PlayStation 3 Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

  1. From memo7878 (10/27/2011; 5588KB) Cycle 5 post game has HD Asagi DLC almost all my character with perfect trapezohedron
  2. From Starking777 (06/08/2012; 5650KB) Latest Patch, 7 perfect traps, and all the tools to dupe them. Does have a couple DLC characters (Adell, Priere, Gig, Tyrant Val, Pram.) Sadly I don't have every innocent.

PlayStation 3 Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

  1. From JorgeFFC (05/25/2012; 5440KB) Cycle3, All Human Characters Max Stats, Monsters with 40~60 Million Stats and much Legendary Items in Warehouse(No DLC Content)
  2. From basch07 (03/27/2011; 5447KB) Post Game, Unlocked All unique characters including Kurtis, Pringer X 2nd Form avialable to fight, stole makai wars, 3 royal rings with specialists 72 times EXP (grindfest), Dimension X and CoO open
  3. From JorgeFFC (05/20/2012; 5440KB) PostGame Cycle3, A Big collection of item Rank 39 and one sample of every weapon Rank 40. 42 Characters with many Trapezodhons and Weapons Rank 39, Have fun levelling and duping the rank 40 weapons.
  4. From JorgeFFC (05/15/2012; 5439KB) Save in postgame cycle2 with more than 115 Traphzedhons maxed(lv. 300) and some equips rank 39~40 with LoC Opened and 39 Characters level 9999(Don't Have DLC content in this Save) with many Inoccents.

PlayStation 3 Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

  1. From anarki830 (01/13/2013; 5595KB) 5-6 strong chars lvl 9999 with 6+ reincs. Lots of staticians/managers for PL and lots of makai wars lvl 300 R0 with 5 lvls to clear on the item. X dimension 40 % cleared. (Pre-Patch)
  2. From RoronoaZoro87 (12/16/2011; 5592KB) Lvl 4000+ team, Good Stats, Cleared All extra stages upto Etna, Lots of statisticians/managers for quick lvling... enjoy :)

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