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Trophy Guide by Nymph

Updated: 04/10/15

Sims 3 is one of my favorite leisure games. Its unique design allows the 
gamer to create a semi-realistic family and tend to its realistic needs.
From fishing to bathing, exercising to growing hamburger plants, you will
always have something to entertain your Sim and yourself. One of the 
best parts of this game is the relaxed atmosphere, in which you can
create your dream home, build your business, or fight your way to the
top of whichever career path you choose. However you choose to play,
you'll always find a challenge for which you can earn an achievement. 
In this guide, I'll be telling you how to find and complete every challenge
in the game.


Baby Steps
-You earn this trophy by creating an eligible family. "Eligible" meaning a 
family with an adult.

-After you've earned the Baby Steps trophy, you'll start an in-game tutorial. 
You can either read through this tutorial or spam the R1 button until the 
tutorial ends.

How You Doin'?
-This is activated when you reach the first level of the Charisma skill. The 
easiest way to earn this trophy is to head over to the Town Hall and take a 
Charisma class. 

Wishful Thinker
-Promise and grant 10 of your Sim's wishes. These pop up in the righthand 
corner's status box. The easiest wishes are the ones you get when you have 
a baby in the house (feed, hold,play with, and buy cheap toys for the baby).

What Goes Around
-Once you've collected enough Karma points, you can buy a power which 
can have either a good or bad effect on your Sim or surrounding Sims. The 
first time you use a power, you'll get this trophy. In my opinion, the most 
entertaining one is Ghostify... Terrifies the neighbors when you use it on 
their children.

-You have to reach the best friend reationship status in order to earn this 
trophy. It's easiest todo this with pets (requires the pets add-on). They 
never tire of treats and lovin's, so you can repeat interactions.

Sim About Town
-Find an event, I'd suggest using the newspaper and looking for a music 
festival, attend that event, and interact with a few items relevant to that 
event. Once you've "experienced" the event, you'll get this trophy.

It's a Date
-Flirt with another Sim until you reach the love interest relationship status, 
then invite them out to a movie or dinner and enjoy the date (and the 
trophy). You may want to do this one when you have a married couple in 
the house.

You Never Forget Your First
-This one's pretty obvious, just build up enough romantic gestures to make 
someone your love interest, then kiss the Sim. If you're a young adult and 
up, you cannot kiss children and teens.
-You can knock out two trophies by doing this with a maid.

Woo Hoo!
-If you've played the game, you'll know how to earn this trophy. You'll 
need to learn a bit about the birds and the bees, or romance a Sim enough 
to get them in bed. Easiest to do if you make a family with a married 

Climbing the Ladder
-Your Sim needs to reach level five of a job in order to earn this trophy. I'd 
suggest setting your Sims to the highest possible independence level and 
leaving them to themselves on fastforward while you take a nap.

That New Car Smell
-All you need is 1,100 simoleons to get this one. You earn it by buying a 
parking space and placing it on your lot, then buying the cheapest car (the 
Sloppy Jalopy). You can buy a nicer car if you'd like, but you'll have to 
wait a little bit.

Not Twice, but 10 Times
-Check for an opportunity in the aforementioned status box tab. The 
easiest way to get opportunities is to have one Sim in your house cook for 
everyone. Eventually, you'll get up to a high enough level to be sent 
requests such as "Cook burgers for the firemen," or "Grill for a party." 
Complete ten to earn the trophy. 

This is so Meta
-This is best to do when you have the karma points to buy the needs 
replenishing power. You'll have to watch television for ten consecutive 
hours, then play video games for ten more. Make sure that, if you leave 
your Sim alone, the Sim is on puppet mode. This way they won't stand up 
and screw up the challenge. The reason for the replenishing power is that 
you can't get up to do anything for 10-20 hours.

I Double Dare Ya
-I seem to remember there being a Sim's exploration/adventure challenge 
involving a zombie bear in the local graveyard (never was killed by the 
bear, never even knew it existed until I was told I avoided it). You have to 
go to the local graveyard, then find the small building a few feet from the 
entrance. These are the catacombs, if you choose to explore them around 
11 at night, your Sim will be in a bad mood for quite some time, but you'll 
get a trophy.

