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    Walkthrough by DG-le-Ste

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                     * Grand Theft Auto: IV - The Lost & Damned *
                     *              Xbox 360 Version            *
                     *          Version 1.00 - Complete         *
                     *                Walkthrough               *
                     *                 Revision 0               *
                     *       By Daniel "DG-le-Ste" Stephen      *
                     *          Copyright (C) 2012-13           *
                     *   Email - danielstephen62[at]gmail.com   *
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    Rockstar Games, a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive Inc. All rights reserved.
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    Note that this guide does contain major spoilers. I suggest searching for
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    Table of Contents:
    1.	About The Writer
    2.	"Grand Theft Auto: IV - The Lost & Damned"
    3.	Johnny Klebitz – The Protagonist
    4.      The Lost Motorcycle Club
    5.	The Main Menu
    6.	The HUD
    7.	Busted & Wasted
    8.      The Order Of The Guide
    9.      "Clean And Serene"
    10.     Side-Content
             SIC1. Friends
                   FRI1. Terry, Clay & Jim
                   FRI2. Activities
             SIC2. Arm Wrestling
             SIC3. Seagulls
    11.      The Storyline
            CP1. Billy Grey
                 BIG1. "Angels In America"
                 BIG2. "It's War"
                 BIG3. "Action/Reaction"
            CP2. Jim Fitzgerald
                 JIF1. "Liberty City Choppers"
             SIC4. Bike Races
                 JIF2. "Bad Cop Drop"
             SIC5. Angus' Bike Thefts
            CP3. Elizabeta Torres
                 ETO1. "Buyer's Market"
            CP4. Thomas Stubbs III
                 THS1. "Politics"
            CP5. Ashley Butler
                 ASB1. "Coming Down"
             SIC6. Gang Wars
                 THS2. "Off Route"
             SIC7. Stubbs' Dirty Laundry
                 BIG4. "This Shit's Cursed"
                 RCH1. Random Character - Dave Grossman
                 JIF3. "Hit The Pipe"
                 ETO2. "Heavy Toll"
                 ETO3. "Marta Full Of Grace"
                 ETO4. "Shifting Weight"
                 RCH2. Random Character - Malc
                 JIF4. "End Of Chapter"
                 JIF5. "Bad Standing"
                 RCH3. Random Character - Brian Jeremy
                 ASB2. "Roman's Holiday"
            CP6. Ray Boccino
                 RAB1. "Diamonds In The Rough"
                 RAB2. "Collector's Item"
                 RAB3. "Was It Worth It?"
                 THS3. "Get Lost"
    12.      TLaD Achievements
    13.      100% Completion Checklist
    14.      100% Completion Rewards
    15.      Credits
    16.      Goodbye!
    1.	About the Writer
    My name is Daniel Graeme (or Graham) Stephen, otherwise known on GameFAQs as
    DG-le-Ste. I am only 18 years old, but I have a number of years of GTA gaming
    under my belt. Say what you want to say, but there are millions of kids that
    aren’t even 13 playing “Grand Theft Auto” games. This is what I think is a
    simple fact, but I‘ll leave the arguments to you. This is a guide, not a
    Anyhoo, I come from the northeast of England, but with strong Scottish roots.
    I was originally born in Aberdeen, in the northeast of Scotland, until my
    family moved to the northeastern English town of Middlesbrough when I was very
    young. Most of my lifelong friends are gamers, and that includes me, and so we
    are a strong group when it comes to opposable thumbs.
    You could say GTA is my specialty. I grew up going on mad rampages on the
    comfort of my games console whilst playing as Carl Johnson or Claude Speed.
    Because of my childhood memories mostly being of this game series, it has
    inspired me to write these guides.
    I have studied subjects such as Law and Politics to a high level, which does
    require very good reading and writing skills. I have honed these skills into
    my guides.
    I started writing these guides in the summer of 2012, during the very start of
    my gap year before I went to university. This gave me a lot of spare time, and
    thus many of my guides have come to be.
    I would go into my private life, but this is unnecessary. So, instead of that,
    we’ll get under way.
    A list of my guides are available from my profile on GameFAQs. Previous guides
    feature a list within them, but I hope to avoid numerous updates as I publish
    more. Go back to the top of the page and click on the link with my username to
    access the list.
    2.	"Grand Theft Auto: IV - The Lost & Damned"
    With "IV" a year old, we thought that our time in the all-new Liberty City was
    finished for another few "Grand Theft Auto" games. But in 2009, Rockstar
    announced the first of two additional mission packs for the game.
    "The Lost & Damned" was released to the Xbox Live Marketplace, and brought
    about a new character, a new storyline, additional vehicles, additional
    weapons, and more Achievements to unlock. It was then released with "The
    Ballad Of Gay Tony" on "Episodes From Liberty City" for PS3, PC and Xbox 360
    in 2010.
    The game follows Johnny Klebitz and his band of merry Bikers. This gives more
    focus on the gangs of Liberty City, and the angle of a biker gang, something
    Rockstar hadn't done before. "Innovation" would be a choice word.
    The storyline weaves into the story of the main game, and there are areas
    where missions from "IV" and this game intertwine - "Buyer's Market" and
    "Collector's Item" the most notable. This was all in Rockstar's plan, pushing
    themselves in the way they can bring a storyline together - missions from
    other perspectives are done well.
    So, let's delve into "TLaD"...
    3.	Johnny Klebitz – The Protagonist
    Johnny is the Vice President of the Lost Motorcycle Gang chapter in Alderney.
    His boss, Billy Grey, was accosted and ordered to attend rehab, meaning that
    Johnny had to take the reins.
    He was born into a humble Jewish family, but his life had led him into the
    criminal underworld. He abandoned his faith in order to be part of the Lost
    He is a natural leader and has taken the Lost into another direction. However,
    that will become disrupted at the beginning of the storyline.
    There's not much else to say about Mr. Klebitz, other than the gang he leads.
    4.       The Lost Motorcycle Club
    The Lost Motorcycle Gang has chapters dotted around Liberty City - Johnny is
    part of the leadership in the Alderney chapter. They are natural enemies with
    the Angels of Death, another motorcycle gang operating in Liberty City, but
    peace is currently upheld between the two gangs. The Lost have their
    connections with the Pegorino Mafia through Ray Boccino, Elizabeta Torres and
    the Bohan drug trade, and the Uptown Riders, a bunch of hoodlum gangsters
    turned into an updated version of a biker gang.
    The gang features several other members who are prominent in the game:
    >> Billy Grey - Club President
    >> Jim Fitzgerald - Treasurer
    >> Brian Jeremy - Club Secretary
    >> Terry Thorpe - Sergeant-at-Arms
    >> Clay Simons - Road Captain
    >> Jason Michaels - Enforcer
    >> Angus Martin - Wheelman
    >> Ashley Butler - Billy's old lady and Johnny's ex-girlfriend
    >> Dave Grossman - Lawyer & Legal Representative
    You will come across all of these characters through the storyline. Some you
    will grow to love - others to hate.
    Your gang will build up Toughness as you complete missions and Gang Wars.
    This appears as a stat when you complete them. This gives you a guideline to
    the "level" of a gang member - the tougher they are, the more effective they
    will be in combat.
    Terry and Clay's Toughness can be measured in the Stats. Keep an eye on it for
    that Achievement.
    5.	The Main Menu
    The Main Menu is useful for many things. It includes anything else you are
    unsure about:
    Map - This will show you a map of Liberty City. You can also plot a marker,
    giving you a GPS route to it.
    Brief – If you forgot what you were doing, have a look at your brief to jog
    your memory.
    Game – Load or delete your saved game, or start anew.
    Stats – If you want to admire your records, scroll through your statistics to
    see what you have done. Your Stats are also split into sub-sections, like
    general information, combat, etc.
    Controls – Get to grips with how you plan to travel in and around the state.
    Audio – Control the volume of your radio, and listen to the radio from the
    comfort of your Pause Menu.
    Display – Change the aspects of the in-game engine, such as the brightness and
    6.	The HUD
    The Heads-Up Display gives a little extra information. The right-hand corner
    of the screen displays your weapons and ammunition for it, the amount of money
    you have and a Wanted Level meter (if you gain a Wanted Level). Your money,
    weapons and ammunition will not be displayed unless you load/reload your game,
    or if you "prompt" it to pop up. In the bottom right, the name of the vehicle
    you are driving, the district and the street/road you are on is shown, but
    like the information in the top-right, isn't displayed unless you "prompt" it.
    In the bottom right is the radar, to show you how to get around, your Health
    on the left side of the radar, and your Body Armor on the right side of the
    radar. And that’s the HUD!
    The in-game display is quite grainy - not too much, but noticeable. This is
    meant to add to the game experience. The color for your Health and Armor
    displays are different, but those are the only changes from "IV".
    7.     Busted & Wasted
    You can have fun in this game – in fact, the possibilities are endless. But
    eventually, you take one bullet too many, or you choose to surrender to the
    L.C.P.D. before things begin to get out of hand.
    If you are Wasted, you are sent to the nearest hospital, and are only billed
    10% of your current balance. This is capped at a maximum of $10,000. You will
    not lose your weapons if you are Wasted.
    In contrast, if you are Busted, you will lose all your weapons, but will not
    be billed any money.
    Both occurrences will result in you losing your Body Armor if you were wearing
    8.       The Order Of The Guide
    Normally with the "Grand Theft Auto" titles, you would have to complete a
    certain mission so you could access a new area of the city. However, the whole
    of Liberty City is available to you right from the off. Added to that, there
    isn't a time-based Achievement tied into this game.
    So, this means that we will have a lot of things available to us to complete
    in good time. I will be going for 100% Completion in this game, so everything
    is woven into the storyline and completed as soon as it becomes available.
    We will be starting off with side-content, and then completing missions. When
    a side-mission pops up, I will halt the storyline to complete it before I
    continue. This means that you should achieve 100% Completion with the last
    So, with that noted, we can begin!
    9.       "Clean And Serene"
    The opening credits begin with Johnny and his Lost boys, giving us a potted
    introduction to the senior members of the gang. The pack ride to Westdyke
    Memorial Hospital.
    Here, we meet Billy Grey, freshly released from court-ordered rehab. He gives
    us a taste of his attitude as he reassumes his position as Leader. You will
    then be riding with him back to the Clubhouse in Acter.
    After the welcoming drinks are downed, Billy asks for his bike. Johnny had to
    use it as a peace offering, given to the Angels of Death - but now Billy wants
    it back, and Brian (chief ass-kisser) backs him up as the talking turns to
    arguing. This is the first sight of the leadership's clashes, as Billy is more
    practical in the gang scene than Johnny's attitude of a suit-and-tie. Johnny
    eventually caves in, and has to set about getting Billy's bike back. It's all
    forgive and forget.
    You are riding with Billy on the back to Bohan, to a chop shop on Guantanamo.
    "Pretty Boy" plays it dumb, but loses his cockiness when Billy shows his face.
    After some "persuasive technique", he spills - the Angels are keeping it in
    their Northwood hangout.
    The hangout is the breaker's yard on Grummer Rd. in Northwood. Using Johnny's
    Sawn-off Shotgun, you need to tear apart the Angels of Death protecting the
    bike. As you clear them out on the right-hand side, more will spawn on the
    left. Clear them out to finish up.
