Review by Kracov

Reviewed: 12/03/10

Very unpleasant racing game

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit was an excellent game when it was originally released for the Playstation. However, the PS3 "version" seems much more like a Burnout game. And don't get me wrong, the Burnout games were entertaining, but NFS shouldn't take the direction of Burnout, EVER. The constant barrage of cops, oncoming traffic, mostly unavoidable roadblocks, weapons (spike strips), rubber band AI, all made this a very unpleasant game.

Gameplay- NFS:HP plays like a spam-fest of nitrous usage, cop and traffic dodging, weaponry (using spike strips or EMP on enemies), and a never-ending stream of variations of the Sprint mode. This is a different direction for the NFS franchise. It feels like a death match game where you have to total the cop cars (which is optional), avoid spike strips and the other weapons, use your own weapons, all the while avoiding the walls and other cars. In Pursuit modes, cops are involved and that means many roadblocks, cops and spike strips that are sure to put you in last place every mile.

The only rewards for completing races are just new cars and races. Each of the unlocked new cars aren't always "faster" either. There is no real customization of the cars (something I have come to really enjoy), other than a few body paint colors. It doesn't seem to have circuit races, which were an excellent staple of nearly all of the NFS games.

One thing that's missing is the handling stat (steering)- In previous games this was necessary to determine whether a car is suitable for you. Especially since the first dozen cars seem to have very poor handling, at least for cornering and swerving away from traffic. I kept having to handbrake on almost every big/sharp curve which always resulted in the other AI racers to speed ahead of me. Many times, I found myself way behind on the fastest racer for several minutes even if I were going at +160 mph and successfully dodging obstacles.

Graphics- Very nice graphics, just like any Need for Speed game on the PS3. Sadly this seems to be the only "good" thing about the game.

Replay Value- Essentially none, as it wasn't very enjoyable for me.

Recommendation- Overall, this is an extremely annoying game with poor controls, and overwhelming obstacles. Stay away from this game, even if you are an experienced NFS veteran. I doubt that most NFS fans would fully enjoy everything the game has to offer. Thankfully I had only rented the game.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Product Release: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (US, 11/16/10)

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