-This one can actually make you a bit of money. You'll need to write a 
book in order to get this trophy. Like the meta challenges, you'll probably 
just want to make your Sim a puppet and have him/her sit on the computer, 
writing at full speed while you replenish their needs occasionally. If your 
Sim isn't a bookworm, this may take a while. It's much faster when you 
have the bookworm trait, a nice computer, and a comfortable chair. I'd 
suggest starting out with fiction, if you don't mind small royalty checks.

Epic Party
-Same as the Meta one, I earned it by mistake. I've maxed out my lifetime 
happiness rewards on all of my sims, so I had the legendary host bonus. I 
believe it costs 5,000 lifetime happiness points. Once you have the 
legendary host bonus, all of the parties you throw will be "awesome." 
Throw an awesome party, and you'll earn the trophy.

Partners in Crime
-Once you've got 15k simoleons, you'll be able to complete this challenge. 
It will cost this much to partner up with the Paragon Charity (thieves 
guild), and it'll take six weeks to get the money back because each week 
you get 2500. Once you've become a business partner with the "charity", 
you'll earn the trophy. Spend enough money, and you'll own the business.

-To get this trophy, all you'll need to do is enter Build and Buy mode, then 
choose create a style. You'll need twenty total different styles on any 
object(s) to earn the trophy. You can either do it the way that I did it, and 
edit rugs, drapes, and furniture so that they match over time, or you can 
choose one item and repeatedly change and save the styles until you hit 

Once a Parent, Always a Parent
-If you've completed the Woo Hoo challenge, you'll already have the 
option to try for a baby. Do this enough, and your Sim will wind up 
pregnant. I'm not sure, but you might be able to adopt a child to earn this 

Be Excellent to Each Other
-You can earn this one by granting your Sim's wishes. You might not want 
to use the Karma powers while you're trying to get this trophy, seeing as 
they do a lot of damage.

Home is Where the Simoleons Are
-For this achievment, if you buy a nice house in the beginning, you'll be 
okay. All you need to do is own a home with a furnished value of at least 
35k Simoleons. You can quickly upgrade your home's value by finding 
jewels and other treasures by digging.

Not Dead Yet
-The aforementioned Karma powers include a power called Divine 
Intervention, which is used to ressurect a fallen Sim. Aim the beam at your 
choice Sim's ghost and activate it when using the karma power to resurrect 
him or her and you'll recieve the trophy. 

Mad Skillz
-You'll have to hit at least two milestones in the Sim's Skill Journal to earn 
this one. Here are the milestones I find to be most relevant and easiest to 

-To reach the Celebrity milestone, your Sim needs to know 25 other Sims 
(including the other Sims you made in the family).
-To reach the Personable milestone, your Sim needs to know at least 50 
traits of other Sims. This is easiest if you're a journalist, because you can 
interview Sims and get this done in no time.
-To reach the Super Friendly milestone, your Sim needs to have at least 20 
other Sims actively holding the Friend, Good Friend, or Best Friend status. 
If you have a charismatic Sim throw a party with people of a lower status, 
then make the Sim completely independent, you'll have this one down in 
no time.
-To reach the Everybody's Best Friend milestone, your Sim needs to have 
at least 10 other Sims actively holding the Best Friend status. Once again, 
if you have a charismatic Sim you ought to throw a party with all Good 
Friends and some Friends.
-To reach the Comedian milestone, your Sim needs to tell 100 successful 
jokes (meaning that someone would have to laugh at them). I'd suggest 
telling knock-knock jokes repeatedly until the Sim you're talking with 
hates you. You ought to get enough jokes (and fewer friends) quickly 

-To reach the Star Chef milestone, your Sim needs to make 50 meals. 
Pancakes are the cheapest and take the least time, but repeatedly doing one 
recipe will get boring, but you'll eventually begin to make the dish 
perfectly, which makes your Sim happy.
-To reach the World-Class Chef milestone, you need to make 75 meals. 
Same type of challenge as Star Chef.
-To reach the Menu Maven milestone, your Sim needs to learn every food-
type recipe in the game. You can find most of them in the bookstore.

