Can I play as fettel in split screen co-op on controller 1?

  1. Can I play as fettel on controller 1 in split screen coop and have pointman on controller 2? because I dont think controller 2 gets trophies, or does it?

    User Info: tjjackonfire

    tjjackonfire - 7 years ago
  2. I tried that and it still only made me appear as Point Man during two player co-op and playing alone I could only play as Fettel. Unless I am missing something here. Just seems to be a pain to even do this achievement for a game that should have been a lot better. Developers should have made it easier too.

    User Info: vergillord2008

    vergillord2008 - 7 years ago


  1. How would you even sign into the second controller? For me I only have one account name, when I co-op with friend he is my name with (1) and plays as Fettel. Sorry I am just lost.

    User Info: vergillord2008

    vergillord2008 - 7 years ago 0   0
  2. The answer is no, Fettel is always controller 2. However, you can sign into controller 2 using the user account you want collecting the trophies, and then any Fettel-related trophies will be earned as normal.

    User Info: PowercalledIam

    PowercalledIam - 7 years ago 0   1

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