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Boss FAQ by Kefabi

Updated: 11/25/00

Metal Slug 3 - Boss FAQ

By Kefabi.

Well, I started writing a Metal Slug 3 FAQ, but it is taking longer than I
thought, but I'll post my tips for the bosses here for now. Since It's late at
night and I'm pretty tired. I'll finish up the rest of the FAQ in a few days.
Mail any changes that you think you should see in this FAQ to

Don't send tips for the rest of the game until I get a real Walkthrough/FAQ up.
Then you can see if I missed anything and mail me tips then.

Mission 1:
   Easy if you took the boat path through the level. When you first meet him,
jump in the Metal Slug Tank quick (of else you'll die if the boss jumps out of
the water and you're still on the boat) and just keep using your bomb/grenades
on him (About 6 or 7 should do it). Eventually, you'll see him get knocked
back, like he was hit or something, and this big ass cannon comes out the
middle and shoots these big bombs at you. Just hold right on the joystick, and
keep pounding on the shoot button. You'll move right, and the big ass bombs
never go across the screen, and your gun will shoot left. If you didn't take
the boat path, you get the osterich type Metal Slug. It's slower, but you can
still do the same thing. When the big ass cannon comes out, just hold right.
However, you'll have to hit jump every once in a while to stay at the farthest
right you can. Just make sure you don't hit jump and shoot at the same time,
because you'll eject out of the vehicle, and then this boss is way harder than
he should be.

Mission 2:
   Ah yes, the stupid 6 aliens. 6 on 1, not really fair is it? Well, it'll take
some practice, but here's how I do it. I use a total of 4 bombs the entire
level. 2 to kill a tank (the one after you fight all the helicopters) and 2 to
release some secret hostages earlier in the level (and, no, not the ones in the
ice cave, I know about those too.) The rest I save. You should have 36 or so by
the boss. Oh yeah, and the rocket launcher you get from destroying a
helicopter? You can jump over every single zombie after that until you get to
the boss area, and then knife the 3 last zombies that are in trench coats. So,
recap. At the boss, you have 30 rockets, and 36 grenades. Just pound on the
shoot button and the grenade button and you can kill all 6 flying aliens and
all they can get off you is only one volley of energy balls that are easy
enough to avoid (hint: Don't get stuck in corner.)

Mission 3:
   The Son of a Bitch. If you're good in the level, you can reach the boss with
at least 36 grenades. Yes really. You can jump on the rockets he pulls out of
his middle and just lob grenades at him, but I find it easier (personally) to
just jump up and lob them three at a time. You must hit his head. Watch his
head and his arms to see how he will attack. If he moves his head head to the
side, he's shooting energy beams. If he pulls a rocket out of his middle, he
might do one of two things. Jam it into the ground where you have to dodge
three flaming fire balls (it'll make a big hole in the ground, so stay on the
tread and avoid the fire balls) or he'll shoot energy beams out of his
eyeballs, then jam the rocket into the ground. (In this case, run to the left,
and as soon as the energy beams are gone, jump on the tread so you don't fall
in lava. Oh yeah, avoid the three flaming fire balls too) He might also move
his open right hand, our left side of the screen, and hover it above the
ground. If he does this, it's exactly like he was pulling the big rocket out of
his middle, except there are no flaming fire balls. You can fall into the lava
though from the hole that is left behind. What always kills me (if I get
killed) are the damn rockets. At first, you can shoot them right when they come
out, but then they shoot out too fast. Just run almost all the way to the left,
and shoot all the rockets you can when they fly up. After they turn around and
come back down towards you (if you missed any) jump back on the tread, and they
should shoot past you into the ground. Flashing rockets will drop weapons.

Mission 4:
   This one isn't too hard. He has 5 attacks.

   Slowly spinning yellow spikes. Just avoid them. They're pretty slow. Shoot
at the boss while you're at it.

   Fast spinning yellow spikes. Just avoid them. They're pretty fast. I don't
recomend shooting at the boss while you're at it.

   Fast spinning red skikes. Run side to side, changing direction after each

   Ghost like thingies. They'll float around a few times and then crash into
the ground. Watch how they turn. If they turn kinda fast, they're going to
kamakazi intot he ground. It's not much of a difference between fast and slow
turns, but it's enough that you can catch the difference. Just jump when they
hit the ground, and don't jump in any particular direction. Evergy circles come
up, and if you jump into one, you'll die.

   Big Ass Energy Beam. You'll see it charge up, kinda like the killer beam in
Independance Day. When you see that, run to the very opposite end of the
platform. until it dies out.

Just avoid it's attacks long enough, and keep shooting at it every once in a
while, and it'll die eventually.

Final Mission:
   I'll try going through all the sub-bosses too.

-The Buff guy with Vulcan Cannon:
First, some dudes going to shoot rockets at you. They move really slow, so just
shoot them. Then their plane will drop a bunch of bouncy explosives. Fly down
right next to where they hit the ground. They'll bounce back up and over you.
Then the Buff guy with the big gun comes out. Fly back and forth under him, but
don't stay still. He'll throw grenades at you, and if you stay still, the
grenades will hit you.

-Suddam Looking Guy in Helicopter:
Pretty Easy. Just sit down in that mounted machine gun and fire away. If he
starts shooting all the little homing missiles at you, just shoot them down
(jump out of the gun if you miss some). When he flies into the corner, then
flies across the screen dropping bombs strait down everywhere, I know of only
one sure way not to get hit. Get in the mounted machine gun, and when the bombs
are about to hit you when you're in the gun, jump out. You're invincible in the
air when you're jumping out of the machine gun.

-Space Attenna:
I know it's not an attena, but still. It's kinda hard. No real tricks here.
Just kill any small alien ships that come out, and when the attenna starts
charging up, move to the side fast. It just takes practice.

-First form of alien brain:
It starts off by shooting small orbs at you very fast. Just move side to side
in the center shooting up at it. It's second attack, it starts shooting huge
orbs at you very slowly. Get to the side, and jump to attack. When the orb
starts moving towards you, run down to the center and shoot up. Then, right as
the next huge orb starts moving down, run back up to the side, repeat.

-Final form of the alien brain:
You start off in Metal Slug Tank. I don't know of any way to save your Metal
Slug. Just keep shooting at the brain until you have to jump out. Now comes the
hard part. It take a lot of practice. Just use all your grenades (if you have
any left) and start knifing the brain. You'll see this energy circle start
building up on top of the brain. When it reaches the base of the brain, it's
going to shoot out in an expanding circle. You have to jump over the expanding
circle right when this happens. (For extra effect, shoot down while you jump).
The damn red and green orbs that the brain spits out (hereby called apples,
because they look like apples) are the trickiest part of the final boss. You
might have to jump off to the right side, and move back to the left when you're
falling to avoid the apples. You don't have to land back where the brain is.
There's a "platform" under the base of the brain where you can land. Just keep
at it, and this brain will go down eventually.

Enjoy the ending!

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