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by Malduke

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Malduke

Version: 1.2.0 | Updated: 02/18/13


Welcome and thanks for reading my Ni no Kuni guide. This is my third attempt at writing a walkthrough, but first for a game of this size, so I hope it will be helpful. I will try to keep spoilers to a minimum, but I will be listing names of locations and bosses, so avoid reading too far ahead if this worries you. This guide is based on the NTSC version of the game.

There isn't really anything important that is missable in the game unless you are a completionist aiming for a 100% complete creature compendium. There are some creatures that will disappear completely after certain story events and if you don't encounter them, their entries will not appear in the creature compendium. Again, this will not affect Trophies or anything important, so it's only for your own satisfaction.


After starting a new game there will be a couple scenes as well as the opening credits. Once those are over you'll gain control of Oliver. Talk to Philip for another scene and afterwards you'll be able to explore the rest of the Motorville. There's not much to do in town except to talk to neighbors and play in the street, so head to your house near the center of town to continue. The main menu will be available after the scene where you can save and alter settings. At night, leave your house and head east to reach Phil's garage, then follow the road south after the scene.

Several scenes later, head downstairs and check the fireplace to obtain the Wizard's Companion which can be accessed through the main menu. Follow Drippy outside and talk to him when he stops a couple times and you'll gain access to the Bottomless Bag in the main menu. Go east, and after a scene, talk to the girl with green hair. You'll be free to travel around town again, but there's still nothing to do, so head to the town square to the north to cast your first spell: Gateway.

You'll be thrown into your first battle after arriving in the other world where Drippy will explain the basics. After the battle you'll be on the world map. Items can be found on the map indicated by golden twinkles. You're free to explore the area, but without any spells and limited healing items, consecutive battles might get tough. Head to Ding Dong Dell for a short scene then leave and follow the road northwest to reach Deep Dark Wood.

Deep Dark Wood

  • Treasures:
    • White Bread x2
    • Chocolate
    • Iced Coffee
    • Creamy Flan (Blue chest)

Follow Drippy a short distance to find Father Oak and you'll receive the spells Form Familiar, Healing Touch and Fireball, as well as your first familiar: a Mite. After the scene you'll get to test Mitey's might in battle. Win the battle and you'll have access to the Spells menu, the Creature Cage and the Friends and Familiars menu. Once you're done looking through the new menus, backtrack a little to reach the fork in the road and head east. Follow the path to find a chest with a loaf of white bread, then continue to Whispering Waterfalls.

Continue following the path past the waystone to find a chest with a bar of chocolate which you can feed to Mitey for a small attack boost. Further along will be a branching road. The west path leads to a blue treasure chest locked by magic. Other than red chests, there are three other varieties of chests that you cannot open: blue and purple ones require a spell, and green ones need a particular character. Follow the east path until you reach the treasure chest with the loaf of white bread, then take the narrow path east to find another chest with a bottle of iced coffee. Continue south until your reach a waystone. Save your game a prepare for a boss fight.

Boss Battle

Start out by attacking the Guardian of the Woods with Mitey. Eventually the boss will use its special attack Windfall and Drippy will instruct you to Defend. Its other special attack, Bellow, will stun you so cancel your current action and defend when you see it charging. Drippy will also be throwing out some green and blue glims, so collect them if you're HP/MP is below max. Keep your HP high and when the boss reaches around 25% HP a gold glim will appear. Collect it to heal all your HP and perform a miracle move which should finish the guardian off.

After beating the boss you'll receive the Telling Stone and Locket as well as the Take Heart and Give Heart spells from Father Oak. Now head back to Ding Dong Dell.

Ding Dong Dell

  • Treasures:
    • Sundae
    • Iced Coffee
    • Pie
    • Sandwich (Blue chest)
    • Shining Scales (Purple chest)
    • See-Through Pie (Green chest)

When you arrive follow Drippy's instructions to mend the guard's heart who will then proceed to open the gate. Enter town and continue west for a scene which will unlock the rest of the town for exploration. There are pots around town that contain some random items and will recharge after some time. Enter the owl shaped shop Hootique and talk to the shopkeeper for a scene. Next, head to Swift Solutions and talk to the Taskmaster to unlock your Journal from the main menu. Talk to the Taskmaster again to undertake the bounty hunt Vegetable Thief and check the errand board to add a few errands to your journal: A Safe Hiding Place, A Splash of Color and Hide and Seek. Errands require you to talk to the individual requesting help first but you'll be able to see their locations on the local map as a blinking blue dot. Bounty targets also appear on the map as a blinking dot but you must "talk" to them to initiate battle.

Next to the weapon shop is a chest hidden in grass containing an iced coffee and inside the shop is another chest containing a sundae. In northern Ding Dong Dell you can find a slice of pie in a chest. Head to the Grave of the Sage marked on the map to find a ghost named Horace behind the gravestone. Speak to him to receive the spell Spirit Medium. Horace will appear in various towns and will ask you to solve a riddle before rewarding you with new spells.

Once you're finished with any sidequests, head to the inn Cat's Cradle and stay overnight. You'll gain a page in the Wizard's Companion so remember to sleep at any new inn you find. Return to the Hootique to pick up a gift then head to the northern part of town and talk to the guard in front of the palace. Another problem arises, so head back south and to the small body of water next to Swift Solutions. Hop across the wooden beams to find the herring then head to the Grave of the Sage. Return to the palace guard with the King's pet for a couple of scenes.

Now you'll need to find another person with some extra enthusiasm. In southern Ding Dong Dell, head to the northeastern part of town to find a boy, Tommy Stout. Fill the locket with his enthusiasm, then return to the king and you'll receive Spring Lock and Rejuvenate for your actions. With Spring Lock, you'll be able to open blue chests, but purple ones require a stronger wand.

