Secret handshake trophy?

  1. How do I obtain this trophy exactly? cumira - 11 years ago - report


  1. ***Spoiler Alert****
    To get the trophy, you have to fool a Yog Soggoth devotee into thinking youre a member of the Brotherhood. I'm pretty sure you can't get all trophies on this level in a single playthrough. You'll have to play through more than once.

    You have to look in Jurgen's closet at the idol before opening the trunk in Kringle's room.
    After the trunk in Kringle's room is open, talk to Jurgen **in his room** about the Yog Soggoth.

    This means you cannot have sent him to the the sarcophogus
    beatrixgamer - 10 years ago - report 0   0
  2. This one took me a while to figure out, I only found 1 out of roughly 12 sources that gave me any inclination of how to get this trophy. And yes *SPOILER ALERT*

    First, when you enter Jurgen's and the mole people's cart, Jurgen enters the mole room, enter his room and look at the idol in the closet. Go to the mole room and then leave, you will hear the moles talking, but don't shrink. Leave the cart and return.

    When you return, the mole girl will be giving Jurgen the letter. Now, enter the mole's room and exit again, this time shrink and use the ventriloquism to make the mole girl say that the reverse curse is in the Mole's room, NOT THE SARCOPHAGUS. This gets him to leave, you enter his room and get the letter.

    Now make sure you have milk glass from Kringle's tray in front of his room, then give the letter to the Mole dad, this will cause max to turn into a cow and you milk him. Enter Kringle's room with milk, cookies, and shrink can to check his chest. Lastly go back and talk to Jurgen about the idol and you will have the trophy.

    However, getting this trophy precludes you from obtaining the trophy for getting Jurgen double cursed.
    Edward_Wise - 10 years ago - report 0   0
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