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Post-Game Errand Guide by Fragrant Elephant

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/13/13

An In-Depth FAQ by Fragrant Elephant <fragrantelephant(at)icloud(dot)com> 
Version 1.0
May 13, 2013

After defeating the final boss in Ni no Kuni, players can opt to resume from 
the cleared game save and obey the new imperative: "Explore everything this 
world has to offer!"	

Post-game, Swift Solutions has new errands and bounty hunts. The rewards 
include tickets for rare familiars, gems, recipes, and more. By this point, 
players should be leveled up enough for the fights. If not, you can go back to 
the Ivory Tower and look for the Tokotocold, which gives over 29,000 EXP. You 
will have to use Veil to sneak up on it once your level gets high enough that 
it runs away.

Without further ado:


| Errand 069: Runaway Fairies |

Enter Golden Grove from the southern exit. Speak to the fairy there. Next, 
find the fairies in the Barrens, the Vault of Tears, Motor City, the mine east 
of Hamelin (via Tengri), and the forest village in the center of Jack Frost's 

Reward: Kaleidostones x2, 5000 guilders, 10 stamps + 3, recipes for Star 
        Eater's Claws and White Stag's Tooth. 

| Errand 070: The Greatest Treasure |

Talk to the boy near the inn at Castaway Cove. Then speak to the NPCs 
represented by glowing blue dots for hints. Check the stone monuments in the 
following places: Swan Island, No Longer Mine island, Shipwreck Shore, Billy 
Goat's Bluff (via Tengri), the Barrens, Bungler's Bay, and Tiny Island. The 
locations are marked on the world map in the Wizard's Companion.

Afterwards, speak to the boy again and reply "Kublai3." Then go talk to 
Kublai. Next, fly to Broken Crown, the island northeast of Ding Dong Dell. 
Cast Rejuvenate to read the monument. Finally, return to the quest giver for 
your prize.

Reward: Evil Eye x2, 5000 guilders, 10 stamps, recipes for Primordial Sword, 
        Planet Splitter, Longshank, and Omniseal.

| Errand 075: Fierce Creatures |

Speak to Derwin in the Ding Dong Dell castle plaza. He asks you to defeat three 
monsters: the Grubby Fug in Jack Frost's Playground south of Yule, the Auric 
Collum on the Genie Steps in the southeast portion of the Shimmering Sands, and 
a Spiked Turtle on No Longer Mine east of Hamelin. Remember to speak to Derwin 
right after defeating each creature. He should be standing nearby.

Reward: Lumberwood Ticket, Relixx Ticket, Dinoceros Ticket, 8000 guilders, 
        8 stamps.

| Errand 078: The Master Alchemist |

Use Tengri to fly to the cave on the Genie Steps in southeast Shimmering Sands. 
Talk to the old man and accept his challenge to make a War God's Axe. 

First, create a Demon's Axe by combining a Grand Ax, Black Wings x2, and 
Tachestone x3. The axe can be bought in Perdida. The Black Wings can be stolen 
from, or are dropped by, the Eggyptians and Relixx in Nazcaa. The Tachestone 
can be stolen from Hurly Burlies in the Ivory Tower, or dropped by Honky 

Once you have the Demon's Axe, you need five Scrolls of Truth and five 
Kaleidostones. The Scrolls of Truth need to be farmed from golden Honky 
Tonkers in the dark cave before the final save site at Tombstone Trail. Give 
Oliver his starting wand, set Tactics to "Do nothing," and keep hitting 
enemies with Pulse, saving the Honky Tonker for last. Wait for a gold glim, 
then switch to Swaine and do the move. If the glim doesn't appear, wait until 
the Honky Tonker has only one blast to go, and use Swaine's Mugshot ability. 
However, this technique does not have the 100% guarantee of Scrolls of Truth,
unlike the golden glim. 

For the Kaleidostones, go to the area near the final save spot in Glittering 
Grotto. You can steal Kaleidostones from the golden Bedraggles. 

Once you're done, combine the Demon's Axe, five Scrolls of Truth, and five 
Kaleidostones for the War God's Axe. Return to the Master Alchemist.

After the errand, talk to him again for the recipes for Muse's Harp and 
Cad's Cannon.

Reward: Clumps of Troll's Tears x2, Glowstones x2, 5000 Guilders, 7 stamps, 
        and recipes for War God's Axe, War God's Armor, War God's Shield, and 
        War God's Helm.

| Errand 085: Notes from the Center |

In Ding Dong Dell, speak to the man who keeps losing his diary. Leave town and 
go south and slightly west, through autumn-colored trees. Enter the new area 
and locate the diary. Return it to the man for your prize.

Reward: Angel Wings x2, 5000 guilders, 10 stamps, recipes for Goddess Gown and
        Goddess Shield.

| Bounty Hunt 113: King of the Deep |

Use your ship to sail to Hermit's Shell Lagoon, near Nazcaa. Defeat the 
monster there. Weakness: fire.

Reward: Dragon King's Claws, 4000 guilders, 10 stamps.

| Bounty Hunt 114: Shellshocked |

Fly to the cliffside mine east of Hamelin for a giant turtle monster. Weakness: 

Reward: Light Relief Gem, 4000 guilders, 10 stamps.

| Bounty Hunt 115: A Legend Appears |

Fly to Solitary Isle, south of Teeheeti, for a showdown. Weakness: lightning.

