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by oldschool312

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FAQ/Walkthrough by oldschool312

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 04/09/16


Welcome to this Lego Marvel Avengers guide. This game takes you Lego style through the Avengers movies. There are some spoilers (I guess) if you haven't seen the movies. But my guess is that if you are playing this game you have likely seen the movies or are at least aware of their content. Like the other Lego games this is family friendly. The guide below will take you through all of the missions, collectibles, and characters in the game. The guide is based on the PS4 version of the game. My guess is that the general ideas presented are the same but when specific button presses are mentioned they will not correspond directly to other consoles. If a Character Token is unlocked in a specific spot performing a specific action on the PS4 then the same spot and action should provide you with the character token on another console.

Version History

  • Version 1.0
    • Submitted
    • Full Walkthrough for all missions
    • All Gold Bricks Described
    • All Stan Lee in Peril described
    • All Canisters locations listed
    • Trophies Listed
    • Character locations and pricing listed need to finish chart
  • Version 1.1
    • Submitted 4/5/2016
    • Added Red Brick Section
    • Added explanations for getting the Trophies
    • Added DLC Packs Masters of Evil and Classic Captain Marvel


General Tips

  • Destroy everything. Doing so will net you more studs. Also a puzzle sometimes requires something to be built. Generally the pieces to build things come from the destruction of the environment.
  • Don't buy all the characters at first. Save your studs and buy the red bricks to increase stud counts. From that point the studs will be numerous as you play through the levels again to get the collectibles. Even just the 2x and 4x bonus will have you swimming in studs.
  • When trying to solve the puzzles you need the right ability for the right job. If you are stuck on a puzzle take a step back and ask yourself, "Am I using the right character for the right job?"
  • True Avenger status (collecting a certain number of studs in a level) is fairly easy to obtain but it requires some time. During one time through the level take you time and destroy everything you see to get the maximum amount of studs.
  • When you are defeated/die (lose all your hearts) you will respawn. The penalty is a loss of studs. Fortunately if you are quick enough you can pick up the studs you lost.
  • Free Play is unlocked after defeating the Story Mission for the first time. Free Play allows you to use any character you like in the mission.
  • Can't get a collectible? Its probably because you need a certain ability that is not available with the Story characters. Try Free Play to get that collectible.
  • If you are having trouble achieving True Avenger status in a level, try using a character with Invincibility. This will prevent any loss of studs from death.


  • While in the Hub Worlds, how do I open up the map?
    • Unfortunately there is no larger map in Lego Marvel Avengers. The only map is the mini-map in the lower left corner of the screen.
  • You mention that a certain brick or character is located at a certain part of Manhattan. How do I know where in Manhattan my character is?
    • As you move from district to district in Manhattan, the site you enter will appear on the bottom of the screen as you enter that area. If you want to know what district you currently are in Pause the game and look at the bottom in the center it will tell you what district your are in. If it just says Manhattan then you are not in a particular district.
  • How do I unlock __________?
    • Check the Character Section to find out where the Character is unlocked
  • How do I get Gold Bricks?
    • Complete a level
    • Complete a level with True Avenger Status
    • Save Stan Lee in Peril
    • Complete a puzzle in one of the hubs
  • Who are the best characters to purchase?
    • Once you begin playing the levels in Free Play its important to have at least one of every type of character. This way you will be able to solve all the puzzles to get the collectibles. Make sure you have a character that can take care of each of the Abilities (except Transformation and Invincibility are not needed). Some characters will take care of multiple Abilities. Once you have someone that takes care of each category then the option is purely preference.


The characters have special abilities that are needed to solve puzzles. Solving the puzzles will be required to move through the levels. A puzzle may also hold the key to saving Stan Lee, unlocking a new character, acquiring a gold brick or finding a Lego canister. Some characters will also fall into multiple ability categories.

DiggingDig sites are designated by a moving green paw prints hovering over an area. Move to the dig site press circle to dig out a prize or dig a tunnel to a new areaBlack Panther
SilverThere are shiny Silver pieces throughout the game. Some characters can destroy the silver lego pieces.Iron Man, Hawkeye
GoldGold pieces are destroyed with extreme heat. Generally this is manifested in a beam but not always. Some times the gold just needs to be destroyed while other times we cut out a design in the gold.Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye
Scan/Heightened Senses There are areas that have hidden objects. These are noted by flashing Avengers symbols. Move to the area with a character that has a Scanning Device or Heightened Senses to reveal what is not seen by the naked eye. There is a mini game involved where you move a cursor to different pulsing spots on the screen and tap SquareBlack Widow
Tech ConsolesCharacters with Tech based powers or weapons are able to interact with these consoles. Sometimes there is a mini game involved while others times it may just require tapping a button.Iron Man, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner
Grapple PointsRed plug looking pieces are grapple points. Characters will attach to the grapple point for movement or to pull out/down an object.Hawkeye
StealthStealth allows the character to disappear. They can move through the world unseen by the other inhabitants, including enemies. This is very important to move around security cameras. The security cameras are easily identified by the green light they emit. This beam of light scans the area for intruders.Nick Fury, Black Widow
VentsSome characters can pass through vents to reach secret places. Press Circle while in front of the vent to phase through it.Vision, Korvac
ElectricityProvides a spark to generators Thor, Black Widow
TelekinesisControl Lego pieces with your mindScarlet Witch
FireExtinguish fires. This can be done using Cap's shield or freeze powersCaptain America, Loki, Laufey
FreezeCreate a freeze beam to turn things to ice or extinguish firesLoki, Laufey
RepairBroken blue Legos need to be fixed. Tap Circle to initiate then hold the same button to actively repair. Once the meter is full your doneTony Stark, Amadeus Cho
SHIELD ConsoleA console with a SHIELD Symbol Black Widow, Hawkeye, Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Captain America
HYDRA ConsoleA console with a HYDRA Symbol. These consoles are generally a SHIELD console that after activation turns into a HYDRA console. Baron Strucker, Dr. List, Winter Soldier
StrengthCharacters with strength can smash through Lego blocks that others can not. These areas are indicated by a bright light shining through a crack in the blocks.Thor, Ms. Marvel, Hulk
Black LegosManipulate Black LegosUltron, Korvac
Shield SwitchesCaptain America's symbol will appear on numerous switches throughout the game. The only way to activate the switch is to toss his shield into it.Captain America
Green GooThere will be places where green goo is on the ground. This is toxic to most characters causing them damage. A select few can walk through it. They include most if not all of the larger characters.Hulk, A-Bomb, Ultron, Korvac, Hazmat
Speed PadsSpeed pads look like a raised ramp made of arrows. Move a speedster to the pad and press circle. Now keep tapping square and when the meter is full they will take off.Quicksilver
Mind ControlMake those that are weak of mind do your bidding. While near a susceptible mind press circle and you become that person with the ability to freely move that person as you wantScarlet Witch, Vision, Loki
SonicsCreate a high frequency that will shatter glassHawkeye
AcrobaticsThe ability to double jump and swing on Acrobat poles throughout the gameCaptain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye
HandlesLarge characters can pull on a set of green handles to remove large Lego Chunks.Hulk, Korvac, Ms. Marvel
InvincibilityNo matter how many times they are hit they do not lose heartsKorvac, America Chavez
TransformThe character can under go a transformation. This can cause the character to grow larger, shrink, or change formsWasp, Ant-Man, Bruce Banner,
RegenerationOnce a character loses a heart they regenerate it very quickly. These characters are not invincible but very difficult to killAldrich Killian, Ms. Marvel,

