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Yorbie has been reactivated and must save his fellow bot-kind from the evil Dr. Zox. Its time to kick bolt and bust heads... Who wants some?

These are dark times in the 18 colonies of the Yorbie Collective.The evil Dr. Zox has infiltrated Yorbia Prime, banishing the supposedly all-powerful Guardians while enslaving the remaining inhabitants. The future of bot-kind now rests on the shoulders of Yorbie, an unlikely hero who was once shunned for his wild antics and disobedience of authority. Armed with nothing but his half-cocked wit and a hell of a lot of firepower, Yorbie is going to get some payback and hes pissed.

Play as Yorbie and fight your way through an all-out bot onslaught with epic boss battles in this fast-paced 3d action adventure. Upgrade your weapons and enhance them with stacking bonuses to suit your playing style. Try out as many combinations as you like with the ability to re-customize weapons at any time in the weapon store. Scavenge components and bonuses from enemy bots, or even steal them from other players when theyre not looking. Hey, who said life was fair?

Go it alone or team up for local multiplayer with up to 4 players for even more competitive action. If youre good enough you might even earn the right to play as some of the bad guy characters themselves.

And when youre finished, dont forget to test yours skills in the insane survivor mode for all-out robot carnage.

-True HD 1080p video output requires 1080p native display
-Non-stop action including epic boss battles in a challenging story mode, with an additional insane survivor mode for all-out carnage.
-Scavenge components and bonuses from enemy bots or even steal them from other players
-Weapon customization: add upgrades or remove them to suit your playing style and receive 'stack' bonuses.
-Unlock additional playable characters including the bad guys!
-Play single player or up to 4 player local multiplayer

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