    Billy's now back on his bike. Get back on yours and follow the pack back to
    the Clubhouse. Note that when you ride back, a Lost MC badge will appear,
    keeping up in the middle of the pack - if you stay in it for long enough, you
    are able to recuperate your Health and gain some Body Armor. This is a nice
    feature when you're riding with the pack.
    So with that all done, you can go through the introduction with the Clubhouse
    and your friends.
    Reward: $750, in addition to $100 you already had on hand
    So you can get acquainted with the digs. You can have a drink at the bar, save
    your game, watch TV or surf the web and check your emails on the ground floor,
    and play Pool, QUB3D, Hi-Lo Cards and Arm Wrestling on the first floor. A thin
    strip of parking can be used outside the Clubhouse. Bikes will spawn around
    the Clubhouse as you unlock them. At the moment, only Johnny's custom Hexer
    will spawn in an alley next to the Clubhouse, to the right of the entrance.
    You can hang out with Terry, Clay and Jim. They also have special abilities
    available to you - Terry can deliver guns nearby, similar to Little Jacob's
    ability in "IV"; Clay will deliver a bike to your location if you want it;
    and Jim will leave a choice weapon in the Clubhouse, which will be placed on a
    table on the first floor. Activities with the three are covered later in the
    Billy's missions will be available from the Clubhouse. Jim will call you soon
    after this mission, unlocking his missions on Aspdin Drive.
    10.      Side Content
    There is some side-content available straight from the completion of the
    opening mission. We shall clear it up before we continue on with the story.
    SIC1. Friends
    The aspect of friends in Liberty City continues with Terry, Clay and Jim. Jim
    will arrive on his own when called on for an activity - calling either Terry
    or Clay will have both of them show up.
    FRI1. Terry, Clay & Jim
    Terry and Clay's Activities are required for 100% Completion. The beautiful
    thing about their activities are that when one is called up, the other shows
    alongside them. This means that you need only go on each Activity once.
    Jim's Activities are NOT required for 100% Completion, but it might be worth
    checking them out if you're curious.
    As all friendship bonuses are available straight away, this may seem like a
    waste of time, but the 100% Completion requirements may give you an excuse.
    FRI2. Activities
    Where some Activities have been added, some have been taken away to compile a
    list of seven Activities for each friend:
    >> Air Hockey - Memory Lanes Bowling Alley, The Meat Quarter
    >> Darts - Lucky Winkles, Purgatory
    >> Drinking
    >> Eating
    >> Pool
    >> Show - Split Sides featuring Frankie Boyle
    >> Strip Club
    Those noted have new additions to them - a new location or a new variant. Each
    one is available to all of your friends.
    100% Completion requires you to beat someone at Pool, Darts and Air Hockey, so
    play those Activities and make sure you win a game in each.
    SIC2. Arm Wrestling
    A new side-mission, Arm Wrestling will appear in three locations - in the Lost
    Clubhouse; outside the Angels of Death Clubhouse in North Holland; and at the
    Uptown Riders hangout in North Holland.
    Using the Left Stick, you need to out-muscle your opponents in a best of 3
    match. You compete against a CPU character for cash. Beating someone at Arm
    Wrestling is required for 100% Completion.
    The more difficult variants feature in Algonquin. The AoD stakes stand at $200
    with $400 to win back, and the Uptown Riders stakes stakes at $300 with $600
    to win. This is best done straight away.
    The easiest variant is in the Lost Clubhouse, with a $100 wager with $200 to
    win. Your opponents are significantly easier to defeat compared to the others.
    What you essentially have to do is mash the stick until you win the round.
    Rest your arm for the next one and take it. This one will take it out of you
    physically, having to have a good hold on the Stick and moving it fast enough.
    Innuendo aside, you can make the 100% requirement easier if you do this
    straight away. It will still test you, but it's much easier than taking on the
    competition in Algonquin.
    Replay this mission if you want to claim profit in the wagers. Otherwise, just
    play this once to earn victory, and then save up and never face it again. This
    one was unreasonably difficult to me until I set out for it straight away.
    SIC3. Seagulls
    We finish off our current side-content with Seagulls, the collectible that
    features in TLaD.
    This is the same deal with the Flying Rats in "IV" - you're hunting down birds
    and killing them with a firearm. 200 may have been enough to drive you crazy,
    but you are only hunting down 50 across Liberty City.
    Seagulls are required for 100% Completion. Added to that, the counter for how
    many you have left remains, so you can have an idea of how far you've come
    along in the hunt.
    Extermination of all fifty Seagulls will reward you with an Innovation, a
    custom bike that will spawn at the Clubhouse and/or your Safehouse. Plus, a
    step to 100% Completion is taken.
    The Seagulls are set out like so:
    -- Seagull # (S-#)
       District, Street Name
             >> Plus any additional advice and information.
    As there is less to cover, I will list all 50 in one Chapter. Hence, I will
    list the borough that the Seagull is located in.
    I will begin in Broker, heading south to north to finish up in Bohan, before
    doing the same in Algonquin. The hunt will finish up close to the Clubhouse.
    The breakdown of Seagulls to boroughs is like so:
        >> Broker: 5
        >> Dukes: 7
        >> Bohan: 7
        >> Algonquin: 15
        >> Alderney: 16
    So, we shall begin.
    -- Seagull #1 (S-01)
       Hove Beach, Wappinger Ave.
             >> Begin from the intersection with Crockett Ave., and head north up
                the street. Look to your right to find the Seagull sitting at the
                bottom of the steps up to the house.
    -- Seagull #2 (S-02)
       Firefly Projects, Ringo St.
             >> Head east down this road and pass the intersection with Mohegan
                Ave. Look to your left to see a wall, and the Seagull sitting on
                top of it.
    -- Seagull #3 (S-03)
       Rotterdam Hill, Onion St.
             >> In the middle of this street as it ends to the north, on the west
                side of the street, is a building with a green awning. The Seagull
                is sat on the fencepost in front of it.
    -- Seagull #4 (S-04)
       Schottler, Boone St./Seneca Ave.
             >> Near the intersection of Boone St. and Seneca Ave. is an alleyway.
                Head down it and head north to find it near a set of stairs.
                Alternatively, you can enter it from an alley on the east side of
                Seneca Ave.
    -- Seagull #5 (S-05)
       Beechwood City, Carson St. & Tutelo Ave.
             >> At the north side of this intersection is a concrete ramp facing
                over the Expressway road signs. The Seagull is sitting on the
                barrier to the right of the ramp.
    -- Seagull #6 (S-06)
       Francis Intl. Airport, Broker-Dukes Expressway (south)
             >> Head on the turn-off to Francis Intl. as you come out of Beechwood
                City. The Seagull will be sat on top of the barrier to your right.
    - Seagull #7 (S-07)
      Francis Intl. Airport, the airport tarmac
             >> Head to the north side of the Main Terminal, and turn left to go
                on the tarmac. Take the first left and look carefully around this
                area to find the Seagull on the ground.
                You will get a 4-Star Wanted Level for this, so you will need to
                evade that before continuing.
    -- Seagull #8 (S-08)
       Meadows Park, Cleves Ave.
             >> From this street, head north towards the Broker-Dukes Expressway.
                Head onto the grass to the right, and you'll find the Seagull on
                the ground near the Expressway overpass.
    -- Seagull #9 (S-09)
       Willis, Seymour Ave.
             >> Stop in the middle of the street after passing the intersection
                with Parr St. Look to your right to find the entrance to a block
                of apartments. The Seagull is on the grass next to the entrance.
    -- Seagull #10 (S-10)
       Cerveza Heights, Concord Ave. & Trenton Ave.
             >> Between these two streets are three alleyways that can be seen on
                the map. The Seagull is on the wall of one of the houses at the
                southernmost alley.
    -- Seagull #11 (S-11)
       Cerveza Heights, Dukes Boulevard & Stone St.
             >> At the northwest side of this intersection is a building. On the
                west side is the Seagull, on a platform.
    -- Seagull #12 (S-12)
       Charge Island
             >> The Seagull is sat on a concrete block near one of the tollbooths.
                It can be seen as you go southbound. You are certain to get a
                Wanted Level with the cops manning the booths. Shoot it from the
                comfort of your vehicle, and drive away.
    -- Seagull #13 (S-13)
       Little Bay, Coxsack Ave. & Alcatraz Ave.
             >> Between these two streets is an un-named street. On the south side
                of the street is the entrance to an apartment block, with the
                Seagull sitting on the ledge to the steps leading up to it.
    -- Seagull #14 (S-14)
       Northern Gardens, northern coast
             >> The Seagull is sat on the edge of the cliffside.
    -- Seagull #15 (S-15)
       Boulevard, Valdez St.
             >> Head to the east end of the street and go onto the large pathway.
                Stretching down this pathway is a planter. At the eastern end of
                it is the Seagull.
    -- Seagull #16 (S-16)
       Boulevard, Butterfly St.
             >> Head off to the north side of Butterfly when you have a smooth
                stretch of hillside to navigate down to the waterfront. The
                Seagull will be found on the ground, between trees and shrubbery.
    -- Seagull #17 (S-17)
       Boulevard, Grand Boulevard & Uprock St.
             >> The Seagull can be found on this corner on top of a circular post
                at the southwest corner of the Park.
    -- Seagull #18 (S-18)
       South Bohan, the Projects (San Quentin Ave.)
             >> The Seagull can be found on the grass between the two southern
                apartment blocks.
    -- Seagull #19 (S-19)
       Fortside, Rykers Ave. & Lotus St.
             >> At the northeast corner of this intersection is a Deli Grocery
                Store. The Seagull is sitting on the overhang of this building.
    -- Seagull #20 (S-20)
       Northwood, Frankfort Ave.
             >> The Seagull is located on the grass as the road curves north to
                east before it runs into the Northwood Heights Bridge.
    -- Seagull #21 (S-21)
       Northwood, Wardite St. & Vespucci Circus
             >> The Seagull is at the base of a potted tree at the south side of
                this intersection.
    -- Seagull #22 (S-22)
       Northwood, Ivy Drive North
             >> As you head south, stop when you come to a set of stairs leading
                to the apartment blocks. The Seagull is on a ledge right at the
                top of these steps.
    -- Seagull #23 (S-23)
       Middle Park, north side
             >> This can be found on the ground on the pathway running north to
                south, from the Quartz St. divide nearest to Frankfort Ave.
    -- Seagull #24 (S-24)
       Middle Park, south side
             >> This can be found on the ground on the pathway near the southeast
                entrance to the park, running closest to Columbus Ave.
    -- Seagull #25 (S-25)
       Middle Park West, Galveston Ave.
             >> You can find the Art Center as three rectangular buildings on the
                same block. Head to the northwest corner of the block to find the
                Seagull on the ground of the courtyard in this sitting area.
    -- Seagull #26 (S-26)
       Purgatory, Hell Gate & Frankfort Ave.
             >> Head north from this intersection, and stop at the alley on this
                block. Head down into this alley, and the Seagull can be found sat
                on the ground.
    -- Seagull #27 (S-27)
       Star Junction, Kunzite St.
             >> Head down the alley after you pass the intersection with Frankfort
                Ave. The Seagull is sat on the ground near a tree in the middle of
                this large alley.