-To reach the Electrician milestone, your Sim needs to successfully repair 
10 electronic objects.I usually just broke and repaired a cheap television.
-To reach the Plumber milestone, your Sim needs to successfully repair 10 
plumbing objects. The easiest way to do this is just to clog and break the 
toilet, then repair.
-To reach the Tinkerer milestone, your Sim needs to successfully make 10 
different upgrades on electronic and/or plumbing objects. I just turned my 
Sim to puppet mode, told her to add self cleaning, unbreakable, improve 
graphics, boost channels, improve meal, fast cook, improve speakers, 
custom doorbell, and improved compacting to the objects in the house.

But it's Inflammable!
-You have to "put out" a Sim that's on fire to earn this. I actually had a 
room in my house dedicated to this challenge. Set up a fireplace against an 
available wall, then build walls a square away from either side of the 
fireplace, and three squares away from the beginning of the fireplace's 
available space. Place a chair as close as possible to the fireplace and have 
it face away from the fire, so that the Sim can sit. Have the Sim poke the 
fire until it spreads, then have the Sim sit in the chair. They will catch fire 
eventually, and when they do you need to switch to another Sim and 
remove the walls. Activate the Sim that's on fire, then choose to put out 
the Sim.

Epic Fail
-Once again, you'll need to use a Karma power to earn this trophy. You'll 
need at least 325 karma points. All you have to do is use the Epic Fail 
power on 13 different extrafamilial Sims. You can just throw a party and 
use the power on all of the partygoers. 

-Your Sim needs to have been in at least 5 romantic relationships. Each 
Sim you meet can give you up to two relationships; Boyfriend/Girlfriend 
and Spouse. Date three Sims, then marry two, date four Sims, then marry 
one, date five Sims; whatever you want to do, the total relationships must 
add up to five. 

-Your Sim will need to own at least one local business. I'd suggest buying 
out the Diner, as it only costs 18k simoleons to obtain.

-You just need to set your house on fire using the Firestorm Karma power. 
Make sure that you have at least 15k simoleons worth of furniture and 
decor in the house, otherwise you'll lose everything for nothing. I'd 
suggest saving the game before attempting.

Fit for a King
-This one can be completed easily if you choose to just cook one meal in 
the Cooking portion of the Mad Skillz challenge. All you need to do is 
prepare a perfect meal. Using fresh fruits and vegetables will make the 
meal better (using life fruit in pancakes greatly increases the quality). As 
you'll see soon, fishing, cooking, and gardening all intermix.

Botanical Perfection
-This one is very similar to the Fit for a King achievement. Plant the same 
seed enough times, fertilize with high quality fish or life fruit (I think you 
may have to master this skill to get the fruits, but I got them fairly easily), 
water when needed, and you'll eventually get the perfect plant.

Trophy Fish
-This skill is extremely useful when cooking and gardening, as I've 
explained. Typically, all you need to do is have a Sim in puppet mode fish 
indefinitely, and you'll get a perfect fish before too long. This only lasts if 
you have perks like the steel bladder one.

Happiness... It Stacks
-You need 5 positive moodlets to earn this trophy. I have a few ways that I 
do this:
Eat, sleep, relieve yourself, then play video games. 
Use the status replenishing Karma power.
Decorate well, have a plant nearby, and sit near a light source.
-It only takes one of these options to make your Sim happy.


The Big Proposal
-Romance another Sim until he/she agrees to be your boyfriend/girlfriend. 
Once you have a partner, you'll be able to propose.

-This one could take a bit of time, because you have to master a skill. The 
easiest way to do this is to have a Sim that specializes in a particular skill. 
The Sim could have the Bookworm trait, Natural Cook trait, Handy trait, 
etc. As long as you go with a skill that the Sim specializes in, you'll level 
up that skill quickly. Keep in mind that nice equipment, lighting, and 
decor will make your Sim learn faster.

