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by Krystal109

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Krystal109

Version: 2.01 | Updated: 02/05/14

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Author: Krystal K. - krystalnexus [at] yahoo [dot] com

Current Version: Ver 2.01 - Feb. 5, 2014


First of all, thanks for reading my FAQ.

A thing you should know before stepping into the world of Totori's is that the game is tedious and time sensitive. It would be a good idea to read through any Character Endings requirements ahead of time or you will find yourself playing through the game multiple times.

With 10 different endings, each with its own requirements, you will need to make multiple saves through the game to make sure you don't make any mistakes. I will explain this more in the ending section of this guide. I will try and guide you through this overwhelming information in the least amount of playthroughs possible, but mistakes are possible and you do not have to follow my advice.

If you want me to add something or notice a mistake, please email me at the above address with the correct information.

Donation Info

Firstly, thanks to everyone who takes the time to read this. If you find yourself using my guide and found it to be handy, please consider sending a donation to support the time and effort I have put forth to make a comprehensive and useful guide.

If you DO wish to donate anything:

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Thanks again for your time. I in no way want you to feel obligated to donate, your support via emails is always appreciated though.


The controls for Atelier Totori are straight forward and easy to understand.

Directional PadMoving through menus
Left AnalogWalking/Running
StartTown shortcut
L1/R1Active Support in Battle


Each character has their own skills that they can use in battle. Some skills are used in battle while some are passive. Each character also has a Special Move as well (excluding Totori).

Attack Skills & Passive Skills

  • The attack/passive skills that you get through leveling.

Special Attack

  • Unknown yet how these trigger in battle.

Totooria Helmold

Birthday3/17Attack SkillsDuplicateDuplicates item with less effect.
Height4'9 (146 cm)Passive SkillsEvacuationLess frequently targeted by foes.
Will PowerResist KO from time to time.

The protagonist of this story. She had always been timid and introverted, but after learning alchemy, she has begun to have more confidence in herself. She lives in a small fishing village at the edge of Arland with her father and sister. Her mother is a famous adventurer, but she had gone missing several years ago. She wants to become an adventurer one day to travel and find her mother.

Cecilia Helmold

Height5'2 (156 cm)

Totori's elder sister. She's capable and reliable, possibly because she has taken a motherly role with Totori after their real mother had gone missing. When she and Totori fight or argue, she tends to act like a child and will sulk for days on end.

Gino Knab

Height5'2 (155 cm)Attack SkillsMy Super SpecialAttack a single target.
My Critical100% critical hit on single target.
Passive SkillsHero SyndromeIncreases stats against bosses.
Good FortuneIncreased item drop rate.
Special SkillEinzelkampfer*Super Attack* Attack one foe.

Totori's childhood friend. He's innocent, optimistic, and perpetually cheerful. His dream is to become a great adventurer and continues to train for it. He doesn't seem to know or understand why he wants to become an adventurer.

Melvia Siebel

Height5'7 (168 cm)Attack SkillsAxe StrikeAttack one foe. May lower DEF.
WhirlwindAttacks a wide range of targets.
Passive SkillsConstitutionReduces all forms of damage.
Freak StrengthIncrease critical rate.
Special SkillPugilist Maiden*Super Attack* Attack one foe.

An adventurer from Totori's village and also Ceci's best friend. She hates work and when things get serious, she's often seen interjecting with facetious commentary. She was born with freakish strength, making her a powerful adventurer when she puts her mind to it.

Mimi Houllier van Schwarzlang

Height5'1 (152 cm)Attack SkillsBlitz StossTarget a line of enemies.
Himmel WaltzAttack one foe.
Passive SkillsQuick ReflexIncrease evasion.
Special SkillEinzelkampfer*Super Attack* Attack one foe.

A member of an aristocratic family of Arland. Unable to accept others calling the aristocracy a relic of the past, she becomes an adventurer to make her name known throughout the land. She is very hardworking and hates any act of cheating.

Marc McBrine

Height5'9 (172 cm)Attack SkillsControl AAAttack one target.
Control CCCauses sleep and may lower attack.
Passive SkillsAnalyzeIncrease evasion.
AccuracyIncreases hit rate.
Special SkillRoar! McVellion*Super Attack* Attacks one foe.

A young man who loves machines of all kinds. He may not look it, but he has a very amicable and sociable personality. His dream is to propagate the use of machines throughout the nation and have everyone use them as a part of lives.

Rorolina Frixell

Height5'1 (153 cm)Attack SkillsPie MakingSynthesize pie for one ally.
Angel FullheartAttacks all foes.
Passive SkillsBomb ThrowThrow bombs as a regular attack.
AirheadResistance to status ailments.
Under PressureStats increase when HP is low.
Special SkillMini Punishment

Totori's alchemy teacher and protagonist of the previous game. She really hasn't changed much, but years of traveling and a variety of experiences have made her a stronger person. She completely spoils Totori, who is her very first student. Since the end of the last game she has traveled all around Arland to teach alchemy.

Sterkenberg Cranach

Height6'2 (185 cm)Attack SkillsSword BlitzLightning damage to all targets.
JudgementAttack one target.
Passive SkillsLifelong HardshipBuffs yield higher effects.
Inner FlameStats up against strong foes.
Special SkillLichschneiden*Super Attack* Attack one foe.