Before heading to the Cawtermaster's Store, enter the Hootique and open the blue chest for a sandwich. Now, talk to the Cawtermaster for a tutorial on equipment. Return to the palace and talk to the soldier in front of the throne. Back outside, cast Gateway to return to Motorville and talk to Leila at her shop, then head to your house and talk to the mysterious girl named Pea. Follow Pea to find Timmy the cat and return him to Leila, then head back to Ding Dong Dell.

Talk to Tommy Stout again and he'll give you a familiar: a Thumbelemur. Open the lock behind Tommy with Spring Lock and head into Ding Dong Well.

Ding Dong Well

  • Treasures:
    • Iced Coffee x2
    • Poison-Be-Gone
    • Spiral Horn (Blue chest)
    • Sandwich
    • Blackwyrm Claws (Purple chest)
    • Water Bomb Gem (Green chest)

After entering, move forward to trigger a battle where Drippy will explain how to switch between familiars. I suggest fighting a few battles so your new familiar will gain some levels. Head east at the T-section then east again at the next intersection into the shallow water to find an iced coffee. Return to the previous intersection and head west then north. To the west is a chest with a poison-be-gone. Enter the door to the east to find a room with a statue of the king.

In this room, light the three torches in front of the statue using Fireball to unlock the next door. In the next hallway, head west to find another iced coffee. Follow the path back east to find a blue chest holding a spiral horn weapon next to some stairs, then continue until you reach a circular room. Don't light the torch in the center yet, instead go south and light the torch at the end of the hall. Quickly run into the next room to light the torch in front of the statue and finally light the torch in the first circular room.

Go north through the newly opened gate and at the next two intersections choose the north paths to find a sandwich and purple chest. Return to the previous intersection and head east then north to the waystone. A green chest is south of the waystone, but you can't reach it yet. Save your game before fighting the boss.

Boss Battle

Hickory Dock's ability Tailspin will cause confuse, so switch to your Thumbelemur since he is resistant. Keep attacking with Mitey and when the boss reaches 50%, his Mousefire ability will backfire, leaving him open to attacks. Heal if your HP gets low, but the battle is pretty easy.

After the battle, you'll receive a new wand and the spell Frostbite. There is a new bounty hunt to pick up at Swift Solutions, Travelers' Torment, and new errands The Idle Wife, Notes from the Hills, The Procrastinator can be found around Ding Dong Dell. Northeast of Ding Dong Dell is a hidden forest glade you can enter that is not marked on the map. Forest Folk can be obtained from this one, plus a treasure. There are multiple other forest glades in the world that usually have two or three chests, so walk through any dense forests you find. Head to Golden Grove when you're ready to continue.

Golden Grove

  • Treasures:
    • Sandwich x2
    • Beast Fangs
    • Iced Coffee
    • Hoarfrost Harpoon (Blue chest)
    • Fairy Chocolate (Green chest)
    • Hocus Focus Gem (Purple chest)

Travel south to the first intersection and pick up the sandwich to the west. Return east and at the next split go east to find some mushrooms. Climb up and find more mushrooms to the northwest leading to a Beast Fangs accessory. Head back east and follow the path past more mushrooms. Further south, take the east path to find another sandwich. Backtrack a little to take the west path, then south to an iced coffee. West again ignoring the south and north paths containing small capped mushrooms. A blue chest holding a Hoarfrost Harpoon is in the northern part of the next area. Go south from the chests until you find a weird tree.

Stand next to the tree and cast Rejuvenate to hatch a familiar, then travel back the way you came. Eventually a scene will trigger and you'll have to follow the newborn to a missing page from the Wizard's Companion describing the Quicken Growth spell. The Seed Sprite will also join your team. Return to the small capped mushrooms and cast your new spell to open new paths (There's a green treasure that's out of your reach for now, but to reach it later you'll have to stand on the mushrooms near it). Head down the south path until you reach a waystone and...

Boss Battle

Attack Gladiataur with your Mite and Thumbelemur and eventually the boss will throw away his sword and shield. Continue pummeling him and defend or evade if he starts charging an attack. Eventually, Drippy will help out causing the boss to be open to attacks. Hit him enough times and a gold glim will appear.

After the battle, cast Rejuvenate on the empty spring and exit the grove. Head southeast into the desert and find the oasis city Al Mamoon.

Al Mamoon

  • Treasures:
    • White Bread x3
    • Strong Coffee (Blue chest)
    • Sandwich
    • 50 Guilders
    • Ruby Ripple Ice Cream (Green chest)

Head towards the inn to find a chest the three loaves of white bread in the courtyard. Inside the inn is a blue chest with a cup of strong coffee. Find the Hootique and grab the chest inside for a sandwich. A few errands can be obtained as well: A Half-Hearted Hubby, A Lover's Lunch Basket and Bothersome Boneheads. Bounty hunt A Duel in the Desert is also available after completing the previous errands.

You can find Horace next to a fountain assuming you found him in Ding Dong Dell. Cast Spirit Medium and he'll give you a page in the Wizard's Companion then ask you a question about the story. Answer "dragon of the west" and you'll receive the Draw Poison spell. Finally, south of the western fountain is 50 guilders. When you're finished, find and speak with Rashaad.

After the scene, return to Motorville and head south to find the girl Myrtle. Attempt to enter her house then try to unlock the front door with magic. Once that fails, head west to find Pea and Myrtle's house will be unlocked. After talking with Myrtle, save your game and head west to the auto repair shop.

Boss Battle

Rusty's Nightmare will blind you with Hard Heart and poison you with Foul Fumes. Defend against Hard Heart and heal when you're low on HP. Eventually he'll fall.

Talk to Myrtle's mother, Betty, after the battle to transfer some kindness from her to Rusty. Return to Myrtle for a scene and some courage then you can head back to Al Mamoon. Share some courage with Esther and she'll join your party along with her Drongo familiar. Oliver will also learn the Puppet String, Secret Ingredient, Magic Lamp and Pulse spells.

