue forward through this area you will reach some 
steps made of sandbags, save here. 
Hmm, just found that I could use remote-hacking to hack a ladder right near 
the guy we just talked to and am exploring a whole new area. =P 
Anyway, whatever route you chose you will find Rucker's secret weapon: 
PRINTING PRESSES. =P Seriously, this is the type of man the Enemy simply can't 
tolerate so therefore his days are numbered. =~( 
Anyway, the end of the operations area is an elevator being guarded by a 
turret. We will use the offices on the Left to bypass it. But while we are 
doing that we will stop to do some investigating. The area is too complex to 
really documented and there are probably half a dozen good ways to get through 
it. The desk at the end is belong to Marchenko, the game's boss, so loot it 
mercilessly. ;) 
I suggest the "vision feedback" mod, it is one of the most powerful available 
for stealth. 
You will encounter the poor doomed bastard and give him his last social 
You can jump out the window of Rucker's private room. 
On the way out you will encounter Rucker's other mega-weapon: TOMATO PLANTS!!! 
Rucker was unspeakably evil. >= )
Assuming you took the window-route, you will only have to ko one guard and 
have clear sailing. 
 There will be a door on the left after the corridor turns to the right. Open 
that door. Move the crates in the room with the pods to move forward. Incap 
the guard and enter the room on the Left. There is a security console Use the 
password on it.

HELP!!! What are the pre-conditions and triggers for this quest? 
I suspect this quest is in Utulek but that area is very difficult to explore 
due to it's extreme complexity.
On second thought, we probably don't want to spend praxis on drone domination 
yet so we'll use the run really fast and dive down the elevator shaft 
approach. Actually, if you maintain stealth, as always, things will go just 
Anyway, the exit is not far. 
Be honest with your boss during the debriefing. 
M8: Tracking Down the Real Terrorists

Have a thankfully brief conversation with Smiley. 
Before we continue here lets have a pow-wow about the major decision in this 
The meeting with Stanek Is the start of the plot ark that will lead to the 
decision. If we want to get our cake at eat it too, we will have to bypass 
this decision somehow. There are two conceivable, unverified,  ways to do this 
but if it is possible, we must accomplish one of them before attempting to 
talk to Janus. If we are forced to make the decision, Either your boss, Miller 
or Alison Stanek will die. 
Yes, the explosion that happens when you leave TF29 is Stanek's shop being 
blowed up. Better hurry! (not really)
When you get to the apartment, you will find the door has been busted in. Go 
ahead and sweep the place for whatever you want and ignore the vent in the 
bathroom. When you are ready, go poke the wall clocks in the bedroom until the 
secret door is revealed. WARNING: The room is a death trap. To make sure you 
have enough time, clear away the boxes from under the desk BEFORE accessing 
the computer. A recording of Dvali #1 will appear. When he's done, the gas 
machines will start up. Use the air vent. 
Go ahead and talk to Stanek to complete the quest. The dialog just gives more 
inf0z I think. Urk! there's a third cloaked merc... beware! 

M9: Checking Out the Men in Charge
Once again, Miller is innocent and your Janus contact is paranoid so therefore 
you will have to ransack your bosses apartment. Wonderful way to achieve job 
security! Anyway, search it until you get frustrated. Then take your 
frustration out on the punching bag... Do some more searching and make off 
with the keycard. 
The game will soon go into Inception mode where you get into VR inside a VR 
game... In this mode you will be playing Miller. The exit of the starting room 
will be behind a wall. 
You can't access Jensen's menus to read the new tutorial the game just gave 
you. The game is to point at what you want to hack then you will have a mini 
game where you stop the sweeper when it's over the signal. The rules are the 
same as the remote hacking aug that you may have already unlocked. 
Each cube will present a puzzle. The solution to these is to find the most 
obnoxious way available to bypass the puzzle and get your data. 
When you are done, there will be a cutscene. When you leave the office you 
will find your friendly-neighborhood double agent spying on Miller. Since you 
are equally guilty, come to terms. She will give you a sidequest. 
M10: Facing the Enigma

WARNING: Talking with Janus will start a sequence of events where you will be 
forced to declare a choice of whether you want to do M11 or M12. However the 
choice won't be finalized until you make substantial progress towards either 
#11 or #12. If it is possible to do both quests then either M11 or M12 must be 
completed BEFORE speaking with Janus. 
At this point in the plot, the Church of the Machine God is sealed tight and 
there doesn't seem to be any available copies of the VersaLife keycard I've 
scoured the available rooms of the bank as hard as the rest of this 
walkthrough would imply, and all of the apartments that I could identify, 
finding all other Vault keys that I'm aware of. All vaults except the 
important one are accessible at this point and I've scoured these too to no 
This being the case we are forced to proceed ahead with this mission, A 
further discussion of the choice will come at the decision point. 
Get to the bottom floor of the travel bureau by any means. A fight will begin 
at the end of the Janus encounter, so explore the area first, stay away from 
the Janus room until you are ready. 
After the Janus cutscene u'll need to get the hell out of there. Exit through 
the vent opposite of Janus, you will have time to do a little looting. From 
there exit through the middle of the ceiling, and then through the floor 
through the busted wall. As long as you don't camp out under that hole you'll 
be good. To protect the civvies, destroy the drones in the next room as 
quickly as possible. 
The quest will complete when you return to the surface. 
You will then receive a message from Stanek. SAVE!!! As you follow this 
request, you will get another request from Janus by way of Vega. This is the 
Choice: Alison,
Alison is the leader of the singularity cult. They are worshiping a gigantic 
mound of crappy equipment that they don't even know how to use. It will kill 
them in a shower of sparks. It will not have the happy ending of SM06. If you 
let them go ahead with it, they just die,Their machine god will never manifest 
and there will not be any evidence that anything new was created by their 
deaths. This outcome seems to be independent of SM06. 
However, by choosing to save Alison you will not be able to obtain the 
antidote (unconfirmed) to the Orchid which means Miller will die. 