    -- Seagull #28 (S-28)
       Lancet, Albany Ave. & Jade St.
             >> Look to your right as you head north up Albany from this inter-
                section. The Seagull is sat next to one of the potted trees.
    -- Seagull #29 (S-29)
       Colony Island, parking lot
             >> Head off Leaper's Bridge onto Presidents Ave., and take the first
                right turn. This will lead to the parking lot. At the west side is
                a building, and the Seagull is near a corner railing of the
    -- Seagull #30 (S-30)
       Easton, Grand Easton Terminal Station
             >> The G.E.T. takes up the block surrounded by Columbus Ave., Albany
                Ave. and Hematite St. Head onto Columbus and head up the steps to
                the Terminal on this side. Head south on this upper level, and you
                will find the Seagull along the wall to your right.
    -- Seagull #31 (S-31)
       The Meat Quarter, Hematite St.
             >> Head west down this street from the Grand Easton Terminal. Stop
                as you head under the bridge before the intersection with
                Galveston Ave. There will be an alley to your right. Head down it,
                and you will come across a loading dock. There is a metal overhang
                with the Seagull sitting on it.
    -- Seagull #32 (S-32)
       Suffolk, Back Passage
             >> This street is westernmost running north to south between Garnet
                St. and Feldspar St. The Seagull is sitting on the steps near the
                Didier Sachs storefront.
    -- Seagull #33 (S-33)
       Chinatown, Emerald St. & Bismarck Ave. (north)
             >> Bismarck breaks off at Emerald, so you want to be at the southern
                end on the northern section of this street. You will find a
                building with roller shutters at the northeast side of the
                intersection. The Seagull is on top of the shutters.
    -- Seagull #34 (S-34)
       The Exchange, Columbus Ave. & Barium St.
             >> At the southwest corner of this intersection is a building with
                large pillars supporting the overhang. The Seagull is on the
                ground near this corner.
    -- Seagull #35 (S-35)
       Westdyke, the abandoned mansion
             >> You can enter the ground near the intersection with Beaverhead and
                Sacramento. Head up the path and take the left path. Head near the
                end of this path, and look to the edge facing over Beaverhead. The
                Seagull will be sitting right near the drop.
    -- Seagull #36 (S-36)
       Leftwood, Beaverhead Ave. (west)
             >> As you come to the intersection with Big Horn Drive, head out onto
                the coastline and go south. There is a small seawall poking out
                from the cliffside, and the Seagull will be sat on it.
    -- Seagull #37 (S-37)
       Leftwood, L.C.P.D. Precinct
             >> The Precinct is on Franklin St. and Bridger St. Head up Bridger
                and turn right to enter the parking lot. The Seagull is sitting on
                the grass median in the lot. You will definitely get a Wanted
                Level for this one.
    -- Seagull #38 (S-38)
       Leftwood, Lockowski Ave.
             >> Head north up this road, and turn right to get onto the Plumber's
                Skyway. Partway up this on-ramp, sitting on the ledge to your
                right, is the Seagull.
    -- Seagull #39 (S-39)
       Alderney City, Applewhite St.
             >> Head along this road as it curves south to pass over Mahesh Ave.
                As the curve straightens out, you can find a bus shelter. The
                Seagull will be sat on top of it.
    -- Seagull #40 (S-40)
       Alderney City, Koresh Sq.
             >> Head onto the road that divides the two blocks that form Koresh.
                At the southeast end of the street is the LomBank building. The
                Seagull is at the south end of the sign for the building.
    -- Seagull #41 (S-41)
       Alderney City, Keneckie Ave. & Bedrock St.
             >> From this intersection, head west onto the grass leading up to
                Plumber's Skyway. A little due southwest from the intersection is
                the Seagull, near a bush.
    -- Seagull #42 (S-42)
       Berchem, Cockerell Ave.
             >> Head west and stop after you pass the intersection with Vitullo
                Ave. On the south side of this part of the street is a staircase.
                The Seagull is on the short wall at the base of the steps.
    -- Seagull #43 (S-43)
       Normandy, Ron Oil containers
             >> The containers are located off the road leading up to the northern
                entrance to Port Tudor. There is a parking lot next to them. The
                Seagull is on the railing at the north side of the lot.
    -- Seagull #44 (S-44)
       Acter, Mueri St. & Farnsworth Rd.
             >> Take this intersection and head west down Farnsworth. At the north
                side is a brick wall. The Seagull is sat on top of it.
    -- Seagull #45 (S-45)
       Tudor, Babbage Drive
             >> Head south and slow down as you pass the intersection with
                Hardtack Ave. Look to your left to find an alleyway. The Seagull
                is sat on the disused tracks that run down this alley.
    -- Seagull #46 (S-46)
       Acter Industrial Park, Toggle Ave. & Grenadier St.
             >> From this intersection, head west down Toggle and stop before the
                next intersection. The Seagull is at the south side of the street,
                next to the chain-link fence.
    -- Seagull #47 (S-47)
       Acter Industrial Park, Muskteer Ave.
             >> As you go under Plumber's Skyway, head south to the walkways near
                the industrial plant. Head up the steps of the walkway closest to
                Muskteer, and you will find it on the railing.
    -- Seagull #48 (S-48)
       Acter Industrial Park, Red Wing Ave.
             >> Head west down this road and look to your right as you pass under
                Plumber's Skyway. Along this road is a garage. The Seagull can be
                found on the roof of the garage, near the corner.
    -- Seagull #49 (S-49)
       Tudor, Ivy Rd. & Tinderbox Ave.
             >> From the north side of this intersection, on Ivy Rd., turn right
                on Tinderbox. Turn left at the next intersection, and stop at the
                next intersection. At the northwest corner of this intersection is
                the Seagull, sat on a wall nearest to the metal structure.
    -- Seagull #50 (S-50)
       Berchem, Plumber's Skyway
             >> The Seagull is on the grass on the east side of the Skyway, and is
                in line with the intersection of Berners Rd. and Aspdin Drive.
                You can access it from the area south down Aspdin to go around the
                houses on this street.
    And with that, you should only be a stone's throw away from the Clubhouse with
    all 50 nailed. Well done for completing them, and enjoy the bonus vehicle.
    11.      The Storyline
    With our brief introductions to Johnny, Billy and the Lost, we can begin
    delving into another Liberty City storyline. As mentioned before, I will break
    off from the storyline once new content becomes available.
    >> CP1. Billy Grey
    A known felon to the L.C.P.D. and true biker at heart, Billy is the Club
    President who rules with an iron fist. Now on probation from court-ordered
    rehab, Billy has gone back into the saddle and has picked up where he left
    off. Whilst he was incarcerated, Johnny led the Lost as a business venture,
    cutting deals and forming truces so he could pay Billy's way and keep a roof
    over his boys' heads.
    However, Billy and Johnny want to take the Lost in different directions, and a
    clash in executive decisions is always bound to occur. Johnny is loyal to his
    lifelong friend, and has to stick by him no matter their differences.
    Billy has four missions to complete, the first from the Clubhouse.
    BIG1. "Angels In America"
    Johnny comes in as Billy and the gang unwind. Before an argument gets out of
    hand, Jason orders them outside to meet with some passing Angels of Death (the
    "Deadbeats", as they are nicknamed). They question the status of the truce -
    which Johnny forgot to inform Billy on. He ends up putting a bullet in the
    ringleader's back, and the situation's about to boil over.
    You will need to chase down and kill the Deadbeats before they make it back to
    the chapter. Your Sawn-off Shotgun can be used as a drive-by weapon, so you
    will have to get close to take them down. They will fight back, so be careful.
    Shortly after, a phone call with Billy orders Johnny over to Grummer Rd. in
    Northwood. You will meet with Jason and Billy - Jason, the boyfriend of Anna
    Faustin (you may remember him from Mikhail's mission, "No Love Lost"), plans
    to go and pay a visit to her. Meanwhile, Billy is confident that the Angels of
    Death have had their warning.
    Reward: $750
    You will be given a basic instruction on accessing Multiplayer.
    BIG2. "It's War"
    Billy speaks to Dave Grossman - a corporate lawyer by day, a big bad biker by
    night. After he's made a little joke out of him, Johnny walks in. He's not
    really thrilled that they have an intellectual in the ranks, but Billy thinks
    it is a good fall-back. Billy wants him and Johnny to quit the arguments for
    the sake of their cause - and Johnny is willing to do so. Shortly after this,
    Billy receives a text. He orders everyone outside.
    The Angels of Death are attacking some of the boys, and you have to follow him
    to the scene in Acter Industrial Park. Keep up with the badge to get the
    Health and Body Armor boost, as you will need it for the fight. Deadbeats will
    be scattered all across the complex on Red Wing Ave. If you don't have a long-
    range weapon, you will need to slowly advance through the complex, using your
    Sawn-off Shotgun to take them down. It is advised to take cover, take out the
    immediate threat, and then look for more cover close to the next group of
    enemies. Some reinforcements will arrive on bikes and in vans, so find cover
    and take them out.
    Get back on your bike, and follow Billy to the next scene, off Muskteer Ave.
    It is basically the same deal, but with less use of cover aside from the car
    wrecks and the derelict buildings. Two will take cover in the building, and a
    few on walkways; the rest will stick near cover on ground level. Deadbeat
    reinforcements are light, so you can clear them out and then head back to your
    When you get back, you go straight into a cutscene. Billy has some unfortunate
    news to share - Jason has been killed in Broker for all he got up to with a
    Russian guido's daughter. He vows to avenge his death; for the time being, the
    group honor his memory and those who they have already lost.
    Reward: $750
    In the order of events in Liberty City, this comes soon after the mission "No
    Love Lost". Jason's death comes as a result of Niko by orders of Mikhail
    Faustin for that mission. You will see how some missions from "IV" blend in
    nicely with this game.
    BIG3. "Action/Reaction"
    Johnny is introduced to a familiar face - Ray Boccino. It seems that Billy has
    an outstanding debt with him, but he doesn't go into it. Instead, he leads
    everyone back outside. You will be following him to the Angels of Death
    Clubhouse in North Holland. As you get onto the Plumber's Skyway, you will
    race the pack there - winning brings no bonus, and losing won't fail the
    After arriving, Billy explains his reasons - according to his sources, the
    AoD is actually responsible for Jason's death. Using the Grenade Launcher
    provided, you need to aim a grenade into their window to draw them out. Aim
    slightly higher than the window to account for the rise and fall of the shell.
    With that done, the Deadbeats will appear outside.
    You will regain control behind cover. Be careful with the Launcher, as a
    misjudged shot can easily kill you. As you clear out the Deadbeats, more will
    come in vans, on bikes and down the steps of the alleyway in front of you.
    When you have cleared the outside, you will need to enter the Clubhouse and
    clear out the several Deadbeats inside. Get in cover beside the entrance to
    the bar and take out the four Deadbeats - two will appear in front of the
    entrance, and two out of range (one behind the bar and one near the entrance
    to the basement). One more can be found at the steps in front of you, and the
    last three will be in the basement. Clear them out.
    Billy finds two bags in the basement - both filled with heroin. This leads
    Johnny to question his intentions, as he thinks that "payback" meant stealing
    their product. Seeing as this was a very profitable hit, Billy couldn't care
    less and ridicules him. He also feels the need to put Johnny back in his place
    under him.