New sidequests are available: bounty Babana Thief and errands An Overdue Loan, Ice Cream Dreams and The King of Curries, the latter you can't complete until after finishing the next area. Leave the town and Drippy will lecture you on how to fight with another teammate. Head north to reach the Temple of Trials.

Temple of Trials

Follow the path to meet the Supreme Sage Solomon. After the meeting, talk to Umbopa to learn about the first two trials. Go west for the Test of Friendship and east for the Test of Wits.

Test of Friendship - This test involves controlling both Oliver and Esther with the left and right analog sticks, respectively. Stand on both colored switches to cause a path to slowly appear. Move both characters ahead before the path drops and avoid falling off the edges. It shouldn't be too hard, but the easiest way is to get a friend to control one character while you control the other.

Test of Wits - Stand on the gray tile near you and cast Puppet String to move the statues. Move the statues onto the four gray tiles in this order from left to right: beast, dragon, warrior and bird. In the next room, move the blocks so that the image looks complete. The diagram below shows the starting positions of the blocks and where they should go.

    BEFORE                           AFTER

 1 2 3 4 5 6 7                   1 2 3 4 5 6 7
A  a          A      a->4E      A             A
B            bB      b->2F      B        e    B
C             C      c->3C      C    c        C
D          c  D      d->6G      D             D
E      d      E      e->5B      E      a      E
F             F                 F  b          F
G    e        G                 G          d  G
 1 2 3 4 5 6 7                   1 2 3 4 5 6 7

In room three, move the bird to I, dragon to D, beast to A and warrior to B using the diagram below.

E     F

After completing the two tests save your game for the test of strength.

Boss Battle

Bashura has a shield on his back so avoid attacking from behind. Its special ability Devastation has a short charge time, so you'll have to be quick to defend. Switching between attacking with your Mite and healing with Oliver can be effective.

Solomon will grant you the Bridge and Broom Broom spells once you complete the test. But the greatest gift you'll receive is the ability to tame familiars and a new familiar of your choice (I chose Shonky-Honker). Talk to Solomon again to learn about metamorphosis where you'll be forced to metamorphose your Mite into Mighty Mite. Check the Familiar Retreat next to the waystone to receive some metamorphosis gems and 3 vials of Great Sage's Secrets. If you have any familiar tickets (via DLC), talk to Solomon to trade them.

With Esther's ability to tame familiars, you are free to use any familiar you wish for your party. I recommend giving each character a high defense familiar in order to improve their survivability. The Green Buncher found in the desert is a good choice for Esther, since it is one of her favored types.

Once you're done you can visit Al Mamoon for another errand (Desert Creatures), then head to the Smoky Mountains west of Al Mamoon. Use Bridge to cross the river of lava and enter Old Smoky.

Old Smoky

  • Treasures:
    • Spire of Fire Gem (Purple chest)
    • Moondrop
    • Flame Robes (Blue chest)
    • Sandwich
    • Phoenix Feather
    • Burning Blade
    • Pixie Dew (Green chest)
    • Strong Coffee
    • Cloud Cover

At the first intersection go east. A purple chest is to the south, so head north at the next fork where you'll find a moondrop. Continue north for awhile then west to a blue chest containing a set of flame robes and a couple other chests with a sandwich and phoenix feather. Go back and follow the eastern path until you reach a fork. Grab the burning blade to the northeast (which isn't very useful against enemies in the area) then continue along the other path.

Going past the next waystone, there is a green chest to the northwest. Ignore it and go northeast, using Frostbite to cross the lava. The next part has a three minute timer but I'm not sure if anything happens if you run out of time. First you'll have to shimmy across a narrow ledge avoiding jets of hot air. A chest with strong coffee is in a short diverging path visible on the mini map. Continue along the main path, past another lava river and you'll reach a fork. Enter the small area east to find a cloud cover, then return to the south path and cross another narrow ledge to the waystone before the boss.

Boss Battle

Moltaan wasn't very difficult, although I may have been overleveled. His Blazing Breath attack will leave flames around the field, so avoid walking into them. Attack the tail if possible and defend against his Tail Flail and Volcanic Roar. Use water magic and heal if your familiars are out of stamina.

Return to Al Mamoon for a scene and pick up the bounties Merchants' Menace and Magmadness. Errand Notes from a Volcano is also available. Drippy will now allow you to explore the area south of the desert where you can find Castaway Cove.

Castaway Cove

  • Treasures:
    • Sweetie Pie
    • Milk Chocolate
    • Sandwich
    • Fishburger (Blue chest)
    • Fling Flame Gem (Green chest)
    • Carnation Cake (Green chest)

First head to Swift Solutions and grab the sweetie pie from the chest along the way. Pick up bounties A Greedy Pirate Gang, A Starving Sea Monster and Researchers' Ruin. None of these can be completed yet, but two errands The Fisherman's Woe and A Snazzier Swimsuit can be. Inside Cat's Cradle is a bar of milk chocolate. Heading east you will come across a chest at the bottom of some stairs holding a sandwich. Continuing east along the docks will be a blue chest at the end of the first dock with a fishburger.

To continue, walk to the end of the docks to recover the stolen pot and return to the peddler. Save, then use the magic words "open says-a-me" to meet...

Boss Battle

Al-Khemi will use Alakaz...um... to draw a random weapon from his cauldron. I've seen him draw a flaming sword once and a parasol which left him open to attacks. His other ability, Hubble-Bubble, will have him withdraw into the cauldron and starting a countdown. Defend or evade before it reaches zero.

After the battle will be a tutorial on Alchemy. New formulae can be obtained by talking to people or completing certain errands. The woman with a basket on her head on a boat at the docks will give a few. A new errand The Young Alchemist is available as well. When you're finished, walk to the docks for a scene, then talk to the man at the last dock. Return to Al Mamoon and attempt to enter the palace. When the scene ends, head to Cat's Cradle and talk to the Purrprietor for another scene. Return to Motorville and try to enter Miss Leila's store. Head back to Al Mamoon and examine the milk fountain in the town square. Cast Secret Ingredient then talk to Abull to have an audience with the Cowlipha.