Choice: Bank
You will get to do another bank heist. But Alison and her cultists will throw 
the switch. 
M11: Confronting The Bomb Maker
Due to the number of people who are saved by doing this quest, we will make 
this our cannon for M13 and beyond, not that it matters all that much.
When you get to the church you will be greeted by Captain comb-over. 
Oh god! These guys are almost 1/10th as batty as http://terasemfaith.net/ !
The problem with getting up stairs is that there are so many fruitloops in the 
Wile you are thinking about how to get up stairs, shoot some hoops in the 
court in the rear. 
You can throw crap and blow up the wall-mines with little penalty, but let's 
go through the closet on the first level... Move the crate to reach the door. 
Pop the lock to reach a storage room. 
Be VERY careful everywhere, especially coming out of the other end of the 
On the 2nd floor, I want you to crab-walk across the plank bridge to the other 
side of the room and through the window. 
Burglarize that apartment. On the southeast wall of the main room, next to the 
computer, open the painting. Make a mad dash to the power switch on the Left. 
Jump some pipes to reach the third floor. Surprise the hell out of the guy in 
the bathroom. The next few rooms are a bit creepy. Ignore the room guarded by 
the camera. 
Leave the apartment through the front door and move along the proper hallway 
and enter the next room. Apply an appropriate amount of strategicity to get 
past the monks. There will probably be a dialogue scene playing, when it's 
done, move in an do what must be done. You need control of the room with the 
generator in the middle. 
With jump aug you should be able to run-jump through the hole in the ceiling 
from the top of the generator...
On the fourth floor, simply move to target. There will be a social battle 
followed by a bit of praxis up in the loft... 
Can I get a completely heartless/pathetic/wimpy huzah!, or bonzai!?
The quest ends when you talk to Miller. WARNNG: The city will be under martial
law and cerfew when you return, if they see you they willl shoot you. Plan
M12: The Heist
[caution, I was scouring this area hard looking for a vrsalife key and may 
have disabled a security measure that I've since forgotten about. 
The natural way to get into the parking lot of the bank is to go through the 
flooded basement of the deli to the South (Ludviks). 
This will get you into a very alluring set of tunnels. 
Our first target is the blu car opposite the white cargo van. It has no alarm 
so you can ninja it's trunk. 
It might also be useful to pave the way for your exit. To take control of the 
room, we go to the bathroom.... Well the vent in the bathroom. This will take 
you to a storage closet which will give you access to the ceiling of the 
security room. The garage is now belong to you. 
The fan in the northwest corner can be shut down/destroyed giving you access 
to the meh vaults. The only reason you would go in here now is to disable the 
laser system. Both capturing the garage and disabling that security are "make 
life easy" tasks. 
Now you might be tempted to continue West through the tunnels. These will, 
through a punch-wall, get you into Executive Vault #1. This room is well 
guarded but the security can be disabled either by opening the main door on 
the south wall or finding the magic brick on the north wall that will give you 
a secret security room. Gaining control of this room will give you some 
safeses to crack.  Do what you like but I say MEH, 
What I want you to do is repeat, word for word, what I told you to do for 
SM05. There will be a new piece of equipment on the desk in the executive 
suite. Use it to obtain the accursed Versalife key. There will be a 
conversation event in the hall that you will have to wait out to get your 
chance to enter the executive suite. 
Use the vent behind the TV to get to the elevator. 
At the bottom there is an absurdly overpowered air vent behind the fountain to 
the Right. It's so overpowered that I've never even bothered trying to go 
Don't bother with the computer in the loft, It's blank! Drop down into the 
south room if you feel like it to disable security and go back to the loft. 
Use the vent in the northeast corner and go half-way down the tube. There will 
be a punch-grill to the right. 
punch it, go through another door, then come to a locked door. Save, and then 
crack that puppy. Spend praxis on your hacking augs as needed. Proceed ahead 
and claim ownership of the bank. 
The most important thing in the vault is the enzyme stored in the safe, do not 
leave without it. =|
When done, climb on top of the vault and use it like an elevator. 
M13: G.A.R.M.
When you reach GARM, Marchenko will give you a warm welcome. You'll hang out 
with him tossing them back until you are pissed drunk and end up in a hole, 
with a hangover, and  with no clear idea of how you got there. I tried 
bringing Marchenko a bunch of landmines as a present but the scripting is too 
tight here. 
This mission is annoying. There's no information to collect (except for your 
own edification). There's nothing to sabotage or blowed up. Literally the only 
thing to do is go home. =\
There are a couple ways out of the junkheap, I chose the fan. U can 
remote-hack it with the right aug or blow up the motor. Climb the ladder and 
take a good look at the hatch you come out of. keep an eye out for those. You 
can play with the drill from that control room but doing so doesn't make this 
mission any less pointless. =| You would then remote-hack the ladder to get up 
to the scafolding, but bleh... not in the mood. 
Ideally we maintain perfect stealth to maximize marchenko's surprise later on. 
Follow the yellow brick road to a flight of stairs. Go to the very bottom, 
dispose of the goons as you see fit. Use the floor air-vent. The cameras are 
easy to avoid. 
When you get out of the vent, go under the first trailer, the hatch will be in 
the roof of the crawlspace. Burglarize the thing on the way to the hatch on 
the other end of the floor.
Do the next trailer the same way but be ready to double-takedown the goons 
inside. There is also a vent under a crate that you could have used for even 
better stealth. You will not be able to move the crate over the vent under the 
second stairs, just climb them when the camera looks away. 
At the top of the stairs will be an office. Noably, there's a pie on the table 
on the other side of the room. The thought of throwing it in marchenko's face 
comes to mind... 
Go through the vent and drop down through the warehouse. Punch the wall and 
continue to the blu pipe. Punch the grill on the left wall and kill the 
breaker to make the tube passable. 
Enter the tube. You are REALLY going to want the aug that tells you where the 
NPCs are looking. Be careful WHEN you exit the tube. hmm.. wait, maybe it was 
my mistake because I botched a hack earlier during this run. but anyway, 
they're going ape even though I was very well concealed and hadn't tried to 
open the tube. I saw it glitch where a guy jumped through the E-Glass even 
though it was still intact... So be warned. =\ !!! Looks like if you get 
caught in any of the bug-zappers the alarm will go off. =0 
Assuming you are doing better than I am during this playthrough, the next 
hatch is next to the first table in the room on the left, it's kinda on the 
front side so you will probably have to draw a few guards away and punch them 
to give yourself an opening. 
This hatch will lead to a series of rooms with strange equipment, no security 
down here. There are security consoles in the trailers at the far end, those 
can be helpful. I found that I could remote hack a thingy in a floor to 
distract a guard to give myself an opportunity for a takedown. 
Ayway, go up the stairs. There will be a control both or something and a glass 
hall behind it. The vent behind a crate. If you go straight you will find some 
ARC ppl that didn't want to be gold masks and were shot because of it. 
M14: Hunting Down The Final Clues
Begins on return from GARM.
If you can get into the western of the two lockers near Stanek's store then 
you might have an advantage over the police formation near TF29. Martial law 
is the suck, I hope it doesn't happen IRL. 
Miller is on a loop so don't hesitate to interrupt him. 
If you make it to the red light district, I want you to work your way around 
the perimeter to the alley near "Vip Lounge". Jump in the manhole. There is a 
robotic setry down there that you will have to bust up but meh. 
Save at the ladder on the other side. Climb to the rooftop and rush the sniper 
on the theater. On the other side, at the end of the alley, half way up, there 
will be a fragile wall. If you hadn't already used this route while exploring, 
it will be available as an entrance. 
When in the lobby, move towards the hallway around the theater. (lower level)  
It will appear that you can't move Right because the hall is blocked. There is 
actually a way through that, use it. The camera can be evaded. There will be a 
bot patrolling the rear hall, you will just have to be patient. The guards 
down in the dressing room are more concerned about poker than guarding. You 
can get past them. 
While searching for a second VersaLife key, I had assassinated Dvali #1 just 
'cuz., during ur game I expect him to be alive. I'm not sure what the dynamics 
will be, you probably just need to KO him. During my previous visit, his desk 
had been bare, now there are two comps. =P The security console will open the 
back door, which leads directly to the local subway. 
The rest of this is kinda meh. 
M15: Securing the Convention Centre
Raid the rooftop rooms for fun and profit, but mostly for fun and not much of 
that. One of the rooms has a loft, yawn. 
All of the guards are terrorists. Use the trick option on the desk guard to 
get him out of the way.
Hang out around the corner from the desk to bag your first target... well KO 
at least. Move him a bit further into cover then go to the blue vending 
machine. You probably know what I'm going to tell you so I'll skip that. ;) 
Instead of punching the grille we are going to turn left and get into the 
meeting room and use the computer. Return to the hall you were in and enter 
the reception desk area near where you dropped the first guard. Examine the 
mask and the blood in the office. 
We want to disable the cameras or our life is going to be brutal and short. To 
get to the security console we are going to need to get to the room up the 
stairs, behind the lasers, and doors. You can save and try to hack it, but we 
really don't want that alarm going off. Lets go into the storage room and 
punch the wall again. We then remote-hack the fan... 
Drop down into the room immediately after the fan and disable the security. 
Once you get to the office, ACTIVATE the big panel. The password is in the 
The assholes in the CSO can be taken down just by being a methodical bastard. 
Actually, that subquest requirement seems to have been dropped in this 
version. Anyway, get back to the elevator and go down. 
Now in Reception we have a problem. Any guard we fail to stealth-kill will 
immediately start massacreing the guests. Therefore we are going to have to 
get methodical on these mofos. =\
The guard patrolling the "Safe Harbour" sign is a gimme, hide behind either 
end of the sign and take him down when he arrives. Next we have a bald guard 
who may be near the champeign but he will eventually go take a leak. Open up 
the district office of Ass Kicking inc. in the large stall and wait. The 
civies will clear out before the guard leaves. This guy has the key. With him 
down and secure in the stall, do the guy just outside and stack the body in 
the stall too. Oh wait, the civies didn't clear out in the right order this 
time, what gives? =\ Do this guard first so that the civie script has a chance 
to complete before the guard moves. 
Bleh, the scripting is messed up. Visit the restroom first to get the civies 
to do their script and clear out. Then take out the guy at the sign to get the 
dialogue script out of the way, then finally all should be ready to get the 
bald guy. Use the vent and take the branch that doesn't go to the girl's room. 
There is a security STASH keycard lying through a damaged vent on the Left. 
I'm not completely sure this is a different card, grab it anyway. Reverse 
course but keep an eye on the roof, the vent splits vertically, take the upper 
branch. Climb the ladder in the shiny room and get in the next vent. Punch 
both grilles and leave through the last vent. There are two mofos on this 
level. To avoid the camera, jump down over the bottom of the stairs and stay 
the hell away from the top of the stairs. The guard on this level patrols up 
and down the stairs, make sure he is down when you jump. He will jump up from 
his level if he detects you. 
Jump back to the common area. About half-way through the room there will be 
two shiny things on the right wall, between these is a privacy curtain 
protecting your next entrance. Wait in cover at the stair's landing for the 
dialogue scene to play out yet again. Damn this game is getting annoying. =\ 
Take the guard on the left as he returns to his post. Minor warning: if you 
take out the second guard by punching through from the storage room on the 
right, it will be a fatal kill, which may or may not be a bad thing. =P The 
problem is that the other route has a glass wall through which you will be 
spotted. So bide your time and strike when ready. This guy is good target 
practice for your stun gun. Do not attack the guy at the top of the stairs 
through the doors, he has cameras on him. use the air vent. Follow the vent to 
the security office. Hide near the glass and press the switch, the EG will 
give you privacy and cause the guard to come in to receive his beat-down. Open 
the door from cover if necessary. With the security offline, return to the 
at the top of the stairs and wind this up. 
The catering area is at the top of the stairs on the west end, near the door 
to the exhibit hall. Maintain stealth until you get to Miller. As long as 
Marchenko doesn't come on your coms during this section, you're good. Make 
your way to the kitchen. 
If you boosted the antidote from the VersaLife vault, shove it down Miller's 
throat. Otherwise, administer last rites. =~(
You will be given a choice to save the guests or save a bunch of other ppl. 
This choice is completely bogus. The one and only effect of making the choice 
is to select which quest to highlight on your map. You may save if you feel 
like but meh. 
What's going on is that there's a clock of roughly ten minutes ticking on each 
negative outcome, So, whatever you chose to do don't dawdle and follow my 
advice for getting things done quickly. I think the save the delegates branch 
is a bit more interesting but meh.
M16: Stopping Marchenko
Backtrack to the reception area and then run down the hall towards marchenko, 
pretty simple. There will be resistance, use whatever ammo you need and 
whatever tactics you prefer as long as it doesn't slow you down too much. You 
will only need a handful of stun-gun darts when you reach the target. All else 
is expendable. 
Immediately after the fight starts spin to your Left and look for a vent on 
the back wall. Enter that and go to the other end. There will be a few model 
tables, Pitch a tent behind the first one. Marchenko will go into a drunken 
searching mode where he will randomly spin or toggle his armor mod. He will 
fire some rounds blindly but he will come in your direction. As he passes your 
table, come in behind him. When his armor is down, and his back is towards 
you, hit him with your stun gun or any EMP attack and then administer the 
beatdown. -- DONE, that's it. The trophies suggest there's a kill switch but I 
haven't found it. There are also a bunch of other side-rooms and secrets but 
then Marchenko is on the motherfucking ground and that's all that matters. The 
asshole deserves it for being the star of this only slightly better than 
medeocre game. =|
If the game doesn't end here, run to the 2nd level bar, stairs to the right 
facing from entrance, Under the bar is a switch, keycard it to open the secret 
door. Run through this tiny area to reach the guests, hopefully in time. 
M17: Protecting The Future
Starting this from the kitchen, follow same ammo rules as above, use the 
cover-cover dash to approach the two guards, double take down them, go to the 
hall on the Left to avoid the turret and go up the stairs. Pass the EMP 
tripwires and rush the 2nd pair of guards and double-takedown again. Take the 
diagonal hall to the Right and jump over the EMP trip and punch the guard. 
Things will probably start to get hot but meh, Keep to the right and go down 
the flight of stairs. It will help to spend some praxis on quicker recharging. 
At the bottom of the stairs there will be a locked closet to the Right, you 
should have the correct key for it. 
Touch the crates at the end to trip the mines, they shouldn't damage you 
enough to care about. Go down that hall to find the elevator shaft. Shout 
GERONAMO as you jump down the shaft. The elevator will have to move up to get 
to the target. There will be no resistance except for the lock at the end of 
the hall. 
If the game does not end here, look for a green wall and try to open it. 
There's a secret door. Go through the service area and use the magic keycard 
and then switch to the M16 description. The wall has a shade in front of it. 
Side Quests