Years of worry and hard work had put him in an even worse mood, making his already scary face more menacing. However, his personality hasn't changed at all. Because Arland became a republic, he is no longer a knight.


Height2' (60 cm)

A tiny Hom, also known as Chim. These are homunculi Rorona made to assist Totori, unlike the original Hom, they can't talk. Instead, they have a myriad of emotions and expressions they share. Also, they work for pie. No pie, no work.

Source: All character descriptions are from the games manual.


This game is a standard turn-based one, with no real learning curve for previous JRPG players.

Every character has the below options:

  • Fight
  • Skill
  • Defend
  • Escape

Totori and Rorona on the other hand can use items. They can use anything in your bag that you have made or found previously.

Like every other RPG, and unlike Atelier Rorona, you use MP for skills and your HP is your life. The only new addition is LP. This is for travelling and when you characters reach zero they get negative stats like ATK and DEF down in battle.


Unlike the more well known games by Gust, Mana Khemia and Atelier Iris, where synthesis was less of a focus, this game revolves around alchemy synthesis as a basis to get items. The game gives you a decent tutorial for what synthesis is so I will skip to the details.

MP to Synth

Like Skills in battle, crafting takes a certain amount of MP per synth. When Totori drops below 1, the success rate greatly decreases. You can restore her MP with items or by sleeping on the couch in her workshop. As sleeping takes up valuable time, I suggest using items.

Synthesis Takes Time

Unlike Atelier Iris, where time didn't exist, Totori is all about time management. Every synthesis takes time to craft and can easily make you miss your deadlines, SO BE CAREFUL.

Synthesis Level

Every synthesis has a level to it, which determines Totori's success rate. The higher the level, the more likely you are to fail. You can fix this by crafting often, as every synthesis increases her Alchemy Level (which is separate from her Adventuring Level). When synthing, Totori will give you an idea of the success rate by her dialog when you select a synth.

Item Traits and Effects

Every item you use to make your synthesis has traits and effects. Also any item you make has it's own traits and effects. Previously, the traits of the ingredients you used determined the traits of your synthesis, but now you get to choose. Everytime you synth, your item has a cost level. The higher the cost the more points you have to use on your traits. The higher quality the items the more the cost level. Also, using previously synthed items in your synth will boost it a great deal.

For example, Wound Healing from a Mandra Root costs 0, but Attack +3 costs you 3. You would need a item that gives you 3 cost level in order to choose to add Attack +3 to your final item.

Item effects work differently though. Certain items have the ability to get traits depending on the quality of the items you use to make them. An Arland Crystal, for example, has 5 different effect possibilities (Crimson, Sapphire, Topaz, Emerald, and Diamond). You will know what trait you are getting because the item slot that determines it, a [Jewel] in this case, will have the word Effect under the picture of the ingredient slot. When you go in to choose the item it will also say effect in the bottom right, indicating the outcome if you use that ingredient.


When you visit any area on the world map, you will see bubbles floating around. These points can be harvested for items you will use during synthesis.

Normal Bubbles

  • Most bubbles will be light blue in appearance. These are generic points.

Special Bubbles

  • Some bubbles will actually have a yellow center. These are higher quality items.

Gathering Time

  • Like everything else in Atelier Totori, gathering on a field takes time. Without any bonus, from Speed Gloves, gathering will take half a day.

Basket & Container

The basket, which I call your bag, and the container are your inventory space.

Most items will automatically be in your container. The container has all the room you will need and you won't need more space until late game. Whenever you return to the ateliers you will be asked if you want to store the items in your container. You will almost always say yes, unless it is something like healing items you want to use on the field.

Your bag is where your items will temporary be stored in between your trips to the atelier.

Front Quests

Front Quests are something that has been carried over from Atelier Rorona. They are random quests that are offered and can be fulfilled for money. In fact, this is you main source of money until later when you get the Spring Cup trick.

Front Quests can be accepted from Alanya at Gerhard's Bar or Arland at the Adventurer Guild.

Each quest has many aspects to take into consideration:


  • The units are the amount you will need to turn in. For items, you will need that many crafted or harvested. For hunt quests, this is the number of enemies you will need to defeat.


  • This is the money reward you will receive.


  • Each quest has a deadline that it must be completed by. Although there is no negative to failure, it is better to only accept a quest when you know you will be able to complete it.

Bonus Reward

  • All quests also have a bonus reward of an item rated at S, A, A, B and C. For crafting and harvested items, this is the quality/rank of the item. For hunts, the rating is based on how quickly you turn the hunt in and how many monsters you kill. So you can take longer but kill a lot more than required and still get the S rank item.

Friend Requests

Friend Requests will be possible once you officially meet Sterk. Like, Atelier Rorona, he is the one that teaches you how they work.

The basic are that every once in a while a character might come visit you at the atelier and ask for an item. Giving them that the item will give you friendship points.

Your friends will never ask for something you don't already have made in your container. I state in my walkthrough that there is almost NEVER a reason to give someone an item they ask for. The exception to this is Sterk and Rorona.


In general you don't need/want anyone's friendship over 60, which you get from traveling.


The major point of the game is to become an adventurer. To do this you will have to go to Arland and receive your license. Once you have it you will need to earn points by completing certain requirements.


  • Complete a certain kill count or kill a certain enemy, such as a boss.


