What is the best build for an agile yet powerful death?

  1. The question says it all

    User Info: naguzoro44

    naguzoro44 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Weapons with Health Steal, Critical Chance, and Critical Damage make for quick kills and can make you nigh unbeatable. I personally pass on the Frost Damage at this point, but only because it feels unnecessary due to ridiculously fast kill speeds, not to mention the fact that Teleport Slash usually does it for me if I ever really feel the need. I also stick to using Armblades for my secondary weapons because they're fast, and the charge attacks are particularly awesome for crowd control purposes--especially the jumping attack because it's so fast and you can often be out of harm's way while charging it up. If it doesn't happen to kill the enemies outright, it will always knock them back, and if you wait until you're surrounded you can really cause some serious damage.

    I'm almost always moving around on the battlefield, especially when fighting in The Crucible, so I personally can't abide the painfully slow attack times of hammers, maces, and axes. A good Possessed Armblade can deal the same kind of DPS as one of the slower weapons when upgraded properly. Try flip-kicking smaller enemies into the air and slashing them to pieces before they can even hit the ground again; it's very satisfying.

    User Info: Chrono222Nomad

    Chrono222Nomad - 7 years ago 0   0

Other Answers

  1. I myself focus almost everything on teleport slash and equipment with strength, crit chance, crit damage, wrath on crit, and frost(not ice) damage. I have a 40% crit chance right now and can spam teleport slash quite frequently to do massive damage and get health back that way. I use the gun a lot since I can fire all shots off pretty quickly and get a lot of wrath back as well. The freezing effect of teleport slash and frost damage is awesomeness since it slows them down so much.

    I've been making my weapons this way and can destroy everything fairly quickly without ever having my health go too low.

    User Info: pkpba764

    pkpba764 - 7 years ago 0   0

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