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by Drache the Dork

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Drache the Dork

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 04/15/13

Walkthrough (Continued)

Year 3, 1/1

    • Make the Traveler Shoes ASAP. Seriously, go to the Forgotten Village, open the chests for the materials you need, and keep trying to make the shoes! And use the crappy World Spirits. Don't waste the good one (make Chim gather it instead). Notice that both of them have Simple L. Even with that trait, you probably will load your save several times. Afterward, you'll run faster on the world map.

  • Make sure you're ready to do the event with Mimi that requires you to rank up. Hold off on ranking up to Diamond till you're good and ready for the event. If you already saw it -- good! (Mimi Events)

  • Try to hit Diamond in the following months for the Book of Sibyl. That's a really awesome item, but you can't make it yet. Afterward, you can't raise ranks till Year 4, 6/1, so you have true freedom. No new areas will open up. Take your time with any bosses that you can't beat; you have a long time to prepare better equipment/bombs.

  • Battle Synthesis
    • At this point, you should have decent traits across several items, or you will soon. This isn't intended to be awesome; just something to hold you over. If you can do better, then do better.

    • For Armor, your goal is to shove traits into two Living Ropes. Try to get as many of the following as possible across the two ropes: Defense +5, LP +20, MP +20, HP +20. Quality M or L is good; you can never go wrong with Quality, especially in the Vita version. Now make a Smelly Liquid or alcohol item so you can afford all those nice traits. Combine those traits with Sturdy (Audra's Tail) and you'll have some good equipment for a while.

    • Weapons are a little different, but if you can get Heavyweight (Metal Ore), Lightweight (Distill Stone), Attack +5, Attack +3, and Quality L, you're going to be okay for now. You will have to play with your ingredients a little to be able to afford those traits.

    • For items, make a Quality L Supplement, then use that on your attack items. You can make 120 quality mid level bombs (Bomber Ice, Mega Bomb, etc.) this way. Be sure to put traits like Solvent, Giant Slayer, and whatever else you have on you. If you're in the Vita version, a little luck and bomb chucking will get you through the toughest bosses you have access to. PS3 players, you might need some extra prep time.

  • Arland

    • When you hit Platinum (and after Chim's birth), an Iksel event should pop up. You'll get Iksel Recipe Book. See Cooking Class for more info. These events don't have a time limit, but it would behoove you to finish them off ASAP. (Wealth end, Chim End Requirements)

    • Just a note for the future: Iksel, as part of those events, will give you a lot of good stuff. Take one of the Sage Herbs he gives you and toss it in the basket. Let it deteriorate (so no Rot Prevention Blessed Coins allowed) to 35 quality. This will allow you to make a good Elixir later on.

    • An event with Rorona at Iksel's cafe will occur. You'll get the Unlikely Party trophy. Don't worry if this takes a while to trigger; it WILL happen eventually. (Rorona Events) Cory and Iksy will be recruitable after this point, if you have the DLC or Vita version.

    • Sterk will join the party, but at least a month after Chim's birth. Go outside with Sterk and Rorona in your party for some lulz. His events don't have dates; get his friendship up to 60 and they'll keep coming. See Sterk Events for details. If you're having trouble with Scarlet and Jagd Wolf, bring Sterk along and he'll carve 'em up.

    • After 7/1, go to Artisan's Way for an event between Rorona and Cory (Rorona Events).

  • Alanya
    • There'll be an event about the Flauschtraut in Alanya's Square. Synth something in Atelier Totori for another scene about repairing a ship. (Normal end events)

    • If Gino's level is above 15, there will be an event in Atelier Totori. Then go to the Square, then talk to Gino. Don't level him to 25 till you're ready to play with ends. In fact, don't level him much at all. There's an event where he'll increase a level, and you may just get screwed from that. (Gino Events)

    • After 7/1, go to Alanya's Square for an event with Mel. Then talk to Gerhard, Gino, Pamela, Peter. After, go to Cory. In Atelier Rorona, Mimi can also barge in, but it isn't necessary to see this. (Normal end events)

  • Tips
    • Get Sterk's friendship up to 50 ASAP for a Water of Life, and thus a Chim (Chim End Requirements). Also, you'll get a Dark Dew.

    • Have Chim gather a copy of the Dark Dew, then follow the advice in both Money and Awesome Tonic.