Walkthrough (Story)

Struck Off the List

True Avenger: 156,000

We begin with a scene reminiscent of the Avengers Age of Ultron Movie with the team barreling toward a HYDRA base. When the cinematic ends we are in control of Hawkeye or Black Widow. Maria Hill advises that Baron Von Strucker is nearby. The area is swarmed with HYDRA soldiers. There is an ice cold river blocking any forward progress. Fall into the water and you turn to a block of ice. At the back of the screen we have some silver blocks. Using Hawkeye hold the attack button and fire an explosive arrow to destroy the silver blocks. Use the debris to build a generator. Black Widow can give power to the device. Walk to the generator and hold square to lower the tower. You will now see a large number of smaller disappearing Avenger symbols. This is an indicator that there is a secret that can only be seen by characters with scanning devices or heightened senses. Black Widow just happens to have a scanning device. Move to the area with the Avenger symbols and press Circle. A small screen appears. Move the cursor around the screen to locate four places where we need to press Square. The areas are indicated by a pulse that should be apparent. The scan reveals a grapple point at the end of the tower. Switch to Hawkeye and fire an arrow at the grapple point to create a rope. Jump to the rope and swing across

The camera pans ahead to reveal numerous more enemies. You can engage in combat or try an easier less dangerous option. Switch to Black Widow and locate the tech console on the side of the turret. This will allow you to control the turret and fire relentlessly on the enemies until they are all lego bits. Use Hawkeye's explosive arrows to destroy the large truck with the gold tank. With the truck destroyed scan the are with Black Widow for hidden blocks. A platform is found. Stand on the platform with Hawkeye and press Circle. Once Hawkeye is in place move Black Widow to the same location and press Circle again. They team up to reach the higher area.

Now we have Hulk and Iron Man. There are a few enemies near the electrified gap in the path. Defeat all the HYDRA soldiers and switch to Iron Man. At the back of the screen near the gap you should see a gold barrier. Hold Square to destroy the barrier. Numerous pipes come crashing down creating a bridge. On the other side we fight more soldiers. The path up the mountain is blocked by a red force field. Switch to Hulk and move to the green handles to the right of the force field. Press Circle and Hulk will grab the handles. Repeatedly tap Circle to pull the panel away. This reveals the golden power source for the force field. Switch to Iron Man. Destroy the gold by pressing circle and using the laser to trace an outline around the two pieces of gold material. Cross the bridge to switch to Captain America and Thor.

More HYDRA soldiers are available to fight. Some will over in the air. They can be attacked using Cap's Shield or Thor's Hammer (Mjolnir). Defeat the enemies with either character. There are some vines on the mountain that need to be destroyed. While fighting the enemies I tossed one of the soldiers into the vines destroying them. With the vines and enemies destroyed, switch to Thor. Press and hold Square to throw Mjolnir into the golden part of the mountain. Jump into the opening created. This area has numerous fires. Cap can put the fires out with his shield. Hold Circle and move toward the fire. As Cap approaches he will jump (or press X) and extinguish the flames. With all the fire out use the blocks to build a drill. Press Triangle at the back of the drill to destroy some of the debris ahead. The rest can be cleared with a mighty toss of Mjolnir.

Turrets from above will fire on our heroes. Take Maria Hill's advice and use the trench to head towards the force field we were shown. Put the fires out with Cap's shield then destroy the crashed vehicle. Take the pieces and build a switch that has Cap's symbol on it. Toss the shield into the switch. The force field disappears. The other side we find a few soldiers and a tank. Locate the platform. Stand on it with Cap and press circle. Switch to Thor and move to the platform and press Circle. The duo perform a cool tag team move that eliminates the tank and any soldiers.

The next area teams Iron Man and Captain America. You start off as Cap but you need to switch to Iron Man. He is flying around the fortress. There are numerous flying enemies to fight. As Iron Man flies in a circle around the fortress press Square to shoot the enemies out of the sky. You can control height by moving the Left Analog Stick up or down. You can also turn Iron Man around by moving the Left Analog Stick left or right. Once 10 of the flying soldiers are defeated a missile destroys a plane on the fortress where we initially saw Cap. Switch to Cap and use the debris from the explosion to create a green lever. Move to the green side and push lever around. Pull the switch on the right side of the lever and a missile destroys some debris on the nearby stairs. Move up the stairs and press Circle near the turret to destroy it. Jump through the hole in the floor and build a ladder in case you want to climb back up. Move to the left and extinguish the fire. Here we find the second turret. Press Circle and Cap will jump into the air and come crashing down on top of it. Head up the ladder and move to the right. Do not go down the stairs. Instead look for a hose that is moving violently near some fire. In the corner likely obscured by a partially destroyed column we find some stuff to destroy. The pieces will allow us to build pipes on the wall above. Use these pipes to reach the last turret. Once its destroyed Iron Man will eliminate the large gate on the initial platform in a cut scene. We return to cap and can move through the gate to initiate the next cut scene.


