Crowbar and Ghost Soldiers?

  1. Alright my first question is actually regarding a trophy.. Kill 20 enemies with a Crowbar.... um what level do i get said destructive tool. and my 2nd question is regarding personal player achievements I am supposed to kill X Ghost soldiers with X weapons X different was ... but Which Level is best suited for those challenges ?

    User Info: hiredgun666

    hiredgun666 - 7 years ago


  1. For the crowbar, you have to do interval 3 (store) and play as Fettel, find one of the lunatics that has a crowbar, possess him & kill 20 enemies with him. The ghost soldiers are only found on interval 8 (ward), they're the soldiers that spawn when the giant creep hides after you damage him. To kill them with the shotgun, you have to wait til one with a shotgun spawns, then kill him & take it.

    User Info: johnmgd

    johnmgd - 7 years ago 0   0

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