  • Exploring certain locations on the map, going to new locations, gathering all harvest points at certain locations, and finding landmarks on certain maps.


  • Completing certain turn in quests at Gerhard or Filly including different TYPES of quests, from hunts to gathering, and even certain rankings on the quests you accept.


  • Earned for completing Alchemy and Adventure levels, synthing all recipes per book, and completing sections of your library (including Characters, Equipment, Enemies, Items, etc.)

Ending Requirements

This game is ALL about the endings. Because of this, I have put the requirements for each ending all the way up here. Sure you can play through and forget all about this, but your success of getting any character endings is rare.

There are two factors that influence your ending:

Adventurer's Rank

  • Earned through completing tasks

Story Events

  • Certain events must be seen

There are three basic endings, not counting character endings.

Here is the breakdown:

True Ending

Satisfy Normal Ending conditions
Satisfy all 6 Character Endings conditions
Trigger Chim Ending conditions
Trigger Rich/Store Ending conditions

Normal Ending

Become an adventure
Reach Diamond Rank before 4/6/1
Find out what happened to Totori's mother

Bad Ending

After the starting events, sleep til 1/5/15
Fail to reach Diamond Rank by 4/6/1
Fail to find out what happened to Totori's mom

When it comes to endings, there is a priority as follows:

Bad Ending
True Ending
Character Endings (only Sterk and Gino's friendship matters here)
Chim Ending
Rich/Store Ending
Normal Ending

For details on each ending, see below in the Character Endings and Other Endings sections. There I will detail what you need to do.

Character Endings

Every character requires you complete the Normal Ending events and see certain scenes to trigger their flag.

Unlike Atelier Rorona where you needed to trigger flags asap, you don't want to in Totori. After a certain point you will be at a POINT OF NO RETURN. This means you will trigger their flag if you take that action. This is bad because the Rich/Store Ending requires that you have NOT triggered any flags. For this reason you want to get all the way up to the last scene, but not see it until you are going for the character's ending or True Ending.

Every character's flag requires you to trigger certain events throughout the game. You should know that you will at least 60+ friendship for a character to get their ending. This means you will need to have them in your party and go adventuring with them for at least some time.

For the easiest way to get all endings, please follow my walkthrough. It will tell you everything you need to know in order to get every ending as part of one playthrough.

Also note that the game has issues trigger two events at once. This means if you get two events at once, only one will happen. For example, if Mimi hits level 50 and you beat Marc's boss, you will only get one of the scenes and not be able to get True Ending.

Gino Flag

EVENT 1Starts 2/1/1, 40+ relationship, level 10+, go adventuring with Gino.
EVENT 2Get the Adventurer Trainer recipe back at Atelier Totori.
EVENT 3Synthesize the Rustic Weights and give it to him.
EVENT 4After meeting Sterk officially, 45+ relationship, talk to him.
EVENT 57 days later, head to Alanya Square.
EVENT 67 days later, head to Atelier Totori.
EVENT 73 days later, head to Alanya Square.
EVENT 87 days later, head to Alanya's Wharf.
EVENT 9Starts 3/1/1, 50+ relationship, level 15+ head to Atelier Totori.
EVENT 10Head to Alanya Square or Arlan's Artisan's Way.
EVENT 11Talk to Gino.


Starting 4/1/1, level 25+, head to Atelier Totori.
7 days later head to Atelier Totori again.
7 more days and the last event will occur at Atelier Totori.


Kick Gino before he hits level 25.

Melvia Flag

EVENT 1With Melvia in party, head out for a talk about Ceciand gifts.
EVENT 250+ relationship, go adventuring again and talk about clothes.
EVENT 3Starts 4/6/1, 60+ relationship, talk to Melvia.
EVENT 4Talk to Ceci.
EVENT 530 days later, with Mel in party, invite Ceci out.
EVENT 630 days later, repeat.


In another 30 days head out again.
Defeat the 3 Scarlet monsters with Totori alone.
Defeat the game boss Evil Face.


Don't invite Ceci out a third time.

Mimi Flag

EVENT 1Starts 1/7/1, Mimi will come by Atelier Totori.
EVENT 2Starts 1/7/4, head to Alanya Square.
EVENT 310+ relationship, return to Alanya (may need to fill your bag to 80% full).
EVENT 415+ relationship, 15 days later head to Atelier Totori.
EVENT 520+ relationship, 15 days later head back to Alanya.
EVENT 625+ relationship, 15 days later head back to Alanya.
EVENT 730+ relationship, 15 days later head to Atelier Totori.
EVENT 835+ relationship, After reaching Iron Rank talk to Cordelia.
EVENT 935+ relationship, talk to Mimi in the Adventurer Guild.
EVENT 1045+ relationship, 25 quests with Filly done, talk to Filly about Mimi.
EVENT 1150+ relationship, head to Adventurer's Guild.
EVENT 12Starts a day later, receive a rank Up.
EVENT 133 days later, synth something at Atelier Rorona.
EVENT 1415 days later, talk to Cordelia.
EVENT 1560+ relationship, go to the world map before finishing the boat construction.
EVENT 16Bring Mimi with you when you depart on the boat.
EVENT 17Fight Flauschtraut with Mimi in party.
EVENT 18Event when you leave the Frontier Village.
EVENT 19Talk to Mimi at the Adventurer's Guild,
EVENT 20Defeat Evil Face.