Working Friends
-This one is hard if you're not patient. You'll have to track down your boss 
and coworkers, then become best friends with them. If your Charisma skill 
is high enough, you'll be able to skip the "Good Friend" relationship status 
and become best friends quickly.

Dream Big
-All you have to do is grant a Lifetime Wish for a Sim. The best way to 
earn this trophy and the Expertise trophy at the same time is to make a 
Sim with a special skill trait and a Lifetime Wish that requires that Sim to 
master a skill.

Power Overwhelming
-For this trophy, you'll need to complete enough challenges to buy all of 
the Good Karma Powers (located on the top row). Some of the tips I've 
shared will earn you challenge points, such as making out with a maid or 
the Meta challenges. According to the user guide, these powers cost 950 
challenge points total.

Leet Skillz
-Just like Mad Skillz, only you'll need to complete eight more milestones.

-Your Sim will need to have at least 150,000 Lifetime Happiness points, 
which can be done by promising and granting wishes and lifetime wishes. 
You can actually spend lifetime happiness points to get a new lifetime 
wish, which will allow points to stack and won't cause you to lose points, 
because the trophy is given based on earned points, not unused points.

The Reviler
-You will need a kleptomaniac in the house for this trophy. Just 
send the sim to work, and they'll steal an object or two. Once they're off of 
work, let them visit a neighbor's house and tell them to steal things from 
various rooms. This will take about an in-game week to complete. Once 
you've stolen at least 20 objects, use the mailbox to send them back to 
their rightful owners. You'll also need to steal at least 5 candies from 
babies. Because the game is realistic, Sims typically leave their babies 
lying on the ground outside of their houses or in parks, so this one won't 
be too difficult. Just activate the baby and steal. You'll also need to make 
15 enemies by being mean to and fighting other Sims.

Master Architect
-Keep in mind that going into creative mode will disable all achievements, 
so you'll actually need simoleons to earn this. You will have to find a large 
lot to build your house on (145k simoleons or more), then you'll want to 
upgrade everything in the house, or do what I did and create a new home. 
If you're going to create a new home, I'd suggest making a floor plan 
beforehand so that you don't wind up wasting a ton of time on something, 
then finding out it's not going to allow you to have something else. Your 
new home will need to have a furnished value of at least 350k simoleons.

Child Prodigy
-This one is much easier than it sounds. You need to grant a Sim's 
Lifetime Wish while he or she is still a teenager. The reason that this is so 
easy is that you can set your Sim's lifespan to Immortal in the options 
menu, making it so that the Sim doesn't age until you tell it to. When I did 
this, I just made a teenager's Lifetime Wish to master the Charisma skill.

True Wealth
-The same as the Genie achievement, only you'll need to earn 250,000 

-You'll need to complete 50 challenges in order to earn this achievement. 
You can find the challenges in the select menu. I'd suggest playing your 
game freely for a while, going to events, making friends and partners, 
throwing parties, and mastering a few skills before you start this one. Most 
of the aforementioned achievements will provide a sizeable number of 
completed challenges, so you oughtn't worry about rushing it. There are 
quite a few that require mastered skills, so you'll definitely want to be 
productive with your Sim's life.

Very Challenging
-The same as the Challenging achievement, only you'll need 100 

Uber Challenging
-The same as the Challenging and Very Challenging achievement, only 
you'll need 150 challenges.

-Your Sim is constantly wishing for new things, especially when there's a 
baby or new lover in the house. Many wishes are trait-related, so they 
should be easy to complete. As long as you don't let the not yet granted 
wishes pile up, you'll get through this one fairly quickly. You'll need to
grant 100 wishes for your Sim.


Miracle Worker
-The same as Wish-Master, only you'll need 1,000 wishes.


Master of Simology
-You need to unlock the other 50 trophies.

Credit due in part to playstationtrophies.org for the skeleton for this guide. 

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