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by Drache the Dork

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Drache the Dork

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 04/15/13

This guide covers both versions of the game.

The Vita version isn't drastically different, but it has some tweaks to watch out for and a bonus dungeon full of harder bosses.

  • Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland
  • FAQ/Walkthrough
  • Copyright 2013
  • Chloe B. / Drache the Dork
  • Version 2.0 ~ Added Vita content, among other things.

  • Contact
    • Email: drachenmeister13 at gmail dot com
    • GameFAQs PM: Drache_the_Dork (must have underscores)
    • Twitter: @drachenmeister

The reality of email is that I don't respond to it often. I advise against asking me questions, as chances are I'll see them a week later or so and I will assume you either figured it out or moved on by that point.

Feel free to leave a note if you want me to respond no matter how late I get to it. This does not guarantee response, but it makes it MUCH more likely.


Throughout the game, you'll acquire many recipes to make items. Some are in chests, some come from Rorona and events, and others you'll buy.

Usable Items have Effects. This can be Fire S on a Bomb, or Spring Liquid + on a Spring Cup, or something else entirely. When you go to make Usable Items, you'll notice that there's a bar below the ingredients. This bar will have marks indicating where the next effect will pop up. It's all controlled by the quality and/or rarity of your chosen ingredients.

For instance, for liquids, Water generally won't do much, but Forest Dew might get you the highest effect. Higher on the bar isn't necessarily a better Effect, especially in the case of an Elixir.

You can also have five Traits on any items you synth. All Traits have a price to put them on your item, ranging from 0 to 10. Items have Cost Level, which are the points you use up to put Traits on items.

Cost Level available to you changes based on the average value of the ingredients used. For instance, Water has 1 Cost Level associated with it, and Forest Dew has 9. The item will have 5 Cost Level to buy traits with.

Averages are added across types of items called for. So if you're making Pure Oil, you'll always have 9 Cost Level, which is the addition of Distill Stone (always 2) and Coco Fruit (always 7). The Pure Oil when used in synthesis itself will have 9 Cost Level associated with it because the Target Level (the alchemy level recommended for synthesis) is 9.

Not all items can have all Traits. For instance, an Ingot, used to make weapons, can't have defense increasing traits. Even a Supplement can't have some traits, like Surging Power from a Seahorse.

Your alchemy level should be around the level of the item so that you don't end up failing all the time. Every once in a while, it's a good idea to synth above your level. So just save; there's a chance, however slim, that it'll come out correctly. However, watch what Totori says -- it seriously is impossible sometimes. Some traits, like Simple and Judgment, will increase your success odds (even when it's impossible). Others will decrease them -- sometimes with nice rewards attached, like 3 more uses.


The battle system is simple turn based. It isn't as simple as Atelier Rorona where bomb tossing will win the game, but bomb tossing is still very effective. Still, the non-item throwers (and buffs) have more of a use in this game. Thus, it's important to make sure they have good accessories. Very late in the game, you'll get one that lets them move twice... at the cost of HP taken each turn, but there are workarounds for that.

It's a good idea in boss fights to not use your assists to attack. Instead, save it for defending your wimpy Totori.

If a character doesn't learn skills through leveling, they learn it through their events. Specials appear at level 30, and the narrow bar (under your assist bar) associated with them gradually goes up as you hit enemies.

So let's talk about character quirks.

  • Totori and Rorona are your item tossers. Use them well. But they also fail in ATK, HP, and DEF. If not for items, they'd be bottom tier.
  • Marc has good DEF and HP, but doesn't otherwise stand out.
  • Mimi has high SPD, but she's otherwise very average. Her events will likely keep her in your party though. Her special assist comes in every time Totori lands a critical hit, and that is somewhat useful.
  • Gino is like Mimi, but with less SPD, more DEF and ATK. In other words, middling. His events will largely keep him out of the party.
  • Mel and Sterk are pretty similar characters; high ATK and HP. You can't go wrong with either of them in your party. Personally, I like Sterk's skills better.

How to Beat a Boss

For the PS3 version, all you really need is a good N/A and Elixir, as well as good equipment. No joke.

For the Vita verison, prepare to overprepare. You need a good Himmelstern, possibly two different Elixirs, the best equipment, a Dark Water, and Totori Brunch, in addition to the best equipment you can make.

Click to skip to equipment: Equipment Synthesis

Useful Items

Traits for most Usable items

  • Effect Boost L (150% max boost -- you won't get quite this high)
  • Rank Boost L (75% max boost)
  • Loner Slayer L (60% max boost) / Swarm Slayer L (45% boost for three targets)
  • Beginners OK / For Masters (for quality; better than Quality L)
  • Satisfying L (50% critical) / Final Strike + (50% boost)
  • Pro Favorite (+3 uses, mainly for Rorona) / Usage +2
  • Boost Effect L (30% boost)

This list is in order of priority.

The must haves are always Effect Boost and Rank Boost. They're worth HUGE bonuses. Secondly, you MUST have 101+ quality, so in goes a quality trait.

Satisfying will work quite well in place of a theoretically better trait (such as Final Strike +). If you REALLY want to use Final Strike over it, you're probably getting a small reduction in average damage, but for more consistency Just pick what you can get; things will die for you either way.

Beginners OK is actually BETTER than Quality L. This is because its cost is higher than Quality's, therefore making Effect Boost better. For Masters is exactly the same as Beginners OK, but I emphasize it less because it decreases success rates.