After the meeting, visit the various shopkeepers around town. Talk to the Cawtermaster to find who you're looking for and return to the palace. Share some of Abull's restraint with the Cowlipha and you'll receive a letter for the ship captain and spells Nature's Tongue and Burden. A few errands are now available in both Al Mamoon and Castaway Cove: A Boy and His Birds, A Heartless Wife and The Concerned Crab. At Castaway Cove head to the end of the docks for a boss fight.

Boss Battle

Swaine's Nightmare will cast Bad Dream to inflict sleep on all characters and Grudge to curse a single target. Other than those will be physical attacks, so keep attacking with your familiars and he will go down quickly.

After the battle, head to Cat's Cradle to find some extra restraint to give to Swaine. He'll join your group and show you how to reach green chests with his gun. Another green chest is underneath the inn, so stand on the opposite side to reach it. Complete the new errand Shop Till You Drop and head for the ship to continue.

Now that you have control of the Sea Cow, you can complete the earlier bounties. If you've been completing errands and bounties so far, you should be able to afford all the merit awards and if you buy them all, more will be unlocked. You can also find Horace again in Castaway Cove where he'll talk about Nazcaan script. Answer "finest fiber" and you'll receive the Vacate spell. Also, the Monolith creatures outside of Castaway Cove is a good defensive familiar for Swaine.

You're free to explore most of the world with the Sea Cow, but there are tough enemies everywhere you're not supposed to be. Even the beach by Ding Dong Dell has creatures that are difficult to handle. The only regions with easy enemies are the Crusoe Islands and the sea surrounding it. To continue, sail near the southern tip of the northeastern continent, but make sure you are prepared because you'll be stranded for a short while after.

Boss Battle

Shadar will cast a few different spells, but the one to defend against is Bleak Midwinter. This fight is either timed or will end after inflicting a small amount of damage.

After a couple scene you'll be shipwrecked on an island. Head for the center to find a village.

The Fairyground

  • Treasures:
    • 100 Guilders
    • Cheeseburger (Blue chest)
    • Strong Coffee
    • Poison Pinch Gem (Green chest)
    • Fishburger

Pretty small area, but there're quite a few fairies to talk to. Pick up 100 guilders in a chest to the east and a cheeseburger in a blue chest in a small nook east of the equipment shop. When you're done head north to get Drippy back. Climb down the ladder and you'll find a cup of strong coffee and Horace. Answer "crispy lettuce" and he'll tell about a spell he lost and give you an alchemy formula. A green chest is hidden atop a tree west of the walkable area. Stand near the ladder and walk south-southwest to see it. Return south and you'll see a chest with a fishburger. Visit the Cavity Club to the east to meet Smiley and Surly.

To find the eight pieces of art needed to fix them, talk to the fairies marked on the map. You'll have to cast various spells to help them including: Burden, Spring Lock, Rejuvenate, Secret Ingredient, Fireball, Levitate, Quicken Growth and Broom Broom. Levitate can be obtained by talking to the seagull near the entrance. Return to the Cavity Club and hand over the pieces of art to Smiley and Surly. When you're ready, talk to them again to enter Mummy's Tummy.

Mummy's Tummy

You can use the fourth room from the left to leave and reenter as you please. Enter the first room and save the little egg from the creature. Head to the rose room and save the littlies there. Continue saving the littlies from the rest of the rooms, then head east and take a ride on the slide.

Boss Battle

Royal Jelly's ability See Stars can inflict confuse. It will also summon several Jelly Babys once, so attacks that hit the entire field will be useful. The boss will also be open to attacks after summoning babies. Defend yourself against its strongest attack, Bolt from the Blue, using all-out defense.

Back outside, you'll receive the spells Shift Shape, Second Self, Mimic, Vanish, Werecat, Werefish, Shrink, Open Mind, Loaf of Life and Poison Apple. Head back to the Cavity Club for a scene, then leave the village and head back to the Sea Cow. After the scene, you head to Golden Grove for the errand Boars in the Bushes. There are also several errands in Fairyground: A Comedy of Errors, A Big Splash, Service Without a Smile, A Weak-Hearted Hubby, Tactless Timing and Notes from an Island. The last errand will lead you to the Crab Cave northwest of Fairyground. It contains a bunch of crabs, as well as a couple of chests holding a fishburger and water bomb gem.

Once you're finished, sail to the northeastern continent and head for the city of Hamelin. There is also a forest glade west of Hamelin where you can obtain a Lightning Bolt weapon and a purifying pulse gem from a green chest. Stand along the southern edge of the area close to the two people and face the chest to reach it.


  • Treasures:
    • Nix-Be-Gone
    • Strong Coffee
    • Confusion-Be-Gone
    • Cheeseburger (Blue chest)
    • Clockwork Cleaver (Green chest)
    • Tricksy Nixy Gem (Purple chest)

Once inside, Swaine will leave your party but will rejoin when you reach the northern part of the area. Continue north and talk to the guards in front of the palace. Pick up the bounties A Ghostly Machine and Cliff-Top Chaos from Swift Solutions, and you can start errands Mechanical Creatures, A Hearty Appetite, A Proposal Postponed, A Flower in the Fug and A Sister's Savior. Find Horace near the Hootique and speak with him. Answer "5" and he'll give you the very useful Chart Chests spell. Use it to locate the treasures within the city. The green chest can be reached by standing near the corner on the opposite side of the street.

Enter the black market and talk to the clerk there to receive disguises. Return to the palace and talk to the guards to enter. You'll need to sneak past some patrolling guard inside the palace. First wait for the guard to the north to turn his back, then follow him and hide in the nook nearby. Once the guard passes south, head east and avoid the guard circling the center. Continue southeast and hide in the nook on the eastern wall when the guards aren't looking. Wait for the eastern guard to pass by, then run to the exit to the north. Save and enter the manhole.

