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Reviewed: 02/06/12

BF3 Vs MW3

"Epic First Person Shooter Battle of the year MW3 vs BF3 who win who lost, you decide."

Tag ....i'm in .. lets run down the list of this supposed new content:

Tweaked gun play yes the realistic recoil is nice in MW3 but bullet fall nope that piece of realism goes to BF3

Maps ...Epic set pieces this is a dead heat tie, both games are amazing visually when it comes to the Maps. Environmental Destruction is the BF 3 Edge. The Frost Bite 2 engine is just a class ahead of the IW Engine 3.0 where as the IW engine is designed to move particles around at an extreme level with a focus on HDR lighting an effects. The Frost Bite 2 engine is designed to move particles an allow for fully destructible enviorment's on a lager scale while support multiple physics engines for different vehicles, an aircraft all at once. The one off is that MW3 runs at a silky smooth 60 fps versus BF3's 30. That 60 fps is a contributing factor to the unique smoothness to the controls found in MW3 but as nice as the old girl has been shined up ...the IW Engine 3.0 is getting long in the tooth.

The maps are what differentiate the games from one another requiring a separate skill set for being succesfull MW3 is more of a close combat arena type game with tight corners an well defined corridors for engaging the enemy. BF3 is a lot more open an you engage the enemy at a longer range an the pen space's forces you to rely on team team tactics rather then a lone wolf style of play.

The Maps are what really make this a comparing apple to oranges deal. the games while modern shooters cater to a different mindset among players. but if I had to choose BF3 leans more toward a more realistic representation of an actual war time setting.

Audio wise Dice have proven to be legendary when it comes to replicating the sounds of war. And if you have the system to support it nothing comes close to the fidelity you get using the War Tapes setting. This is another area that Infinity Ward is being out paced but special note should me mention MW3 for there single player story mode s mixture of realistic chatter mixed with ambient sound that if you are a true military nut is very accurate.

Controls nod goes to MW3 despite BF3 having a lot more going on at once... as mentioned earlier the 60 fps lends to the smoothness that you can feel when targeting an after several years of hands on tweaking with the IW Engin 3.0 they can pull amazing accuracy when it comes to designing & utilizing the hit detection. just as the Audio goes to BF3 Controls go to MW3 its all about fidelity. an striking the balance between realism an fun.

Finally I touch on graphics.... both game are amazing but the Texture pack puts BF3 ahead but not for the reasons you may think. but games while similar in nature are stylistically different. so its really a matter of personal taste. but all things considering you really have to take on the totality of whats going on at any one point of the game an watching jets an planes fighting in the air , while tanks pummel each other on the ground an teams of soldiers go to take an objective is a more complete vision of the battlefield. especially when you combine that with the semi destructible environmental madness that makes for a complete picture. In MW3 favor though an this is not to be sold short is focus of vision. MW3 has a single minded laser focused vision of what it wants multiplayer to be, an it doesn't veer.... an that the MW3 edge.

So who wins in this stack up ... this epic first person shooter battle of history?....

We do. when companies compete its good for us ... the gamer. Not only do we have two great products to choose from. There moving the industry in a positive direction. an there adding more an more content to capture our dollars an attention. an thats how its suppose to be.

Two Camps ..Two separate visions.... all very passionate. Congrats EA an Infinity Ward for once you have both done your job of providing a great product an keeping the other honest. An we the fans appreciate it.

both camps enjoy our game. there both good for different reasons an stand as shining examples of why they should be the leaders of there genera.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (US, 11/08/11)

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