Some trait info lifted from: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/991771-atelier-totori-the-adventurer-of-arland/60768061

Basically, big thanks to Eleinia and Uryvichk.

Elixir Synthesis

For this to work, toss the Bless Stone directly in the Elixir. Your Nectar or Forest Dew should probably have Effect Boost and Rank Boost.

The Sage Herb should be tossed in a basket to get that low. Don't put a Blessed Coin with Rot Prevension in there at the same time.

This probably won't cut all HP loss from Shadow Bands in the Vita version. So you have a couple options.

  1. Make a good regenerating Totori Brunch.
  2. Make a second Elixir.

The second Elixir is pretty simple compared to the first. Use a high quality Nectar for the regen effect, then toss on Effect Boost L, Rank Boost L, Beginners OK, Swarm Slayer L, and Final Strike +.

Don't be cute and toss on Surging Power. I did the experimenting there; you're better off with a high quality super trait-tastic Totori Brunch.

My initial version of the Elixir was shamelessly lifted from here: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/991771-atelier-totori-the-adventurer-of-arland/60596803

Thanks MasterLL!

Totori Brunch Synthesis

This is a pretty simple thing to make, but you have two options.

  1. The Regenerator
  2. The Fantastic Buffer (suggested)

For the regen one, use Cryptobotany's trait. Drop Final Strike +, but otherwise get the same traits as the other brunch.

For the super buffing brunch, you're going to need every point you can get. You might have to make two at once, too. Use your highest level ingredients (10/9 cost across the board) across every category to get a total of 47+ points. Mystery Ankh will help you, as well as the few other (Mystery) items with higher cost points.

Don't try to get Surging Power or Petrifying Meat. You will not match a brunch with the best of traits. Those traits, as usual, are Effect Boost L, Rank Boost L, Final Strike+, Beginners OK, and Loner Slayer L.

One thing I noticed about this item -- using duplicate does not change the effect one bit, whether you have skill boost or not.

Dimension Egg Synthesis

This item. So broken. This can add a max of four moves, so combined with Shadow Band, you can have SIX moves. Item user only, but do you see the potential here?

Since this is an enhancing item, you don't need to bother with quality. So instead: Effect Boost L, Rank Boost L, Loner Slayer L, Final Strike +, and Boost Effect L. I suggest getting as many traits as possible on a Spirit Stone or two.

This thing will absolutely eat all your MP. You should either carry a lot of MP restoration items with you, or get your Chims busy duplicating everything.

N/A Synthesis

The traits aren't any different from the generic usable item. Try to shove as many traits as possible onto Tar Liquids (lumber is your friend), and make sure to create some generically high quality ones as well. Mega Bombs should absolutely be 120 quality, whatever traits you slap on 'em. Supplement can be below if that's what it takes to get a needed trait on.

This item isn't as useful in the Vita version. You can make one, but use Himmelstern in Orthogalaxen.

P.S. Tar Liquids are doubly useful because you can also use them in Himmelstern later.

Himmelstern Synthesis

It's pretty obvious what you need to do here, and the process is quite similar to N/A due to the overlapping ingredients. But you have Crystal Ball and Meteor, which you can use to your advantage. Meteor is particularly easy to slap traits on because you can just make a high level cloth.

The major thing to note is that Swarm Slayer is NOT necessarily better on this item. If you're in the Vita version, you should definitely create a Loner Slayer version. Bosses get crazy elemental resistances in Orthogalaxen, so it's best to avoid N/A.

If you're in the PS3 version, don't bother making a good Himmelstern unless you really want to.

Dark Water Synthesis

Another item mainly for the Vita version. This is a shockingly helpful item!

You get 32 points to use, no matter what. Those are best spent like this:

  • Effect Boost L
  • Rank Boost L
  • Judgment L (for higher success rate)
  • Chain Explosion (free!)
  • Quality M, or something that costs up to 5 and raises quality.

You might have to make two separate Pure Poisons to make this work, but you need two anyway. The nice thing about Pure Poison is that it can take alcohol items.

I had no idea what Judgment did until I read this: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/681781-atelier-totori-plus-the-adventurer-of-arland/65813694

Thanks to Matriere.

Other Cool Stuff

This item has two effects, depending on the quality of Magic Paint you throw in. Both are totally awesome. Get around 60 quality (maybe a little lower) for one trait, and as high as you want for the other. Remember that Dimension Egg? If you make a really good Spirit Stone for that, you have an easy synth here.
Revival is never a bad thing. I simply prefer to use Elixirs.
A poor man's Totori Brunch. :P It does have some neat effects to check out, though, such as HP+ Temp.

Equipment Synthesis

Holy and Healing Power

These are two of the biggest must-have traits in the PS3 version, and you should get them on all your equipment.

Supplements are a nice tool for getting both of these and one extra trait of your choice on any item. Quality L is the most generic choice.

The Vita version nerfed these two traits big time. Holy Power is still barely useful, but Healing Power? Don't even bother. There are other ways to get regeneration.

Weapon Synthesis

  • Attack +10
  • Inflict Paralysis / Heavyweight
  • Quality L
  • Attack +5 / Convert Damage L
  • Holy Power / Lightweight
  • Healing Power

Put simply, make a Blessed Coin through this process: Supplement -> Komet -> Arland Crystal. Then make Sylph Breath for your (Mystery) item.. You can, coincidentally, make a Sylph Breath out of another Sylph Breath, so pile as many traits as you can onto one of those.