SM00: Neon Nights
Go to "Courtyard" and bug the Dealer. She won't do business with you so open 
the door behind her and beat up her goon. Examine the contents of the safe. ( 
I think this is how the quest starts) Then go to her apartment in your own 
building using the vent in the stairwell. Beat up her employee, take the 
dealer's ipad from the floor near some pizza boxes and then read her email 
using the password on the ipad. The civvie will get agitated but is safe to 
You will be directed to room 202 in building 33. You will need to hack the 
door. Once inside, immediately hack the computer to shut down the alarm. Make 
note of the corpse upstairs. You will earn the checkpoint when you read both 
of the data pads. 
You can just barely get in the side entrance of the rave, it's electrified but 
you can just barely jump to the tiny beam near the ceiling. Plan your next 
jump well, if you can get that vent open and move through the air vent fast 
enough you will actually survive. Pop the lock on the first door you see and 
read the doc from the dead Aug. The conversation is interesting too. 
Find a business of questionable integrity operating out of the storage locker 
below the target, use the air vent. You will bust down a few grills and find 
yourself in a dim vertical room. The highlighted wall will take you to the 
target apartment but you can also bust down the wall above that too. 
When you get bored with searching the cleaning service fruitlessly, move the 
spray bottle on the counter... hmm, could have used the air vent to get in 
The endgame for this is a bit tough. It gave me a lot of grief when I played 
it. Once down the two-plank ramp. You will have your first problem, getting to 
the base. You can try to inch-worm over to the switch using two crates. 
Turning off the power can help but then the access panel is dead. 
You can try to hack the metal door but find it's hack level is too high. In 
frustration, you can just thorw an explosive barrel at it again and again and 
again until it eventually blows up and opens the door and almost kills you in 
the process, so stay back as far as you can. The turret is annoying but just 
be careful about your timing. When you are behind it, you can save and get to 
the catwalk above it. The heavy crates are kinda MEH, There's a narrow beam 
that, if you can cross it, can open the door to the previous room that will 
make your life easier. 
When that is prepared, use the code on the door, open it, and save again. Inch 
forward to the railing and stay in cover, get the lay of the land. We want to 
stay the hell away from the center of the lab. We can pick off a few guys at 
the front of the formation using stealth takedowns, but our main target right 
now is the security console on the LEFT catwalk. 
When the time is right, jump on the large pipe on the left wall to reach the 
security console, take the guard. With the cameras down, the path to the 
druglord is clear. 
We are going to do a social battle, win that... She will then give you access 
to the reactor room. But there are like a dozen security devices. The laser 
switch is above and behind the reactor room. The turret shouldn't react unless 
you try to hack the thing. Anyway, do the deed and collect the points.
SM01: The Golden Ticket. 

