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FAQ by Marshall_X

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/07/13


                   The Lost And Damned FAQ By Marshall_X


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx \            Grand Theft Auto IV TLAD       / xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx \             FAQ/Walkthrough               / xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\                Version 1.1                / xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx \         Last Updated-03/7/13             / xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx \     By Marshall_X (debabhik@hotmail.com) / xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\       Copyright (C) 2013  Abhik Deb      / xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx \            All rights reserved.          / xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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| ||                Guide written and compiled by Marshall_X           || |

GTA- Good And Tough Always.

1. Copyright notice

2. Introduction

3. Episode Info

4. Characters

5. Location 

6. Walkthrough

7. Achievements

8. Conclusion

9. Credits

10.Version History

11.Trademarks Notice


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I Decided To Write This Guide Because It might be useful for
people trying to get through the game  The Lost And The Damned

This FAQ Will Cover All The 22 Missions In TLAD.
Including Many Other Details About This Game.
-Episode Info
-Locations We Cover etc.

3.Episode Info


DEVELOPER: Rockstar North

Publisher: Rockstar Games

Platforms: X360,PS3,PC

Multiplayer: Up To 16 Players On X360 And 32 On PC

Released: 17/2/2009 On X360 And 13/4/2010 On PC and PS3

Rating: MA 17+

When Grand Theft Auto IV was announced in 2006, it was also
announced that Microsoft and Rockstar Games had formed a strategic
alliance in order to provide exclusive episodic content for 
Xbox Live,"giving the community ever-expanding gameplay 
experiences." Rockstar North agreed to develop two episodes, and the first of
these - The Lost and Damned - was officially released on February 17, 2009.
The episode features new characters, new missions , new weapons, new
vehicles, new music and new multiplayer modes. In addition, the following
websites were added to the in-game internet:


*(Thanks To GTA4.net)*

In TLAD you Take On Shoes Of Johhny Klebbitz, A Member Of The Lost Biker 
Gang In Liberty City. Johnny has been creating business opportunities for 
The Lost in Liberty City, but his first loyalty must be to the patch he wears
on his back and to Billy Grey, the club's President. However, when Billy 
returns from rehab hell-bent on bloodshed and debauchery, Johnny finds himself
in the middle of a vicious turf war with rival gangs for control of a city
torn apart by violence and corruption. Will They Survive?

*(Thanks Again to GTA 4.net)*

Want To Buy It?????

Download It From The XboX LIVE Marketplace For $19.99 or For 1600
microsoft points. You can do this by logging onto Marketplace using your Xbox
360 console, or by going to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace website. You need an
original copy of Grand Theft Auto IV in order to play The Lost and Damned.
The PS3 Version can be downloaded on PSN and Pc version via Games For Windows


       "Proudly introducing an all-new cast of unsavoury miscreants"

                                   JOHNNY KLEBITZ
                                Voiced by Scott Hill.

Johnny Klebitz is the vice president of The Lost biker gang. Johnny has
been creating business opportunities for The Lost in Liberty City, but his
first loyalty must be to the patch he wears on his back and to Billy Grey, the 
club's President. However, when Billy returns from rehab hell-bent
on bloodshed and debauchery, Johnny finds himself in the middle of a
vicious turf war with rival gangs for control of a city torn apart by
violence and corruption.

                                     JIMMY FITZGERALD
                               Voiced by Chris McKinney.
Jim Fitzgerald is a senior member of The Lost motorcycle gang, and is one of 
the club's oldest members. He is extremely loyal to Johnny Klebitz,
the acting leader while Billy Grey was incarcerated.Jim is at odds with 
Billy Grey on a number of issues concerning how the gang is run - 
for example he was against the war with the Angels of Death.

                                     BILLY GREY
                                 Voiced by Lou Sumrall.
Billy Grey is the president of the Alderney chapter of The Lost motorcycle 
gang. He was recently convicted of a drug related felony 
and sentenced to rehab,which meant that Johnny Klebitz became the acting
leader. Some of The Lost's worst confrontations todate with the 
Angels of Death occured under Billy's command.

                                    BRIAN JEREMY
                             Voiced by Adrian Martinez.
Brian Jeremy is a senior member of the Alderney chapter of The Lost and 
acts as the club secretary.
He is fiercly loyal to the gang's incarcerated leader,Billy Grey. 
Brian is unhappy with The Lost's uneasy truce with the Angels of Death 
biker gang.

                                  TERRY THORPE
                            Voiced by Joshua Burrow.
Terry Thorpe is the club's sergeant at arms, and one of Johnny's closest 
allies. Call Terry whenever you need weapons, and he'll meet 
you at a specific location and sell them to you at discounted prices.