    All that's left to do is to get back on your bike and get away from the
    Reward: $1,000
    The Arm Wrestling variants in Algonquin will also be unlocked. The Grenade
    Launcher weapon is now available to buy from Terry.
    A text message with Billy will unlock Elizabeta Torres' missions from her
    apartment in Bohan. Meanwhile, this spells the end for Billy's missions for
    >> CP2. Jim Fitzgerald
    Johnny and Jim are very close friends, and both enjoy nothing more than going
    out on criminal escapades together. He is mentioned to be an ex-Marine, and
    has a wife and two kids to look after. He manages to keep his criminal life
    and his family life separate. He has five missions spread throughout the
    storyline, the first one from Aspdin Drive.
    JIF1. "Liberty City Choppers"
    Jim and Johnny have a cozy introduction, before Jim tells him of the job at
    hand - taking bikes from the Angels of Death. Despite this being a job for the
    young thrill-seeker, Jim hears that this one will fetch a lot of cash from one
    of his connections. This job is one that will be a ride down memory lane.
    You are heading to the truck parked off Babbage Drive in Alderney City. You
    will then have to drive down to a parking lot in Tudor, where the Deadbeat
    bikes are located. There are five bikes in this parking lot, which you must
    take and then load up on the truck. After the first bike is loaded up, the
    AoD will be alerted to your presence, and they will attack you. They are
    dotted around the parking lot.
    You are just riding the bikes onto the ramp up to the back of the truck. You
    will then have to switch from theft to fighting off the Deadbeats. You can
    phone Terry or Clay to bring them out and to clear the Deadbeats. If you do
    that, or just take them out yourself, you will have no trouble with them for
    the remainder of this heist.
    With the bikes loaded up, you will be driving Jim back to the same place you
    picked up the truck in Alderney City. The Deadbeats will pursue you as soon as
    you leave, so take them out or just ignore them, as the only impact they could
    have is taking some of your Health/Armor.
    Jim and Johnny celebrate the haul, but they are cut short when a couple of
    undercover L.C.P.D. officers pull up. They were watching the Angels of Death,
    and they witnessed the whole heist. Instead of taking them down, they want a
    cut of the payment - so these guys are bent cops. They pull away, leaving Jim
    and Johnny to plan their next steps.
    Reward: $1,000
    A call from Jim will unlock our next side-mission...
    SIC4. Bike Races
    Covering for Brucie's Street Races in "IV", you can do Bike Races straight
    after completion of the mission "Liberty City Choppers".
    There are twelve races to complete. The first one will be marked on your map.
    When you complete the first one, the second one will appear in another
    location. There are twelve races in total, spread all around Liberty City.
    Races are random and scattered around the city. With completion of all twelve,
    the race location to replay is set depending on your position after completing
    a mission or a side-mission - if you complete a side-mission in Algonquin, the
    replayed race location is bound to that borough.
    Completion of your first race will net you $250. Your second will reward you
    with $500. Your reward will go up until completion of the final race, which
    will net you $3,250. A profit of $22,750 is welcome if you want to purchase
    better weapons and plenty of ammunition for them.
    The races are replayable, netting you the maximum $3,250 each time. Plus,
    completing all races will unlock the Hakuchou superbike at the Lost Clubhouse.
    These races have a twist - you have a Baseball Bat. Using the buttons, you can
    swing left and swing right to knock your opponents off course. Unfortunately,
    they can do the same to you, so you can't get too close. You won't lose any
    Health, but it can knock you off-course and result in losing your position.
    However, holding the button and timing the release will automatically knock a
    rider off their bike. The "Get Good Wood" Achievement requires you to knock 69
    racers off their bikes to unlock it. So you have two aims - winning races for
    100% Completion, and knocking off bikers for an Achievement. Because these
    races are replayable, you can't be penalised if you don't get the required
    Otherwise, you want to bring the Hexer to these races. It's a good bike that
    can easily pass other riders. These guys don't seem to have the handling down
    on their bikes, so they're pushovers. Just make sure you stay out of their way
    on the straits.
    So, with these noted, I will run through each of the twelve races to complete.
    The locations are covered from Alderney through to Broker, going north to
    >> Race #1 - Alderney Casino
       Laps: 3
       Info: A race with laps that navigate through the abandoned casino.
    >> Race #2 - Northwest Alderney
       Laps: 2
       Info: A race around Westdyke.
    >> Race #3 - Northeast Alderney
       Laps: 3
       Info: A race on the beach, cutting through metropolitan Westdyke.
    >> Race #4 - Alderney City
       Laps: 3
       Info: A race through the streets of Alderney City, filled with many turns.
    >> Race #5 - Tudor Docks
       Laps: 3
       Info: A race through Port Tudor.
    >> Race #6 - Alderney Industrial
       Laps: 2
       Info: A race going through and around Acter Industrial Park.
    >> Race #7 - Holland
       Laps: 3
       Info: A race sticking to the Holland and Northwood area.
    >> Race #8 - Park Circuit
       Laps: 2
       Info: A race beginning in Northwood, going through Middle Park West.
    >> Race #9 - Bohan Beach
       Laps: 3
       Info: A race on the beach, sticking to the Little Bay area.
    >> Race #10 - Bohan Steps
       Laps: 3
       Info: A race in and around Boulevard, navigating the steep streets.
    >> Race #11 - Bohan Strip
       Laps: 3
       Info: A race beginning in Industrial, going through Northern Gardens.
    >> Race #12 - Schottler Station
       Laps: 3
       Info: A race beginning in Beechwood City and going around eastern Broker.
    Just get into the circuits and you should get each one. Just stick it out and
    watch out for the swinging of bats.
    JIF2. "Bad Cop Drop"
    Johnny meets up with a very tense Jim, understandably pissed off at the bent
    cops from their last job. He suggests their next course of action - those guys
    are set up near the Clubhouse, so he wants The Lost to take affirmative
    You are handed a new weapon - the Automatic Pistol. It has the same clip as
    the Semi-Automatic standard pistol, but it can shoot off that clip much faster
    for great effect. Whilst the damage this can inflict is lower, it can stun and
    tear apart anyone unfortunate enough to be down the sights of it.
    You will race Jim over to the cops, who are positioned on Berners Rd. across
    from the Clubhouse. Just arrive there, no matter if you win or you lose. Jim
    has a chat with them, hitting one in the groin and pelting the other with his
    coffee. You will then have to lead them the Lost ambush set up in Acter
    Industrial Park.
    The cinematic view is replaced by an inside look of the cops' vehicle. You
    need to stay in their sights. It's a catch-22 because they will shoot at you,
    so you can't let them too close; you can't get too far ahead in case you lose
    them. As you approach an open road, enter the cinematic view to check how far
    ahead you are, and adjust yourself if you need to.
    When you arrive at the ambush point, you will have to face off with the cops
    and all of their colleagues - which makes up many enemies and floods of
    reinforcements. Stay in cover, and use explosive weapons to clear out the
    vehicles. Otherwise, stick to your other weapons and pick them off. Just stay
    in this position until you have cut them down to a few, and finish them off.
    You will then have to leave the area quickly, else the cops will close in.
    Lose the 2-Star Wanted Level issued on you to finish up.
    Reward: $2,000
    The Automatic Pistol can now be requested from Jim and bought from Terry's Gun
    Van. Jim's missions will be halted for now.
    A phone call from Jim will unlock...
    SIC5. Angus' Bike Thefts
    After completion of the last mission, Jim will call concerning the opportunity
    to make money from stealing bikes. This side-mission is unlocked, and you can
    access it through Angus in your Phonebook.
    Call up Angus, and he gives you the target vehicle and its location. There are
    ten bikes to steal for him. The variant and the bike itself is tied together,
    but the order of completing them is random.
    You must track down the bike, steal it, and then bring it back to the garage
    back at the Clubhouse. The lockup is in the middle of a 90-degree angled alley
    with entrances on Berners Rd. and Aspdin Dr. Just run the bike into the marker
    and Johnny automatically drives it inside.
    Your reward is based on the type of bike and the condition it is in. A beat-up
    and cheap bike will not be very profitable, but a good one in mint condition
    will fetch you a good sum of money. The rewards listed are the maximum profit.
    Completion of all 10 bikes will spawn a Bati 800 superbike at the Clubhouse.
    This is a good vehicle to use for the Bike Races.
    Each variant has its own name, and is listed in the order of least to most
    profitable, otherwise in alphabetical order:
    + >> Theft #1                           \
    +    Delivery Boy's Hardship             \
        | Vehicle: Bati 800   |
        | Location: Chinatown |
        | Reward: $1,400      |
    The theft is simple. The target vehicle is being driven calmly by one person,
    who will flee when you take the vehicle from them. Just 'jack it and carefully
    bring it back.
    + >> Theft #2                           \
    +    A Ride In The Park                  \
        | Vehicle: Sanchez      |
        | Location: Middle Park |
        | Reward: $900          |
    The theft is simple. The target vehicle is being driven calmly by two people,
    who will flee when you take the vehicle from them. Just 'jack it and carefully
    bring it back.
    + >> Theft #3                           \
    +    Beachcomber                         \
        | Vehicle: Bati 800        |
        | Location: Firefly Island |
        | Reward: $900             |
    The vehicle is being driven around by one man, who will be travelling around
    at a fast pace. You will need to dismount him to get the bike and bring it
    back. Use a car or a drive-by weapon to nail him.
    + >> Theft #4                           \
    +    Ex-Display                          \
        | Vehicle: Hakuchou  |
        | Location: Westdyke |
        | Reward: $900       |
    The vehicle is inside Westdyke Autos. You will get a 2-Star Wanted Level when
    you steal from right under the dealership's nose. There are two good things
    about this theft, though - you have a straight drive to break out of the
    showroom window, and the Wanted Level can easily be lost as you bring it back.
    + >> Theft #5                           \
    +    Get Off Your High Horse             \
        | Vehicle: Hakuchou             |
        | Location: East Borough Bridge |
        | Reward: $900                  |
    The vehicle is being driven along the East Borough Bridge, towards Dukes. The
    driver is being escorted by two other bikes, but these guys won't cause any
    trouble. You will have to dismount him, but it is easy to claim. Carefully
    bring it back.
    + >> Theft #6                           \
    +    Short Stay Parking                  \
        | Vehicle: NRG 900    |
        | Location: Purgatory |
        | Reward: $900        |
    The vehicle is parked in the multi-storey parking lot. It is just parked up,
    with no-one protecting it. However, as soon as you can drive away on it, you
    are given a 2-Star Wanted Level. The NRG 900 is a fast bike, so you can easily
    evade the cops. Lose your Wanted Level before you bring it back.
    + >> Theft #7                           \
    +    Stripclub Hog                       \
        | Vehicle: Hellfury          |
        | Location: Northern Gardens |
        | Reward: $900               |
    The vehicle is parked at The Triangle Strip Club. It will be guarded by an
    Angel of Death, accompanied by a stripper. Use melee to take him down quickly,
    as using your guns will alert the club security, making this Theft more of a
    nightmare. Just deal with the Deadbeat, and then bring his bike back.