If you make two Blessed Coins, you can get all five of your traits on it. Use a Mystery Ankh to up the cost level.

You can also make Tar Liquid or Pure Oil for some traits.

My suggested build? Go all out on attack and use the lightweight/heavyweight combo, as well as Attack +5. You don't really need Convert Damage (Elixir) or inflict paralysis (Dark Water). For Totori, you may want a more defensive setup; a bunch of elemental Power traits, as well as lightweight without heavyweight.

Armor Synthesis

  • Defense +10
  • HP +30
  • Quality L
  • Sturdy / Defense +5 (both are worth +5)
  • Holy Power / Lightweight
  • Healing Power

Alcohol is your friend. I like to use Floral Sour Mix, personally. Beer will take any liquid, which makes it really easy to slap on a good trait to items that take it as an ingredient.

Another friend is Living Rope. A little more difficult to work with, but you should be able to shove a couple good traits onto it through Tar Liquid -> Hay.

To get Holy/Healing Power: Supplement -> Zettel

Lightweight can come from Liquor. It's especially useful on Totori. You shouldn't let her take a lot of damage, whatever you do!

Shadow Band (Vita)

  • Skill +30%
  • Skill +20%
  • All Stats +10
  • MP Cost -20% / All Stats +5 / Skill +10%
  • MP Cost -30%

Make it as crappy as possible.

While you're able to make a more sophisticated item in the Vita version, it comes with a catch -- more HP is taken from you as the quality increases. And let me tell you, it hurts at max quality. With the nerfing of Healing Power, you have to jump through some extra hoops.

I made 3 Komets, and 1 Arland Crystal. I threw my favorite traits on and went to town. If you don't want to do that, you can always wander off to Crystal Spot and try your luck with Tonics for traits on Gravistones. You'll probably end up with higher quality for it.

I got in the 50's, myself, and the 55 damage per turn was the major thing that almost killed me in Orthogalaxen. This is related to the reason I suggest lightweight on Totori; she needs to outspeed as many bosses as possible, and preferably allies as well.

Duplicate is a really expensive trait (especially when you're facing bosses that double MP costs), so having two MP reductions is nice for Totori. I got away without it, though, and went for Skill +10%.

Shadow Band (PS3)

  • Skill +30% / Skill +20% (or even both)
  • All Stats +5 / All Stats +10
  • Holy Power
  • Healing Power

No jewels to toss in for you, so you only get 16 points to use for traits. Toss Holy/Healing Power on your Ingot.

For Gravistones, go to Crystal Spot. The inferior trait will come with using a crappy tonic. The superior trait will come from using an awesome tonic.

You know why you're putting Healing Power on every piece of equipment? To prevent this accessory from killing you.


When Sterk hits 50 friendship, he'll bring lots items, including a Dark Dew. Have a Chim gather a copy, then make a Spring Cup (recipe is under Rorona Events) with the Dark Dews to get the best effect. Let it sit till it enhances to 100 quality and 5 uses, then register with Pamela. Four/five times.

Bother selling the Milk and Dark Dew (and later liquids), but not water. Sometimes you can't sell it, and it isn't worth the whopping 1 Cole.

The reason you get some waters that you can't sell is because they have price reducing traits on them, bringing their total value to, seriously, 0 Cole.

This technique works better after you get the boat, because you've seen Sea Puddle and Forest Dew. That means less worthless water.

Protip: Hold X and drag to select items, especially when selling.

Protip 2: Use Spring Cup on world map, skip animation! Thanks to DAENF0RCER13 for telling me to add this.

Protip 3: Buy your cups, wait a day, and the cups will enhance to give you a sixth usage.

Vita Version

Unfortunately, the base prise of Spring Cup has raised such that it's harder to profit from this method. But worry not, there is a way. Create a cup with the following traits and you will profit:

  • Required
    • Price Down L
    • Price Down M
  • Any three of the following:
    • Rare Shape
    • Almost Invisible
    • Perishable L (strongly suggested -- increases enhance speed)
    • Reduce Effect L
    • Bad Quality L
    • Airy
    • Giga Stink
    • Complex L
    • Lasts L (not suggested -- reduces enhance speed)

Personally, I managed to create the Spring Cup like this: Arland Crystal -> Blessed Coin -> Spring Cup. I also made a non-cheap Spring Cup so I could get Dark Dews with better traits. Do what you must.

It is okay to have the quality low. This item enhances, so the quality will gradually go up to 120 if it sits long enough. If you have a Charger Blessed Coin and Perishable L, you'll have it charged fairly quickly. Just toss both items in the basket.

Following the above method, I got a Spring Cup at 100 quality to sell for 88 Cole.

PS3 version owners, you are welcome to make an item like this as well.

Awesome Tonic

Awesome because it distinguishes the name from the other Tonic.

After you made the Spring Cup mentioned in Money, you can make a pretty awesome Tonic. But first, make sure you have three Magic Grasses around 80 quality. If not, make a crappy Tonic or two, go to Fragrant Plains, and use the Tonic(s) before gathering. Also, the final event in Cooking Class can provide some high quality stuff you'll need if you haven't explored far enough.