We are taken back to the SHIELD Base where we have Nick Fury and Maria Hill to use. Agent Coulson seems to have trapped himself inside the facility during the evacuation. Using Hill move to the back of the area and locate the console next to the closed gate. Activate the console by pressing Circle. The scan will authorize the door to open. Use the wall to jump back and forth to reach the top. To the left there will be some crates emitting a white light. Destroy the crates and build a ladder for Fury. Switch to Fury and hold Circle to turn invisible. Move under the green laser and activate the console. Watch the panel for the directional arrows. Once the numbers begin rotating you will need to press Down, Left, and Right just like the panel displayed before the numbers. This will open the gate ahead. Agent Coulson is now free. Move to Coulson and press Triangle to switch to him. Jump back to the ground and move to the right of the screen. Locate the shiny silver crates and destroy them. Use the debris to create a ramp. Now move to the left and locate the large SHIELD truck. Switch to Hill and tap Circle to scan the area around the truck. Once the scan is complete a silver metal obstruction is found on the front passenger side tire. Destroy it with Coulson. Press Triangle to enter the vehicle and it will jump the ramp without any button presses

Switch to Fury and move by the green laser to the right. Stand on the platform in the opening beside the laser. This opens a panel for Coulson to activate a console. An elevator door opens. Enter the elevator to begin the next mission.

A Loki Entrance

True Avenger: 105,000

Loki will send mind controlled agents at you. Defeat them. In the foreground look for two large silver crates. Destroy them with Hawkeye's explosive arrow. Build a SHIELD console and press Circle on it to allow it to scan you. This will lower a large crate to the area just above Loki. Hold Square and shoot one of Hawkeye's arrows at the gold plating holding the crate up. It drops and Loki will escape just before impact. He moves to an area further back and revives some more agents for mind control. Defeat them. The area Loki evacuated has some blocks that can build a tech console. Switch to Fury and use the console. Move the left analog stick Down, Down, and Right. A window on the right side of the are opens. Switch to Hawkeye and shoot the glass with one of his sonic arrows (Hold Square). This will cause a chain reaction explosion that Loki will again narrowly escape. Next we get 12 Loki duplicates to defeat. Once they are gone we get another cinematic.

Now we are in control of Maria Hill and Agent Williams. Defeat the mind controlled agents that attack then collect all the studs you want. When ready look near the ceiling on the column near the gate where Loki escaped. Fire a shot by holding Square with Hill at the alarm located on the column. Use the console to activate sprinklers. This will put the fires in the room out. Build a vehicle to chase down Loki. Some debris falls destroying a stack of crates. This reveals a tech console that we can use to open a side gate. A guy on a motorcycle comes racing out. He crashes into a stack of crates giving us some pieces to build a weapon on our vehicle. Before adding some fire power to our wheels, defeat the other agents that were in the sealed room. After building the turret enter the vehicle. After the cinematic we are in pursuit of Loki.

Shoot the vehicles ahead by tapping Square. We can move our vehicle for better shots by moving the Left Analog Stick side to side. Once the first set of cars are gone, we get our first view of Loki in his escape vehicle. Our angle changes for the next set of cars. Instead of firing ahead we get to destroy vehicles at our side. The concept is the same, aim at the enemies and fire with Square. Finally we are driving in reverse and need to fire at enemies heading right at us.

Stark Tower

We unlock Pepper Potts and Tony Stark for this non mission area. Move to the right side of the tower and scan the area with Stark. This reveals his phone on the table. Press Circle to answer it and Agent Coulson exits the elevator. Move to Coulson and tap Triangle to take control of him. Move to the center of the room and use one of his grenades to destroy the silver crates. Build a lever and rotating it by pushing on the green side. This causes a trap door in the floor to reveal a robotic arm. Switch to Stark and use his blow torch (Hold Circle) to repair the arm. The back door opens revealing a console for us to be scanned on. Once Stark is scanned the computer near the elevator is activated. There is a 9 digit key pad that appears when you interact with the computer. Look at the key pad as if it was a phone. The first 3 squares are 1, 2, and 3. You need to press on the 1, 8, 6 and 2 positions to finish out the area.

Rail Hydra

True Avenger: 200,000

Steve Rogers with boxing gloves an create some good old fashioned Lego Havoc in this small training area. Destroy the blocks near the ring close to the save point and use the pieces to build. Switch to Fury and shoot the target near the top of the creation. This releases a heavy bag. Press Circle while controlling Rogers to begin hitting the heavy bag. Continue tapping circle as needed to knock the bag off its chain and into the basketball rim above. Move to the ring next to the treadmills and destroy everything inside. Build a punching dummy and hit circle to punch. Keep tapping and we knock the dummy through the ceiling. The debris that crashes lets us build a more sophisticated piece of technology. Switch to Fury and activate the console below the numbers. Continue to tap Square until all the treadmills are destroyed. Use the pieces to create a multi punching device. Switch back to Rogers and begin the attack by tapping Circle. Continue to hit the button until the cinematic activates.

We are transported to a HYDRA base. Bucky and Cap are there to fight off the evil organization. A wave of enemies will attack. Defeat them and a large cannon will emerge on the right side of the screen. It will fire and destroy the center console creating a massive fire. Switch to Cap and extinguish the fire with his shield by holding Circle near the flames. This reveals some debris that can be used to build a grapple point at the base of the cannon. This entire time be sure to watch for cannon fire and more enemies. Switch to Bucky and hold Square to target the grapple point. Once attached tap Circle to pull the grapple point out disabling the cannon and revealing some shiny silver metal. Bucky can toss a grenade (hold Square) at the metal to destroy it. A second cannon appears in the background. This one is shielded. Avoid the cannon fire and defeat the enemies that appear. After a small period of time the shield disappears. Attach to the grapple point using Bucky and pull it away revealing more shiny silver. Toss a grenade at the silver to destroy the cannon. A third and final cannon appears on the left side of the screen. This one is shielded as well. Again avoid the cannon fire and defeat any enemies while waiting for the shield to disappear. Once it does pull the grapple point and attack the silver metal to destroy the cannon. Use the debris to build an "elevator" to the higher platform.