Get Mimi and Totori Adventure Level 50.


Kick Mimi before she hits level 50.

Marc Flag

EVENT 1Starts 1/6/1, head to Buried Ruins.
EVENT 2After Iron Rank, head to Calamitous Mountain.
EVENT 3Return to Arland and talk to Cordelia.
EVENT 4The next day there will be an event at either atelier.
EVENT 6Starts 2/1/1, 30+ relationship, head to Beefy Weapon Shop.
EVENT 715 days later, head to Sunrise Cafe.
EVENT 840+ relationship, 30 days later head to Artisan's Way.
EVENT 945+ relationship, 30 days later head to Artisan's Way.
EVENT 1050+ relationship, 30 days later head to Artisan's Way.
EVENT 11Starts 4/1/1, 60+ relationship, level 30+, head to Atelier Rorona.


Take Marc to the Promised Land.
2 days later there will be an event at Atelier Rorona.


Don't go to the Promised Land with Marc in party.

Rorona Flag

EVENT 1Starts 2/6/1, head home to 'catch' Rorona.
EVENT 2Head to Arland and meet up with Rorona.
EVENT 3Sterk 30+ relationship, Rorona 40+ relationship, head to Sunrise Cafe.
EVENT 4Starts 3/7/1, 50+ relationship, head to Artisan's Way
EVENT 56 months later, 60+ relationship, event at Atelier Rorona


Reach Alchemy Level 50 and synth in Atelier Rorona


Do NOT craft in Atelier Rorona once you're 49+

Sterk Flag

EVENT 1Starts 2/1/1, have Iron Rank or higher, event at Atelier Totori.
EVENT 2Talk to Cordelia.
EVENT 3Sterk should come by and you mention Astrid.
EVENT 4After completing 2 Friend's Request, Sterk will drop by and his pigeon will come in.
EVENT 5Event when entering Sandy Wind Plains or Calamitous Mountain (not mandatory, actually).
EVENT 6Starts 2/9/1, head back to Alanya.
EVENT 7Starts 3/1/1 and at least a month after Chim's birth, head to Atelier Roronato recruit Sterk.
EVENT 830+ relationship, event at either atelier.
EVENT 930+ relationship, head to Artisan's Way.
EVENT 1040+ relationship, head to Artisan's Way again.
EVENT 1160+ relationship, head to any location on the map.
EVENT 126 days later, event at either atelier.
EVENT 13Take Sterk in Gerhard's Beer Hunting quest.


Activate Gino Flag.


Same as Gino's.

Other Endings

These endings have other requirements than characters; in fact some require you to not trigger any character flags.

Chim Ending

Requires Normal Ending conditions to be met

Do NOT trigger any Character Endings

You must have all five Chim's

1) Automatic
2) Water of Life from Pamela's Shop
3) Water of Life from Sterk, 50+ friendship
4) Water of Life from Iksel's Cooking Contest
5) Water of Life from reaching Cobalt Rank

At least one Chim (likely the first one) needs to eat 9 LARGE pies


Chim's eat 35 LARGE pies


Stop ALL Chim's from working at <35 LARGE pies

Rich/Store Ending

Require Normal Ending conditions to be met and must NOT trigger any Character Endings, including Chim Ending.

Must complete all of Iksel's Cooking Contest quest

Must complete all of Gerhard's Beer Hunting quest

Must have more than 500k at game end


Stay under 500k or sell/make equipment to drop under

Iksel's Cooking Contest

Have at least one Chim (probably near the end of year 2)

EVENT 1Talk to Iksel and receive the Iksel Recipe Book.
EVENT 2Synth the Black Tea and Passionate Soup and take them to Iksel to get the Awesome Slow Food.
EVENT 3Synth the Danish and Meister Tarte and take them to Iksel to get Great Ingredients.
EVENT 4Synth a 60+ quality Century Biscuit and take it to Iksel to get Totori's Cooking.
EVENT 5Synth a 80+ quality Totori Brunch and turn it into Iksel to win the contest and a bunch of stuff.

Gerhard's Beer Hunting

Have Rorona recruited.

EVENT 1Talk to Gerhard.
EVENT 2Talk to Rorona at her atelier to get the Alcohol and Life recipe book.
EVENT 3Synth the Beer, Liquor, and Grape Water to get the Fancy Drinks recipe book.
EVENT 4Synth the Floral Sour Mix, Million Nights, and Blessed Wine and take them to Gerhard.
EVENT 5Head to Atelier Totori to receive the Fish Booze Memo.
EVENT 6Synth the Anchobeer and take it to Gerhard to receive the Specialty Notes.
EVENT 7Get the boat after year 4, month 1.
EVENT 8Synth the recipes Tuna Wine, Butterfliquor, and Bomb Booze and take them to Gerhard.
EVENT 930 days later, talk to Gerhard for the final recipe book Extreme Brewing.
EVENT 10Talk to Guid on the Alanya Wharf.
EVENT 11Talk to Sterk in Arland.
EVENT 12Grab a Sonne Fruit.
EVENT 13Head to the new point on the map, off Rock Island (you will need to arrive on/a little before the 30th).
EVENT 14Back at home, synth the new recipe Guardian Liquor and take it to Gerhard.
EVENT 15Head back to Gerhard's Bar the next day.