    • With the Spring Cup mentioned in those sections, you can, at least for your armor, find a liquid with cool traits that you will probably want to equip. So be sure to set aside a Dark Dew or two for your own personal usage. By the way, high (100) quality equipment has a small upgrade in stats (bigger in the Vita version!), so Quality traits are not bad. Also, even if you need to work it into a Blessed Coin (through multiple steps, I might add), try to get Inflict Sleep on your weapons. It's surpisingly helpful. You could also go with Inflict Paralysis.

    • With that money, you should be able to make the Gibate Ankh. Make sure it has Great Learner for grinding justice. One works for the whole party. :D

Year 4, 1/1

  • A reminder: Be careful about the Filly and Tiffani Events. Beware the strict time limit. Also, don't forget about Specialty Liquor. It's the easiest of all events to make up if you're behind, but it's also one of the easiest to forget. You can't finish it at the moment, but find the time to do the events if you're behind.

  • (Normal end events) Cory will visit you at Atelier Rorona. Then go to Atelier Totori. After the day passes, go into the dining room. Stalk Ceci to Gerhard's bar. Another day stolen, but you'll get Boat Dismantling. Don't make it high quality. Make it crap quality. It's okay! These items are in the Key section, by the way. Prepare your Chims, because you need the following:
Polish Powderx18Shining Saucerx5
Magic Chainx3(Threads)x5
(Lumber)x47Mystery Ankhx3
Sylph Breathx3(Mystery)x5
Tar Liquidx5Kometx3
  • You'll get Shining Saucers after 6/1.

  • Be sure to take Mimi somewhere before the boat is finished. (Mimi Events)

  • At some point, you'll have an event in Atelier Rorona about liking Alchemy or Adventures more. This depends on your levels. This will also vanish after reaching Frontier Village. The final step is to hit Alchemy level 50 and synth in her workshop. Don't synth in her workshop after that point, if you like other ends. (Rorona Events)

  • You can finish off Gino Events (and part of Sterk Events, actually) at Atelier Totori now if you have Gino over level 25. Don't, if you want all ends.

  • You can also finish Marc Events if his level is above 30. He'll appear at Atelier Rorona. Don't take him to the place he wants to go till it's time to manipulate ends.

Year 4, 6/1

  • For preparation against upcoming bosses, see How to Beat a Boss. You might not be able to follow all of the advice yet, but a decent part of it is available to you now. It's super total overkill for the PS3 version, but not the Vita version.

  • There is one item I do not have listed in this guide -- Chim Pie. The reason is because it's pointless to make it, as it locks you out of the Chim end. I hear it sells for a decent amount, but it's a one-time sale. The way you get it is simple; don't make a Chim. Eventually, Rorona will give you the recipe. I don't care to get it, but you know what to do if you're dying to see it.

  • First Order of Business
    • Go to Neumont Forest (for Shining Saucer) and Hermit's Home (for the Azure Wing in the chest).

    • Once you have the Azure Wing, never waste time again! Make the Warp Gate. You can go to either Atelier from anywhere.

    • With the Shining Saucer, make all the boat parts and take them to Guid. Put Mimi in your party. Then run off to the Wharf. See Boat Areas. (Normal end events, Mimi Events)

    • If you didn't put Mimi in your party for that event, I don't think you're screwed. I can't find where in the world I read this (sorry I can't credit you, whoever you are), but try doing the next event, which is to destroy Flauschtraut with Mimi in your party. If it triggers, you're good!

  • Events
    • Synth at Atelier Rorona. You'll get Rorona Danger Book. (Rorona Events, under recipes) If there is a level needed, I haven't the slightest. I was 40 the time I kept track. Anyway, you'll get one of the better group killers, Diocraft, and N/A, a great boss killer in the PS3 version. It'll work for some things in the Vita version, but not everything.

    • Talk to Mel. She'll try to get you to take Ceci out on adventures. A few days later, you can. A month later, invite Ceci again. Don't invite her the third time till you're ready to play with ends. (Melvia Events) You have to finish these events to recruit Ceci (DLC/Vita). I've heard you can get her earlier on NG+, but if this is your first run...

    • You'll face the Flauschtraut on the way to Altmeier. Make sure Mimi is with you! (Mimi Events) As long as you have the best equipment you can make (this includes accessories) and you're around level 30, it won't be bad. Better to not use Fire, by the way, unless you have an uber N/A, which you are capable of making if you followed my advice about the Awesome Tonic. (Normal end events)

  • Tips
    • To maximize your time, from Tiny Island, go east to Lost Island, then north to Ruin Island. Then, on your return trip to Frontier Village, go to the Islands you missed.