Move to the center of the higher platform and a cinematic shows the Red Skull and Zola sending some enemy units down from their perch high above. Destroy the shiny silver metal that is above the force field to gain access to a Captain America Shield switch. Toss the shield into the switch to open the door to the new enemies. One of them will be wielding two large guns. He will fire a beam that will push back and destroy the heroes. To counter his attack switch to Cap and hold Circle to pull up the shield. This will deflect the beam and allow you to move close to the enemy to attack. Once the dual wield HYDRA soldier is gone step on the switch inside the elevator to go up. Skull and Zola will flee. The door they escaped through is blocked by debris. Defeat the few enemies that attack. Locate the grapple point at the back of the screen and pull it out with Bucky. Climb the ladder and destroy the shiny silver vault door. Move through the tunnel to continue.

We have found Skull and Zola. Switch to Cap and hold Circle to bring up his shield. This will deflect the villains attacks as we move closer to them. When your reach the Skull attack. Repeatedly press Square to win the fight. Skull pushes back and Zola pulls a lever destroying the bridge. A few random enemies will attack. Put the fire out with Cap's shield then remove the shiny silver debris with Bucky. Use the remnants to build a diving board. At the end of the board jump up (X) to the poles above and swing over to Skull and Zola. Once you land you punch Skull in the face and the scene changes.

Cap and Bucky find themselves on the train housing Zola from the movie. Move forward defeating enemies as you go. It is very easy to fall off the train so be careful to avoid losing too many of the studs you collect. Small turrets will be on each side of the train. Shoot them down to avoid taking unnecessary damage. When there is an electrified force field in your way destroy the two poles on either side of the train to disable the electricity. It will not disappear permanently but will start to be intermittent so that there is time to pass through. A cinematic will show another of the HYDRA soldiers with a beam weapon. He will destroy part of the roof of the train and our heroes will fall into a train car. Extinguish the fires. Use the blocks in the train car to build. A white circle appears on the floor. Move to the circle and press Circle to activate the device. Some thing happens in the dark part of the back wall of the train car. Switch to Cap and jump up to what might be a pipe (it took me a couple jumps to grab it). Move toward the enemy that destroyed the roof of the train and defeat him. The debris from the legos around the enemy can be used to create a grapple point for Bucky. Push the grapple point into range for Bucky to rejoin Cap on top of the train. Destroy the poles on the electric force field with Bucky's grenades. Two small turrets appear and need destroyed. At the end of the train a much larger turret appears destroying all the crates. The debris can be used to build a spot for Cap to stand on. Stand there and deflect the beam (hold Circle) of the turret using Cap's shield. Redirect the beam at the turret to destroy it. Put the fires out and enter the train through the area left by the destroyed turret. Part of the train is destroyed. Defeat the enemies to initiate the next cinematic.

Shakespeare in the Park

True Avenger 150,000

Arrival at the large Hub world of Manhattan is next. We unlock a couple characters at the beginning: Steve Rogers Gym and Steve Rogers Civilian. Explore the area as much as you want but the goal is to follow the light blue studs to the docks and board a plane.

Black Widow and Bruce Banner are on the Helicarrier. Agent Coulson needs the deck to be prepped for landing. Using Widow move forward and a worker will be upset at all the oil stains on the deck. Jump from platform to platform to reach the highest one in the oil drenched area. Here we can use Widow's scanning device to reveal two targets. Destroy both targets by aiming at them (Hold Square). A elevator lowers. Jump on it and destroy the crates. The debris can be used to build a console. Activate the console. Press Square on the three clamps and the camera pans below. A gate opened and behind it is a scrubber vehicle. Drive the scrubber over the oil spots pausing until they are cleaned. Once the deck is free of oil we get a check mark on the first objective.

Talk to the guy at place where the scrubber was found. He has lost his flags that he uses to signal in the landing air craft. Ride the elevator back up and use Widow's Scan. Swing up the poles to locate the flags. Press circle to pick them up. Drop back down and talk to the guy again to return them.

Move to the left and we encounter the next objective. The runway lights are off. They need to be turned on but are linked to the security system. While using Widow hold Circle to become invisible. Pull the lever under the security camera and the lights are on. The Quinjet can land. Switch to Cap and toss the shield into the switch. A console appears. Pull the lever and the cinematic shows the Helicarrier taking off.

Loki is causing some trouble in Germany. Captain America and Iron Man respond. Loki uses mind control to send a fight towards the Avengers. Defeat them and press forward toward Loki. Loki will constantly attack with ranged blasts from his staff when you are at a distance. Approaching him will result in melee attacks. When you see him jump into the air get out of the way. He will come crashing down and likely destroy your character. Attack when you can but notice that you are not really doing any damage. While close to Loki he will eventually attempt his control over one of the heroes. Once the character you control is kneeling due to Loki's influence press Triangle to switch to the other character then attack. Once Loki shakes off the attack he places a force field around you and some of his duplicates attack. Fight them off and we get to face more mind controlled enemies. Eliminate them then move to the statue on the right side of the area. Loki has placed a gold crown and staff on the statue. It can be destroyed by Iron Man. Loki will again cause your character to kneel. Switch to the other and attack. We find ourselves in another force field. Fight off the duplicates and another round of the mind controlled. Approach Loki and he makes duplicates, any attack will not result in damage. Press Circle to scan the area. After the scan the true Loki is revealed. Repeat the process of kneeling, switching and attacking to end the fight.

After the cinematic, destroy the silver using Iron Man's missiles (Hold Square). Using Iron Man scan the broken tree. Thor appears. Repeatedly tap X. The fight moves to the next area and Thor begins to rain down the lightning. The destruction eventually reveals a Captain America Shield on the ground. Use the blocks to build a chain saw that needs an electric charge to activate. Stand on the spot with Cap and hold Circle to deflect Thor's lightning into the generator we just built. Switch to Iron Man to activate the chainsaw. Once the saw is present we knock Thor off his perch. Tap the buttons over Iron Man's head to move the battle (first Square then Circle). Move up the path and use Iron Man's scan to reveal some silver on the debris blocking the path. Blast it with his missiles. Destroy the tree and cross over the "bridge". Thor begins to bring more lightning down. Use the debris to build a console. Iron Man can activate the console. The signal brings Iron Man some more tech. Build up the pieces and Iron Man will climb inside. Throw Cap's shield into the switch on the side. Iron Man blasts through the cannon leading to the cinematic showing the final encounter.


