• Code for the Rocket's Huge Materia

    When obtaining the Huge Materia from the rocket in the late portions of the game, the code to obtain it is Circle, Square, X, X.

    Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

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  • In-Game Cheats

    Press the following buttons to achieve the desired effect.

    Game runs at 3x speedL3
    Refill health and Limit Break metersR3
    Toggle random encountersL3 + R3

    Contributed By: DBM11085.

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  • Speed Square Glitch

    There is currently a glitch in Speed Square where the race freezes at the end due to a bug. To be able to play the race normally and obtain the rewards, you need to change the date on your PS4 to 11-15-2015. If you try playing it normally or use any other date, the game will freeze and you'll have to exit the application entirely.

    Contributed By: UltimaterializerX.

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  • W-Item Duplication Glitch and Extensions

    The W-Item Duplication Glitch requires, to start with, the W-Item Materia. The initial abuse of it is simple. Enter the items menu in battle and select an item, a target, then select a second item, and cancel. Then select the item and cancel again, and repeat ad infinitum: in doing so, the first item selected will be continually cloned.

    There is a drawback to this in that it only works with items selected in battle. There is a workaround for this involving the Morph Materia and finding a foe that Morphs into the desired item you wish to clone. Put a nonconsequential item of quantity 1 - such as a lone Potion - in the top-left of the item list and then get into a battle with the foe who has the desired Morph. Order one character to kill the foe, and other another to Morph it. Have the third use W-Item, select the (in this example) Potion, a target, and then wait for the Morph to succeed. Once it does - thereby replacing the Potion from before - select a second item, then cancel, and repeat the process. This Morphed item will now be cloned repeatedly, even if it is not selectable in battle, making it very efficient at cloning, for example, stat-boosting Sources or equipment.

    Another extension allows having two of the same item, but numbering 99 in each stock for a total of 198. You'll need one character with the W-Item and another with the Steal Materia, in addition to one of the item to be cloned. Arrange your items such that one slot is blank above the item to be cloned. In battle, you need to have one character Steal from the W-Item wielder. Quickly enter the items menu with the W-Item user and select the item in the inventory and a target, then wait for Steal to succeed. The stolen item will reappear in the inventory in the blank slot from before (the intentionally-blank one). You can now use the select-cancel process to clone the original item, and then you can do the same with the item that filled the blank slot, allowing you to obtain up to 198 of the same item from one utilization of the glitch.

    Contributed By: Dyse.

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  • Emerald and Ruby Weapon Rewards

    Each of the game's superbosses - the Emerald and Ruby Weapons - yield rewards for beating them, items which can be traded at a traveler in Kalm. The Emerald Weapon's item yields you a Master Magic, Command, and Summon Materia; the Ruby Weapon yields you a free Gold Chocobo, without any breeding necessary!

    Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

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  • Master Materia

    There is a special kind of Materia known as Master Materia. This Materia can be for Magic, Command, or Summon commands, and contains the effects of all the Materia of that type in one. You can obtain two of each:

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Master Command MateriaMaster all Command Materia
    Master Command MateriaDefeat the Emerald Weapon, and give the Earth Harp to the traveller in Kalm
    Master Magic MateriaMaster all Magic Materia
    Master Magic MateriaDefeat the Emerald Weapon, and give the Earth Harp to the traveller in Kalm
    Master Summon MateriaMaster all Summon Materia
    Master Summon MateriaDefeat the Emerald Weapon, and give the Earth Harp to the traveller in Kalm

    Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

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  • Summon Matieria

    Summon Matieria is used to summon a beast of legend to launch a massive attack against your foes. Combining Summon Matieria and Huge Matieria getsyou Master Summon Matieria, allowing use of any summon in the game. Summon Matieria can be found occasionally, but this guide tells you how many summon matieria exists in the game and where to get it.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    AlexanderAfter snowboarding sequence go to hot spring and touch it. Then go in a straight path. Enter ht then leave through downward facing door talk to man
    BahamutDefeat the red dragon in the Centra Shrine.
    Bahamut ZEROYou must obtain all 4 Huge Matieria, and 2 other Bahamuts. Store them in the Observatory, then look carefully at the blue huge matieria.
    Choco/MogTalk to the chocobo at the front of the barn and reply "Waaark!"
    HadesOn the wreckage in Gelinko
    IfritOn the boat after battling Jenova-BIRTH
    Knights of RoundGo to the unmarked island. You will need a gold chocobo to get there.
    KyjataWalk to second area in Sleeping Forest. The matieria will be floating. Press O button
    LeviathanDefeat all enemies in Pangooda in Vulva
    Neo BahamutAftee Geus cliff just pick it up.
    OdinDefeat Lost Number in the Shiva Mansion aftar opening safe
    PhoenixFound when collecting Huge Matieria at Mount Condor
    RamuhLying on the floor in the Chocobo Jockey waiting room
    ShivaAt the Junon coast after saving Pricillia
    TitanIn the wreckage of the Gongada Mako Reactor
    TyphoonDefeat Ultimate Weapon a couple times until he dies. Go to jelly object on top of mountain at end.

    Contributed By: kaboom1928.

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  • All Lucky 7s

    If a character's HP is 7777 at any time during battle, it will go into a frenzy of super-accelerated, uncontrollable attacks, each hitting for 7777 damage to a random enemy. If a character has 7777 HP at the end of the battle, its HP will be reduced to 1 when you return to the field.

    Contributed By: Melchior.

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