Reward: Celestial Sword, 4000 guilders, 10 stamps.

| Errand 131: The Conductor |

In the place where you found the diary, talk to the large bunny. Go to Swift 
Solutions to check for Bounty Hunts 116 through 120.

You have to fight the black orbs in Deep Dark Wood, the Ding Dong Dell sewers, 
the Golden Grove, the Solosseum, and Old Smoky. These are stronger versions of 
the bosses you fought early in the game.

Reward: Harrowfang, 2500 guilders + Starspun Tunic, 2500 guilders + Shiny 
        Shield, 2570 guilders + Sorcerer's Soul, 3000 guilders + Griffin's 
        Talons, 3500 guilders.

Go back to the bunny for more bounty hunts. Check Swift Solutions again. 
The new orbs appear in the Fairy Godmother's Stomach, the Porcine Palace, 
Tombstone Trail, Skull Mountain, the Vault of Tears, the ghost ship near Broken 
Crown, Glittering Grotto, and Miasma Marshes. These are Bounty Hunts 121 
through 128. You will fight bosses from mid-game.

Reward: Glorious Lance, 3500 guilders + Knight's Armor, 3750 guilders +
        Diva's Mantle, 4000 guilders + Ogre King's Axe, 4250 guilders +
        Sorceress Robes, 4500 guilders + Nix Gnashers, 4750 guilders + Dragon
        King's Claws, 5000 guilders + Enigma Armor, 5500 guilders.

Go back to the bunny and then to Swift Solutions. You will get Bounty Hunt 129. 
The new old boss is in Nevermore. 

Reward: Celestial Sword, 6000 guilders.

Afterwards, talk to the bunny again. Check in at Swift Solutions for Bounty 
Hunt 130. Travel to Ara Memoriae to fight a tougher version of Zodiarch. Make 
sure to prepare properly for this one.

Finally, go back to the bunny. You may now discover what lies behind the door: 
the Guardian of Worlds. Watch out for its Great Divider attack. When you 
defeat it, follow the Conductor around to find out his story.

Reward: Philmobile Key.

| Errand 132: Totally Tidy Tools |

Talk to the two fairies on the Iron Wyvern. Go to the Fairygrounds and talk to
a fairy in the amphitheater and the Fairy Godmother. Next, check the drawing 
of Drippy in the leftmost room inside the Fairy Godmother. 

Return to the Iron Wyvern. The final step is going to Motorville and taking a 
pan from the kitchen in Oliver's house. Go back to the fairies for your prize.

Reward: Blossom of the Bard, 10000 guilders, Pretty Parasol, recipe for Pretty

| Errand 132: Order of Illusion |

Talk to the Knights near the first save point in the Ivory Tower. Defeat the 
robots in Golden  Grove, Old Smoky, Tombstone Trail, and Glittering Grotto. 

Return to the knights. There are three more robots to defeat, all on Nazcaa.

Go back to the Ivory Tower. Save your game. When you talk to the knights 
again, you will fight!

Reward: Nazcaan Longsword, Suit of Nazcaan Armor, Nazcaan Helm, 10000 

| Bounty Hunt 133: Scorching Songstress |

Travel to Old Smokey. The monster is at the foot of the volcano. Weakness:

Reward: Glowstones x3, 5000 guilders.

| Bounty Hunt 135: Grave of the Sailors |

Travel to Hamelin and use your ship to sail northeast. The monster is near 
Spindle Island. Weakness: fire.

Reward: Evil Eye x3, 5000 guilders.

| Errand 136: Great-Great-Grandsage |

Speak to Horace at Ara Memoriae. Answer "Mornstar." Go to the end of 
Tombstone Trail and reply "Aapep." Next, go to the Vault of Tears and 
answer "Pea" or "White Witch." Travel to the Glittering Grotto and say 
"Bring hope." Finally, go to the council chamber in the Ivory Tower and 
give him the final answer: "Wizard’s Companion." 

Reward: Mirror of Truth, 10000 guilders, recipes for Sky Tree Wand, Bard's 
        Harp, and Masterthief's Magnum.

| Bounty Hunt 137: Incredible Ulk |

Fly to the Giant's Table Tops area north of Deep Dark Wood. Weakness: none. 
Pound him with your strongest magic or physical attacks.

Reward: Troll's Tears x3, 5000 guilders.

| Bounty Hunt 138: Warbird of Prey |

Fly to Swan Island to defeat a monster. It will steal small amounts of money 
from you.

Reward: Angel Wings x3, 5000 guilders.


Thanks to Level-5 and Studio Ghibli for a fantastic game!

Thanks to IGN's Ni no Kuni Wiki <http://www.ign.com/wikis/ni-no-kuni-wrath-of-
the-white-witch> and the various GameFAQS message boards for being my go-to
resources when I got stuck!

Please write to me at fragrantelephant@icloud.com if you see any mistakes on  
this guide, or have questions, comments, or recommendations. 

This guide is intended for GameFAQs. (c)Fragrant Elephant, 2013.

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