Boss Battle

Porco Grosso is strong against physical attacks and weak against storm magic. Its attacks include a frontal flame thrower Hog Roast, a ramming attack Road Hog, multiple cannon shots Porco Salvo and its biggest single target attack Gammon Cannon. Stay back to avoid the flame thrower and defend against Porco Salvo and Road Hog. Gammon Cannon should also be easy to evade.

Take the east exit after the fight for a scene, then exit the room for another. Leave the city and head southeast to an abandoned mine where an easy battle will take place. Return to the palace in Hamelin to receive the Arrow of Light spell. Exit the city again and go northwest, through the Ghostly Gorge, to the Tombstone Trail.

Tombstone Trail

  • Treasures:
    • Curse-Be-Gone
    • Cheeseburger
    • Black Blade (Green chest)
    • Dark Cloud Gem (Purple chest)
    • Misty Shroud
    • Avenger's Badge
    • Devil's Fang

You'll be given an alchemy formula for a new weapon for Swaine. North of the waystone is a curse trap. They appear in front of gravestones and you can avoid them with Levitate, but you may want to conserve your MP. Head east and repair the bridge with Rejuvenate. Pick up the curse-be-gone and continue along the path to another bridge. Grab the cheeseburger on the other side, then return and talk to the skeleton blocking your path. Cast Poison Apple for a scene and you'll receive a skeleton key to enter a future casino. Go southwest, and at the very end you can reach a green chest with a black blade. Head west since north is a dead end and eventually you'll come across a shack.

Save at the waystone and follow the path forward until you reach a dark tunnel. Use Magic Lamp to light the way as well as any candles you come across. Light all the candles in the cave to open the path forward. You should also find a couple chests holding a misty shroud and an avenger's badge (a curse trap is also in front of one chest). In the next area is a devil's fang inside a blue chest (with a curse trap near it). Follow the path to the final waystone before the boss.

Boss Battle

Use Arrow of Light to exploit Candelabracadabra's weakness. His charged attack Boo! will curse all characters but will only cause minor damage. Continue to use light attacks and he'll be left open to an all-out attack. The boss's other attack, Snuff Out, will inflict blind to all characters.

Pick up the Mornstar from the alter and you'll also receive the spell Breach Time. You still can't open purple chests yet, so return to Hamelin and visit the emperor. After the scenes, talk to Marcassin for some belief then cast Breach Time. Return the prince's belief to receive the spells Ward, Fuse and Insight. You'll also receive Travel which allows you to teleport to any place you've visited before. To add more pages to your Wizard's Companion, speak with the black market clerk and visit Father Oak in Deep Dark Wood.

Head to Swift Solutions for bounties Causing a Stink, Magmadder than Ever, Shell on Earth and Splash Damage. There are also several errands in various towns: Asleep on the Job, Piggy Paranoia, Research on the Rocks, Notes from the Tracks, Making Medicine, Pesky Pirates are in Hamelin, School's In, Strength to Soldier On in Ding Dong Dell, A Suspicious Mind in Al Mamoon and ...Where the Heart Isn't in Castaway Cove. Sail to Shipwreck Shore east of Castaway Cove and enter the forest glade in the southeastern area for the errand The Forest Alchemists.

As mentioned, you can head to the Temple of Trials to participate in the Solosseum Series. The Crypt Casino is also open in Tombstone Trail. In Hamelin, the man with gray hair in front of Swift Solutions will give you some alchemy formulae if you speak with him. Northeast of the Summerlands are the Swan and Ugly Duckling Islands. The creature Toko will appear there rarely, but if you manage to find and defeat one, it'll grant you over 2,000 experience points.

When you're finished, sail to the western edge of Summerlands to reach Skull Mountain.

Skull Mountain

Board the airship inside for a scene and boss fight.

Boss Battle

The Red Dragon's Dragonbreath attack will leave flames on the field and its Firestream will shoot a large beam in a straight line. Drippy will inform you to use poison, so switch to Swaine and use his Rotshot ability. It should end quickly after that.

After the battle, talk to the person on the side of the ship to receive more alchemy formulae. Talk to the Tengri the dragon and use Nature's Tongue, then speak with Kublai on the airship to receive another alchemy formula. Next, head to Motorville to find Tengri's soulmate. Speak with Myrtle in front of Leila's shop first, then talk to the dog Genghis with Nature's Tongue. Head over to Denny's house and speak with Genghis for another fight.

Boss Battle

Denny's Nightmare will use Oil Spill to cause quite a bit of damage to all characters. Defending against it should cause a gold glim to appear. It will also inflict sleep on a single target with Restless Sleep. Other than that, the battle is pretty straight forward.

Return to Skull Mountain and talk to Kublai who will hand over the Quake and Seek Fortune spells. The latter will show treasure chests on the local and mini map while exploring the world. The spell isn't actually needed, but you would have to spam the X button as there won't be an indication if you're near one. There are a total of 100 treasures to discover.

Head back to Motorville and mend Denny's heart. Visit Leila's shop before returning to Kublai once more. With your newfound ability of flight you can travel a lot faster and reach new places, but new towns are closed off. A new bounty Fiery Giant is available, but no new errands.

Fly over to the Solitary Isle and examine the monument there, then return to Kublai in Skull Mountain. Cast Insight on the map to learn where you have to go. A couple sky pirates will have errands The Mechanic's Lament and The Sky Pirate's Charm. Head over to a Swift Solutions for bounties Bewitched by a Beast, Catch the Fleeing Fiend and An Island in Crisis. New errands include With Friends Like These and A Tail of Woe in Ding Dong Dell, Artist's Block in Al Mamoon, Comedy Gold in the Fairyground, and A Crisis of Confidence in Hamelin. You should have enough merit stamp cards to afford all the second row merit awards.