Then make another Tonic with top tier effects, which is easy to get with the Spring Cup, then register with Pamela. Never gather without using a Tonic again. Always use it before gathering. Use it multiple times if you're looking for particular traits; it will reset unchanged gather points.

Super awesome trick: Put Pro Favorite on your Tonic for a whopping +3 usage. Since the success rate is reduced 75% by this trait, it will take several attempts, but the payoff is so worth it. I don't know if this is a glitch or what, but even though the trait is dropped, the +3 usage remains after registering it in wholesale.

Mega thanks to Adellus for the trick.

Endings and Events

Priority of Ends: True > Character > Chim > Wealth > Normal > Bad

How to get the true end? Unlock all the others.

Character priority doesn't matter, so it goes unlisted.

For those of you new to the series, priority between characters is not equal at equal frendship. I believe Mel has the highest, and Marc the lowest. As such, Mel's end will trigger if everyone is hanging at 60 friendship. If you raise friendship of anyone else even one point, highest priority will change to whoever has the highest friendship.

How to get the normal end? You need to go to Frontier Village to find out what happened to Totori's mother. In the walkthrough, events leading to this will be marked with "Normal end events". And later, events will be marked with "True end events".

The rest of the ends are unlocked by events (except Chim, but I'll tell you how to get that in the following sections). Don't do the final events until you make a split save at the end. Otherwise, you'll lock into True. My Till the End! section is partially devoted to telling you what to do.

Notably, in this game, friendship locks at 60 unless you do quests. Don't bother getting it higher. That'll just mess you up.

See Year 1, 3/1 for the easiest way to get the bad end. There are two other ways. Don't hit Diamond rank by Year 4, 6/1, and don't find out what happened to Totori's mother by the end. The last one, at least, can get you the CG in the Extras menu, but you see that CG in the first Bad end as well apparently.

Big thanks to http://amuwiki.com/totori/ for friendship values (I certainly couldn't keep track of them!) and the timing of events. If not for this, almost everything would be "a while later" except for those that have specific dates.

There are minor events not listed here, nor anywhere in the guide. I don't know what the triggers are, and nothing but entertainment value is attached.

Gino Events

  • A point of warning -- if you fight a battle and Totori's level is above Gino's, he'll run away to train (and raise his level). Just keep him in the party, whatever his friendship is, then toss him (forever!) when you make it to 15. That way, you can avoid the event -- provided you do not, even once, use Gino in battle after that.

  • After Year 2, 1/1 go to an area with Gino. Upon returning to the workshop, Totori will come up with a recipe for his super move. Make the Key Item (Gino Level 10+, 40 friendship)

  • After meeting Sterk, but before he can be in the party, talk to Gino. He wants to be Sterk's apprentice. This event, bizarrely, can happen in a search area without Gino in your party. (45 friendship)

  • 7 days later, go to the Square. Gino talks about Mel behind her back, and it doesn't end well for him. Possibly optional?

  • 15 days after the 45 friendship event, go to Atelier Totori for an event with Sterk and Gino.

  • 3 days later, go back to the Square for more begging. Aaaand Sterk caved.

  • 7 days later, go to the Wharf. Sterk lost to someone, but I'm of the opinion that he just lost to a bomb.

  • After Year 3, 1/1, go to Atelier Totori. (Gino Level 15+, 50 friendship) This event may be influenced by having Sterk in your party, so don't panic if it doesn't appear for several months.

  • Go to the Square. Or, super obsessive completionists, go to Artisan's Way for a different background picture.

  • Talk to Gino. Poor Gino.

  • After Year 4, 1/1, an event (and easy fight) will occur in Atelier Totori. Two more events will occur here, each 7 days apart. The second is attached to the Chilvarous Defender trophy. (Gino Level 25+)

  • To stop the final event from happening, simply do not level Gino to 25.

Melvia Events

  • Event about giving Ceci a gift in some area you've traveled to.

  • Then another event in any non-town area about clothes. (50 friendship.)

  • After Year 4, 6/1, gab to Mel for an event about adventuring with Ceci, then talk to Ceci. (60 friendship)

  • A few days later, invite Ceci (Mel must be in party).

  • 30 days later, invite her again.

  • 30 days later, invite her again for the Ambushed trophy. You'll fight a few Scarlets, which aren't too difficult at high levels.

  • If you don't want Mel's end to trigger, don't invite Ceci the third time. However, if you do, you can recruit Ceci (DLC/Vita).

  • Defeat Evil Face by Frontier Village. Mel doesn't have to be in the party.

Mimi Events

  • Make your basket almost/completely full, then leave Alanya for a day (with Mimi) and you'll get a scene upon returning. Several of the following events are almost automatic if you keep Mimi in your party. (10 friendship)

  • 15 days later, go to Atelier Totori. Mimi forces Totori to help around the house more... XD (15 friendship)

  • 15 days later, return to Atelier Totori. Mimi helps Ceci. (20 friendship)

  • 15 days later, return to Alanya again. Mimi is still jelly and refuses to talk about her family. (25 friendship)

  • 15 days later, you guessed it, go to Atelier Totori. Mimi has no friends. (30 friendship)

  • After you get Iron rank, talk to Cory. Cory knows what's going on just a little too well. (35 friendship)

  • Talk to Mimi. Supposedly this also occurs if she's in your party and you go somewhere with her. Optional.

  • Do 25 requests for Filly, then talk to her. (45 friendship)

  • After Year 2, 6/1, and 15 days later, go to the Adventurer's Guild. (50 friendship)

  • At least one day following that (I tested; it doesn't work the same day!), get a rank up.