My goal is to guide you through the game with limited spoilers. I will mention when and where events occur, but give you only enough info to know you are seeing the correct event.


This guide is designed to get you to see as MANY of the events as possible in the quickest time. They are not required to be gotten in this order, but if you want 100% of the background CG's and events, use it as a guideline for what you should be doing.


Firstly, read an entire date before doing anything, as not everything is listed in order. I may say leave town before I state optional things you SHOULD see in town.

Everything listed under a date with not prefix of the below SHOULD be done.

Optional Events

Events that are not mandatory to get the platinum, but they are events that I assume you are going to see. TRY and make sure to see them. If you aren't getting them, don't freak out.

Other Events

Events that may happen if you choose to deviate from the guide and strive to see them. I either did not see them at that time, or I saw them at that time in a DIFFERENT PLAYTHROUGH. This means the conditions are unknown exactly and you may need to fuss about to find out how to see the event. These should NOT be done if you plan to follow the guide date for date.

Light-Blue Areas

Tips, Notes, and Advice.


Before Your License

This nation has a job called "adventurers. It all happened before Arland became a republic. People wanted to explore, adventure, or develop the frontier. The knights of Arland were weak, so the citizens joined them and helped out. It happened gradually, but that system was later institutionalized. Adventuring is now a real job. My mother was one of those adventurers. I hear she's actually famous, too, but we haven't heard from her in years. My father and sister both think she's already... but I don't think so.

Year 1, 3/1

Totooria Helmold will remind you of Rorolina Frixell and give you your first trophy, "A Day in the Life" and meet Cecilia Helmold.

Enter the house to the right of your starting position to meet our lovable friend Pamela Ibis. If you have played previous Atelier games, her running into a wall makes perfect sense, or rather doesn't.

Head left of where you met Gino Knab to the bar to meet Gerhard Konev.

Head left of Gino for a scene with Peter Rietz.

Leave town and listen to the World Map tutorial.

Nuse Grove
Western Plains

If you ignore the rest and sleep through the next few months you will get the Bad Ending. This is the easiest way.

Year 1, 3/3

As soon as you enter you'll get the Battle tutorial.

Afterwards, Totori will explain more about adventurers and her past.

Continue left toward the bubbles to learn about Gathering.

After gathering, head back to town.

I suggest you clean out the map so you won't need Nuse for a little while.

Year 1, 3/4

Back home, learn about the Basket & Container and run into Totori's dad, Guid Helmold.

You can fulfill Front Quests from the items in your container. This means you can usually keep everything in your container. The only exception is items that your friends ask you to make for them. These need to be in your bag.

Year 1, 3/5

Synthesize a Healing Salve.

Starter RecipesSupplement
Healing Salve

If you don't know anything about synthesis yet, please read the Synthesis section before doing any complex crafting.

By default all synthesized items go into your container. You will need to grab the Healing Salve out of the container to use it. This is a big deal when you start making items that help you, but NEED TO BE IN YOUR BAG.

Year 1, 3/6

Go ahead and view the tutorial to learn about your atelier.

Head to Gerhard's Bar and you'll be introduced to Front Quests.

I suggest buying the Magic Grass from Pamela's Shop and using 1 day to make the 5 Supplements.

Always make the maximum items you can in 1 day. This will save you time as you will always need more items later and instead of spending 5 days to make 5 Supplements you can spend 1.

You can get Water from Totori's well for the Supplements.

Don't spend too much time doing quests at the moment since you don't have your license. Take the easy stuff and leave the hard stuff.

I won't always tell you when to accept quests, only suggested breaks in the story for time. You should always check to see if there are easy items to turn in or monsters in the location you are planning to go gathering at soon.

Head out to gather more items from Nuse Grove.

Year 1, 3/9

Harvest points and fight, but make sure you leave the area BEFORE the end of the 11th and head back to town.

Unlike Atelier Rorona, everything you do on a field takes up time. This means gathering and fighting time should be considered when you are close to any timed events.

There are 10 small sections to the timer in the upper left of the screen. This is your time left in the day.

It takes 5 (or half a day) to gather a spot, but you can look and not gather and lose no time.
It takes 2 to fight a battle.
It takes 1 if you run from a battle.

When you leave the fields the day will automatically change no matter how much time is left on the red bar. This means you want to leave a field just before the indicator is empty so you use up the full day versus leaving when it's nearly full.

Guard when given the option. This isn't because Totori is a weakling. The simple fact is that guarding equals half damage. It is better for someone to take half damage than someone (in this case Totori) take full damage. This will help you with managing damage. Especially when you run into monsters that use aoes.

Year 1, 3/14

At home an event will occur and a day will pass.

Year 1, 3/15

Head back to Nuse Grove again. We will go to Western Plains soon, don't worry.

Year 1, 3/17

Get the trophy "Monstorous Power" and meet Melvia Siebel.

Harvest and fight until just before the end of 19th and head to town.

Year 1, 3/22

At home an event will occur and a day will pass.

Year 1, 3/23

Head out to adventure for a scene with Mel and Gino and a new area.

Now is a good time to take out the Blue Punis at Western Plains. Avoid Roaring Craggy Path for now, as you're too low lvl. You can go there after you gain a lvl or two.