    • If you explore the Primordial Island to the south, and later, the Winter/Silver Lands, be sure to take the correct exits to discover new lands. It sounds silly, but new lands will not appear unless you exit the proper way. And yes, sometimes you have to go through multiple exits to unlock all areas. This is true of Primordial Island, but Winter Lands is less complicated.

After reaching Frontier Village

  • Normal End and Other Events
    • You'll meet Piana upon entering. Go north for a scene and trophy. Congrats, you unlocked the Normal End. Let's get started on unlocking the true end. :D

    • Leave the village for another scene. And one with Mimi for the Aristocratic Love trophy. (Mimi Events)

    • Warp Gate back to Atelier Totori for another scene. lolpiana.

    • Make Gerhard's drinks. Wait a month, talk to him again, then talk to Sterk and Guid. Put a Sonne Fruit in your basket and go to the fishing point as close to the end of the month as possible . Don't make the alcohol till its time to manipulate ends. (Wealth end, Specialty Liquor, Sterk Events)

  • Tips
    • To the Wharf to find Marc. Buy a Platine from Hagel, if you must, but the Shining Saucer should be easy. This will speed up the boat.

    • Just as a reminder, I made ~73450 Cole with the Spring Cup trick. With 40 Spring Cups, but it works! And remember to use it on the world map. (Wealth end)

    • Monitor your Chims. They might go past 35 pies. This is not good. You want them just a bit below that. Stop their work if they're about to go further. Unless they have already eaten 9; then they can continue working.

  • Piana Events
    • To the dining room for a scene with Piana.

    • A few days later, return to the Atelier for another with her. Totori's getting jealous~

    • Days later, without Rorona in your party, some events between her and Rorona will appear. The second of these (30 days later, Alchemy Level 45+) features Ceci, and you'll get the Still a Child trophy. And a day is lost. It's hard to miss these events, so long as you ditch Rorona. This will not occur when Pamela is traveling with you, for whatever reason.

    • Talk to Piana later for another scene.

    • She'll also appear with Gerhard and Pamela.

    • I don't know exactly how this scene works, but eventually a scene about Piana being sick will appear. I got it after synthesis.

  • True End and Beyond
    • Return to Frontier Village for a scene with Pilca. (True end events)

    • Talk to her again before leaving. She has a shop! Scoop up those recipes, and some of the stuff is pretty cool. Get a Dragon Tusk (like other items with only one copy, it disappears after you buy it). You have to fight optional bosses for more of them. Make sure Chim duplicates it!

    • Feel free to explore (not the tower, you won't be able to enter), but return to Alanya for a scene with Piana. Gab to Rorona for some hilarity. Then to Pamela. When you leave to the world map, Pamela will appear. (True end events)

    • And now you should be able to follow all of the advice in How to Beat a Boss. You don't have to, but be sure follow it if you intend to take out optional bosses.

    • Go Liechtein Soehnle, the tower beyond Frontier Village, once you think you're ready. You'll get the Haunted Doll trophy for going. Fight Evil Face. You do need more levels on you compared to Flauschtraut. (True end events, Mimi Events, Melvia Events)

    • Do not fight Evil Face after 6/1. There is a conflict of events, and basically it amounts to this: Pamela will not show up in her shop. This screws up the entire festival.

    • The rest of the tower is totally optional. Nothing but bragging rights attached. Yes, no trophies! Lots of bosses, if that's your thing. FYI, I stormed this tower with three items. A super buffing Totori Brunch, a maxed out N/A, and a good Elixir. So, combined with Shadow Band, I wasn't even fully restoring my health. And while my armor and accessory were top tier, I had a mediocre weapon set... but with the buffs, Sterk/Mimi did most of the damage. :P This was in the Vita version, so I had a little more to work with, but you should be able to do it in the PS3 version too with a slightly different setup.

    • Return to Atelier Totori for a scene with Piana.

    • To Pamela's shop. This is important. Failure to comply will result in screwing up the festival. It seems the town didn't know she was a ghost either. A while later, there will be another event with her in the bear.

Festival! Year 5, 6/1

  • In Atelier Totori, Peter will barge in. Keep track of the day you trigger this event. Exactly two months later, you need to trigger the festival.

  • In Alanya, you have Pamela, Ceci, and Mel.

    • Note: Pamela may cause problems. Be sure to drop by her store immediately after beating Evil Face. (I know this seems redundant to a lot of you, but I can't assume everyone that looks here is following along.)

