kingdoms of amalur reckoning - Pride before a fall - Ventrinio never shows up Help?

  1. SPOILER ALERT-------------

    I have gotten to point in the quest where I have spoken with gnome Ventrinio at spoke with him in the city and I went back to the area just before Dren, Field of Huber. I spoke with the NPC's in the area and used all their dialogue. However, Ventrinio never shows up so I can obtain the Essence of Valor so I can fight Dren. It is basically just the two NPC's and that's it. I can not fight Dren with out it. I noticed there are bugs with killing him to soon. I haven't been able to make a single dent in his health bar let alone even hope to do so. There were no other questions like this here. Is there a side quest I needed to do before he would arrive there? Any help would be great.

    User Info: PiperFrost

    PiperFrost - 5 years ago

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