If you try to go directly through the "Police Checkpoint" being run by an 
impostor cop, instead of using the nearby elevator to get up to the ledges and 
going through the apartment directly above it like any reasonable citizen will 
do, you may start this quest. Be firm but not overly confrontational with the 
asshole (Konicky) and eventually be offered to "Accept" the quest. 
When you talk to the document agent, you really want the information about the 
forger. Once you hear about her, select "sneak around" 
Reaching her chamber is a bit tricky if you can't push down the wall past the 
first poison area in the sewer. You will be able to explore the area in detail 
later in the game so focus only on reaching the forger on the second floor of 
the building (defunct toy store) at the back of the small complex. You will 
want her help later in the game so be nice to her. She will give you the 
game's first moral dilemma and request that you take out the asshole at the 
The security in the toy store might seem a bit intimidating at first but it's 
pretty obnoxious and has some pretty gaping holes to crouch-walk through. On 
the first floor, evade the camera by quickly ducking behind the doll house 
immediately after crouch-walking under the laser. There is a lazy guard at the 
top of the stairs but he's not a major problem. You will need his ipad to 
disable the security 'puter in the next room. 
Now, let's take care of the asshole. Use the bypass to reach the East side of 
the checkpoint and go Die Hard on the complicit cops. What I mean is take them 
out one by one using stealth tactics. The guard at that side will patrol over 
to the generator occasionally, if you time this against all other people in 
the area and drone activity, you should be able to ko him and conceal the 
body. But that probably won't happen, move the cardboard box to get to the 
sidewalk tunnel. Grab the first guy you see and ko him. 
After many attempts, I ended up jumping once to make enough noise to get the 
target and a goon to approach, used the zen-aug to double-takedown them, the 
remaining guard was sitting there picking his nose, you can just mosey over to 
him and take him down nice and simple, completing this sub-quest. 
Now for the records office. 
The security on this place is absurd. To get the first guard wait until he is 
at his furthest distance from the office to evade the camera. Don't worry 
about bystanders in the plaza below. Returning to the office, you can move 
cover to cover to evade the first camera and reach the outer hall. Toggle the 
electric glass to nerf the camera and get the second guard to beat-down range. 
!!! just discovered a stealth entrance from the bottom of a moving sign around 
the corner. =O Hop on top of the van to reach it. 
Anyway, the second camera is going to be a problem. Don't get sloppy. 
When you activate the kiosks using the security computer, you will have only 
about 28 milliseconds to use the terminal, so move quickly. =P -- only a 
slight exaggeration. 
Chose who you want to save, no real consequences as far as I know... 
SM02: Cult of Personality
To start this quest, enter the sewers from the alley behind Jensen's apartment 
building.  If necessary, bypass the gas by using the tiny side-tunnel. Find a 
stuttering man named Viznik and talk to him.
After the introductory sequence, you will have no working augs. Your job is to 
read every scrap of everything in the room, especially crumpled up stuff, and 
then leave to get more information. Do not go upstairs yet.
Find Liborio and pump him for information. He'll pull some magic thingies out 
of his back pocket and shove them in your face, take them... 
When you get back to the brainwashed paradise, save your game before climbing 
the ladder. Grab the first blue barrel you see and keep it with you and use it 
as a shield. 
The game is excessively vague about what an emitter looks like. The fist one 
is on the corner pillar on the upper hallway. The near side is protected from 
the first turret but the far side is not. So hold cover next to the near side 
of the column while attaching the jammer. All of the emitters are at the same 
height, about halfway up the pillar. 
The second jammer is just past the second turret, around the corner. Just 
stick the jammer on and boogy.
The third one is on the back wall past the third turret. The barrel will 
continue to serve you well. 
When you are done, give the jerk a piece of your mind at the microphone. There 
is a convenient drop-down nearby. If you win the social battle he will give up 
and you can go upstairs to complete your victory. 
You might as well spare a few encouraging words for Viznik when you see him on 
the way out. 
SM03: The Mystery Augs