  • 3 days later, synth at Atelier Rorona.

  • 15 days later, talk to Cory to watch Mimi rank up. She's back in the party.

  • Go somewhere with Mimi while you're building the boat. (60 friendship)

  • When the boat is finished, put Mimi in your party and take off. Then beat Flauschtraut with Mimi in your party.

  • An event will occur after you leave the Frontier Village. You'll get the Aristocratic Love trophy.

  • Defeat Evil Face by Frontier Village. Mimi doesn't need to be in the party.

  • Talk to Mimi about being the world's greatest adventurer (it's a short, surprisingly important scene). Then level her and Totori up to 50 for a scene. If it doesn't trigger, level up another person.

  • If you want to get all ends, don't get Mimi up to 50. Leave her hanging at 49.

Marc Events

  • Starting Year 2, 1/1, he'll be with Hagel. (30 friendship)

  • 15 days later, talk to Marc on Artisan's way, then visit Iksel's place. (Possibly optional.)

  • 30 days later, go to Artisan Way. (40 friendship)

  • 30 days later, go to Artisan's again. (45 friendship)

  • 30 days later, go to Artisan's again. (50 friendship)

  • After Year 4, 1/1, with his level over 30, and 60 days later, go to Atelier Rorona. (60 friendship)

  • Go to Promised Land with Marc, fight Iron Giant. It isn't hard, especially not at endgame. Two days later, go to Atelier Rorona for the Arise, McVellion trophy. Marc is a jerk :D

  • If you don't want to trigger Marc's end, don't take him there.

Rorona Events

  • For the end
    • After Year 3, 1/1, visit Iksel's place for the trophy Unlikely Party. This may be tied to other things... This is also when you can hire Iksy and Cory, if you have the DLC or Vita version. (40 friendship)

    • After Year 3, 7/1, visit Artisan's Way for a scene between Rorona and Cory. (50 friendship)

    • Six months later, visit Atelier Rorona. This event is based upon the higher of your two levels. This event will vanish after reaching Frontier Village. (60 friendship)

    • When you hit Alchemy Level 50, synth in Atelier Rorona for a scene.

    • Do not synth if you want to get all ends in one go. Synth in Atelier Totori instead. By that time, you'll have the gateway, which allows you to warp to either Atelier.

  • Recipes
    • After she joins, synth (several times) in Atelier Rorona for Rorona's Pie Notes. (Alchemy Level 5+)

Sterk Events

  • Event in either Atelier. (30 friendship)

  • Event in Artisan's Way with a pigeon. (Ro-ro-na~)

  • Another event in Artisan's way with the pigeon. (40 friendship)

  • He'll bring Astrid's junk to either Atelier. Get to this event as fast as you can. (50 friendship)

  • Go somewhere with Sterk. He'll leave the party temporarily. (60 friendship)

  • A few days later, event in either Atelier.

  • Make Sterk accompany you during the Specialty Liquor events.

  • Trigger Gino's end. Or not, if you want to avoid triggering ends.

Chim End Requirements

  • Feed Chims 35 large pies in total. If you want to avoid triggering this end, don't make the Chims work. (No work, no pie consumption.)

  • You need 5 Chims. You get more by getting Water of Life. Locations:
    • Part of the Cooking Class events
    • When Sterk's friendship hits 50, he'll bring in all Astrid's junk.
    • Pamela's Shop
    • Cobalt Rank reward

  • One Chim needs to eat 9 large pies.

  • 10 small pies = 1 large pie. Frequent Ceci's store for her pie. It's the easiest way. Alternatively, have a Chim duplicate Plain Pie.

Filly and Tiffani Events

  • Not attached to any ends. Just a trophy.

  • After 50 Filly requests, there is an event with Tiffani about quitting.

  • After 75 Filly requests, there's another event with Tiffani. You must have no requests waiting to trigger this. They go out to drink at Iksel's exactly two days later. And that's when you need to show up for the Legendary Drunkard trophy.

  • There's an event afterward with Filly.

Cooking Class

  • (Wealth + Chim ends)

  • After Chim's birth and hitting Platinum rank, there will be an event with Iksel. You'll get Iksel Recipe Book.

  • Make that item, over 80 quality so you don't have to make it twice. Iksy will challenge you to a cook-off, whatever Atelier you happen to be at (stalker!). Bring the Brunch to him. You must win. You'll be rewarded with a Water of Life and Head Chef's Gift.

  • After, there's an event with Iksel. Rorona calls him a meanie.

  • By the way, you need 500,000 Cole for the Wealth end. See Money for the best (if utterly boring) way.

Specialty Liquor

  • (Wealth + Sterk ends)

  • After Rorona joins, and after Year 2, 6/24, gab to Gerhard.

  • After Year 4, 6/1 you can make the new items. Take them to Gerhard, then talk to Ceci. I don't think Ceci is required, but you might as well.

  • A month later, talk to Gerhard for Extreme Brewing. You can talk to Mel if you want; it's pretty funny. Talk to Guid, then Sterk. It's important for Sterk's end! A new place will appear on the world map.

  • Go to the fishing point (EXACTLY on the 30th, or as close as possible so long as you're there earlier) with Sonne Fruit in basket. You'll get the Legendary "Fish" trophy. And one hell of an image. GUUUUST.