    + >> Theft #8                           \
    +    Take Out Liquor                     \
        | Vehicle: Hellfury   |
        | Location: Schottler |
        | Reward: $900        |
    The vehicle is parked outside a liquor store on Dillon St. When you arrive,
    you will find four Angels of Death guarding it. If you try to just steal it,
    or if you attack them, they will fight back - one will have a pistol, and the
    others will try to melee-attack you. Take each one out, making sure you deal
    with the gun-wielding Deadbeat before he can damage you, and then you can
    bring it back with no more dramas.
    + >> Theft #9                           \
    +    Tattoo Parlor Lament                \
        | Vehicle: Wolfsbane      |
        | Location: Alderney City |
        | Reward: $900            |
    The vehicle is parked outside a tattoo parlor on Lockowski Ave. A man will be
    attending it, cleaning and polishing it. You can just grab it from him, as he
    will simply flee and put up no sort of fight. You can easily bring this one
    + >> Theft #10                          \
    +    Zorst Fumes                         \
        | Vehicle: Hellfury          |
        | Location: Plumber's Skyway |
        | Reward: $600               |
    The vehicle is being driven southbound down the east stretch of the Skyway. It
    is being escorted by the Angels of Death, and they will shoot at you on sight.
    You will need to use your SMG if you have one on hand, and pick them off from
    slightly far back. If you ride up to them with your Sawn-off, that will do
    more harm than good; but if you only have that weapon at hand, it is your only
    choice. Full Health and Armor is strongly advised. Take out the Deadbeats,
    lose any Wanted Level that is warranted for the fight, and then bring it
    With the tenth done, you get the Bati 800 spawn, the money earned, and an
    extra step towards 100% Completion to enjoy.
    We can now go back to the storyline...
    >> CP3. Elizabeta Torres
    The woman as we knew her from "IV" now takes a different angle - from Johnny's
    perspective. Niko gets to witness her meltdown as the authorities begin to
    close in on her; but in TLaD, we focus on the events before that. She has four
    missions, focusing on her other contacts.
    ETO1. "Buyer's Market"
    This mission is effectively the TLaD take on the mission "Blow Your Cover".
    Johnny meets Elizabeta as her house party starts up. The two seem to be good
    associates; and she's lining up a deal for the heroin now in The Lost's
    possession. She's figured out how they should deal with the heat if it comes
    down on them, and they trust each other to make the outcome painless, no
    matter what. When Niko, the "help", finally puts in an appearance (bringing us
    to "Blow Your Cover"), Johnny heads off to pick up the product.
    You are heading over to Brian, who is holding the heroin, from an alley off
    Inchon Ave. Following a little altercation, typical of Brian, you then have to
    head to the third floor of the building on Cassidy St. in Schottler. Here, you
    wait for Playboy X and Niko to arrive.
    And so we come to the deal with Charlie. Of course, you know how this will go
    down if you've completed the mission "Blow Your Cover". As Niko and Playboy
    are stuck to the living room, you will be on the other side, fighting off
    several N.O.O.S.E. agents. Stick behind cover and pick them off. Carefully
    advance to the door to your right - N.O.O.S.E. will gather here. Take them out
    at the top of these stairs, and clear out the last one at the bottom of the
    The next agent will be stood at the wall looking over the top of the next
    flight of stairs. Take him out, and then head back to the other side of this
    corridor. You will come to a window facing over Cassidy St. You can take out
    the L.C.P.D. and N.O.O.S.E. outside to aid your getaway on the Hexer.
    Two more N.O.O.S.E. agents await you at the front door, so take them out. The
    2-Star Wanted Level earned from the start of the fight will be bumped up to
    3-Star when you exit. There may be a few that you missed from the window, but
    they should not overcome you if you were thorough.
    The Wanted Level is difficult to lose for only the chopper following you. The
    Hexer easily outpaces the L.C.P.D. on the ground. If you are having trouble,
    head for the nearest Pay 'n' Spray whilst you are out of sight so you can use
    it. When you have lost it, the mission is complete.
    Reward: Nothing.
    Johnny will call Billy to inform him of the outcome of this deal. He isn't too
    pleased, but he tells of a new contact he's aligned himself with - a man from
    Congress. This unlocks the missions for Thomas Stubbs III from The Jousters
    in Middle Park East.
    Shortly after this mission, you will get two calls. One is from Elizabeta, who
    is informed of the circumstances, and expresses her trust in Niko. The next
    call is from an agent in the F.I.B., who knows everything about the busted
    deal. He will pester you from time to time, asking Johnny to sell out - of
    course, he wouldn't do that to his brothers.
    >> CP4. Thomas Stubbs III
    As his name and his profession suggests, this man is one of America's elite.
    However, he's not exactly the finest example of a Congressman - he's dirty,
    conniving, and overall a crook. The only thing separating him from other bent
    men of power is that he accepts what he is, and doesn't pretend to be anything
    else. The Lost's relationship with Stubbs is a symbol of "moving up in the
    world", according to Billy Grey. He has two missions plus side-content, and
    the final mission.
    THS1. "Politics"
    Johnny is stopped from seeing Stubbs by the doorman at this club. Johnny mocks
    him and the customers he serves, but when Stubbs is mentioned, he is more
    lenient to this out-of-place biker. He leads Johnny to the day spa, where Mr.
    Stubbs is enjoying his full-body massage. He soon gets Johnny one-on-one,
    and carries the conversation despite being in the buff. He's very candid, open
    and honest about his intentions: he plays dirty to get what he wants. One man
    is bound to crash his chances of re-election - his uncle, who has taken charge
    of the Stubbs family trust fund. He knows enough of The Lost to lock them away
    for a long time. Johnny must kill Stubbs' uncle under his orders.
    Stubbs wants his uncle's death to appear as an act of terrorism. Provided is
    an RPG Launcher with 5 RPGs. You will have to get to Francis Intl. Airport in
    the time allotted. This will be randomized based on your time of day, and is
    always enough to allow you to get there in time. You are ordered to Stubbs'
    contact at the gate if you get trapped on the tarmac.
    You will need to land an RPG shot on the chopper to kill Stubbs' uncle. You
    are given a 2-Star Wanted Level for entering the landing area, and once Uncle
    Stubbs is dead, this is bumped up to 4-Star. Head to the southwest gate whilst
    you dodge the authorities. Once you leave Francis Intl., the Wanted Level is
    knocked back down to 2-Star. Lose the Wanted Level to finish up.
    Reward: $3,000
    >> CP5. Ashley Butler
    Ashley is Johnny's ex-girlfriend. She's a meth addict and the "old lady" of
    Billy - meaning that she literally gets passed around between the gang. It is
    her addiction and her sexual activity that continues to drive Johnny away from
    her. However, despite all of his complaints, Johnny doesn't seem to have the
    heart to leave her to fend for herself. She is known by Ray Boccino and the
    Russian Mafia, due to the favors she has made to get her fixes. She has two
    ASB1. "Coming Down"
    Some time after the mission "Politics", you will get a call from Ashley. She
    needs help - not anything towards her next fix, but to get her away from what
    she's got herself into. This call throws you straight into this mission, so
    you will have to drop whatever you were doing.
    You will need to go to the southeastern apartment block on the complex in
    Northwood. Head to the second floor, and head onto the floor to find a man
    standing next to a door. Kill him. The door he is guarding is the apartment
    where Ashley is crashing in.
    There are several enemies inside, two of which can pack in some damage. Take
    out the enemies - one will be standing in the main room, and the others using
    the doorways to other rooms as cover. Advance carefully, taking out each enemy
    before they can get shots at you, and then go to Ashley when she's marked on
    your radar.
    Ashley is clearly out of it, and Johnny can't help but share a moment with
    her. As you go to exit, two thugs will rush at you with Baseball Bats. If you
    have a shotgun, you can take them out pretty easily. You will then have to
    take her back to her place on Babbage Drive in Berchem.
    It seems that Ashley kicked in the meth, but soon relapsed and nearly suffered
    the consequence. She thinks that one day, she and Johnny can get away from
    everything. Johnny doesn't agree, and leaves her to ride out the crash.
    Reward: Nothing.
    Jim will call you, cuing our next side-mission...
    SIC6. Gang Wars
    We need our fix of gang warfare, and this side-mission provides it. Following
    the mission "Coming Down" and Jim's phone call, you will see a new red marker
    placed on your map. Head over to it to activate your first Gang War.
    This introduces you to the whole thing. You will meet up with Terry, Clay, Jim
    and a few other soldiers. You will lead them to the enemies marked on your map
    and you must kill them. When the last enemy is dead, the Gang War is complete.
    Of course, the involvement of guns and (possibly) explosions doesn't make
    completing them that straightforward.
    The game requires you to complete 25 Gang Wars for 100% Completion. As you
    complete them, the gang members' Toughness goes up if they survive the ordeal.
    Your first Gang War rewards you $1,000. This reward goes up $250 per Gang War
    completed. That means your 25th nets you $7,000. This reward is not capped, so
    you can keep on doing them as you wish.
    The Gang Wars are split into four different locations once you have completed
    the first - one in each borough (Broker & Dukes, Bohan, Algonquin and
    Alderney). Their positions within the borough will shift, but are tied to
    several different points.
    You are given a weapon spawn per 10 Gang Wars you complete up to fifty:
    >> 10 Gang Wars: Sawn-off Shotgun
    >> 20 Gang Wars: Automatic Pistol
    >> 30 Gang Wars: Carbine Rifle
    >> 40 Gang Wars: Assault Shotgun (after the mission "Heavy Toll")
    >> 50 Gang Wars: Grenade Launcher
    Unlocking the weapon spawns are NOT a 100% Completion requirement, but they
    have their benefits. If you are looking to do 50, you can earn quite a lot of
    money - $13,250 once you unlock the Grenade Launcher spawn.
    All that aside, here is the lowdown of your enemies and the variants that the
    Gang Wars take:
    >> Albanians
    >> Angels of Death
    >> Italian Mafia
    >> Jamaicans
    >> Russian Mafia
    >> Stationary
        -- The enemy gang members will be stood in one area, and will not move out
           of it.
    >> In Vehicles
        -- The Angels of Death will be riding on bikes. Other gang members will be
           in four-door cars. Once one is attacked, any others will come over to
           you, possibly running you over, before the occupants exit and go into
    >> Escort Vehicle
        -- The escorted vehicle is the primary target, and the deaths of the
           protection being secondary. The Angels of Death will use a Slamvan as
           an escort vehicle. You want to waste as little time on the protection
           unless they are causing you problems.
    And in regards to other pieces of information:
    -- The amount of cops and pedestrians will be significantly lower, but are not
       removed altogether. This will make your life easier, as there is less
       chance of having to deal with additional problems, Wanted Level or
    -- As you complete more Gang Wars, the variants become harder. Enemies will be
       better-armed and come in greater numbers, meaning you are facing more
       enemies who can deal much more damage. Bear that in mind.
    -- In regards to preparation, I should state the obvious: have full Health and
       Body Armor, and save regularly. In terms of weapons, using an SMG for
       drive-bys and any assault rifle for attacking on foot work best. Put your
       money rewards to good use when you prepare for the Wars.
    -- Make use of your surroundings. If you are attacking stationary enemies in a
       place with plenty of cover, duck into it. If the enemies take a straight
       line, advance up it, picking off enemies as you do. Use any shortcuts where
       you can to put yourself in a good position to deal damage. Knowledge of the
       streets will also pay off. In other words, try to play clever.