Offered by Koller during M3.
Most of the work of this quest is actually done by Sarif, talk with him 
whenever a quest objective becomes available, just pump him for information 
and be nice.
When the time is ripe, you will be directed to investigate Orlov's apartment. 
Do a standard data collection on the apartment and toss it back to Serif. 
Sarif will call you again near the end of the game, u can ask a few questions 
but at least the quest will finally be off your todo list. Tips for getting 
into the district under martial law in SM012. 
SM04: The Calibrator
If you don't do this out of order for a trophy, you will be offered this by 
Koller during M3
Enter the sewers indicated on the map, the manhole cover is painted like a 
poker chip. Talk to Dvali #2 and play it with him straight, go ahead and 
accept his deal and explore around.
Feel free to burglarize his office as much as you like as long as you don't 
get caught. 
Return it to the punk and he'll tell u to come back in a week. =(
SM05: Samizdat
Talk to Peter in "Cyber Crime" room of TF28.
Travel to Little K's appartment. There isn't much there. Use the computer to 
chat it up with K and pretend to have gotten lost on the way to the base. He 
will gladly provide directions. -- SCORE!!
Follow the lead, you will end up in a room in the sewers. Don't electricute 
them, be reasonable. You can win the social battle then they will ask you to 
spy on Picus by breaking into the bank. The correct response is Cooooool. 
Okay, let's do the bank. (Heist 1 of possibly 2).
First, saunter in the front door with an arrogant swagger that lets all know 
that you are the owner of this dingy scum--hole. 
There will be a hallway to the left leading to the elevator. A few of the 
rooms are public, take advantage of that. 
But anyway, we have pwnage to do. Summon the elevator to level 2 but do not 
board. Instead move the trashcan immediately to the right of the button to the 
other side of the vending machines. The next step is obvious. Enter the 
elevator shaft from the service hallway you just discovered and climb on top 
of the elevator still where you called it. There is some other stuff to 
explore but we don't care badly enough to discuss it here. 
Welcome to the second floor, use the air vent. Ignore the vent on the Left, 
and the one straight ahead, use the one on the right but save first (it is 
behind boxes). 
In the target area there is a sitting guard and a patrolling guard, wait until 
the patrolling guard starts his motion towards the sitting guard to make ur 
move. Now what I'm going to have you do is a bit tricky and will take some 
practice but will optimize to the Nth degree the shame these miserable slobs 
will be feeling when they face their bosses. I want you to crouch-walk across 
the hallway, open the door, bunny hop to the top of the desk, you will 
probably have to stand, and then jump to the railing above to the Right of the 
You will probably put them in the suspicious state but they won't chase you up 
the stairs. The camera should not be an issue from this angle. They've been 
PUNKED. You do need to be aware of the camera when opening and moving through 
the door but it's a low low risk. Feel free to sit down, put your feet up on 
the desk and smoke a stogie though. The document is in the cubby hole of the 
desk on the right. But don't waste the chance to hack everything, including 
the planet. 
This heist is actually a sub-set of heist #2 so we'll spend some time 
examining the room. The room has two air vents. The first is behind the TV, 
lets explore this one for future reference (and loot). When you get to the 
bottom level, open the first vent to the left and take a peek through the 
second. That is the door to the high security area that we don't have a key 
for yet. 
Back in the service corridor, there is another hatch in the ceiling(!!!) Will 
probably need jump mod but get ur ass up there. You will end up in an odd 
office that doesn't seem to have any proper doors, but otherwise seems 
recently occupied. Good loot! The ebook is a real hoot given what you just 
did. ;)  Don't ignore the painting at the back of the room! Anyway, backtrack 
to the document room. 
Back in the document room, this time jump on the desk to reach the hatch in 
the ceiling. You will end up on the roof of a glass room. Simply jump off, if 
you have icarrus as you should. If not, just sit and contemplate your poor 
poor choice in augs...  Actually, there's a reasonable way down but we want to 
end this masterpiece of a heist with some gusto.
You may now feel obliged to express the absolute perfection of your pwnage of 
this bank. When you are done, head for the exit.  
K will want you to do one more thing but it's pretty easy, not much to talk 
SM06: 01011000
In the praha district at night, keep an eye on the electronic posters. If you 
see one glitch out, investigate. It will give you a point of interest that 
will turn into a quest.
The pawn shop will be unlocked. Go to the basement and use the glitchiest 
computer. Chat with it then you will probably have to move down to another 
glitchy computer to complete the quest stage. 
The defunct tourism office is now defended by 3 goons, be strategical. 
The sealed room is now unsealed, collect the loot. 
Now the store clerk is an imposter, pump him for information. This will end 
badly unless you warn him about the contents of the data pad u found on the 
other goons. Save before beginning the conversation
Go to you apartment and complete quest. 
OMG!!! playing this now for first time, this is the best quest of the game! .
There will be one last fight but if you have double-takedown/zen aug, it can 
be done in a single move. 
If you like, you can feed the intel you gain from this quest to K of Shizmat
SM07: Fade To Black
Obtain by talking to the double agent in Miller's office immediately as M9 
In Vince's office, snag the train ticket and check the computer, the safe is 
You will be directed to the balcony of the Red Queen. You should notice the 
Dvalis. You can't take them down without causing a panic. This means you can't 
pump the contact for information. Arrange a meeting somewhere else and go to 
that location. 
If you did the first meeting right, you won't have to play bodyguard for the 
second meeting. Pump her for inf0z then give her the train ticket. 
There are two ways into the warehouse. The highlighted storage locker is one, 
the switch is behind the painting. Stocking trash dumpsters and entering the 
vent high on the wall nearby also works. 
Talk with the woman, the dvalis will come in and surround you during the 
conversation. With social aug, you can talk your way out of the confrontation. 
Talk to the woman again to get the intel u need. 
The rest of the mission is just wrap-up, nothing I should stay there. 
SM08: The Fix
After either M11 or M12 you will be invited back to the lab assuming you 
completed SM04
Just go visit that punk of a cyberneticist again and that's all there is to 
SM09: All In the Family'" 
If you agree to help Otar, you will receive this mission from Kadlek. There is 
a secret room down the hall from Kadlek's poker table. Be polite and 
respectful as instructed. You will be offered a quest and a choice of how to 
take care of it. I chose "drag him out".
 The first thing we are going to do is ignore the quest marker. It sucks. We 
are going to go down the alley way of the red light district near "VIP room" 
and come across a fence. The lock is hard, but the fence is short, the wall to 
the right is weak, and we have a nice dumpster to jump off of. So we are like 
=P about the lock. Once over, make note of the manhole cover, that leads 
deeper into Dvali territory. Ignore for now. Make note of the storage lockers 
on the Right, that's where we are going to shove Romeo. The balcony is a total 
meh job. Take over the first apartment and set up housekeeping. We are going 
to be hating life royally if we don't do something about the security so 
that's our first target. 
The security room is in apartment #95. The button is in the cubby hole near 
the TV, the one with the e-book in it. 
Interestingly, there's a new kind of rifle, a "lancer rifle" above the kitchen 
cabinet, seems to have extreme damage output. Looks like it shares ammo with 
the battle rifle. 
With the cameras down, ransack the entire place ruthlessly, but maintain 
stealth. The target is on the lowest level in the laundry. The civies that you 
come across will freak out but shouldn't be a problem, safe to ignore. 
Room #84 has a secret room, switch under TV near the trash can. 
When ready, punch the target and drag his fat ass out the way you came in and 
throw him in the locker. The utility elevator will be good to use for this 
SM10: The Harvester
Talk To Daria in the alley behind your apartment building at night and accept 
the quest. It should already be a crime scene. 
Talk to the detective and give him a brief pep talk. there are 3 pieces of 
evidence on what's left of the body, collect the rest of the evidence from the 
ground and wall and talk to the detective again. You will want to investigate 
both the ex husband and the politician. 
There's a scandalmonger there, Talk to him but select mitigate. 
Talk To Daria again, she'll oscillate between being suspicious and feeding you 
bullshit, take it and go.
Talk to the detective again and exhaust his dialogue.  
The suspicious douchebag politician is closest so might as well go there 
first. He treat you with contempt because he's a douchebag. You can get to his 
basement through the grate but then his guard will come and put you away if 
you don't take care of him first. So use a stealth takedown on him and hope 
the cops don't notice. Look at his text and open the safe on the Right wall 
behind the painting for your first evidence. Go down stairs and collect 
evidence from the bear. Unlock the computer and look at the mail then chat 
the person on the line. Impersonate the asshole as much as you can. Basically 
he had been banging this other hooker all evening and was on very good terms 
with the dead reporter. He would have gone for the clean, efficient kill if he 
had he done it, not the psychotic overkill followed by dismemberment that the 
crime scene was showing. He's innocent but still a douchebag. You will 
have to leave by the air vent due to cops. 
The ex husband will be a bit annoyed with you but it should be clear that he's 
a fairly decent man. The problem with searching for evidence in his place is 
that is almost as messy as my living room here. =0 The evidence we want is the 
bad poetry in the bathroom, on the floor, and a note from his doctor by the 
pillow on his bed. Talk to him again and leave. 
The police station had been bombed before the start of the game. The quest 
marker is for a temporary police precinct. The password for the door is on the 
computer. The cops will react to any hacking attempt on that door. Wait for a 
good opportunity and hack the computer. With the code from the computer, 
unlock the door. The code will be useful later. 
When you get back to the detective, select ehonerate both then present ur 
ev'devce, it is a harvester "copycat". .. more like re-incarnation. 
SM11: The Last Harvest
Daria will buzz you when she's ready. The city will be under martial law so 
use the instructions for the next one for advice to get into that part of 
town. The detective will be at Daria's door, treat him like a partner. 
When you are inside, you will notice the blood. You can follow it into the 
sewers. If you do that, Daria will try to put up a boss fight being a 
lightly-augmented girl she will use every tactical weapon in the game. You 
might want to save and do it just to try her out, it might me kinda fun-ish. 
Anyway, what we really want to do is scour her apartment as hard as possible 
for any shred of a clue. When you are done, you should have a new "optional" 
objective. Do this objective. DO IT!!!!  DOOO IIIIIIIT!!!!! 
If you manage to make it to Cipra's save and rubber hose some information from 
him. Actually, social battle him until you get a codeword, be careful, you 
will need to remember it correctly. You will need social aug and you will need 
to interrupt him during the social battle to get the outcome you need. "Ad 
Hominem 2026" 
When events lead you back to your apartment, follow the blood trail this time. 
She'll pretend to be tied up. Be like "Daria Daria Daria WHAT are we going to 
do with u?" Social battle with her until she confesses.
SM12: K is for Kazdy
This mission will start with a SOS call from Samizdat. Because the city will 
be under cerfew at this point lets discuss moving around under curfew. You 
should be reasonably close to the Libuse Apartments. Go there and either use 
the vent in the left storage locker or the door in the right. Then use the 
vent in the back of that room and make a Right turn half way down that vent. 
Keep going until you reach the subway's operations room. When you reach the 
main hall, grab the turret and stick it in a corner somewhere to nerf it. Go 
down and use the subway map to take a stroll. 
Now the next station, the one closest to the target, was an absolute nightmare 
in version 1.02, there were drones, what felt like millions of guards, no 
bypass, it was hell. So here's what we're going to do. Get the attention of 
the first guard and KO him. 
You want to make your way up the augs lane, save first and time dash from 
cover to evade the defective laser. Regardless of what happens, your target is 
the Southeast corner of Svobody Beer. Break the wall if not already broken.  
This will be your highway into the district from now on. Proceed on through 
the hole in the floor and talk to Little K and accept her quest. Talk with 
everyone else in the room. 
Next we will be going to monument station. Consider the front door CLOSED from 
now on. Go down the hole in the room in the back of the station. Go through 
the archway and exit out of the other side of that same room. This should put 
you near the rave courtyard. From there, may your way to the alley near 
Autodily and then to the pedestrian bridge that is pretty much unguarded. 
There will be a security console on the bridge and you can save a few lives, 
such as your own, by turning it off. 
Make your way south from the East end of the bridge. There will be a courtyard 
that will let you drop down to street level, chose the eastern corner to not 
be noticed. 
Guarding the station there will be two cops being for a double takedown. 
Oblige them. Or not, maybe they've been nerfed in this version. Once 
downstairs, use the console on the wall to release the prisoners. Tell them to 
"play it cool".
Retrace your path over the bridge and climb in the rear vent of the 
exterminator shop.  Talk to everyone there for score. 