  • Make the drink and hand it to Gerhard. Or DON'T if you want to avoid triggering the Wealth end. The next day, there will be another event with Gerhard.

  • By the way, you need 500,000 Cole for the Wealth end. See Money for the best (if utterly boring) way.


"By the way, my sister's name is Sexilia. That's also kind of a mouthful, so everyone calls her Sexy."

...And now you can't unhear it, right? The GFAQs boards have corrupted me, and now I corrupt you.

Oh, and by the way. You. Have. Time.

  • You can synth everything.
  • You can go everywhere.
  • You can grind to level 50.
  • You can see all events.
  • You can do some dumb, inefficient things.
  • You can get to the highest rank.
  • You even have time for late game, optional bosses.

About NG+: You carry over money and what you have equipped. So if this is your second playthrough, I hope you have a Gibate Ankh with Great Learner on someone, especially Totori. Ideally, you also made the top tier equipment for everyone.

One of the assumptions I made writing this guide is that you wouldn't appreciate me trying to control you all the time. This guide is a reference; a calendar and lots of tips.

Play the game however you like, and don't worry about dates overmuch. If I feel you need to get something done ASAP, I will say so. Dates given, more often than not, are just when the events become available and not the date you have to do them on.

Year 1, 3/1

  • Do whatever during this period. Get used to the game, because it won't truly start till you get your adventurer license (on 6/1). This is basically a tutorial.

  • You automatically recive the trophy, A Day in the Life. Be sure to visit the Gerhard, Pamela, and Peter. The rest of your day is decided for you.

  • Snooze several times (months!) for the Bad Ending trophy. There are other ways to get the bad end, but this is by far the easiest.

  • Make sure to return to Gerhard after you get back to the village to be introduced to quests. Unlike Rorona, you can have your items in the Container and still fulfill requests. If you don't know what to do, just do requests. It'll get you a nice pile of cash to start with.

  • Tips
    • Crafts are pretty good to synth so you can easily kill (swarms of) enemies. Even at low levels, items such as these are nice to have. But Crafts don't work for bosses; bombs and such are better.

    • Well water is just outside Totori's place. Nice for crap synthing.

    • Free fish are in barrels at the Wharf.

  • Melvia
    • Go to a field and exit for a scene with Gino about going to Arland. When you get back to the village, another will come. Once you go to a field again, you'll get another scene and the Monstrous Power trophy. To the village for more scenes and Melvia in your party.

    • Roaring Craggy Path opens. With Mel, you should manage, but it's a lot harder than the first couple areas. This is where Crafts become useful.

    • Fight a bit, get a scene with Mel.

    • Whatever you're doing around 5/15, you'll be roped into town for a scene about not saving enough money. Aaaand then you go to Arland. You get the Like the Flash trophy.

Year 1, 6/1

  • Don't worry about my dates. Those are starting dates, never the date you have to do something. There are only a couple exceptions, and those aren't tied to a specific date. Instead, they have strict time limits after you trigger them. I will warn you.

  • Before heading off to the guild, it's amusing to see what the shopkeeps have to say. Especially Hagel. At the guild, you get the Shouting Match trophy. You have to reach Diamond rank by Year 4, 6/1 (which is super easy). Once you get to the village, you're on your own!

  • See Glass Areas. It's a good idea to check these sections out so you know what quests to accept before going out. Be sure to do 10 quests in each rank. Easy license points you shouldn't miss! The Areas sections will also tell you when areas have landmarks, and how many search points some areas have -- both things you need to take care of for license points.

  • Alanya
    • Press start. Yes, you can zap yourself anywhere now.

    • If you haven't noticed this already, Plus owners, tap the back of your Vita. A cute feature.

    • Go in town to see that the carriage is gone. Yep, you'll have to hoof it to Arland.

    • Do whatever you like, but get them points up. Get to Iron around 9/1.

    • When I give you a general date to get a rank up, it's about the point where I got mine on my first run. I focused largely on exploring, and I also didn't do 10 requests at Glass Rank, which sped me up. Don't worry about it too much. By my schedule, you'll have Diamond with a year to spare. That spare time is valuable in its own way. I went crazy with synthesis, but I also had to prepare for some bosses I couldn't beat.

    • After 7/1, exit and reenter the Atelier for a scene with Mimi.

    • Exit and reenter again for Ceci. Synth something successfully for another with her (possibly on a level up). Only Rorona could cause such a huge explosion.

    • A few days later, go down to the town square for a Mimi event (earliest: 7/4). The next thing you need to do is get Iron rank and wait a month. When you go back to either Atelier, you'll get another scene. Eventually, you'll be able to hire her out of Arland's Adventurer Guild instead of Alanya.

    • See Mimi Events when she is traveling with you. Stick in the Alanya area with her in the party and it'll be easy to trigger many events.

  • Exploration Miscellanea
    • Be sure to visit the Buried Ruins for the first Marc scene... and don't forget to return to the area for gathering. A Bounce Stone is important to have. It's a fairly useless item, actually, but you need one for later!

    • Explore (probably a second time; I never got it to trigger after my first outing as an adventurer), then return to Alanya for Rorona's Recipes.

    • While you're exploring that second time, you should find an Eiche. Mel will help you with that.

    • Visit the shopkeeps in Arland while you're up there. Tiffani has recipes. You can update your rank with Cordelia (henceforth, Cory) too.