    -- As you complete the Gang Wars, the gang members' Toughness stat will go up.
       Jim, Terry and Clay will constantly feature throughout these Wars, allowing
       you to get them to 100% Toughness. Not only will their Toughness aid you in
       the Gang Wars, it also helps with missions if you need their help. The stat
       will appear in your HUD if you prompt it twice, and will show the Toughness
       boost at the end of each successful Gang War.
    -- If a gang member is killed, their status is put as Deceased in place of the
       Toughness boost. Their name and picture will go up on the wall of
       remembrance in the Clubhouse, and they will be replaced by new gang members
       accordingly. This can happen to Jim, Terry or Clay, except that they won't
       actually be Deceased - instead, they will not earn the Toughness boost and
       will join you on the next Gang War.
    -- If you prompt the HUD three times, you get the display for Jim, Terry and
       Clay. It will show their Max. Health, Accuracy, the type of weapon they are
       using, and so on. It is good to know these guys from the inside out.
    Just keep on restocking when you have to, and your bank balance should be put
    to good use. Have fun with this side-mission - it can be a hair-puller, but
    the money and other rewards are worth the trouble.
    THS2. "Off Route"
    Johnny acts much more kindly towards the doorman, and asks him if he is happy
    with his life in terms of working the club. After shrugging him off, he leads
    Johnny to Stubbs in the sauna. He has no remorse for ordering his uncle's
    death, and now has another problem. Some of Liberty City's "outstanding
    civillians" have been accosted by the L.C.P.D. He can't get any favors outside
    the Lost, so he directs Johnny to a prison transport bus at Leftwood Precinct.
    Time for some "liberation". Head over to the station in Leftwood. As you come
    to a stop outside it, you will see the prisoners being loaded onto the bus.
    Entering the parking lot will give you a 1-Star Wanted Level, alerting the
    cops guarding the bus. They wield SMGs, so you will need to approach them
    carefully and take them out before coming to the bus.
    After Johnny jumps aboard, you will have to drive away from the station and
    lose the 3-Star Wanted Level that is put against you. Some of the police
    action is scripted, such as the patrol cars forming blockades, but the Prison
    Bus is surprisingly fast. Head south from the station and head along Rand Ave.
    and turn right as you come to the Booth Tunnel. If you drive fast enough, you
    should be able to escape the police radius. The Angels of Death will put in an
    appearance, but will only block your way.
    When you finally lose the cops, you will have to drive the prisoners down to
    the Globe Oil Plant in Acter Industrial Park. Once they are dropped off, the
    prisoners will board boats and the mission is complete.
    Reward: $5,000
    You will receive two texts - one from Billy, unlocking his missions, and one
    from Stubbs, unlocking...
    SIC7. Stubbs' Dirty Laundry
    The name comes from how the side-mission is tracked in your Stats - as
    "Laundry Washed". We can do this straight after completing his two initial
    Go into your Phonebook, select Stubbs, and then select Job. Stubbs will assign
    you one of five "missions". They play out exactly like the storyline, but are
    non-linear, informal and are pretty straightforward. Each one is separate with
    similar, basic requirements for you. Important information is given by Stubbs
    over the phone.
    Completion of each one will net you $1,000. All five are required for 100%
    Completion. They are also assigned at random. A follow-up phone call will cap
    off the completion of missions.
    You can't put much preparation into these missions, other than having full
    Health and Armor and a gun if things get heated. With that, you can go "wash
    some laundry".
    I will begin with the hardest instance, and then go in alphabetical order:
    >> When The Blue Chips Are Down
    Stubbs is dealing on the stock market - and one of his associates, a C.E.O and
    financial power-player, has been accosted by the F.I.B. Johnny will need to
    "liberate" her.
    The C.E.O. is cuffed-up behind an FIB Buffalo in the alley off Vitullo in
    Berchem. Protection around here is heavy, and attacking the authorities that
    are guarding the area will give you a 3-Star Wanted Level. Fight your way in,
    make sure you take down all of the agents in this alleyway before you uncuff
    You will have to get her to her chopper at the helipad atop the Booth Tunnel.
    Losing the Wanted Level is not required. You will have to protect her for a
    brief time as she boards the helicopter, so if you still have some Health, you
    shouldn't fail the mission at this point.
    Once she's away, the mission is complete.
    >> Communication Breakdown
    Stubbs has a snitch on his hands, who has enough dirt on him to hand in to the
    press for a juicy scandal story. You will need to get to the contact in the
    time allotted.
    Of course, the contact won't give in that easily, and he'll drive off. He will
    only drive normally, so you can easily take him out from this point. Once he
    is dead, the mission is completed.
    >> First Impressions
    Johnny will phone whilst Stubbs is meeting the Mayor. He needs an old friend
    "dealing with", who is sitting inside the Superstar Cafe in Lancaster.
    When you arrive at the cafe, you will see a man in a suit guarding the
    entrance. The target will be sitting near a window on the ground floor, which
    is convenient. It is best to deal with him outside.
    When he is dead, you will have to leave the area whilst fighting off his
    bodyguards. Act quickly and ignore the bodyguards to finish up.
    >> Knowing Me, Knowing You
    Stubbs has made good progress on a Congress bill that he's upholding, and he
    wants Johnny to make his day even better by having him gathering information
    on Bryce Dawkins.
    You need to get to Bryce's Infernus, parked outside his home in Westdyke - the
    one given to Niko by Bernie, if you're curious. You will have to drive it to
    the garage on Muskteer in Acter Industrial Park. You can do some damage to it,
    but you still want to drive carefully. You're also on the clock, so try to go
    as fast as you're reasonably comfortable with.
    The mechanic will bug the Infernus, and you will need to get it back to
    Dawkins' home with the time you have left. You cannot afford to crash, so try
    to be quick and careful, keeping the vehicle in mint condition. If you are a
    good driver, this is a challenge that isn't too bad.
    Some time after completing this mission, Stubbs will text you the number to
    Bryce's Bug, which will be put in your Phonebook. If you call it up every now
    and again, you will hear some interesting dialogue.
    >> Phone Ho'
    Stubbs has dirt on a Congressman, and he wants to exploit it. He will be
    cruising on Traeger St. near Port Tudor. Johnny needs to snap a photo on his
    phone and then send it to him.
    You will need to get to the vantage point in the alley off Traeger. Go down
    the alley with the local AmmuNation, and head down until you come to some
    steps. Go up them and head right to find a wooden crate against the building.
    Climb on it, and onto the roof, and you can get to the vantage point.
    A call from Stubbs will inform you of who you're looking for - whoever pulls
    up in a red Cognoscenti. He won't appear straight away, but you want to pull
    out your phone and select the Camera to snap a picture. Get a good shot of him
    talking to a "woman of the night", and send it to Stubbs. As long as you take
    one that is clear, you are done.
    Once the missions are completed, Stubbs will text you to formally end the
    relationship between him and Johnny in terms of shit-stirring.
    This ends all of the side-content in this guide. All that is left is the
    storyline and three Random Encounters, but they will come later.
    BIG4. "This Shit's Cursed"
    Billy's back to arguing again - this time, with Jim. Johnny walks in as it
    begins to build up. The heroin that supposedly belonged to the Angels of Death
    is actually property of the Chinese, and they will want it back. For once,
    Johnny agrees with Billy's "fuck you" stance to the Triads, but Jim seems to
    know how dangerous they are. In short, he wants to give it back. Seeing as the
    Angels of Death and the authorities are pressing problems, plus the constant
    arguing amongst each other, Johnny now sides with Jim. Billy agrees to it.
    You are following Billy to Dragonheart Plaza in Chinatown. Jim shares a bit of
    history concerning the H - it came on the Platypus, which seems to be the
    center of all trouble. As you come onto Union Drive West, Billy's big mouth
    begins a race. Win or lose, just arrive at the Plaza.
    Billy dishes out duties - Johnny and Jim will do the talking, whilst Billy and
    Brian watch over them. Their Chinese connection is not happy with the deal,
    and it goes sour quickly.
    You will be thrown straight into the action. In front of you will be some
    scaffolding, with one of your enemies running across it. Take him down, and
    the second thug who will remain stationary on the scaffolding. Near you will
    be a thug in cover with a shotgun, so take him out. One more thug is located
    up top. The rest will be in cover or along the way of your path. With all of
    them dead, follow Jim.
    Two thugs will pop out on this ledge, so take them out. A third thug will be
    around the corner. The rest of the thugs are stationed in the next section of
    the Plaza. Follow Jim, taking care of a single thug who will try to take you
    by surprise. You will be looking down on the next set of thugs, so advance
    with care.
    Locate the ladders to begin climbing down through this section of the Plaza.
    Two thugs will be waiting on the second level you climb down onto, so take
    care of them before they can take positions. You will then have to get to the
    front of the building.
    Billy is surrounded by the cops, and blames his takedown on Johnny's supposed
    treachery. You will have to run to your bike, and you will hear Brian's blind
    loyalty shine through. You will now be Chapter President, and you need to lead
    Brian and Jim back to the Clubhouse. Brian is still sucking up to Billy, even
    with him behind bars.
    Reward: Nothing.
    Jim's missions open back up, and we have our first Random Encounter...
    RCH1. Random Character - Dave Grossman
    There are three Random Characters you may come across - two that will be
    unlocked with completion of missions, and one that is affected by the decision
    you make in one of the later missions. Dave Grossman provides one of two
    instances. The Characters will be represented by the normal figure as it was
    in "IV".
    Your first Encounter is with Dave Grossman, the Lost's legal representative.
    He can be found outside Goldberg, Ligner & Shyster Offices in The Exchange at
    any time. He wants a favor, but Johnny isn't really interested. He's being
    blackmailed by his secretary, and if she presses charges, Dave could lose
    everything. He asks Johnny to "persuade" her lawyer that there isn't a case.
    With the chance to mess with the man, Johnny jumps at the chance.
    You will need to catch up with the lawyer, who is driving down Denver Ave. He
    will speed up as you chase after him. Pack in some non-lethal shots with an
    SMG or a burst of your pistol to get him to stop. You don't want to kill him.
    When you stop him, you can walk up to him - he knows when he's "beaten", and
    Johnny has done enough to help Dave.
    Reward: $500
    Now, we can go back to the story.
    JIF3. "Hit The Pipe"
    Johnny arrives to meet with Jim and his friends, Malc and DeSean. These guys
    are part of the Uptown Riders - a cross between ghetto boys and bikers. They
    prefer Japanese superbikes over American choppers, but they will make good
    allies. The guys have hooked the boys up with explosives, and they will prove
    to be a useful tool to cripple the Angels of Death's business.
    You will be given 25 Pipe Bombs, which act as an alternative weapon to
    Grenades. If you are a good drive-by toss with Grenades, you will know how to
    take out a vehicle - hold it, let the fuse run down, and drop it in time to
    take out your target.
    You have to take out three AoD vans driving around Alderney. The vans will be
    heavily guarded as you go on, so the Pipe Bombs are not the preferred weapon
    when dealing with each one. Stick to your other drive-by weapons to take out
    the Deadbeats that will retaliate, and disable the vans before you blow them
    up. You may need to conserve ammunition, so use the Pipe Bombs to make the
    final blow.