triangle codes
1. Dubai, in the vent under the first drop-down.
2. x
3. apartment above VIP room in red light district, behind some boxes on a 
4. x
5. x
6. x
7. x
8. Behind box in corner of artiste's apartment above Police Checkpoint in 
Praha district.
9. x
10. NSN, quazi-secret room below the puzzle opposite the entrance. 
11. x
12. Jensen's secret stash next to his bed. 
13. x
14. x
15. In the air vent leading out of Mr. Bataveli's office in the underground 
16. Chicane's weapons locker in his secret room. 
17. Ground floor closet of the Church of the Machine god, can be obtained 
before committing to that mission. 
18. x
19. Picus Vault at palasades bank.
20. Palasades bank secret stash, see shizmat walkthrough. 
21. x
22. x
23. Secret loft above Limb clinic, accessible from hatch in ceiling of lobby 
or top of archway to the Right of the building's entrance. 
24. Scaffolding above stage in Theater, access from backstage hall. 
25. Radich's secret stash, Sitting at his jade desk, turn Left and open the 
red wall for a secret compartment. 
26. x
27. The safe in Rucker's private room. Will probably need to use multitool. 
28. x
29. GARM, Room at top of North stairs of first section. 
30. x
31. x
32. x
33. Security office above the Exhibit hall, on desk in SW corner, barely 
34. x
35. VIP room of Apex center, at the end of game. 