We are on the Helicarrier. Follow the light blue studs out of the Laboratory into the adjacent hall. There is a SHIELD Console on the left. Activate it and a locate crate appears. Destroy the lock on the crate. Follow the light blue studs to the Detention Cell through the door way on the right at the end of the hall. Move by Loki to the other side of the room. Jump up using the pole above to reach the next locked crate. Once the platform gives way and crate falls open it. Exit back into the hall. Move through the door at the end of the hall into the Intelligence Center. Head to the right and enter the Medical Bay. The camera will pan to the next crate. The door to it is locked. Fortunately Cap's Shield is the key. Toss it into the switch and the door opens. Destroy the crate then move back out into the main hall. Follow the light blue studs to the Control Room. Move across the Control Room and down the stairs on the other side to the Hangar. There is a mechanical arm holding the next crate on top of a set of larger crates. Destroy the Legos next to the arm and build a SHIELD console. Activate the console and the arm will lower the crate. Destroy the crate and move to the other side of the Hangar. Find the plane with two targets on its rear. Hit both targets to destroy the last crate. Press Circle to pick up its contents and follow the light blue studs back to the Laboratory.

Helicarrier Havoc

True Avenger: 140,000

Banner has transformed into the Hulk and is not happy. Look above and see all the debris that he is throwing. Quickly run toward the front of the screen into the next room to avoid the rampage. When ready exit toward the front and jump across the moving panels. The Hulk is giving chase again. Once in the next room he is slowed by a closed door. There isn't much to do here. The stops are designed to give you time to collect studs by destroying stuff or locate canisters. Move forward to continue the chase. If you happen to fall your are transported back to the last room you were in. Jump across the gaps and over the debris. At the end will be more side to side moving panels. Once out of the corridor, Thor flies in to provide some relief. Continuously tap the buttons above Thor's head to fight off the Hulk. The scene then changes to the Control Room where mind controlled Hawkeye is attacking Maria Hill and Nick Fury.

Hawkeye will appear from one of the windows over looking the Control Center. A group of mind controlled enemies will attack. Hawkeye will fire arrows at Hill and Fury. The arrows can be explosive, sonic, or gas. Defeat the group of enemies then watch for Hawkeye to run out of arrows (he frequently pulls a banana out of his quiver). When you see him out of arrows shoot him. The pattern continues but with more enemies to fight. When Hawkeye escapes and part of the Helicarrier on the left side of the screen is destroyed. Move to that platform. The fire blocks the path to the SHIELD Console but fortunately there are some Lego pieces bouncing. Use the pieces to build a couple of poles above the fire. Swing on the poles and activate the console. The fire is extinguished. Use the debris to build a Tech Console. Activate the console to play a small matching game. The solution is below. When the icons are all matched click on the SHIELD symbol to raise a lever.

Captain AmericaThorHawkeyeHulk
HawkeyeThorHulkCaptain America

Move to the right side of the Control Room. Use Fury's invisibility to move by the security camera and activate the SHIELD console. A fire is extinguished for us to build another Tech Console for a second matching game

HulkCaptain AmericaThorHawkeye
HawkeyeCaptain AmericaThorHulk

Now that both levers are present. Move to one and pull it. The other character will do the same. Hawkeye is now visible again. Fire one last shot to move on to the next area.

Cap and Iron Man are trying to repair one of the Helicarrier engines to prevent a crash. Destroy the silver with Iron Man's missiles. Jump over the gap and defeat a few enemies. Drop below and build some poles for Cap to swing up to the next platform (Iron Man can fly). Destroy the gold near the ceiling. It creates a bridge to cross. On the other side extinguish the fire with Cap's shield and build a lever. Once pulled, the lever causes a gate to open revealing a golden wall. Fly in front of the wall with Iron Man and hold Square. This will fire his laser. Trace a square out to create an opening so Iron Man can enter the lower room. Destroy the silver and build a power source for the elevator. Switch to Cap and ride the elevator down. On the wall beside the elevator is more silver to destroy. This reveals a Shield Switch that will open the exit. Destroy the silver debris and fly up to the higher level. A cinematic begins. Drop down and defeat a few enemies. Use the blocks at the end of the platform to build some pipes for Cap to climb. On the higher platform we need to build a second lever. Jump onto the lever and when both are pulled down we find another Shield Switch. The next door is open and Iron Man can fly through.

Avengers Assemble

Back on the Helicarrier follow the light blue studs to the Medical Bay to team up with Black Widow and Hawkeye. Scan the area at the back to reveal some silver. Destroy it with Iron Man and return what we find to Hawkeye. Exit the Medical Bay following the light blue studs to the Control Center. In the very front of the screen is a lever that when pulled will lift you up to the deck of the Helicarrier. Enter the plane next to Captain America.

True Avenger: 160,000

The level begins with Thor facing Loki. Tap X to avoid Loki's blasts from his staff. Approach him for an attack as you dodge the projectiles. When close smash him with your hammer. We drop below. Avoid Loki's ranged attacks again as you approach. This time when you get close he duplicates and places Thor in a force field. Tap Circle to exit the force field and destroy the duplicates. Loki will fire his staff as Thor begins a ranged attack of lightning. Continuously tap Square to push the attack Loki. Tap the on screen buttons to incapacitate Loki. Once Thor picks him up target one of the ships and toss Loki.

Our focus now shifts to Hawkeye and Black Widow in the plane. We will circle Stark Tower. Pressing Square fires at the enemies. We can control the ship up and down with the Left Analog Stick or turn around with the same control. Once enough of the enemy ships have been destroyed. Loki will be seen flying around with a force field around him. Stay close and watch for a Circle icon to appear above Loki's head. Tap Circle and Thor will throw his hammer. When the forcefield is destroyed Loki crashes near Thor. He will toss some objects at Thor. When he is done move close and smack him with the hammer.

