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FAQ/Walkthrough by Sor Eddie

Updated: 07/20/10

Heavy Rain Chronicles
Chapter 1 - The Taxidermist

(Who needs ASCII art?)

FAQ/Walkthrough written by Sor Eddie.

Game copyright Quantic Dreams, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe,
and David Cage.
All rights reserved.

Table of Contents:
1) About [NFO]
2) Walkthrough [WALK]
3) Endings [END]
4) Secrets, tips, and tricks [EXTRA]
5) Credits and contact

1) About [NFO]
This guide for the first new downloadable content released for Heavy Rain,
titled "The Taxidermist". This guide will show you how to get through the game
and how to get all the endings, as well as pointing out little secrets, tips,
and things to try. 

"The Taxidermist" has the intrepid reporter, Madison Page, investigating 
Leland White, who she thinks could be the Origami Killer. Madison finds that
Leland owns a Taxidermist shop in the suburbs, and goes to investigate...

2) Walkthrough [WALK]
(Note: This walkthrough will get you the "In The Middle of the Horror" ending,
which is more or less the default ending. See the next chapter for a list of
all the endings, and how to get them.)

2.1 - Outside Leland's House
When the game starts, You'll see Madison driving her bike along a highway 
while talking on the phone to her boss at the newspaper, saying she thinks
she has found the Origami Killer. She'll drive her bike over to the house,
get off, and then you will regain control. Now, you can try the front door,
but you'll find that it's quite locked. There are some points of interest
here though before you go inside. Check Leland's mailbox to find subscriptions
to woman's fashion magazines, and check the trashcans to find a bloodstained
woman's shoe.

Once you're done breaking the law in the name of truth and justice, go 
around to the right-hand side of the house, where there's a window that's 
slightly open. Look at the window, and then move the small oil drum closer 
to the window, the roll one of the bigger ones over, and use them to climb 
up and inside.

2.2 - Inside The House
Well, that wasn't so hard, was it? Once you climb in, you'll be inside
the kitchen. You can look through all the kitchen cupboards, but only 
the drawer on the right hand side of where you came in has anything 
interesting in it - Namely, woman's jewelery. Make sure that you close 
any drawers you may open before you move on. Don't worry about the
bathroom door though when you can't close it, Leland doesn't seem 
to care either way. You can continue to explore the ground floor, but
be careful of the stuffed animals in the center section - As you walk
by them, one will fall over, and you'll have to quickly hit a button to
grab it, or else your position will be given away when Leland comes back.
Some points of interest you might be, well... interested in, are scraps
of woman's clothing in the fireplace, and a blood trail in the garage.
To get to the garage, take the door right near the bottom of the
staircase, go down the steps outside, and through the second door.

Once you've satisfied your curiosity, make your way back to the
living room and up the stairs. Madison will mention that the floor
boards are creaky - Some good info to keep in mind for later. Now, you
can explore most of these rooms, but there's really not much to do though
in them, at least not yet. Keep in mind that there's a phone in the
bedroom, though, you'll need it for two of the endings. Also, don't open
the closet near the outside of his bedroom; some junk will fall out that
you won't be able to put away, making it so he instantly knows that
you're there.

Make your way down the hallway to the end, and take the last door on 
the left to enter the bathroom, or the blood-bathroom, in this case.
You'll find a woman's corpse soaking in the tub, and Madison will 
record all this info on her phone. Once she does so, turn around, leave
the bathroom, and take the door at the far end of the hall.

Looks like Leland is a big Vincent Price fan (kids, ask your parents who 
that is), because he's got his own personal gallery of stuffed, smiling
women. Madison will take photos for evidence. As you start to leave the
room, a truck will pull up to the house - Uh oh, looks like Leland's 
back home.

2.3 - Leland Comes Back
Leland has a pattern to a certain extent as he goes through the house.
When he gets home, he will always put his coat on the hook, turn on
and watch a bit of TV, then go up to get a beer from the fridge. He'll
then go back to watching TV a bit more while having his beer, and then
walk to the ground floor bathroom to recycle that beer, if you know
what I mean. After that, he'll come up the stairs, and at this point,
his pattern is randomized, as far as I can tell.

The list of things he'll do are:
- Go take a nap in his bedroom
- Go to the room across from the bedroom
and search for tools in the cabinet
- Go to the second room on the left,
and fiddle with the tools on his workbench
- Go to the second room on the right,
and fiddle around with some boxes on the floor
- Go to the second floor bathroom,
 and continue a bit of his "handiwork".
- Go to the gallery and talk to his corpses
- Go back downstairs, watch some TV,
and then go back upstairs

He'll do two a couple (three or so) of these activities in a 
random order, then come back down to watch TV for a long 
amount of time, then repeat.