Tales of the Arabian Front
Next to the comms booster in the Northern suite.
How Not to Get Yourself Killed
Jensen's apartment
Secret stash next to bed. 
Juggernaut Collective (Interpol File)
Jensen's Apartment
Table near window.
In Terror Firma 
Jensen's Apartment
Kitchen Island.
Per Aspera Ad Astra
Praha district
2nd floor apartment across street from Jensen's, next to Konicky & Hracky
The Juggernaut Collective (manifesto)
Praha District
"Courtyard" on arm of couch near entrance.
Global Politics Review 2029 ed
Praha District
upper floor apartment in reddish building opposite metro station, owned by the 
woman pitching Rabi'ah in the subway
Contemporary Art Review
Praha District
Artieste's apartment directly above "Police Checkpoint", part of bypass route.
Praha District
Irenka's rehearsal room, (basement) on chair. 
A City Designed For You
Praha District
Forger's appartment, on dresser.
Global Politics Review (C7)
Manager's office.
Flesh and Chrome
workshop, secret room, in locker. 
World's Most Wanted
Workshop, next to easy chair. 
The Social Monitor
Back room, table near door to main area. 
The Social monitor
Central subway station
Directly in front of you when you get off the train. 
Global Politics Review (C4)
North west corner
Above Recharge coffee shop behind north west metro station. 
Top 10 Tech... Abandoned Technologies
Praha Sewers
Richard's sty after completing cult of personality. 
TF29 Mission Statement
TF29 base
Opposite Adam's desk in the counterterrorism office. 
The Long Mean While (Ch1)
TF29 Base
Office of Forensics lab. 
UN Resolution 3507
TF29 Base
Detention level, on chair.
Modern Business Review
Limb Clinic
The Next Three Decades
Northeast corner, 
Eugene's apartment, above coffee shop near metro.
Palisade: Property & Data Protection
Palisades bank.
Accessible from hatch in ceiling of service hallway on lobby level. 
Promise of a Better Life!
Utelek Complex
Lower floor of market area, near elevator. 
The Inconvenient Aug
Arc Territory
on desk in operations area, close to exit. 
Talos Rucker: An Autobiography
Arc Territory
Rucker's office.
The Inconvenient Aug (Ch2)
Arc Territory
Rucker's private room.
Collapse of an Industry
Red light district.
appartment above VIP room. 
A., I
Johnny Gunn's apartment
floor of bathroom, quest related. 