Roaring Craggy Path

Year 1, 3+

Spend time gathering, fighting and finishing quests for the rest of the time until the game forces you forward at the next date.

Here are some things you SHOULD do:

Synthesize Crafts and Supplements for Front Quests.

Do this only a couple times between your trips to Roaring Craggy Path. You will need the Alchemy Levels.

Synthesize at least 2 more Healing Salves and make sure to grab the one you made as part of the tutorial and visit Roaring Craggy Path at least 7 times (taking a break halfway through to empty your bag and get the healing from walking) or until Gino is level 10.


  • Guard with Gino unless an Audra is almost dead.
  • Use Mel to black any attacks on Totori.
  • Use Melvia's Skills if she can kill a bird off before it attacks.
  • Don't use the Healing Salves in battle unless you NEED to.

I'm gonna warn you now... Gino will get pissed if Totori gets too high level without him (about 10+ levels). He will ditch the party and go get levels on his own. This can easily mess up your all trophies in one playthrough. Either get this event at the low levels, or do NOT invite Gino to your party other than for his flag events.


If you have time left over once Gino hits 10, use it to gain more crafting levels.


  • There is a scene with Mel saving you from a Griffon as you walk to a location on a certain day. I forget the exact day and it is not a required event so I never wrote it down.

Year 1, 5/14

The day will automatically pass and you will be forced home.

Year 1, 5/15

View the scene with Mel, Gino and Totori. At home Ceci will help you out (poor dad... no one appreciates you).

Year 1, 5/16

Head to town to kick Peter's.... carriage.

Year 1, 5/23


Year 1, 5/30

Oh noes. Does Peter get on your nerves too? Enjoy a familiar face from Atelier Rorona and receive the trophy "Like the Flash".

Year 1, 6/1

Head to the right for a scene in Beefy Weapon Shop. If you got the scene to make Hagel a wig in Atelier Rorona, this scene will make you laugh even more.

On a side note, you can buy Port Outfits from Hagel for 400c and sell them back for over 500.

Continue right to visit Rorona's Workshop. Awww.... bad Astrid.

Right again will land you at Tiffani's R & T Sundries.

Head west of where you originally came in and into Sunrise Cafe. Iksel sure grew up nice didn't he?

Heading left again will take you to the castle where you meet a very feisty and familiar friend as well as a new one. The trophy "Shouting Match" will trigger as well. View the Adventurer Tutorial and you're set for some fun. Grats on your new License. Please view the License Points section to see how points are distributed.

Back to Rorona's workshop and spend the night.

Year 1, 6/2

After a scene, you'll be on the way home.

Year 1, 6/16

A scene at home will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Year 1 w/ License

Year 1, 6/17

Learn about recruiting friends and the shortcuts for traveling.

PLEASE use the start button to get around. It will save you TONS of agony.

Head to town for a scene with Peter and recruit Gino.

Inside Pamela's Shop is another scene and some recipe books.

At Gerhard's Bar Ceci will shock you with her feminine charm.

Accept some new quests, such as Green and Blue Puni, Squirrel, and/or Coastal Penguin. Do NOT accept Audra.

Be sure to grab Mel before leaving.

Ceci has also opened up a shop at Gerhard's Bar.

I suggest you buy Cooking Basics and Home Remedies. Also your License will give you points for accepting every TYPE of killing quest. This means it's a good idea to pick up one of the punis, audra, squirrel, penguin, etc. The same thing goes for synthesis items such as [Bomb], [Ingot], etc.

We will not be stopping in Nuse Grove for Squirrel, but you can get them from Green Puni battles or as random encounters on the map.

If you fail to get what you need before the deadline, there is no negative.


  • You should get a couple of extra scenes with Mel and/or Gino during the next few traveling days. They aren't important, but they are hard to miss, unless you do not put them in your party.

Year 1, 7/1

If you went adventurering, your father will reward you when you get home with Rorona's Recipes.

Mimi Flag

This can occur as early as 7/1, but can be got later, so if you are out adventurering don't worry. You can get this by leaving the atelier and coming back in.

Accept a crafting quest from Gerhard and/or burn 3 days.


  • If you gain a alchemy level 5 you will get a scene with Ceci on how you met Rorona. This can also happen later.
  • A scene with Ceci about Totori's outfit will occur.

You can get this by leaving the atelier and coming back in. This will set up a rivalry between Ceci and Rorona that will evolve into something funny later.

Rorona's RecipesBomb
Polish Powder

Year 1, 7/4

Mimi Flag

  • A scene at the Town Square with Mimi will occur.

Now is a good time to go adventuring with Mimi. Replace Mel, but be careful since Mimi isn't as strong.

If you got Gino to level 10 you can replace him instead.

Pick up Coastal Penguin and Blue Puni if you haven't already and head out with Mimi, Gino and Totori. I went to the Abandoned Mine.


  • When you leave town there will be a scene between Gino and Mimi or Mel and Mimi. This is true for all characters. Meaning if you have two people with you who have never adventured together, there will always be a short scene between them.


  • If you don't take Mimi out she will eventually come to the atelier and yell at Totori.
  • If you don't go adventuring for about a month, Gino will come complain to you.

Year 1, 7/7

Harvest 3 points and then leave for Dry Sea.

