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  1. I have an orange Guncon 3 for Time Crisis 4 that can be use in TC4, all are set up nicely even i can play the TC4 but when i try on the Razing Storm i couldn't calibrate as i was stuck at the crosshair setting options when i try to press the trigger nothing happens, does the Guncon 3 really can use in the Razing storm game? any help is appreciated.

    User Info: ykleong2002

    ykleong2002 - 8 years ago


  1. I have both orange and black guncon 3. I have never try playing with the orange one. So far with the jap guncon, I have no problem calibrating and can play well. My psn I'd is KING_kid6 and I got up to 3rd rank for rs arcade mode in the internet ranking using guncon 3. So it should be no problem.

    Probably your guncon is broken

    User Info: Lee_yo

    Lee_yo - 8 years ago 0   0

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