There are five civilians trapped and the Chitauri are all around. They will spawn continuously so there is no reason to keep fighting them. Across from the save console we find some silver blocking one civilian. Use Hawkeye's explosive arrow to destroy the silver and free the civilian. Another civilian is trapped near the fire down the street on the left side of the screen. Scan the area with Widow to reveal a grapple point. Switch to Hawkeye and shoot the grapple point. Pull the debris off the civilian. A cinematic destroys much of the rest of the debris. Extinguish the fires with Cap's Shield then fight off the Chitauri to free the third civilian. Move back to the site of the first civilian. Place Cap on the pedestal and tap Circle. Switch to Widow and do the same. Cap will vault Widow to the ledge above. Use the ledge to reach some poles to swing on. At the end drop down onto the bus and defeat the enemy. Move to the glider and press Circle. Widow will begin an attack. Tap the on screen buttons to destroy the glider. Scan the destroyed car next to the bus to reveal some gold. Fire one of Hawkeye's arrows at the gold. Use the pieces to build a Shield Switch. There is blocks in front of the bus that will build a jack. Toss the Shield into the switch. The jack turns the bus right side up. Destroy the sign on the side of the bus and use Hawkeye to pull the grapple point to free the civilian. The last civilian is behind some glass in the building beside the bus. Fire one of Hawkeye's sonic arrows at the glass. When it breaks the last civilian is safe.

Thor joins the three civilian savers for the next section. Move forward and defeat the enemies. There is a portion of the debris that has white light emanating from it. Move to that portion with Thor and tap Square to smash it. Fire one of Hawkeye's arrows at the silver engine. Continue forward to the fire truck. Use a Cap and Thor team up pedestal to knock it on its tires. Build a Shield Switch and activate it. The fire truck puts out the fire around the green Roxxon van. Smash the debris around the same van. Build a Cap pedestal and stand on it holding Circle. Deflect Iron Man's beam at a series of enemy ships flying through the broken building behind Iron Man. Once two waves of ships are defeated the ground gives way and the team crashes below.

Move up the ramp to the right and perform a scan with Widow. This reveals a wall for Thor to smash. Hold Square and target the wall to throw Mjolnir. The destroyed wall reveals a set of pipes for the non flying heroes to reach the top. Defeat the Chitauri that attack and clear the area of debris. One of the downed gliders has some gold. Fire one of Hawkeye's arrows at the gold to destroy it. Repurpose the blocks to form a large missile. Use Thor's electricity (circle) to power the missile. It destroys the tanker blocking our path allowing us to meet up with Banner. During the cinematic be ready to tap Circle as necessary to prove that Banner is always angry. Switch to Iron Man and fire a couple missiles at the silver portions of the beast to finish it off.

Earth's Mightiest

Defeat all the Chitauri on the bridge to activate the next cinematic. Continue to fight and move forward extinguishing fire. On the other side of the debris we can activate a team up pedestal. Stand there with Cap first then move Widow onto the pedestal and tap Circle. The next level begins.

True Avenger: 150,000

Thor and Hulk are on the back of one of the Chitauri's giant Leviathans. Defeat the Chitauri as you move forward. Look high on the Leviathan's spikes for a set of blocks to knock down. Use the debris to build an electric generator. Power up the generator with Thor's lightning. A purple panel is destroyed revealing a wall that is breakable with strength. Toss Thor's hammer through the wall. On the back side there will be a ship that fires at the heroes. Thor can destroy the ship with a Mjolnir toss. Once the ship is destroyed build a set of green handles for Hulk to pull down the next barricade. Defeat some more enemies then smash the broken ground with Hulk or Thor. This reveals a platform for a double team move. Press circle to activate the platform. First have Thor stand then move Hulk over and press Circle.

Captain America and Hawkeye are in the city taking the fight to the Chitauri. Defeat the enemies then fire one of Hawkeye's explosive arrows at the silver on the underside of the turned over car. Build a Shield Switch and activate it. An elevator lowers. Fire an explosive arrow at the gold above the elevator. Side to side jump up to the next floor and extinguish the fires with Cap's shield. The fires near the edge of the floor will have parts to build a pole holder on the wall. Fire an arrow at the holder and swing across with Hawkeye. Destroy the wheel and build a grapple point. Pull the debris down to create a bridge and open the way into the next building. Hawkeye is replaced by Thor. Smash the door ahead with Mjolnir and move through. Defeat the Chitauri with the bombs and eliminate any others that join the fight. Destroy the Legos beside the open door and build an electric generator on the wall. Use Thor's lightning to power up the generator. An ATM floods a room with money eliminating the next hostage taker. Put the fires out with Cap's shield and head toward the ATM. A Chitauri ship is firing through the open window ahead. Destroy everything in the room and use the debris to build a Shield Switch. The switch when activate lowers a gate preventing the ship from firing on our heroes. A bridge is also created for us to cross to the last enemy. This enemy will fire knock back rounds. Hold Circle to raise Cap's shield. This will deflect the attacks and allow you to get close to the enemy. Once within punching range, attack to move to the next portion of the level.

We are not in control (or as in control of him as you can be) of the Hulk. There are numerous Loki duplicates nearby. Press Triangle to switch to Black Widow. She is on the roof of Stark Tower. Hold Square and lock onto all four of the targets. Fire and when they've been hit the gate to the tech console opens. Activate the console and we see a video feed of Hulk fighting the Loki duplicates. Move the cursor over each of the duplicates to eliminate them revealing the one true Loki. Move to Loki and press Square to grab him. Now tap Circle repeatedly to smash him into the ground. Hulk retrieves the staff and throws it to the roof. We shift to Widow. Press Circle to use stealth and move by the security camera. We need to go up the green ramp right in front of the camera. While in stealth mode the Chitauri will not see Widow to attack her. Build a fan with the pieces on the ground and use it to boost up to the Tesseract. Pick up the staff and press circle while in the white circle on the ground. Repeatedly tap Square to end the level.

