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Protect humanity
Youre our only hope

Set a course for the stars once again as the fight to defend civilisation from alien attackers blasts onto PS4.

You are the last remaining star fighter in the midst of a deadly meteor storm and only your split-second timing and twin-stick shooting skill can destroy the waves of enemies hell-bent on destroying the planet.

New planets, enemies and incredible weapons come to life on PS4 for the first time in eye-melting 1080p HD. Fight to survive in nine different modes of addictive arcade gameplay or compete against friends in up to four-player local split screen battles or head online and blast your way up the global leader boards.

Feeling brave? Share your gameplay and let spectators add new waves of danger into your game with Interactive Streaming mode, exclusively on PS4.

Ready your blasters
Engage the enemy

-Reach for the stars with incredible 1080p, 60fps visuals.
-Bring the Super Stardust series to life on PS4 with brand new planets and amazing visual effects.
-Fight to survive in nine game modes: Arcade, Planet, Endless, Survival, Bomber, Time Attack, Impact, Blockade and Interactive Streaming.
-Send and receive challenges from your online friends or take the fight across the global leader boards.
-Compete in 2-4 player local split-screen battles or team up in co-op mode.

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#345 highest rated PS4 action game (#1003 on PS4, #30540 overall)


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#518 hardest PS4 action game (#1106 on PS4, #30131 overall)


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#191 shortest PS4 action game (#441 on PS4, #13581 overall)


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