The Vault of Tears

  • Treasures:
    • Espresso
    • Pie on the Bone (Blue chest)
    • Sage's Secret
    • Serpent Key (Blue chest)
    • Green Man's Cloak
    • Storm Serpent Scales (Green chest)
    • Steam Hammer (Purple chest)

Fly to the Shipwreck Shore to find the Vault of Tears. Walk through the passage to the next room for a scene where you'll end up transformed. You won't be able to cast spells or open chests in your new form, so follow the rainbow frog northeast to a flooded room. Swim to the western exit and through the square room to find a magic circle that will return you to normal. Pick up the espresso and you can go back to open a couple chests holding a pie on the bone and sage's secret, but don't stand in front of the statue at the beginning because it will curse you again.

Return to the square room and head north to find a prisoner. Free him from his cell with Spring Lock and lead him to the magic circle earlier. Speak with Prince Ali and you can check the back of his prison cell for clues. "Two firm friends play leapfrog, all across the floor... each one gamely going where the other was before." Cast Puppet String while on the center tile and switch the positions of the two statues (the frog tiles are pointless). Return to the now unflooded room and find the serpent key in a blue chest behind a magic circle (Levitate to avoid triggering the trap). Hop across some pillars to find a green man's cloak and open the green chest to the north for storm serpent scales. Save your game and enter the locked door.

Boss Battle

Aapep's Serpent Strike will do frontal storm damage. Black Bolt will shoot a beam in a straight line and Death Rattle will curse all targets but cause no damage. Drippy will inform you to use something heavy, so cast Burden with Oliver to leave the boss open to an all-out attack. Use fire attacks to exploit his weakness.

Black Porpoise

Take the Sea Cow and sail to the northern seas of Autumnia to find a large ghost ship. A fight will commence after a scene.

Boss Battle

Jetsam's Barrel Blast will shoot a fireball in a direct line, so get out of its way. He's strong against physical, but weak to storm.

Shortly after that will be...

Boss Battle

Arrow of Light is effective against Cap'n Crossbones. His special attack Plunder will drain life from a single target and Drippy will tell you to interrupt it. Hammock Hack is another single target attack that will inflict sleep, and Swashbuckler is a frontal wave attack. He is resistant to physical and dark attacks, but weak versus fire and light.


  • Treasures:
    • Cheeseburger
    • Phoenix Feather
    • Blunt Gem (Blue chest)
    • Soulshield Gem (Green chest)
    • Cappuccino

Fly to the Winter Isles and enter the town of Yule. Talk to the small ice fishing tomte near the north for some alchemy recipes. Enter the northeast igloo to find Horace. Answer "blizzard bloom" to receive Cloudburst. Pick up the errands A Mean-Hearted Hubby, A Shivering Wreck, A Hot New Look and Snow-Loving Creatures from around town. Bounty Sleighbell Hell is also available and another errand, Moving On, can be found in Sleety Hollow, a cave surrounded by cliffs southeast of Yule.

Talk to the tomte inside Swift Solutions to learn more about the Mornstar. If the tomte is blocking a treasure chest, walk into him and eventually you'll go through him. Spend the night at Cat's Cradle, then visit the village elder in the northern igloo for some winter clothes. Buy a blazing blade if you have blade wielding familiars and head into the Glittering Grotto.

Glittering Grotto

  • Treasures:
    • Frosty Flan
    • Snow-White Ice Cream
    • Phoenix Breath
    • Sage's Secret
    • Chocolate Bonbons
    • Bluster Blade
    • Medal of Agility
    • Holy Shield (Green chest)
    • Phoenix Tear (Green chest)
    • Snowball Gem
    • Helm of Hamelin (Purple chest)

At the first intersection, take the narrow bridge south to find a couple chests containing a frosty flan and snow-white ice cream. Backtrack and take the bridge west and find a phoenix breath. Go north and hop across the ice pillar only to have it break. Follow the path and take the south path at the fork to find a tomte. Walk through the wall next to him if you want to return to the entrance.

Continue north and cast Pulse at the gap to create a way across. Next, cast Fireball to remove some icicles blocking the path. At the next intersection, go east and melt the icicles to reach a sage's secret. Go back north melting any icicles in your way and you'll find a handful of chocolate bonbons. When you reach a path sloping down, look for hanging icicles to break. Find your way down to the new bridge and hop across to find another gap. Cast Pulse and grab the bluster blade.

Backtrack a little and walk to the end of the path west to reach a green chest with a holy shield. Melt both icicle bridges you created to find a medal of agility behind a fake wall and to open the path forward. Take the eastern path and look for a fake wall after crossing the ice bridge to find a snowball gem. Continue along until you reach a waystone. West of the waystone is another fake wall that leads to a purple chest and further south is a green chest with a phoenix tear. Save at the waystone and head north to the boss.

Boss Battle

Cerboreas's attacks can easily knock down your characters and his Cold Bolder ability sends an ice ball to stun a single target. Drippy will tell you to use fire which is pretty obvious. Howling Blizzard will hit all targets for water damage which you'll want to defend against, especially if your familiar is weak to it.

Once you've acquired all three magic stones, there will be a couple new errands in Yule: Yule Have to Search and Notes from the Snow. Head over to Hamelin and speak with Marcassin in the palace. Leave the palace and speak with the spirit that appears, then leave Hamelin. Fly to southern Billy Goat's Bluff to the west and enter Perdida. Billy Goat's Bluff also has a rare enemy known as Tokotoko. This guy can escape during battle, but if you manage to defeat it, you'll receive over 8,000 experience points.


