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Reviewed: 03/16/11

Race Fast, Bust Faster

Criterion Games, the creator of my favorite racing series, Burnout, bring Need For Speed back to where it is best at. Need For Speed Hot Pursuit, is like other NFS games, focuses on Cop chases with equipments/weapons. This is by far the first game in NFS series to have an E3 award since it's original version of Hot Pursuit 11 years ago.

Graphics/Appearance: 9.5
Look how environmental the whole County is! From zigzag portions of snowy mountain in Eagle Crest to the relaxing and enjoyable coastal roads of West Coast to a high-speed frenzy Boulder Desert. Little known fact that Seacrest County is 98.9% rural. About the detailed when driving on wet concrete, you merely see the reflection of your car below and rivals' too.

Sounds/Music: 8
Soundtracks are.....a OK but Cop pursuit musics are more epic. So far 2 of the songs just added to my favorite musics list. BUT STILL, you can also play your own musics saved in the playlist of your PS3 (in my case, Vocaloid). Now for the SFX! You'll be experiencing eargasm on the engines of the cars, especially the Zonda Cinque's which the latest update (v1.02) put it's engine sound more roar!

Controls: 10
Default controls are based from Criterion's own recent masterpiece, Burnout Paradise. In fact for those who played Burnout will no longer be difficult to take over.

Gameplay/Performance: 9.5
It may be simple but it is well indeed fun! Each vehicles have different performances.....and personalities. Also, Cop cars do more on acceleration and top speed so that Coppers will have their chance to catch up Racers. The County isn't just plain ol' map, it also has obstacles like hairpin corners, rocks/buildings on shortcuts, and most notably, traffic. Life is a highway. Both Cops and Racers can use their weapons that can help them during pursuits. The most important thing in the whole game is the new Autolog system. Autolog let's you challenge friends by beating their times on respective events.

Replay Value: 9
Autolog alerts you about your friends that recently beat your times and prompts you to beat theirs by playing a Career event. If you want more challenge and fun, you can play online for those who have an Online Pass code redeemed. While for those who don't have, they would have set to 3 if they got bored of doing online events.

Overall: 9
Need For Speed Hot Pursuit is like Burnout, with crazy busts that leaves racers in the dust. Well-made and well-crafted. Superb! So I'm giving this a 9 as the best driving game I've ever played. Sometimes, you may find yourself sobbing during online as crashing your car is Cops' favorite luck. Survive at all costs. Happy busting!

This is PSaddict (a.k.a. OveReAction), Over and out!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (US, 11/16/10)

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