    With all three vans destroyed, the mission is completed.
    Reward: $2,000
    A call from Jim will unlock the opportunity to use Terry and Clay's help on
    missions. You can select either one in the Phonebook and then "Backup" to have
    them help you on missions. This is the only way to up their Toughness outside
    of Gang Wars. Jim will text you at the beginning of each missions, advising
    you to do so.
    Pipe Bombs can now be bought from Terry's Gun Van. We also unlock Elizabeta's
    missions once again.
    ETO2. "Heavy Toll"
    After getting past Elizabeta's house guard, Johnny is reunited with the woman
    herself and Malc, the urban biker. She's surprised at this alliance, but the
    state of Liberty City isn't exactly normal, criminally or economically. Liz
    wants the guys to take down some of her competition, who have paid off the
    cops manning the East Borough Bridge tollbooths not to check their load. Of
    course, they will need to lay down the law properly.
    You will be driving a Presidente over to the booths. You are given the Assault
    Shotgun along the way. As you find out later, it is a very good weapon, with a
    much higher ammo capacity than other shotguns. As the Angels of Death approach
    the booths, the guys take them over.
    Let the convoy vehicles pass through, and when the guys tell the Deadbeats to
    give up the van, take this as a cue to start shooting. Take out the guys in
    the van, plus the Deadbeat protection. You will be fighting two groups on both
    sides, so clear the Dukes side of the bridge before mopping up the rest.
    Get in the van, wait for Malc, and then drive it down to the lockup in Chase
    Point. If you have taken everyone out, the only problem you will have is with
    losing the cops.
    Reward: $1,000
    The Assault Shotgun is now available to buy from Terry's Gun Van. If you
    completed 40 Gang Wars, it will now spawn at the Clubhouse.
    ETO3. "Marta Full Of Grace"
    Johnny walks into Elizabeta's abode as she speaks to her contact. After she is
    finished, Johnny asks about the nature of the last job, and Elizabeta passes
    it off as upholding her reputation as Liberty City's most psychopathic female
    crime boss. She explains her life story before she assigns Johnny on his next
    job - to pick up her contact, Marta, from the Airport.
    Marta is a drug mule and a good friend of Elizabeta's from her homeland. It's
    Johnny's job to pick her up from the Main Terminal. When you arrive, she is
    accosted, and Johnny is forced straight into action. You will be in cover
    behind a bollard, fighting against the authorities, and given a 2-Star Wanted
    The cops are marked on your map, and you will need to clear them out before
    you can make a getaway. There will also be a chopper circling around. You do
    not have to take it down, but it'll make escaping a whole lot easier. When you
    have thinned out the numbers, shoot down the chopper and clear up before you
    take down the few remaining.
    When you have cleared out the cops, head to Marta. If you head north up the
    sidewalk from her position, you'll find your Hexer parked near one of the
    blocks of the Terminal. You will have to lose a 3-Star Wanted Level before you
    can drop her off at Elizabeta's.
    Reward: $2,000
    You will have to wait for a text before you unlock Elizabeta's final mission.
    Have full Health and Armor before you activate it.
    ETO4. "Shifting Weight"
    Elizabeta's keeping house when Johnny arrives. She talks about the heat that
    will inevitably close in and take her down, but it's business as usual. Marta
    has the merchandise that she smuggled into the country, and now it's time for
    her boys to sell it.
    You are going with Malc and DeSean to a deal at the courts on Butterfly St.
    At this point, it would be sensible to ask Terry and Clay for their help.
    Once the stuff is in their hands, the buyers stick them up. The only victim
    here is the female buyer, and the merch is taken back - at the expense of
    Johnny's bike.
    You'll be riding on the back of Malc's bike as he and DeSean try to make a
    getaway from the 4-Star Wanted Level. The concentration of cops after you,
    plus a long, dragged-out chase makes this mission quite difficult. If it isn't
    you who gets wasted, chances are that DeSean won't make it. You'll need to
    cover him from both ground patrols of L.C.P.D. and N.O.O.S.E., plus a few low-
    flying choppers. You will have an Assault Shotgun with unlimited ammunition
    and no clip to take out whoever chases you.
    You will race out of Bohan into northern Algonquin, and N.O.O.S.E. will join
    you as you come towards Lancaster on Walnut Way. You can take out the cops
    chasing you when you come to the gas station, if you shoot the gas pumps.
    The chase pauses at the car dealership in Middle Park East, with a roadblock
    that can pack some damage into you. Act fast to shoot out the windows of the
    dealership and continue the chase. Malc will lead you down onto Union Drive
    East, and the chase pauses as DeSean makes his way off a walkway. You will
    resort to using Pipe Bombs to take out the cops.
    The chase ends in Presidents City, underneath the Union Drive. These Riders
    make it their responsibility to bring the stuff back to Elizabeta, allowing
    Johnny to rest up.
    Reward: $3,000
    A phone call with Elizabeta ends her mission line. Ashley will contact you
    soon, unlocking Ray Boccino's missions and her own missions on Babbage Dr.
    The fed who called before puts the pressure on Johnny again, talking about a
    "close friend" who is going to snitch. I think I can draw my own conclusions
    on that.
    We have our second Random Encounter after this mission...
    RCH2. Random Character - Malc
    We will know Malc by now - an outfit of the Uptown Riders Motorcycle Gang, and
    a good connection of Elizabeta Torres. He has two Random Encounters.
    The first Random Encounter is available anytime after the mission, "Shifting
    Weight". Malc is uptight as he tunes his ride, because he hasn't heard from
    DeSean. You can take a Bati 800 to your right to follow Malc. As you follow
    him, he will get a call from DeSean - he's been shot. Follow Malc down to The
    Meat Quarter to meet him.
    He's only been grazed, but he's still pissed off at them. Follow him to Union
    Drive West to find the racers hanging out at Westminster. These guys will be
    armed, so take them out quickly. With them dealt with, the Encounter is
    Reward: $500
    The second Random Encounter will become available a few in-game days after the
    first, at any time of day. Malc and Johnny have a little spat, and he is
    challenged to a bike race.
    This race is the same as Park Circuit for the Bike Races, with only Malc the
    only change. If you brought your Hexer or a fast bike, this is no bigger
    challenge than before to beat. Victory comes with finishing, but if you want
    the reward, then you want to go for 1st place. Just watch out for those bats.
    Your reward depends on how many Bike Races have been completed. Your maximum
    reward, then, stands at $3,250. Not bad for repeating a race. If you have been
    following this guide, you should get this reward.
    Now, back to the story...
    JIF4. "End Of Chapter"
    Johnny meets up with Jim and the few leadership on their side. The Lost is now
    split between him, the leader, and Brian - and he wants to call a truce with
    Johnny. Going off past experience, truces don't work, so Johnny would rather
    take him down to make sure peace would last.
    You are leading the guys down to Port Tudor Docks. Brian is still defensive of
    Billy, and hateful of Johnny. Brian's wise to Johnny's plans, and he orders
    his boys to take Johnny and Jim out.
    The enemy Lost will be circling around on bikes, and you will have to take
    them out. Use your assault rifle or SMG to take them out from a distance, or
    your shotgun if they get close. Reinforcements arrive on bikes or in vans. If
    you stick in cover, this part of the mission is made slightly easier.
    The last of the attackers will be vaulting the wall of the docks to the south.
    Once that is done, you will have to chase down four bike-loads of Lost and
    kill them, before regrouping with Jim.
    You are brought back to the Clubhouse, where Jim and Johnny reflect on events.
    The Lost are crippling themselves, and Brian is still out there, but at least
    he has managed to take down much of Brian's faction. They also have a strong
    companionship between them, which should carry them on.
    Reward: $2,000
    JIF5. "Bad Standing"
    Johnny meets back up with Jim, and Ray Boccino is in tow once again. He talks
    about the problems with his family, and then tells of the Lost's problems. Ray
    certainly gets around. He spoke to Brian, and knows where he's hiding out. He
    passes off treachery for his own interests - he wants to use the Lost for his
    business, and needs things settled. Johnny and the boys aren't too fond of
    Boccino, but his information is invaluable. Johnny wants to pay a visit to his
    "old friend".
    Brian is hiding out of a crummy house on Tinderbox and Emery in Tudor. He is
    barricaded inside, and you need to get to him. You can call Terry or Clay to
    help out. When they arrive, carefully make your way inside the house and clear
    out the ground floor, before heading up to the first floor. You will then come
    to Brian.
    You have a choice here - kill Brian, or spare him. It's your decision to do
    whatever suits you. Make your decision, and drive away from the the house to
    complete the mission.
    Reward: $2,000
    Brian's house is now your Safehouse. The bikes you earned for completing side-
    missions, and the weapon spawns for completing Gang Wars, will appear here.
    This is no different to the Clubhouse, minus the minigames you can play, the
    computer, and the television. The save point is a mattress on the first floor.
    Our next mission is with Ashley. But if you spared Brian, then you will
    RCH3. Random Character - Brian Jeremy
    This will come if you spare Brian in the mission "Bad Standing". He will be
    available in Acter anytime after that mission. This does NOT count for 100%
    Johnny isn't pleased by the sight of Brian, because he's meant to be exiled.
    He's changed his tune - in some way, he admits that maybe his loyalty was
    blind. Johnny isn't accepting his apologies, but he's promised an opportunity
    to save the Lost before they are taken down. Johnny, apprehensively, accepts,
    but promises to do what he wanted to do before if this is a set-up.
    Follow Brian to a parking lot in Middle Park. It is a bust, and you will need
    to fight your way past Brian's would-be hit squad and put him down for
    definite. He will run up the steps, so quickly get past all of his faction and
    kill him.
    When he is dead, the Encounter is complete. You may have wanted to kill Brian
    straight away in "Bad Standing", as you get no recognition for this one - no
    money reward, no 100% Completion boost, nothing.
    His eventual death, however, spells the end for side-content in this guide.
    We have five more missions and the Achievements to cover before we can wrap
    ASB2. "Roman's Holiday"
    Johnny's visit with Ashley turns into a sit-down. Her addiction has her in
    deep trouble, as a Russian thug sitting down in the room explains to them. She
    owes money to Dimitri Rascalov's organization. They want something done -
    Johnny kidnaps someone for them, or Ashley's life won't be spared. He is given
    directions, and a name: Roman Bellic. This won't make a dent on debts, but it
    will "pay off interest".
    So, this mission is interesting. Johnny will enlist the help of Malc. Get to
    him in Northwood. You'll driving a Presidente to the backroom gambling spot on
    Dillon St. in Schottler. Roman's kidnapping will go smoothly. You will then
    have to drive him to Bohan Industrial, to a warehouse off Lompoc.
    There is an alternative method to this. You may remember Elizabeta texting you
    the number to Roman Bellic's cab firm (555-2222). Call him, and bring him to
    your position. You can do this as soon as you pick Malc up. Kidnap him from
    this position, and you can take him to the warehouse in his cab.
    If you slow down for any reason, he will make a run for it. You will have to
    chase him down and bring him back to the car, and continue the ride over. When
    you have Roman in Russian hands, the mission is complete.
    Reward: Nothing.
    This mission will set up the mission "Hostile Negotiation" in "IV". Yet
    another neat little tie-in to the main game.