Baron Strucker's Castle

Baron Von Strucker and Dr. List are unlocked at the beginning of this level. We have four objectives at the top of the screen: Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Loki's Staff, and a Crystal. Fire at the target above and to the left of Quicksilver's cage. This reveals a tech console. Switch to Dr. List and activate the console. Climb up to the top platform and activate the SHIELD console. Move through the open door. Destroy the crates in the room and use the remnants to build a switch on the wall. Grab the bar and pull it down to open up some Lego pieces below. Be sure both levers are built below. Rotate them by pressing on the green side. This will move Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch into their cells. Climb back up the ladder on the left side of the screen and activate the SHIELD console again. This opens the door on the far right balcony. Move over to the Tech Console and activate it with Dr. List. The correct sequence is Down, Down, Right. We now have Loki's staff. The final step is to activate the crystal. The sequence is to Jump on the Red button. Then jump on the Blue button. Step off the blue and jump on it again. Finally move over to the red one and jump on it. So its Red, Blue, Blue, Red.

No Strings on Me

True Avenger: 170,000

Switch to Stark and move to the broken equipment that is smoking on the left side. Press Circle then press and hold the button to repair the robotic arm. A console appears in the room at the back of the area. Destroy all the Legos in front of the door and use the debris to build a SHIELD Console. The door opens. Once inside activate the Tech Console and you will be in control of the robotic arm. Move it to the safe on the right and press Circle. Use the Legos in side to build a switch. Push the switch around from the green side. Two floor buttons are powered up. Move the characters to the buttons and stand on them. The first key card appears. Move to it and press Circle to take possession of it. Move to the spot marked by a white circle in the floor and while standing in it with Stark press Circle to activate Jarvis. A new Tech Console is activated. Use either character to operate the console and the second key card appears. Pick it up and move to the other circle to activate the AI from Strucker's castle.

Destroy all of the Legos in the back left corner. Use the debris to build a Tech Console. Once the console is activated a portion of the floor rotates revealing a piano. Switch to Thor and use his lightning to power up the generator so the piano will begin to play. Using Stark Scan the area around Falcon. Press and hold Triangle while using Stark to bring up a menu to select one of the Iron Man suits. Once Stark is in the suit use it to destroy the silver that is present. Now we have our pool table. Move to the far right with the Iron Man suit. Hold Circle near the gold wall behind the bar where Banner and Widow are talking. Trace out the design and use the blocks that appear to build a smoothie machine. Pull the lever on the machine to produce some drinks.

Iron Man's suits are out of control, attacking the party. Destroy the furniture and shelves on the left side and create a mechanical arm that will hold Cap's Shield. Using Hawkeye fire an arrow at the grapple point to pull the arm back. The shield returns to its rightful owner. Use it to smash some of the bots on the upper level. Jump over the railing to join Hawkeye and Maria Hill below. Fight off any bots then throw the shield into the Shield Switch on the balcony in the center of the room. Several poles exit from the balcony. One of the openings (the first one on the right) needs an arrow from Hawkeye. Use the debris to build a trampoline and jump up to the poles and swing across to the left balcony. Destroy the silver cylinders with a Hawkeye arrow and build a console on the trophy case. Switch to Maria Hill to activate the console. The case rotates and we see an Iron Man suit. It heads towards Stark. Once the suit is on Stark we see Thor fall to the floor below. Press Triangle to switch to Thor and fight some more bots. Eventually a cinematic is triggered ending the level.

South Africa

Follow the light blue studs to the other side of the HMS Churchill. Switch to Iron Man and use his laser to cut out the anchor shape in the gold wall on the ship. Move to the right side and scan the area near the crate. We now can see silver spots on the crate. Destroy the silver with one of Iron Man's missiles. Use the pieces to build a lever onto the large red crate. Push the door open from the green side of the lever. Use the pieces to build fan on the board with wheels. Now move to the now open gold door and use those pieces to complete the fan build. Switch to Black Widow or Thor to power up the generator with electricity. The fan knocks off some dirt from the ship revealing its name. Follow the light blue studs to the other side of the ship. Reach the top of the scaffolding with Iron Man (flight) or Black Widow (climbing). Scan the area. We can now see some silver poles on the ship. Destroy them with Iron Man or Hawkeye. Now fly over to the debris and build a bridge for the others to cross. Move over to the ship with at least Widow. Defeat any enemies you find. Climb the ladder next to the entrance to the ship. Enter Stealth mode and move around to the other side. Activate the console below the security camera. The sequence is Up, Up, Down. The door below opens allowing the next level to begin.

Anger Management

True Avenger: 80,000

Move toward Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. Quicksilver begins to run. Maria Hill advises Thor to try to trick Quicksilver into picking up Mjolnir. Toss the hammer at the shiny yellow light coming from the crate over Quicksilver. When the hammer returns to Thor, Quicksilver will try to grab it and be stunned. Attack him and he will begin to run in circles around the upper portion of the ship. Drop down to the lower level and defeat the enemies. Use the debris from the crate that we smashed to build a generator and power it up with Thor or Widow. Climb one of the ladders back up to the area where Quicksilver is running. The generator lifted an elevator that will allow characters with Acrobatics to jump up. Use Widow to reach the upper level and Scan the area on the left near the tilted crate. Toss the Hammer at the yellow light coming from the crate to get Quicksilver to try and grab it again. Once he is stunned attack. Drop down again and using Widow, Scan the area at the front of the screen. This time we find a Shield Switch. Toss the shield into the switch. This lowers a gate behind Quicksilver. Fortunately we see more yellow light for Thor to throw his hammer through. With Quicksilver stunned a third time attack once again. Scarlet Witch now makes her presence known. Use the debris from the crate Hawkeye destroyed to build a Captain America pedestal. Stand on it and hold Circle to bring up the shield. Deflect Witch's beam back at the gold right below here to destroy the platform and initiate the next cinematic.

