• Trophies

    APPRENTICE GATEKEEPERAs a Red Hacker, hack into an enemy and win.Bronze
    ARTISANEquip a PLUG-IN for the first time.Bronze
    ARTISTObtain all PLUG-INS.Silver
    BETRAYEDDiscover Fernandez's betrayal.Bronze
    BIRTHExperience the wonder of birth as a Wanderer.Bronze
    BLUE BLOODWin 50 times as a Blue Hacker.Silver
    BLUE COATWin 5 times as a Blue Hacker.Bronze
    BLUE HACKERAs a Blue Hacker, defeat a Mind Hacked enemy for the first time.Bronze
    BLUE HELMETWin 20 times as a Blue Hacker.Bronze
    BREAKTHROUGHEscape the security cordon.Bronze
    COMBO KINGDefeat 10 enemies in a row using attack combos.Bronze
    CONFESSIONALDiscover Rebecca's link to Jim's wife.Bronze
    CONTACTSuccessfully make contact with Rebecca at San Mira Airport.Bronze
    COUNTERATTACKSuccessfully join forces with Rebecca to repel the terrorist attack.Bronze
    DIGGING DOWNDig down into the truth behind the attack at the airport.Bronze
    GATEKEEPERAs a Red Hacker, successfully defeat 50 Mind Hacked enemies.Bronze
    GUARDIANAs a Blue Hacker, successfully defeat 50 Mind Hacked enemies.Bronze
    GUN WHEEL GURUMind Hack a Gun Wheel and defeat 20 enemies.Bronze
    GURUReach Level 50.Gold
    HACKERReach Level 30.Silver
    HEAD CASETake out 30 enemies with head shots.Bronze
    HONORARY CITIZENMind Hack 100 citizens.Bronze
    HOTHEADDefeat an enemy within 1 second of them being Mind Hacked.Bronze
    I KNOW KUNG FUDefeat 100 enemies using Attack Combos.Bronze
    MEDICHeal 20 people.Bronze
    MIND HACKERMind Hack successfully for the first time.Bronze
    MIND HACKERClear half of the scenes with Hackers present.Gold
    MOWER MANUse a Finishing Blow on 50 damaged enemies.Bronze
    MULTI-TASKERMind Slave 4 enemies at once.Bronze
    MURDEROUS MACHINEMind Hack a Quick Draw and defeat 10 enemies.Bronze
    NEWBIEReach Level 5.Bronze
    PERFECT HACKERObtain all trophies.Platinum
    PIECE OF THE PUZZLEObtain an important piece of the NERKAS puzzle.Bronze
    PUPPET MASTERSuccessfully Mind Slave 255 times.Bronze
    PUSH THE TRUTH BUTTONSuccessfully press on to confont Andrew Gardner.Bronze
    PYRRHIC VICTORYUncover the truth, but lost something valuable.Bronze
    QUICK MOVERWorking with Fernandez, make good time to NERKAS Campus.Bronze
    RECEPTIONISTIn Host Play, be hacked into by a Red Hacker for the first time.Bronze
    RED CAPWin 5 times as a Red Hacker.Bronze
    RED DEVILWin 50 times as a Red Hacker.Silver
    RED FLAGWin 20 times as a Red Hacker.Bronze
    RED HACKERAs a Red Hacker, defeat a Mind Hacked enemy for the first time.Bronze
    REUNIONJoin forces with comrade in arms, Fernandez.Bronze
    SCRATCHERMind Hack a Swarmer and defeat 10 enemies.Bronze
    SEARCHSearch the port of hidden bodies.Bronze
    SHIELD10 people engaged as bullet shields get defeated.Bronze
    STARIn Host Play, get hacked into by over 100 Hackers.Silver
    STREET RIPPERMind Hack a Titan and defeat 10 enemies.Bronze
    TERMINAL DEPARTUREEvade enemy forces and escape San Mira Airport on the monorail.Bronze

    Contributed By: R351D3NT3V1L4.

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