Year 1, 7/11

Depending on the hunt quests you got, you can go to Dry Sea 3 times or do it twice and hit up Western Plains on the way home (if you need more Blue Punis than you have encountered with Coastal Penguins).

Be sure to only spend time needed for kills/gathering at this point and leave with as much of a day used as possible. Remember that gathering takes half a day and battles take 2 of the bars.

If you are doing Dry Sea 3 times, leave for Alanya before the end of the 19th.

If you are leaving Western Plains, head back before the end of the 22nd.


  • If you brought Mel to adventure with you, you will get a scene with her underestimating her strength. This will put a ton of Eiche with Complex S in your inventory. Feel free to drop these to make room for other items.

Year 1, 7/25

Turn in any quests you completed to Gerhard and make sure your basket is empty.

Time to head out for a long trip. Don't accept any quests because they will most likely expire before you come back. There is no negative effect from this, but it's better to not start what you can't finish.

Head out to Natural Garden.


  • If you took Gino with you, you will get a scene with Gino, Totori and Ceci when you arrive in town.
  • If you took Melvia out and saw the scene with the Eiche, there will be a similar scene at home.

By now Gino should be above level 10. This is all you need for his next flag in year 2, so I suggest you put Mel back in the party.

If you didn't get the above scene, I will mention a time later that you can use to get it.

Also, if you had Mel in your party previously, don't switch her out for Gino to get this scene. It will mess up a scene with Mimi.

Year 1, 7/28

Harvest 5 locations (try and get the ones with Purple Grapes), if possible, and then leave for Golden Plains.

Firstly, you will want to make sure you keep at least 4 Purple Grapes on you for something that you need to make in year 2. I know that's a long ways off, but I won't be having you come back to this area.

If you are behind in my guide, harvest 3 points and move on.

If you are up to date on my guide, but there aren't 3-4 points, harvest 3 and leave. Re-enter and harvest a 4th point before going to Golden Plains.

Year 1, 8/7

Be sure to harvest all points in Golden Plains for the License Points. You will know you got them all when it pops up on screen.

You can get Chariot Milk from the goat.

Head for Buried Ruins next.

Year 1, 8/19

Marc Flag

Make sure you leave before the end of the 19th.

You can check what a harvesting point has and then NOT harvest it and no time will pass. Do this to find a harvesting point with a Bounce Stone.

Make sure you keep at least ONE Bounce Stone for something later. You do NOT want to walk all the way back here.

Head back to Alanya.

Year 1, 9/5

Mimi Flag

  • If you followed my advice and cleared the above areas with Mimi in party, you should get a scene when you return involving dinner. This requires her friendship be 10+. Which it should easily be.

I headed to Abandoned Mine again (you'll need the Snow Stone for weapons later). If you don't want to you can adventure somewhere else until 9/20 (this is when you need to be back, take that into account for traveling time). We need the friendship though, so make sure you adventure.

You should swap out Mel or Gino for the other.

Grab more Coastal Penguins if Gerhard has them and you plan to follow the guide.


  • Mel won't be at the bar and you can see a scene between Ceci and her.

Year 1, 9/8

Harvest 3 points and head to Dry Sea.


  • If you swapped out Mel for Gino, because you had her previously, you will get a scene about yellow fruit.

Year 1, 9/12

Harvest and leave before the end of the 14th.


  • If you still have Gino, you will get a scene where he peels food for her.

Year 1, 9/20

Mimi Flag

  • Mimi's friendship should be 15+ by now for the next scene at the atelier. She talks about your friendship with Ceci.

Sooner is better than later when seeing Mimi's scenes, since there is a 15 day wait period between her scenes. You may need to leave and re-enter the atelier.

You now have until the 13th to do whatever you need to.

If you are behind in my guide, head to Arland as soon as the carriage is fixed.

Here are some things you should make sure to do (in order):

If you missed any scenes for Gino, save and try and get these by leaving to a nearby area and then coming back. Do NOT replace Mimi (unless her events are blocking Gino's when you arrive in town). If you missed any events with Mel, don't worry, we will get these when we take her to Arland.

If you lose Gino while fighting, don't worry about it. He will come back later. The only problem is you won't get the scene with him when you enter town. This can be gotten at any point later in the game.

It's a good idea to do a Front Quests you haven't done yet for License Points... such as Audra or Squirrels.

Spend time getting crafting License Points rewards now. Things such as crafting all items from a book or simply alchemy level. A big one is getting Glass Artisan by turning in quests to Gerhard.

This should also increase your Alchemy Level, which is important.

By the end of the month you should be ready for your next rank up. If so, you will get a scene with Peter at the atelier telling you the carriage is ready. I suggest you don't rush to get your rank up asap since points can carry into the next. Finish the stuff in Alanya.

Year 1, 10/13

With Mimi and Mel in your party, head for Arland via Peter.

Year 1, 10/27

Get Iron Rank at the Adventurer Guild with Cordelia.

After getting access to the workshop, return to Cordelia. You will meet Filly, Etsy's sister. You can now do Front Quests in Arland.

Filly will almost NEVER ask for something you have in your bag or container. This means that items that are hard to make are worth keeping a copy of so she never asks for them. On the other hand, you never want to hold easy to make items. Later when you have wholesale you will want to make sure you NEVER have wholesale items in your container. If you need them for synthesis you can buy them. Filly will also ask for them more. This is good.