We are transported to Widow's early years as a ballerina. Shoot the targets to exit Widow's vision. Captain America is now under mind control. We see Peggy Carter and Cap on a dance floor with the band playing in the back ground. Move Peggy close to Cap and tap circle to begin the dance. The vision goes wrong. Thor is the next one with a vision. Move forward to the fire Hemidall and Thor have a conversation. Repeatedly tap Circle to end Thor's vision. The next cinematic has Witch going after Banner with her mind control. Target Iron Man with the Hulkbuster suit and tap Square. With the suit on we fight Hulk. Initially tap the on screen buttons to move the fight along. Hulk will jump onto a gold platform. Destroy it by holding Circle to use the suits laser. With Hulk back on the ground a couple of punches are thrown and we are scanning the area from the satellite. Keep tapping Square while targeting Hulk. We will enclose him in a cage. It doesn't work. The fight continues with more button presses. Hulk will jump to the top of a building approach him and he jumps off taking Iron Man's arm. We are back in control of the satellite. Target Iron Man and tap Square to initiate repairs. Iron Man flies Hulk to a roof top. Press more on screen buttons to continue the fight. Hulk climbs a tower. Approaching him activates the satellite again. Target Hulk and tap Square to fire sleep gas at him. Continue to do so until he is groggy. There will be a Triangle and Iron Man symbol on screen prompting you to hit Triangle and switch to Iron Man. Move to Hulk and attack.

Barton's Farm

Follow the light blue studs to the side of the house. Locate the shed and we learn that the door is tricky to open. As Captain America, use the poles on the tree to swing to the branch. Attack the white shiny lit area and the tire swing will crash into the shed opening the door. Grab the axe inside. Move to the stump with the white circle in front of it and tap Circle. This initiates a wood chopping game. Watch the bottom of the screen a Button Icon will move across. As it enters the dark circle press the button indicated. The process repeats several times until the meter is full. Now we need to fix the tractor in the barn. Follow the light blue studs to the barn. Switch to Tony Stark and scan the area in front of the barn door. A silver lock is shown on the door. Hold Triangle to bring up the inside of Iron Man's suit. Select one of the suits so that the lock can be destroyed. Enter the barn. Destroy the silver in front of the broken tractor. Use the pieces to build. Move to the back of the tractor and attack the white light you see to release a tire. As Iron Man move to the tractor and tap circle to repair. At the front of the tractor jump on the pump a few times to finish the repairs.

Korea Prospects

Ture Avenger: 140,000

Captain America is on the roof of moving tractor trailer. Black Widow is giving chase on a motor cycle carrying his shield. We will have to fight off a series of 8 Ultron bots while on the roof of the truck. Once they are defeated Ultron moves to the truck. Attack Ultron just as you did the bots and he goes away. We fight another wave of bots before getting our shield back. Once we have the shield we fight Ultron and some bots again. Now tap the buttons on screen to fight off Ultron again. An explosion brings some Lego pieces to the roof of the truck. Build a console and activate it.

The cinematic puts us inside a run away train. Defeat the bots and move forward. Use Witch's telekinetic abilities at the end of the car to reposition the debris. Enter the next train car and destroy the bots. At the end the roof is destroyed and fire comes inside. Extinguish the fire with Cap's shield. Reposition the debris with Witch and enter the third train car. Fight through to the fourth train car and defat the enemies. The floor of the car is busted. Use the debris to build a bridge across. Put the fire out with Cap's shield then switch to Witch to use her telekinetic power on the brake.

Using Witch move toward the trapped person on the train. Tap circle to use mind control. Make the person pull the nearby switch opening the car doors. Use the pieces inside to build part of a tower. When this portion is built a car flies through the air and crashes at the front of the screen. Split the car in half using Witches telekinesis. The half that moves to the center of the area us used to build more of the tower. The half that stays nearby can be destroyed to find pieces to build a Shield switch. Activate the switch and a gate opens. Destroy all the crates and build a speedster ramp. Press Circle near the ramp and when Quicksilver gets on repeatedly tap Square. He will reach the roof of the building giving him access to the train car's roof. While there destroy the debris and build a ladder. Climb the ladder with Witch and use the rope to reach the roof on the right side of the area. Use telekinesis to move the final pieces of debris for the tower to the ground. Finish building the tower and use Cap to activate the SHIELD console to end the mission.

Rise of Ultron

Exit via the elevator on the right side of the screen. Head to the landing pad and press triangle to board the Quinjet.

True Avenger: 128,000

Black Widow is on the back of Hulk. Climb up the flying city. As you reach the first platform on the right side. There is more area to climb. This climb though will have debris falling from above. Once a pieces falls begin your climb. Tapping X allows you to climb faster to safety. If hit by the debris, you start back over at the platform and have to begin the climb again. Make it to the next platform and use Hulk to grab the green handles and throw them at what I'll call an elevator shaft. Switch to Widow and enter the shaft. Build some pipes to climb. At the top the shaft is destroyed. Hulk and Widow make it to the next platform. Switch to Hulk and begin to climb again. At the hight point switch to Widow and while on Hulk's back shoot the target. Jump to the pipe and work around to the front. Jump to the top of the impediment and shoot the next target. Climb up the remainder of the mountain. At the top shoot three targets with Widow. This removes the debris. Climb as far as you can then press X to jump and initiate the next cinematic.

Defeat the bots and use Witch's telekinesis to repurpose the truck and move it out of the way of the glass on the store front. Shatter the glass with one of Hawkeye's arrows. Use the pieces inside to build a drill. Witch can use telekinesis to use the drill to destroy part of the wall on the right. The remainder of the wall is silver and requires an explosive arrow from Hawkeye to open the path fully. Use the pipes to reach the next area. Destroy the dumpsters in the back and use the pieces to build a grapple point. Use Witch to lift the grapple point above the opening in the wall and a rope will drop. Climb the rope. Iron Man will fly in and save a guy in a bath tub. Destroy the debris in the room then stand on and lift the floor piece with Telekinesis. We've reached the upper floor. Destroy the appliances (washer, dryer, fridge) on the back wall. Use one of Hawkeye's arrows to take out the gold wall. Enter the back hall and move to the right. Drop out of the building to the area below and reunite with Quicksilver. This part is primarily about combat. Destroy all the bots that appear to move on.

Cap and Thor are fighting off some bots. Extinguish the fires near the blockade and build a generator. Power up the generator using Thor's lightning. This creates an opening in the blockade. Destroy the blue car and build a Shield Switch onto the mixer truck. Toss the shield in the switch and the gap ahead fills with concrete. Cross the wet concrete and put out the fires with Cap's shield. Destroy the front of the trailer with Thor's hammer to provide access to the next area. Press Circle near the center of the area and a pedestal is revealed. Move Cap to the pedestal and press Circle. Switch to Thor and do the same to clear the area with a thunderous combo move.