Well, you're in a bit of trouble now. If you wish to escape 
and not die a gruesome death, you've got a few choices and
 places to hide. You can hide:
- Under his bed
- Behind the door in his bedroom
- In the closet in his bedroom
- Wedged beside the tool cabinet across the hall from his bedroom
- Under his workbench in the second room on the left
- Wedged between tool shelves in the same room as above
- Behind the racks of clothing in the second room on the right
- Behind the door in the second floor bathroom
- Under the bed in his gallery
- Behind the chair with the dummy watching TV
- Behind the standing dummy in the kitchen section of the gallery

If you get to the bottom floor, but don't manage to escape before
 he starts to come back downstairs, you can also hide in some
 places on the ground floor until he leaves.
- Under the dining table
- Directly under the back of the stairs
- Behind the glass cabinet of animals on the
opposite side of the stairs

However, if you've been following this guide, you shouldn't
need to, as Leland still won't be aware that you are there.
There's basically three routes you could take to get out: 
-Go out the front door
-Go through the garage
-Go out the window at the top of the stairs.

Either way, make sure he doesn't see you, and more importantly,
doesn't HEAR you. Make sure you only lightly press down 
on R2 when you walk, or else he'll hear you. I find the
easiest way to go to the gallery and hide under the bed.
Wait until he decides to go to his bedroom for a nap, then
creep down the hallway, down the stairs, and through the side
door to the garage. The shutter door sticks, so just hit the
button and you're home free. You could also sneak down the stairs
and try the front door, but you'll find that it's locked. Search
his coat to get the key, and get outta there. Your last choice
is to go the window near the top of the steps, open it and
jump out. This one seems to make a lot of noise though, but
you'll be gone anyway, so what do you care?

No matter what way you escaped, Madison will make a run for
her bike, get on, and drive off. Congratulations, you just
beat an adventure game by following a guide word for word!

3) Endings [END]

If you followed the guide, you should have gotten the ending
marked "In The Middle of the Horror". There's four other
endings to get, here is how you get them all.

Where Is Madison Page? - Get discovered by The Taxidermist,
and fail the QTEs, allowing him to kill you.

Sacrificed In the Name of Truth - Call the police using the
phone in The Taxidermist's bedroom, then get discovered
and killed by him.

The End of the Nightmare - Once The Taxidermist sees you,
a QTE chase scene starts. The pattern will require you
to dodge a couple of knife swings, and then hit R1 to
knee him in the groin, and then you'll need to run to a 
direction by pressing forward, left, or right. Run to 
the garage (through the side door near the TV/couch), and
choose the right arrow option to grab the chainsaw from 
the floor. Rev it up (I hope you have a Sixaxis) and 
complete the QTEs to show Leland what a cut-up you can be. 
Alternatively, just escape after he's seen you, and he'll 
shoot himself to prevent the cops from arresting him...
But where's the fun in that?

The End of Anguish - Call the police, and evade The Taxidermist
until they arrive. To get this one really easy, just follow
my guide up to the point when Leland comes home, and hide
under either bed. Sure, it hurts your fingers, but at least
it's a no-lose situation.

In The Middle of the Horror - Find The Taxidermist's gallery,
and then escape, without him knowing you're there.
If you followed this guide, this should be 
the first one you'd get.

4) Secrets, tips, and tricks [EXTRA]

There's a couple of optional points of interest you 
may want to check. There's a bunch of blood-stained 
and otherwise suspicious objects:
- A bloody woman's shoe in the trash can outside
- A subscription to woman's fashion magazines
- Woman's jewelry in one of the lower kitchen drawers
- A burned scrap of woman's clothing in the fireplace
- A pool of blood in the garage

There's also the rocking chair, which you can rock back
and forth in, and put your Sixaxis controls to use. Fun.

You can also check Leland's weight machines, next to his
bathroom, to have Madison comment on his workout ethics.

Also, I've never found a use for this, but in the first
second floor room on the right when you go down the hallway,
you can look out a window that lets you see the stairs that
Leland comes up... However, because of the split-screen view
that always shows you what Leland is doing, it's kinda useless.

5) Credits and contact

Heavy Rain, The Heavy Rain Chronicles, The Taxidermist,
and all related characters and concepts belong to David Cage,
Quantic Dreams, and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe,
all rights reserved.

This guide, however is copyright to me, Sor Eddie. 
I don't care if you post this on a Heavy Rain fansite
or whatever, just credit me. Don't post this on some
generic FAQ site though, like Cheating Planet. 
That'd be bad for your karma, man.

How to contact me: You can't.

Seriously, hundreds of people try to contact me every year,
and very few ever got responded to.

But really, I don't want to be contacted so don't try.

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