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Storm the Mothership FAQ by InfernalColonel

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/27/04

              Storm the Mother Ship
For Xbox

Table of contents:
1. Copywrite
2. Intro
3. Controls
4. Story

5. Characters 
   - Normal
   - Bazooka
   - Shield

6. Enemies  
   - Red Eyes
   - Giant Red Eyes
   - Alien Robots
   - Partner Clones
   - Aliens
   - Rootmarks

7. Walkthrough
9. Contact Info
10. Thanks

1. Copywrite

This Guide is Copywrite 2004 InfernalColonel. 
This guide may not be reproduced on any other website unless by my 
permission or the permission of GameFaqs.com. This guide on 
any other web site or as a part of any public display is
Strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

2. Intro

Welcome to my guide! Written by that loser InfernalColonel.
This guide is for the unlockable mission “Storm the Mother 
Ship” In Metal Slug 3.Now for all four of you who have 
beaten this game, this is a mission based on the last part
of Mission 5. There are some key differences though, you
only have one life, chunks of the mission were taken out,
and you don’t play as the normal four characters. This is a
difficult mission. So you will have to rely on the soldiers
you rescue to protect you (and take a few deaths for you.)
So hopefully with my guide you might be able to get some help.

3. Controls

x= shoot
A= Jump
B= Call for Allen

4. Story

Now to have unlocked this mission, you would have had to 
beaten the game. So you will know the story then. But,
basically the mission is about you rescuing General Morden. 
Along the lines you will also encounter Rootmarks. But, it
will only be the first battle.

5. Characters

Normal: This guy is not bad. His grenades are good for
taking out near by red eyes (because it doesn’t flow in a
straight line) He doesn’t have a melee attack.

Bazooka: This guy is my favorite. He can duck down and
shoot Red Eyes easily, and his bullets are very powerful.
The only down side is he doesn’t have a melee attack. 

Shield: This guy is my least favorite. His shield blocks
some but not much. Also, his bullets are slow and weak. He
does have a melee attack but when spiders come rushing near
you, don’t expect to just slash away because it is VERY slow.

6. Enemies 

-Red Eyes: These are just your standard enemy robots that
you will encounter about 2/3 through the mission

-Giant Red Eyes: You will encounter these soon after you go
through a little over a dozen small robots.

-Alien Robots: These are you’re not so standard robots that
will take only two shots from your Bazooka or Grenade guy. 
This however will take about five shots from your Shield
guy (though less if you have soldiers also attacking it.)
You will only encounter about seven of these during your mission.

- Partner Clones: These are obviously clones of your partner
and are easy to take down with all characters. One shot for
Grenade or Bazooka and about three for Shield.

- Aliens: These are just the normal aliens that you will first
fight. They are no hassle but don’t stay to close to them for long.

- Rootmarks: This is you one and only boss, the alien leader…

7. Walkthrough

Begin! The first thing you will want to do is to kill the aliens.
Now stop after you kill them. Shoot above at the globes and a 
soldier will drop. Continue and you will encounter an Alien 
Robot. If you Bazooka or Grenade just throw grenades and it 
will kill it, but if you’re a Shield stay back to the left 
corner and fire away because if he fires then one of your soldiers
will take the hit. Now stop. Fire above at the second globe 
when you’re directly below it, a soldier will appear. Now 
move a little to the left of the same globe and also fire and
another soldier will drop. This is the last of the globes with 
soldiers in it for this section. Now continue right and fire 
to the right because another alien robot will appear. Now got 
to the left corner and start firing because another alien robot 
will appear. A soldier will drop down at the left corner after 
defeating the alien robot free him and continue. There will 
be four aliens here so just fire away. Now four more aliens 
will drop down shoot the two middle ones and it will kill 
three of them. Either you or you soldiers will take out the 
other one. Now go to the right corner at the edge of the screen 
and fire to the left. Aliens will drop down but they won’t hit
you with close range attacks if you are over there. Except for 
the four ones that drop down but you can kill the one nearest 
to you before he fires. Now an alien robot will appear to the 
right of you, so run in the middle and fire to the LEFT! Your 
soldiers will take care of the one to the right but you can 
quickly take care of the one that appears to the left. Two more 
robots on each side will appear so finish them and continue 
to the right. Another alien robot will appear so fire to 
the right and wait until to soldiers drop down. Continue 
and two aliens will drop down near where you encountered the
 robot. Kill them and shoot the door open. When you’re near 
the opened door two aliens will drop down. Kill them if you
want or just continue through the door.

After you enter the door, just shoot directly above you at 
the globe and a soldier will appear. There are about four 
globes you can shoot to get soldiers down they will stop when 
you encounter the first Giant Red Eye. Also, if you shoot and 
no soldier comes out then one of your soldiers might have hit 
it, but the soldier will still be down. As for the red eyes, 
try to shoot the one’s on top or the ones below if you grenade 
or bazooka. As for shield only slash them if maybe two are right
near each other near you. You should probably jump over them 
(not on them or through them) and keep running so they won’t 
kill you in the explosion. Or for those of you who don’t like 
that stand there and jump a split second before they explode. 
Now if you’re crowded by them use Allen. He will shoot them 
and you won’t be harmed while saluting him. But, remember you 
have limited quantities of him. But, if you run out you can 
still bow to avoid damage but he won’t come. Now continue 
on with this strategy and you will encounter your first Giant 
Red Eye. Your soldiers will kill him easily but you can help 
them if you want points, just stay clear of when his torso 
falls. Continue on using my strategy and you will encounter 
another Giant Red Eye. Same Strategy. Now, don’t get to cozy 
because another one is near so do the same thing. After 
beating them go and you will encounter a ramp that lead you 
to Rootmarks in level 5. This is hard so what you want to do
is jump over the red eyes and keep running because hopefully
they won’t get you. The problem with using Allen in this part
is more red eyes will crowd you after he leaves and you will
have to wait about two seconds before you can use him again
(they will explode in that time) Now the door has already been
destroyed so continue. You won’t face Rootmarks yet but your 
partner clones. Fire Away!!! Now just stay back and keep shooting
 until they all die. But, if one get near you and you’re not a 
shield run. Now if you’re crowded call Allen or just salute. 
Beat these guys and break through the door. You will see your 
partner! If you’re Bazooka just stay where you start and the 
glass will break soon enough. Now same goes for shield and if 
the clones get near you just slash. So if you’re a grenade stay 
close and throw grenades (your soldiers will do most of the work.)
Your partner will lead you.

Now you’ve reached Rootmarks. Your soldiers can’t help you here. 
Go to the far right corner and jump and fire. He will fire a small 
energy ball. Just jump over it when it’s near. Now go to the middle 
and fire away. He will make a huge energy ball and throw it down. 
Stay near the middle and avoid it then go directly beside the ball 
and fire away. He will die before he fires the next one if your 
bazooka or grenade. But, if you Shield continue this strategy. 

After defeating him, you will be in the torture room. Shoot the aliens 
to the right and another one will jump near you, kill him. Kill the 
alien near the control panel and finally kill the controls. 
You have saved General Morden.

Mission Complete!


Q: Do I get any thing for beating this mission?
A: Besides joy of beating it nothing.

Q: Can I contact you about other guides?
A: Of course just use my contact info.

Q: So what kind of name is InfernalColonel?
A: No comment…

9. Contact Info.

My AIM is InfernalSanchez and my e-mail is DSanche2001@yahoo.com

10. Thanks

-Thanks to gamefaqs.com.

-Thanks to Wasabi x whose guide help me beat the game.

-You the reader.


-And me for the wonderful loser I am.

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