    • Make a good Globe or Bomb (I had a Globe) before heading past Arland to take out the Griffon. You will not do this any other way (for now, anyway). This will probably net you Iron by the time you get up there.

  • Tips
    • Money trick! Buy the Port Outfits from Hagel, then sell for a profit.

    • Friendship: It increases on the world map as you travel, and that's the wisest way to get it up. Friendship will raise through this method till it hits 60, then it will stop. So use everyone, at least temporarily. Also, keep Mimi around in your final party to make it easier to get her to level 50.

    • It isn't terribly important to get Mimi in your party ASAP. I suggest dealing with Gino first; get him to level 15, maybe slightly above, before dropping him from your party forever. And seriously, forever. Not a single battle more till it's ending time. See Gino Events for the reason why.

    • Ceci is in Gerhard's place. You can buy recipes from her and Pamela. Obviously you have to choose what is level appropriate.

    • Do whatever the license part of the menu tells you. This will involve making a bunch of equipment with Hagel, synthing all the items out of your recipe books, exploring, finding all gather points in certain areas, fighting bosses, and doing quests. It's pointless to get all 4000 points, and I strongly suggest against torturing yourself to get them all. This guide thus does not help you with that.

    • The highest rank you need to hit for all ends (and trophies) is Cobalt. Coincidentally, no new areas will open up after that. If you like optional bosses, Galaxy, the highest rank, is your goal.

    • Since many of you are trophy hunters, here's what you need to do: get all important events and ends. No, you don't need to synth everything (though you likely will, or close to it), nor do you need to fight all bosses, find all monsters, etc. For those of you who played Rorona, this game is actually easier to Platinum.

Year 1, 9/1

  • Arland
    • Hopefully you should rank up around here. You'll gain access to Rorona's workshop. Talk to Cory again for requests and to meet Filly.

    • It is absolutely okay to be behind my schedule in ranking up. But there are a few scenes tied to rank that you may not see immediately as a result. Don't panic. You will see them when you catch up.

    • After you've completed some requests from Filly, you'll get a scene.

    • See Filly and Tiffani Events for a trophy. It boils down to this: you need to do 75 requests from Filly and see a particular event (which has a strict time limit). Try to scoop up all the requests without a deadline. I've heard that it only matters who you turn the requests in to, so if you have a lot from Gerhard, turn them in to Filly and that'll count for your 75. I don't guarantee this, and I don't even remember where I read it. But it wouldn't hurt to try.

    • Talk to Hagel. He introduces weapon synthing after a couple events. This is slightly different from Rorona; now the Ingots/Cloths are separate items instead of effects. You'll get the Smith's Friend recipe. Ingots can't have particlar traits, and cloths can't have others. Accessories (which you make in the workshop) have unique traits as well. You can't play with traits much for now, but when you can... try to get Convert Damage on your weapons. (Not yet -- you'll only heal 1 HP.) Anything involving elemental damage is alright early game, but will become useless later.

    • Enter the Atelier (possibly after 9/15) for a Cory scene.

    • Go to Calamitous Mountain for another Marc event. The chest will blow up in your face, so don't bite. After, go to Cory. Several days later, Marc will visit you at either Atelier, and you'll be able to hire him out of Arland.

  • Alanya
    • The carriage will be fixed after you hit Iron. You may need to enter and exit for the scene to pop up. A Ceci scene about Totori being gone for a long time has priority.

    • In Gerhard's bar, a scene between Ceci and Mel will trigger.

    • With Pamela, there will be a scene about her shop in Arland.

    • Eventually, Marc will pop up in the Square with the carriage. Give him what he demands (throw 'em in your basket) and the carriage will go faster. Kick him out of the party if it doesn't trigger.

Year 2, 1/1

  • Equipment Synthesis
    • You are at the point that you need new equipment. You may have already made some, but this is intended as a light introduction. You don't actually have to do this, but if your equipment is really lame it won't hurt.

    • As prep work, make some good Pure Oils (with Lightweight and any other traits of your choice), as well and Zettels (shoot for Defense +3 and MP/LP +10). Pure Oil will increase the traits you can buy, and a Zettel is needed for the second level of armor. Buy Stim Stones from Hagel -- the expensive ones with Attack +3.

    • Make three sets of Tincs/Muffcots at once. (If your level is high enough you can try much of this for the higher level ingots/cloths.) You'll need good ingredients to keep the cost level between 6 and 10, depending on what traits you have.

    • I've already listed the good traits to get, for now. By all means, shoot for more traits. Just get familiar with the process of making equipment that is above the bottom of the barrel. Quality alone doesn't make your equipment godly (it helps, though), especially in the Vita version.

  • Alanya
    • Talk to Ceci after hitting Bronze for Wholesaling. It's good for fulfilling requests and replicating common synthing ingredients. For instance, put a decent Arland Crystal with Hagel and you'll fulfil a request every so often with it. Don't be picky; if it seems vaguely useful, register! However, if the item has Traits with 8 or more Cost, wholesale will duplicate the item, but not those traits. Similarly, if your item is above 100 quality, it will be reduced to 100.

    • Here's a nugget: shops will stock items on days ending with 1 and 2. So if you register an item on the 10th, there will be 10 of them on the 11th. Or if you buy up the items on the 10th, they'll reappear on the 11th.