  • Treasures:
    • Patty Cake
    • Hot-Blooded Badge (Green chest)
    • Snowdrop Bonbons
    • Fruit Flan
    • Pixie Dew (Blue chest)
    • Nostrum (Purple chest)

Once you're inside, explore the town and grab any treasures. Stand on the corner of the grass patch near he peddler to reach the green chest. Inside Swift Solutions is Horace where he'll talk about Nazcaan script again. Answer "old smoky" and you'll receive Veil. Enter the western building and talk to the elderly woman there. Leave the house and head north for a fight.

Boss Battle

Khulan's Nightmare has a couple damaging abilities that target all characters and inflict status abnormalities: Pitch Black causes blind and Cruel Rain causes poison. Cruel rain will also leave poisonous puddles on the field. Use all-out defense to reduce the damage of these attacks and all-out attack afterwards.

Mend the queen's heart after the battle and the town's citizens will also be mended. Next, talk to the hooded boy outside the building you were in and the guard who let you enter town for some alchemy recipes. Talk to Khulan and start the ceremony to return Mornstar to its true form. You'll gain Healing Hand, Fortune's Fool and Unleash with the Mornstar's power and will also be able to unlock purple chests.

There are purple chests in various towns and dungeons, but also forest glades and caves. Here are a few:

  • Alchemist's Cave - Cave north of Castaway Cove (Starspun Tunic)
  • Bungler's Bay forest glade (Brinkman's Badge)
  • Shipwreck Shore forest glade (Night Blade)
  • No Longer Mine forest glade (Medal of Valor)
  • Turtle Crag forest glade (Enigma Armor)
  • Hermitage (Sorceress's Robes)

The Hermitage is a cave on the southwestern most island on the world map and can only be reached via ship because the surrounding fog will prevent Tengri from landing there. Bring along the following items and familiars:

Talk to the various creatures in the cave with Nature's Tongue and fulfill their requests. Once you've helped all of them, talk to the Tokotoko in the northwest corner to receive a Name Tag which will allow you to change your familiars' names at a Familiar Retreat.

Five errands are available in Perdida: A Down-Hearted Wife, Out of This World, Beating a Bad Back, The Hungry Llapaca and More Creatures. There are also errands in other towns: Big Babana Love in Al Mamoon, Unrequited Love in Castaway Cove, A Woman's Best Friend in Hamelin and Cold as Ice in Yule. A Cold-Hearted Hubby is also available in Ding Dong Dell if you've completed its prerequisites. Three bounties are also available: Icy Giant, A Kingdom on the Brink and Magmageddon.

Proceeding with the story, visit Queen Lowlah in Al Mamoon first, then King Tom in Ding Dong Dell. After the scene in front of the palace, return south to the Cawtermaster's Shop and talk to the clerk. Leave the store and head to the roof of the center building to find Pip the mouse. Speak with him and return to Motorville. Save your game and find Philip behaving strangely in Oliver's front yard.

Boss Battle

Philip's Nightmare will cast Rain of Terror which will inflict a random status ailment on all characters. Using Oliver to spam Arrow of Light and switching to an evading familiar when the boss starts charging can be quite effective. The nightmare also casts Ill Will for dark damage and has pretty strong physical attacks.

Mend Philip's heart after the battle with some of Oliver's own ambition and return to the other world. New errands are available again: Mamooni Idol in Al Mamoon, What Fishermen Want in Castaway Cove, The March of Progress in Hamelin, Llapacking it In in Perdida and A Change of Heart in Ding Dong Dell.

Find Pip in Ding Dong Dell to regain the holy wood and take it to King Tom. Next, head to Hamelin and speak with the ghost in front of the palace for a gustplume. Enter the palace and speak with Marcassin to obtain the Clarion. Travel to Perdida and exit north to reach the Miasma Marshes. The area before it, the Road to Ruin, contains the creature Firefry which does not appear anywhere else. If you wish to have its creature compendium entry complete, defeat one here. Thanks to EgHeadFool for this information.

Miasma Marshes

  • Treasures:
    • Espresso
    • Dead Man's Duds (Blue chest)
    • All-Be-Gone
    • Fruit Flan
    • Fiend's Fang (Blue chest)
    • Tonic
    • Night Armor (Purple chest)
    • Sprite Dew (Green chest)

There are pools of poison on the ground, so cast Levitate to avoid getting poisoned. Go west first to find an espresso and dead man's duds, then turn back and take the northeast path. Grab the all-be-gone to the north, then follow the path south until you reach another intersection. Pick up the fruit flan to the east and continue west. At another intersection go north for a fiend's fang. Head west to find yet another intersection and go north for a tonic. West again is a poisonous path leading south to a suit of night armor. Continue moving forward and northwest to reach a green chest with a sprite dew. Finally, head east to find a waystone before a long path to...

Boss Battle

Vileheart is weak against light, so use Oliver and Arrow of Light. His Vile Breath attack will inflict poison on your party, but no damage. Viledriver is a damaging wide area attack that can stun and Drippy will inform you to defend against it. Do so and he'll be open to attacks. The boss has a lot of HP, so the battle might last a while.

After the battle will be a couple scene and you'll end up at Perdida controlling Esther. Leave town to find Swaine and more scenes where you'll receive the Mornstar spell.

Boss Battle

Vileheart (II) will have a new attack Vilence that hits a single target and will still use Viledriver, but you have Mornstar that will take care of him in about four castings. He also has Vile Roar which will hit all target for decent damage and inflict curse.

Return to the Miasma Marshes and take the warp to the end. Continue forward to reach Nevermore.


  • Treasures:
    • Sage's Secret (Blue chest)
    • Phoenix Breath
    • Sprite Dew
    • Dragon Lance
    • Griffin's Teeth
    • Shield of the Pure
    • Nostrum
    • Boarlord's Armor (Green chest)
    • Giant's Ax (Green chest)
    • All-Be-Gone (Blue chest)
    • Radiant Blade (Purple chest)
    • Great Sage's Secret

Enter the castle and go east at the crossroads to find a sage's secret. Take the west path next and examine the orb to open the north path. Go up the stairs and pick up the phoenix breath to the left and activate the orb to the right. Continue forward, picking up the sprite dew along the way. The camera and controls might start to become disorienting, but the map will still be the same. Go up the stairs and head north to find a dragon lance, then follow the south path to find another crossroad. Grab the griffin's teeth to the west and shield of the pure to the south, then go north for a nostrum. A green chest with a boarlord's armor can also be reached from the opposite side of the nostrum.

