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Bonus Commentary Guide by Tzar Sectus

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/22/10

Monkey Island 2 Special Edition - Bonus Commentary Guide
  by Tzar Sectus aka FluffyQuack
(22/7/2010 - v1.1)

 -Commentary Locations Guide-
 -Easy Mode Differences List-
    --Contact information--
      --Version History--


This is just a quick guide listing where you can find all of the bonus
commentaries (with Ron Gilbert, Tim Schafer, and Dave Grossman) in the special
edition version of Monkey Island 2, so you can make sure you don't miss any
of them.

It also includes a full list of all the differences between the easy version 
of the game and the hard version of the game for those who are curious.

This guide is targeted for people who already familiar with the game, so there
might be a few small spoilers. If you're looking for help with the game, then
there's plenty of other guides on gamefaqs.com for the original MI2. And hey,
the game comes with a handy hint system so you could always use that.

If there's any commentary I've missed in my guide, please contact me and let
me know. I am very certain the current list is complete though.

-Commentary Locations Guide-

Commentary with "-" are repeatable if you visit the area again.
Commentary with "*" can only be activated once (usually during a cutscene).

----Part 1----
- While talking with the pirates at the campfire
* Just before walking over the bridge in Woodtick and meeting Largo
- In Woodtick
* While Largo takes money from the bar owner
- Inside Wally's boat
* At the graveyard, after the cutscene with getting the bone
- Inside Dread's boat

----Part 2----
* During the cutscene which introduces LeChuck
- On Dread's boat (can only be accessed before you pick up the parrot food)

(Phatt Island)
* While talking with Governor Phatt
- While trapped inside the prison
- After opening the cell door in the prison
- On the big map of Phatt Island, choosing where to go
- Inside the library
- In the alley where you get secret codes for the casino
- At the docks with the fisherman
- At the waterfall

(Scabb Island)
- In Woodtick during part 2

(Booty Island)
- Inside Stan's shop
- After trapping Stan inside the coffin
- In the spitting contest area after winning it
* Finding the Sea Monkey shipwreck
* While chef is chasing you around the Governor's mansion (if you move off the 
screen, this commentary stops, so just let the Chef catch you)
- Inside Elaine's room

----Part 3----
- Puzzle where you're hanging over the acid

----Part 4----
-At the beach
* Calling the LucasArts helpdesk after getting lost in jungle
- In the underground tunnels
* At the end of the game, during the final cutscene with Guybrush's parents

-Easy Mode Differences List-

Differences listed as "-" means content which is simply removed or drastically
Differences listed as "*" function in a different simplified way and has some 
unique dialogue/text compared to hard mode.
Differences listed as "\" are just general comments, and not actual

----Part 1----
- No cook in the bar. You get the job immediately.
* Instead of getting Largo's bra, there's a shirt in his room you can pick up 
right away.
* The woodworker lets you pick up his hammer and nails.
- Captain Dread doesn't need his lucky necklace replaced.
- Stick and string aren't objects you can pick up. Can't interact with the 
mouse box either.

----Part 2----
(Booty Island)
- Person with cannon and Kate Capsize is gone.
- Spitting contest area is not accesible.
* Map piece at the shop costs a mere 100 pieces of eight.
- Large tree house is not accessible.
- Cliff is not accessible.
- The Chef doesn't care if you mess around with the garbage bin. You don't 
need the fish anyway.
- After Elaine throws the map out the window it won't fly further away, and 
you can pick it up right outside the front door.

(Scabb Island)
* Each coffin in the crypt has new text so you don't need the Famous Pirate
Quotations book to find Rapp Scallion's coffin.
- When you open Rapp Scallion's coffin, you find and get the map piece 

(Phatt Island)
- The gorilla envelope is gone.
- Docks with the fisherman isn't accessible, and the fisherman is gone anyway.
- Alley with the door you knock on isn't accesible.
- You always win in the casino no matter what number and colour you choose.
\ You still have access to the library and can check out books, but you don't 
actually need any of them.
- Waterfall is gone so you can walk through it right away.
- The grog contest guy is gone, and you can walk right into the house.
- There's no puzzle with the trap door. You just open it, fall down and pick
up the map piece.
- The book on Phatt isn't there, so even though you can access his mansion
there's nothing to do there.

----Part 3----
- There's no labyrinth puzzle. Just walk through any of the corridors and 
you'll reach the big door.
* The puzzle where you're hanging over the acid has a new solution: Talk
with Wally.

----Part 4----
- The box with the cracker mix is gone, and you simply find 3 crackers in the 
barrel near the parrot.
\ Rest of the game from here on is identical to hard mode.


Q: How do I access easy mode in the Special Edition? What is hard mode?
A: They removed the choice to play in easy mode (presumably since they added
the hint system) for the Special Edition. Hard mode/full mode is the only mode
you can play in the Special Edition.

However, if you have the PC version you can apply a little hack to force the
game to run in Easy Mode. There will be a few minor bugs, but it will work
completely fine from start to finish. The extra dialogue is actually all voiced
too. You can find more info about getting easy mode to work on the PC version
here: http://www.lucasforums.com/showpost.php?p=2738359&postcount=61
(thanks to LogicDeLuxe for making the mod)

Q: Is Monkey Island 2 good? Should I get it?
A: Yes.

Q: Which version of Monkey Island 2: Special Edition is best to get?
A: They're all fine. However if you're nitpicky, the X-Box 360 version lacks
the dynamic iMUSE system.
(more details here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkMoHEFtnLQ)
And the PC version is the only version to play in full 1080p without borders.

Q: You know, your easy mode guide isn't really helpful for beating the game.
A: It isn't supposed to be a walkthrough, just a list of all the differences
for those who are curious.

--Version History--
v1.1 - Typo fixes
v1.0 - First version

--Contact Information--

I've got a youtube channel with fancy videos at:

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this 
document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

Copyright 2010 FluffyQuack

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