    • Sterk will force his way in the workshop. Friend Requests become availible. They come every 15 days, and only the people you can hire near your current Atelier will show up. Really, just adventure with your friends to get them to 60. After they hit 60, do not do requests except to manipulate ends.

    • To hire Sterk, you have to do at least one or two requests. If you feel the need to get it done quickly, you can try saving and reloading till he's the one to appear at your door.

    • See Gino Events for his first batch of things to do. Let me emphasize something: DON'T WAIT. The sooner you start his events, the better. Feel free to level him to 15, if you haven't already done so, but not much higher. There's a reason for this; an event will increase his level, and that can be bad.

    • If you're just now traveling with her, don't forget about Mimi Events. She has a bunch in the Alanya area.

    • Go by Pamela for an event about the bear. A long while after that, go back for one about snoozing in the bear.

  • Arland
    • Go to Cory for an event. This is part of Sterk's recruitment. You'll have to go back to Alanya for the next couple events. Sterk will visit the Atelier twice. Once to talk about a certain witch, once with a pigeon (it'll pop up after doing a request for him).

    • Event with Tiffani about Pamela.

    • Make the Parasol you just got before going to Scorched Wasteland. I wouldn't attempt going there before level 15. Be sure to have a couple good Bomb Ice and upgraded equipment. You'll also need a bomb to get to the landmark in Scorched Wasteland.

    • Once you beat the boss there, you'll hit Silver with incredible ease. Lemegeton is your reward for a rank up. See Silver Areas. Don't worry about beating Jagd Wolf so soon.

    • Enter the shop menu and exit at Tiffani's after hitting Silver, but with your Basket mostly full (I had 40 items). You get a bigger basket.

    • Once Marc's friendship is adequeately high, visit Hagel's store. See Marc Events for the full sequence of events. Effectively, you'll be visiting Artisan's Way several times at 30 day intervals. You will need to eventually get his level to 30 as well, but it isn't a big deal to grind him up by the time this is relevant.

Year 2, 6/1

    • Make the Speed Gloves when you can (which will not be soon). You can buy New Age Art Theory, the recipe for Magic Paint, from Pamela's Shop. Something like Simple L will be VERY helpful in synthing success rates (which, at this point, you shouldn't see awesome traits like that :P). Your normal success rate might be 0 at this point. It was for me.

  • Alanya
    • Stock up on Homemade Pie. You'll need it soon-ish.

    • Pop into the Atelier. Rorona appears and joins! If you need to bomb toss a boss into oblivion, she and Totori can have loads of fun. For her end, you need to hit Alchemy Level 50. If you hit it and don't want to trigger her end, all you have to do is avoid synthing in Atelier Rorona (which will be easy at that point). Just a heads up. Oh, you get the Catch of the Day trophy.

    • Visit Pamela with Rorona in the party.

    • An event between Mel and Ceci will occur in Gerhard's bar.

    • Later, Ceci will get drunk in the bar. :D

    • After 9/1, if you went to Dragon Grave (I think the event can pop up in another area, but I don't remember which one) for a short Sterk event, he'll pop up at the Atelier. He's worried about age, but he turns out gorgeous in Meruru. This is entirely optional.

  • Arland
    • You'll meet Rorona upon arriving (if you met her in Alanya first!). Synth for... pie. Ohhhh Rorona. Enter and exit the Atelier for a Cory event. After a week, you'll get Rorona's Pie Notes. For more like this, see Recipes under Rorona Events. The very next time you're in Alanya, MAKE A PIE. This is required for the rest of Rorona's recipes, and it trips a lot of people up. The rest should seriously fall in your lap if your alchemy level is high enough. Another event will follow after synthing more, this time about the container.

    • Mel will pop up in Arland.

    • After 9/15, you'll get to decide Chim's gender. 30 days later, Chim is born. You have to return from adventuring to see the birth scene. Chim has an ending too, so see Chim End Requirements for that. Be sure to buy the Water of Life from Pamela! Make the Chim events happen ASAP. Cuteness Swarm! trophy. After Chim's birth, Cory should pop in the Atelier.

  • About Chim (Important!)
    • Thou shalt not wait to get all five Chims. Thou shalt make Chim the TOP PRIORITY till the fifth is acquired. All other things can wait. Yes, I'm very serious about that. Nothing is as important as Chim, and about everything else can be fixed without much effort. So let this also serve as a reminder: If you are behind the guide, it is okay. Even if you're behind in rank.

    • In other words, sell your organs to get the Water of Life from Pamela. Get the Cooking Class events done (they will be coming soon). Get to Cobalt rank. Get Sterk's friendship high (he's coming soon as well). Chim is one of the few obstacles in the way of getting Platinum.

    • I don't mean you have to do all these things ASAP. But try to get all five by Year 4, 6/1 (the earliest you can get to Cobalt rank). If you can't reach Cobalt by that date, make sure you have the other four Chims and focus immediately on getting your rank up ASAP. The reason I focus on that date is because it's foolproof, not because you're doomed if you don't have them all by that date (though you could be, depending on now slow you are about getting the Chims).

    • Get your Chim working, especially on your most expensive low level item. Chim will work faster as it gets more pies, so try to duplicate a ton of one-day items with traits that jack up the price for extra cash. I used Alchemy Yeast, but I never really experimented either. When you get more Chims, you can have them duplicating items that Wholesale can't duplicate well enough. And if you can't think of something for Chim to do, duplicate pies.