Enter the door to a circular room and stand at 7 o'clock to reach another green chest on a pillar holding a giant's ax. North is a dead end, so go south into another hall. The first door contains an all-be-gone, the second room is empty and the third has an orb to activate. Grab the radiant blade past the newly created stairs, then the great sage's secret at the top of them. Activate the orb inside the next room, then return to the circular room and climb the stairs. Save at the waystone and enter the throne room.

Boss Battle

Shadar's normal spells include Pyre which targets a single target and leaves flames on the field, and Fell Wind which is a frontal fan attack. Bleak Midwinter will cause water damage to your party and leave freezing spots on the field. Evenstar is his ultimate ability that you should defend against. You can spam Mornstar with Oliver and he should go down fairly quickly, but you might want to conserve MP.

You won't recover before the next fight so you might need some coffee items.

Boss Battle

Eternal Knight will use Dark Aegis to raise its magic defense. He can use his shield to reduce frontal damage, but he doesn't always have it raised. His ability Onslaught will hit all targets and Drippy will tell you to interrupt it. Using Arrow of Light might be more efficient since it has a shorter cast time and cooldown.

Fortunately, you'll have full HP and MP at the start of the next fight.

Boss Battle

The Dark Djinn will swipe his hand across the area in front of him with Fell Sweep. Circles of Hell will cause multiple magical circles to appear on the field, so avoid walking into them. He will shoot a green beam of energy out of his right hand and a red beam from his left with Despair and Blast from Beyond, respectively. The beams shoot straight down the field, so stand in the middle to avoid both attacks. Drippy will tell you to defend before he casts World's End that will leave him open to attacks. Mornstar is more efficient than Arrow of Light, but make sure it doesn't get interrupted.

Once these battles are over, you'll receive Evenstar. After a lengthy scene, you'll end up back at Ding Dong Dell. Check the Familiar Retreat for three phoenix tears plus firewall, snowblower and thunderstorm gems. You won't be able to leave town, but you can enter Ding Dong Well if you want to fight something. Head to the palace for a scene, then talk to King Tom for a happy farewell.

Iron Wyvern

Or not... after a couple scene, you'll gain a new party member. Only Esther and Swaine can be switched out of your party, but then you wouldn't be able to tame new familiars or steal items depending on your choice. Anyway, you won't be able to leave the Iron Wyvern, so head to Motorville and return to Oliver's home. While here, check the desk in Oliver's mother's room for an addition to the Wizard's Companion, then speak with Pea in Oliver's room and take her to the other world. One more scene and you'll be back in Ding Dong Dell.

The enemies here do not belong to any genus, but they do have entries in the creature compendium. Fight the creatures here and the other two cities because they will not appear anywhere else. The entries in the compendium are numbered 387 to 396. Thanks to EgHeadFool for this information. Enter the palace to fight...

Boss Battle

King Tom XIV seems quite slow to attack and his only ability is Royal Roar, which is a frontal attack, so keep hacking away and don't waste any MP. Once his HP reaches zero, he'll recover and stand on his hind legs. He'll gain the abilities Cat Slap and Itchy Scratchy, the former will hit a single target and the latter will hit the entire party with dark damage and cause poison. Try evading or defending against them. He has a lot of HP so you might want to save MP for healing. You might also want to try stealing from him.

When you're back on the Iron Wyvern, you'll be able to travel across the world again, but first head to Ding Dong Dell for the errand The Cat's Whiskers. Head over to the Grave of the Sage to find Horace once more. The clue reads "mix black stroke of first and second spell to make another that will serve you well." Answer "unleash" to receive the Thunderstorm spell. When you're finished, head over to Al Mamoon's palace to encounter...

Boss Battle

Queen Lowlah, like the previous boss, she has two phases. During the first, she'll use Royal Rush and Haughty Snort, both of which are frontal attacks. She will also do a side roll that will knock down anyone in its path. For phase two, Drippy will tell you to use Burden which, if successful, will leave her open to attacks. Defend or evade immediately against Flying Cow, an attack that hits all targets and stuns. She also uses Haughty Huff, which is a frontal breath attack.

Return to Al Mamoon for the errand The Artist's Muse and then travel to Hamelin. The city warps are inactive, so you'll have to reach the palace by foot.

Boss Battle

Use storm attacks against Porco Loco, since physical ones are ineffective. Its Pigshot is a single target fire attack that's easy to defend against. In phase two, it'll use Pork Scrappings that'll hit everyone on the field. I had familiars with strong storm magic, so the battle ended pretty quickly.

An alchemy formula for a weapon for Swaine will be given to you after the battle. On the Iron Wyvern, speak with Pea to leave, then head to Al Mamoon for the errand Curry in a Hurry and to Hamelin for Wakey, Wakey. The Spring Realm's fog has dissipated allowing Tengri to land, but only on the ground drawing on the east side of the continent. Walk around the area to reach the structure on a pillar. A faded ground drawing before the bridge can be Rejuvenated to allow Tengri to land there.

Check the three flowerpots at the edges of the alter, then check the center pedestal. After the scenes, travel to Castaway Cove to pick up bounties Vicious Venom, Save the Researchers and Terror on the Tundra, as well as errand Notes from the Fog. Return to the Iron Wyvern and speak with Kublai. After resting, speak with Smiley and Surly to learn that they've opened a weapon shop. When you're prepared, talk to Marcassin a couple times to assault the Ivory Tower.