  • In Arland, you have Rorona, Mimi, Tiffani (who won't go), Cordelia (after Rorona), and Lesbian. Uh, I mean Filly.

  • So, two months later, pop up in Atelier Totori. You get the Fishing Festival trophy. Cheer for your favorite. If you miss this event, Peter sulks at you and leaves forever. Well, maybe not forever, but I never bothered finding out whether he returned.

Till the End!

  • Your best bet for grinding is Dusk Throne to the north of Arland. With a Gibate Ankh with the Great Learner Effect, you'll get 4000~5000 exp per visit. Bring a Himmelstern with Swarm Slayer (and MP restoration items), and Totori will rip the mobs apart.

  • You shouldn't have issues with your Alchemy level, but if you do, make Elixirs and other super high level stuff.

  • As long as you've been consistently doing quests (and well in them!), exploring, beating bosses, and synthing new stuff, you should be able to get Galaxy rank pretty easily. The conversation between Totori and Cory is a hint. There's still stuff for you to find.

  • After hitting Galaxy (optional!)
    • Go back to Moonlight Forest. You'll get new materials, necessary for Ruby Prism... and a new boss.

    • Similarly, Black Dragon is now at Night's Domain. It drops Dragon Tusk.

    • Liechtein Soehnle has four bosses. Yep. You should be more than capable of taking them now. In this order: Fran Pfeil, Iron Giant Proto, Penguin Monk x3 (just before 5F, but out of sight), Rage Beast. There's a shortcut out to the southwest of 5F.

    • Once you've done all that, it's time for the PS3's ultimate boss, Ozean Kaiser, complete with 18,000 HP (not as daunting as it sounds). Go to the Adventurer Guild and talk to the NPC adventurer closest to Cory. On the world map a new area will appear.

    • It's... actually very possible to beat Ozean Kaiser before he gets to attack back. Your hint? N/A, Ether Ink, and Dimension Egg.

  • Orthogalaxen (Vita exclusive)
    • See How to Beat a Boss, if you haven't already. Come. Prepared. Overprepared. More prepared than you've prepared for anything else. This is a massive difficulty spike. The minimum is top tier equipment, Shadow Band, Dark Water, Himmelstern, Totori Brunch, Elixir (I had two different kinds), and Dimension Egg, as well as something to restore your MP after using the egg. Want to solo? Angel Charm.

    • First boss is a masked trio on floor 4, and KO Peck is annoying. In the chest behind the penguin is Secret Notes.

    • Floor 7 has two ways up. Floor 9 is a dead end with nothing important. Floor 8 leads to the first required boss, Cobalt Skull, then to floor 10.

    • Floor 13 also has two ways up. Floor 14 is another total waste of space in a dungeon that's already too big. Floor 15 is where the next boss, Guardian, is. This guy will eat your MP.

    • The final boss, Blood Element, is on Floor 16. You'll get The Life of a Noble. This is also the only boss I haven't beaten in my Totori solo attempts.

  • How To Handle Ends
    • You'll likely have enough time to snooze through much of the last year. I'd just create a split save for any optional boss fighting.

    • You can skip the credits after the first viewing. This is a godsend, after Rorona (lalalalalalala~). Unfortunately, the rest is mandatory watching.

    • Start with the Normal, Chim, and Wealth ends. These are the three with the lowest priority. Snooze till you hit the normal end, then reload and make Gerhard's last liquor. Then make sure the Chims eat 35 pies.

    • Then go back to your original save and trigger the Chim end, but DO NOT make Gerhard's last liquor. If you took my advice and didn't do any requests from frends, they'll all be hanging at 60 friendship. Go ahead and finish off their events (see Endings and Events), then (obviously) save. Just raise the friendship of the character whose end you want. Requests come every 15 days, though they seem to follow your schedule as well. In other words, you'll probably hit a bunch of requests no matter what you do.

    • Go back to your save and turn in the last liquor to Gerhard. This will unlock the true end.

Ingredient Items

Everything can be found at Liechtein Soehnle. It's totally random there. So it will remain unlisted.

  • Dropped by
    • Anything Puni
  • Fail synthesis

Items by Category

Arranged by Cost Level. There is one category not listed that is called for in synthesis -- (Supplement). If you want to see what a supplement is, try the entire Ingredient Items section.

This also only concerns items that are called for in recipes. Sundries, pies, etc. are never demanded in recipes, and are only good to know for registering purposes.