1. What are all the games to choes from in sports champion/

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  1. the games are:

    Table tennis

    In Table Tennis, players use a Move controller accurately as a paddle which allows players to volley very precisely, perform heavy spins, lobs and slams. The PlayStation Eye also monitors the player's body location to see how the player is positioned to adjust their character's orientation as well as position from the table.


    With this sport, the player has no direct control over where the on screen character starts the match or stands. Instead of focusing on the placement of the character, the player is meant to concentrate on bumping, setting and spiking the ball. All of these three motions are not complicated, but the key to playing this game is timing.This game is playable with both one or two Move controllers.

    Gladiator Duel

    This sport allows players to use one or two move controllers. When using two you can use one as a weapon such as a giant Mallet and the other as a Shield. Players can also fill up power meter to unleash a two-hit combo on their opponent. Other controls also include players putting their hands on their hips to taunt the enemy as well as holding down the trigger and swinging the controller up to jump. The game will feature a wide-array of enemies as well as a large assortment of unlockable weapons including some unusually strange weapons.

    Disc golf

    In this game the player's objective is to throw a Frisbee down a golf-like course and try to get their Frisbee into the bucket before the opponent does. The Move detects the angle of the Frisbee, the power of the throw and the snap of the release, making it a very realistic experience.


    In Bocce, two people take turns throwing wooden balls at a similar looking, albeit smaller wooden ball located down the field from the players. The person who gets their ball(s) closer to the smaller ball wins the point (or, if they have multiple balls that are the closest to the smaller ball, they can win multiple points). The player can also hit an opponent's ball so it rolls in any given direction, either further away or closer to the target ball. The Move detects the weight, spin and release of each throw, and then translates that into the direction and movement of the ball.


    This is another sport in the game that allows a player to use either one or two Move controllers. When using two, the player hold one Move controller as if it was a bow, and the other as if it was an arrow. The player must reach back behind them and press and hold the T button to pull an arrow out of their quiver, notch the arrow by putting the two Move controllers next to each other, pull back with the Move that is controlling the arrow, and finally once the player has the desired tension, they must release the T button to fire the arrow. Depending on how far back you pull the arrow; the further it goes. When using one you reach back the same way.

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