    Ashley's missions are over, and we only have Mr. Boccino left.
    >> CP6. Ray Boccino
    This guido should be familiar to you from "IV". Ray is self-serving, and has
    aligned himself with The Lost (amongst other crime syndicates) for the diamond
    deal he has planned. Whilst Niko Bellic works as his right hand, it is up to
    Johnny to get things in motion. He has three missions in this game, all
    revolving around the deal.
    RAB1. "Diamonds In The Rough"
    Johnny arrives to meet Ashley, who is quite jumpy. She talks about a job in
    store, and she points him into Drusilla's to talk to Mr. Boccino. He talks
    about diamonds - not legitimate, therefore easy to pass hands. He needs to
    keep distance with them, most likely to keep himself from getting killed
    whilst others (i.e. Johnny) put their asses on the line for the sake of a big
    payday. The diamonds are currently in possession of Tony Prince, a.k.a. Gay
    A call from Jim points you to the Broker faction of The Lost to help out with
    the bust-up. Catch up with them on the Broker Bridge, and they will arrive. If
    you want, you can take this opportunity to call for backup. You will lead the
    Lost to the Platypus on East Hook. Johnny's dialogue with the boys foreshadows
    the proceedings of later missions.
    Here, we see the deal go down with a chef, Gay Tony, Luis Lopez, and his boy.
    Before the Lost can take them by surprise, Luis spots them and it's going to
    be tougher.
    You will have to take out Tony's boy to claim the ice. He will be driven in a
    Stretch, with a car full of bodyguards as additional protection. Destroy the
    protection, and aim at the rear window of the limo to take out the boy. Once
    he is dead, pick up the dropped diamonds and lose any Wanted Level you gained
    for hunting them down.
    Ray will tell Johnny where to drop the diamonds. There are two trash piles -
    one on Hematite, and the other on Emerald. When you have dropped them off,
    taking care of any resistance along the way, the mission is complete.
    Reward: Nothing.
    This mission will set up the mission "Taking In The Trash" for "IV", as these
    will be the diamonds Niko will recover for Ray. In "The Ballad of Gay Tony",
    the bust will play the main part of "Frosting On The Cake", where you will
    have to escape the Lost attack. Tony's Boy, or Evan, will be killed by Johnny
    in this mission.
    With that aside, you'll be waiting for a call from Ray before we start the
    next mission...
    RAB2. "Collector's Item"
    Ray calls about the diamonds - he isn't going to hand over the cut until they
    are sold for profit. The deal is happening at the Libertonian, and all Johnny
    has to do is make sure that the money is traded, and "Nicky" splits it with
    Head over to the Libertonian, and enter through the side. Head through the
    main exhibit area, and then to the loading docks to wait for "Nicky". Niko
    Bellic will turn up to oversee the deal.
    This is a throwback to the mission "Museum Piece", and has the same outcome.
    However, this one has Johnny with the money in hand, and having to fight
    through enemies. They wield Combat Pistols to Carbine Rifles. Niko will be on
    the ground floor, and you'll be fighting your way down from the balconies.
    Advance through cover and be vigilant as you make your way down. Once you're
    on the ground, exit the way you entered.
    The last enemies to deal with are Ray's crews - one will roll out of cover
    near the exit, and the rest will pull up in PMP 600s. Once they are thinned
    out, they will try and run away. You will have to finish them off, and then
    take the stolen cash to Jim in an alley on Exeter Ave.
    Reward: $10,000
    Johnny will lie to Ray about the money in the phone call. Jim's next text sets
    up the next mission.
    It is also interesting that this mission involves all three "IV" protagonists.
    In "IV", you take Niko's perspective of walking away empty-handed from "Museum
    Piece"; in "TBoGT", you take Luis' perspective of the bust-up, reclaiming the
    diamonds, and escaping the authorities.
    RAB3. "Was It Worth It?"
    When Johnny arrives, he meets a not-so-happy Ray, who pulls out a gun and
    directs him to the cellar. Jim is down there, being subject to a flame-torch
    torture. Ray has figured out their grand scheme in ripping him off, and he
    wants it back. Ray tries to break him - pistol-whipping him and telling him
    that he's slept with Ashley - but before there's any chance of that, Jim
    breaks free and takes his torturer hostage. In the distraction, Ray has the
    gun kicked out of his hand, and Jim picks it up. The tables have turned, and
    now the two can make a getaway.
    You have to meet up with Ashley. However, once you enter Alderney, she calls
    to inform Johnny of hit squads that Ray has sent out for him. Call Terry or
    Clay for backup, and you can make this part of the mission easier.
    They will set up an ambush point at the top of Aspdin Drive. Get to the roof-
    top with them, and wait for one of the four hit squads to approach. You have a
    vantage point over them, and it makes them much easier to take out compared to
    street level. Their money drops are quite lucrative, so pick them up if you
    have the opportunity to do so. Once they are dead, meet up with Ashley at the
    Everything is now falling to pieces - Jim has been killed. Add to this Angus'
    handicap and Billy's incarceration, and things are not sweet at all. The
    metaphorical nail in the coffin is Billy himself - Ray has managed to mess
    with his mind, and this means that he is going to turn states, leading to the
    Lost's downfall and his freedom. Ashley advises the help of Stubbs to get them
    out of this spot, or at least give them a fighting chance.
    Reward: Nothing.
    You will have to wait for a call from Stubbs before the next mission. This
    mission also links in with the mission "No Way On The Subway" from "IV", as
    that mission will involve Jim's death at the hands of Niko.
    Coming up next is the final mission. Stock up on Health and Body Armor before
    beginning it.
    THS3. "Get Lost"
    For the first time, we see Stubbs outside his club and in clothing. Johnny is
    not happy to see him, but he has news to share - the Pegorinos are under
    surveillance, and that means that Ray won't be a problem once his family
    begins to fall apart. Meanwhile, Billy has been ratting inside, thinking that
    he can frame the Lost for a major drug organization; Billy would go into
    Witness Protection and walk free whilst his former brothers take a fall. It's
    going to take a lot to silence Billy, but Mr. Stubbs may have his uses.
    You are going to the Alderney State Correctional Facility, where some of the
    Lost will be located. Go to Terry's Gun Van and stock up on ammunition for
    your weapons - also, take an RPG Launcher and some ammo for it. You'll be
    blowing through the prison doors and fighting your way into the Facility to
    hunt down Billy.
    Between you and him are quite a few prison guards with powerful weaponry, so
    advance carefully and let the boys thin them out if you get stuck in a tight
    spot. As you come closer to the Prison Yard, the concentration of authorities
    will get higher, so stick in cover and pick them off before you go for Billy.
    They seem to be more focused on the other boys, so they shouldn't cause throw
    too much trouble your way.
    Once the group is cleared out, you can go to Billy and execute him. He goes
    down like the treacherous snake he is. Once you have done that, pick off the
    stragglers near your bike, and then get on it. Lead your way out of the prison
    and bring the boys back to the Clubhouse.
    The Clubhouse has been ransacked, and is a complete mess. It wasn't too
    liveable in the first place, but now it's too wrecked to house the brothers.
    After they reflect on events, the boys get to burning the place down. If it's
    going to be derelict, it'll go that way with the strike of a match.
    The credits will roll. The end of the game.
    Reward: $7,000
    The Clubhouse will no longer be a Safehouse. You will only have the Tudor
    Safehouse to use. The minigames and other features there will no longer be
    12.      TLaD Achievements
    TLaD brings five extra Achievements for an extra 250G to add to "Grand Theft
    Auto: IV".
    1. One Percenter (5G)
       Help Billy get his bike back.
    This will come with completion of the mission "Clean And Serene", the opening
    2. The Lost Boy (25G)
       Become President of the Lost M.C.
    This will come with completion of the mission "This Shit's Cursed".
    3. Easy Rider (100G)
       Finish the story.
    Complete the 22 missions plus "Get Lost", the final mission. In all, you have
    to beat 23 missions for this one.
    4. Get Good Wood (50G)
       Knock 69 bikers off of their bikes.
    This one is achieved through the Bike Races and knocking other racers off of
    their bikes. If you hold back X or B, you will be able to knock a racer off
    their bike with no trouble. You'll just have to worry being taken out by them.
    Races can be replayed, so this one is not missable.
    5. Full Chat (70G)
       Build Terry and Clay's Toughness to 100%.
    Completion of Gang Wars and missions with Terry and Clay will build up their
    Toughness. This one is hard to miss.
    13.      100% Completion Checklist
    Below are the requirements needed for 100% Completion in "TLaD":
    >> Complete all 23 missions:
             -- From "Clean And Serene" to "Get Lost"
    >> Complete the two Random Characters:
             -- Dave Grossman (1 Encounter), Malc (2 Encounters)
    >> Go on all 7 Activities with Terry and Clay at least once:
             -- Air Hockey, Darts, Drinking, Eating, Pool, Show and Strip Club
    >> Win at least one game on the following minigames:
             -- Air Hockey
             -- Arm Wrestling
             -- Darts
             -- Pool
    >> Complete the other side-content:
             -- Exterminate all 50 Seagulls
             -- Win all 12 Bike Race locations
             -- Complete all 10 of Angus' Bike Thefts
             -- Complete at least 25 Gang Wars
             -- Complete all five missions of Stubbs' Dirty Laundry
    14.      100% Completion Rewards
    Let me clarify that as REWARD, as you will only earn the unlimited ammo cap
    for your weapons, which will reset after saving and reloading. This will be
    minus an Achievement that is tied to earning this feat.
    However, there is much less to cover than in "IV", plus L.C. in the "IV Era"
    is defeated through and through for a second time - fourth in all.
    We have beaten TLaD, and covered the Achievements for good measure. This is
    the end of the guide.
    15.      Credits
    Here's the people who I would like to thank:
    >> Rockstar Games
    You create some of the best games I’ve ever played, including those outside
    the “Grand Theft Auto” franchise. I salute you for that.
    >> All Gaming Hosts
    Those who host my guides, I thank you for getting my work out there. I thrive
    on helping people, and also perceiving other ways I can go about my gaming.
    >> The GTA Wiki
    I have used the website to confirm information and gather it to make my guide
    as detailed as possible. I appreciate how much effort has gone into a non-
    profit project, and I salute them. Thanks.
    >> I have no individuals to thank as of yet. Feedback is appreciated, even if
    it is just a "thanks".
    16.      Goodbye!
    And another guide is capped off. Thank you for reading my guide.
    "Grand Theft Auto IV - The Lost & Damned" is a video game produced by Rockstar
    Games, a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. No
    copyright infringement is intended.
    Any other sources of information, either during or after development and
    completion of this guide, are acknowledged. This guide was constructed with a
    very detailed playthru of the game; therefore much of this guide’s content is
    that of mine, the guidewriter. Any content that is not mine will be
    highlighted, and I will credit the author in my guide.
    You may ask my permission via email for posting of my, or parts of my guide.
    However, I will not allow you to post the whole guide, or the majority of it,
    unless I can trust you with it. If I allow you to post one of my guides, it
    must be left UNALTERED, and a credit to my name. Do not copy my guide without
    my permission, unless for personal use. Copyright infringement is something I
    won’t take lightly, and I will do everything in my power to have plagiarism
    (C) 2012-2013 DG-le-Ste. All rights reserved.

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