There is a trophy for Tiffani that is based on how many requests you fulfil for Filly. Since this event all depends on the randomness of your requests, I am gonna point out an event you need to look for in the future.


There are some events where Filly complains about her job at the Adventuerer Guild. Eventually she will be at R & T Sundries and Tiffani will suggest she go relax at the Sunrise Cafe. When you see this event, make sure you go to the Sunrise Cafe 2 days later. This will net you a scene with a drunken Tiffani.

You should buy the History of Drying recipe book at R & T Sundries.

Check out quests at Fillys. If she is offering Green Puni and Blue Puni, accept them and head to Uni Grove.

Be careful, as the enemies around Arland are very strong. You should have some Healing Salves. If not, don't worry.

History of DryingDried Flower
Dried Meat
Smelly Liquid
Traditional CraftsGlass Beads
Crystal Ball
Crimson Dye
Living Rope
Jewelry For YouGnardi Ring
Mercurious Eye
Gibate Ankh

Nabel Lake
Sandy Wind Plains
Calamitous Mountain
Fragrant Plains
Vanishing Path
Silent Path

Year 1, 10/30

You should be able to clear out Uni Grove to finish off the hunt quest if you have it. Leave for Arland near the end of the 2th.

Melvia Flag

  • Mel should talk about her outfit.

Year 1, 11/6

Next I headed to Old Path


  • Head to Rorona's atelier and you should get a scene with Cordelia about her height, this is an long-standing joke for Rorona players.

Year 1, 11/9

Harvest 3 points with the most Quake Stones and leave before the end of the 10th.

Year 1, 11/14

Head back to Beefy Weapon Shop to learn more about Weapon Synthesis.

Smith's FriendIngot
Dry Metal
Crafter's LifeSter Metal
Mystery Ankh
Dress Meister
Camo Cloak
Divine MaterialsHalmolium
Scale Cloth
Dimension Egg

I suggest you take a moment to craft some items for weapons. Doing this will make your characters survivability much better. Pay attention to the traits, these are what will help your characters the most.


The trick to crafting good weapons and armor is to craft multiples at once so you can stick more traits to it.


You should be able to make Muffcot at the moment, so do the following:

You want to make a Zettel with traits we want to put into the Muffcot. Synth 2 Zettel and try and get HP, MP, LP, or Defense + traits in it. Make sure you are paying attention to how much Cost Level you have versus what you want to allocate them to since you will not have much to work with on the Zettel. I was able to get HP, MP, and LP.

If you don't have enough points, leave out the Defense, since you can get this when you actually make the Muffcot.

If you want Defense +5, don't put a Defense +3 on the Zettel. Note that doing this will mean your next set of gear probably won't get +5 and only +3.

You can sort by Level so the items with the highest Cost Level are at the bottom and then look for the traits.

Now save and then make 3 Muffcot using the 2 Zettel you already made and an extra one you probably own (if you don't just make 2 Muffcot).

You will have more points to allocate, so try and get another trait in the [Thread] slot.

The Fluffy Fur from R & T Sundries has Defense +5 on it.

Use Honey to get more points. Buy this at Sunrise Cafe.

Go for the higher quality items if you can or Quality + traits. If you fail, reload. Save when you succeed.

If you find you are failing too much, craft any other items you want to raise your Alchemy Level.

Things you SHOULD make and save for later:

Things that are easily in range:

Things you CAN make to let them increase in quality over time:

Check Filly and see if she has any Front Quests.


For weapons we want to make 2 Dry Metal and I suggest Attack +3, Lightning Power (Quake Stone), Ice Power (Snow Stone), Convert Damage S (which will give you small bits of HP when you attack) or something else useful.

If Totori says "Nope. Can't do it." you will need to get more Alchemy Levels.

What you want is for Totori to say "I'm not sure about this."

Save when you are ready to try and make the weapons since your success rate is pretty low. You WILL fail a lot, but it is possible to make them.

When you make the [Ingot] and [Cloth], head to Beefy Weapon Shop to turn them into items.

This is what we want:

  • ?Metal Staff?
  • ?Elegant Spear?
  • ?Normal Clothes?
  • ?Activewear?

If you finish before the following occurs, you can craft until the next date to up your Alchemy Level.

If you are behind in my guide, jump ahead to the next date and you can get these next events later.

Mimi Flag

  • Mimi will drop by the workshop and will mention coming back to Arland for good. You can now only recruit her in Arland.


  • You can also get a scene with Mimi about taking a tour of Arland.

Year 1, 12/1

Grab Audra or Scissor Bug if they are available and head to Calamitous Mountain.

Year 1, 12/9

Marc Flag

  • Meet Marc automatically.

Be sure to head across the bridge for some License Points. Leave before the end of the 10th.

The chest is a trap.

Year 1, 12/19

Marc Flag

  • Return to Arland and talk to Coredlia.

Burn a week in Arland crafting (check Filly for quests or just make a bunch of Supplement and any items I listed earlier that you didn't make.

Items I made:


  • Mimi may drop by to learn about alchemy if you level up enough.
  • You may also get a scene with Filly about who she is.

Year 2, 12/26

Marc Flag

  • Marc should come to the atelier. You can now add him to your party.

Hire Marc and kick Mel. He's right next to the atelier.