key cards
I believe that a key card for each vault in the bank exists in the game, one 
of which is, optionally, a main quest item. I will highlight especially 
important or interesting keys. 
Viznik's keycard
Talk to Viznik and accept his quest.
Picus VAULT keycard
In safe behind art above bed in appartment 94 of building in northeast corner.
TF29 keycard
Automatically provided on arrival to TF29 secret elevator for first time. 
Shooting Range Keycard
Given during annoying conversation on reaching 2nd floor of TF29
Tarvos VAULT Keycard
Safe in basement of Sobark Security. 
Arc keycard,
Beat up guard while he takes leak near market of Utelek Complex. 
Talos Rucker Keycard
win the social battle with Talos Rucker. 
The body of Orlov, his apartment, part of SM03
Jim Miller keycard
Miller's saferoom in his apartment, quest related. 
Level 3 Offices Access Card
Several places on level 2 of palasades bank, meh. 
PPB Exec. Locker A Keycard
Palasade's bank, level 1, executive services office, secret safe behind 
PPB Exec. Locker B Keycard
Safe behind painting in Tomas Romanek's office of bank.
Palisade Property Bank Keycard
Guard in garage of PPB during heist main quest. 
I believe that a blueprint document for each of Jensen's special augs exists 
somewhere in the game. It do not know what significance these have yet. 
Tai Yung Vault in palasades bank.
" mk 1
GARM, section area, next to shooting range.

Breach Software

Looks like "breach software" is also a collectable, I can't stand the Breach 
part of the game so I'm not going to waste time tracking it.

Data Files

J.C. Welcome Package
Jensen's secret stash.
Flight 451 dossier 
Secret treasure room in Palasades bank., see shimzat walkthrough 
Confidential Medical Report
Orlov's apartment, SM03
Harvester Copycat, Victim 4
Smolinski's locker, sidequest related. 

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