                                    CLAY SIMMONS
                         Voiced by Keith Randolph Smith.
Clay Simmons is the road captain of the Alderney chapter of The Lost 
motorcycle gang. Clay is one of Johnny's closest friends. Call Clay whenever 
you need a new bike and he'll bring it to you at no cost.

                                    ASHLEY BUTLER
                            Voiced by Traci Godfrey.
Ashley Butler used to be close with Johnny, but now they are just friends.
She has gotten into some bads tuff since she broke up with Johnny.
Ashley has links with The Lost motorcycle gang and the
Alderney-based Pegorino crime syndicate, and acts a conduit between
the two organisations.

                                  ANGUS MARTIN
                         Voiced by Brian Tarantina.
Angus is a veteran member of the Alderney chapter of The Lost. Angus was
involved in an accident which forced him into a wheelchair, and since his
accident he has developed an uneasy relationship with the club head, Billy

                        Voiced by Walter T Mudu.
Malc is a member of the Uptown Riders - a motorcycle gang based in 
Northwood, Algonquin.
Malc is introduced to Johnny by Jim Fitzgerald during the mission 
"Hit the Pipe". The Uptown Riders have connections with Bohan-based 
drug dealer Elizabeta Torres.

                            THOMAS STUBBS III
                          Voiced by John Lantz.
Congressman Tom Stubbs is introduced to Johnny by Billy Grey. 
Stubbs hangs out at the Jousters Gentleman's Club in Algonquin, 
opposite the Libertonian. He needs Johnny to carry out some dirty work
for him.


The Story Of GTA IV TLAD Takes Place In Liberty City.

Things will be different. Rockstar North has wiped the slate clean, 
shutting the book on the Grand Theft Auto III trilogy and choosing to 
start anew.Gone are the days of zombie-like pedestrians, 
robotic law enforcement and stale surroundings. 
Liberty City has returned as the setting for Grand Theft Auto IV, 
but this isn't the Liberty City that we have embraced for over half a 

The Boroughs In GTA IV Are
Broker(A Remake Of Brooklyn)
Alderney(New jersey)

ALGONQUIN - "Self-proclaimed center of everything."

Cultural, commercial, and financial center of the world. If Algonquin 
residents could have it their way, the region would also be considered the 
epicenter of everything in the known universe. A word of warning to the 
inquisitive traveler: questioning the integrity of Algonquin's self-
righteous and 
artificially-sweetened natives will likely get you shot.

BROKER - "Churches, hipsters and housing projects."

The region of Broker is rich in American history, and equally rich in
 Eastern European immigrants. As of late, the district has also
 taken to "sprucing up"
its ragged image through the restoration of older, 
run-down neighbourhoods.
Don't let Carney Island fool you, though; Broker is 
just as rough-and-tumble as any other Liberty City district.

DUKES - "Like the suburbs, only worse."

The closest thing to sanity that could possibly be found in Liberty City
,complete with overpriced condominiums and unavailable parking. 
You may even be tempted to refer to the district as "comfortable". 
Diverse and densely populated, Dukes is home to both the 
Francis International Airport and Steinway Beer Garden.

BOHAN - "Ripe for re-development."

Neglected and disrespected, Bohan is the closest thing to hell that you
can find in the city (and that's saying something). This northernmost 
of Liberty has been torn apart by decades of destructive violence. 
If you find yourself wandering into Bohan, don't just lock your doors -- 
weld them shut!

ALDERNEY - "Industrial wasteland meets suburban hell."

If Algonquin is the privileged child of the Liberty City family, 
then Alderney is most definitely the retarded younger brother -- 
an endless sea of run-down homes peppered with p*****s-like smokestacks 
thrusting into the sickly clouds above. Simply put? Those that are 
unfortunate enough to live in the district desperately want to get out.


Ah!The Main Part Of The FAQ.
Just some notes before we start:

Remember,This Is How I Did It...And Did it Well.
And Of Course, Before Heading Into A Mission, load up on guns, armor, health.

The Mission Structure Is Simple-

Mission Name-----Reward


Liberty City Choppers--$1000

Got It?

Now, We Begin


All The 22 Missions Are Covered Here
1.Clean And Serene--$750

We Are Off The Boat Now. Watch The Initial Cutscene Which Provides
Some Background to the Story.
Billy, the President Has Just Completed his Rehab.Billy is greeted at 
the hospital by his fellow Lost members, Including Johnny(You).
When the CS gets over, lead the gang back to your clubhouse.

Stop in the yellow marker. Another CS will take place. Now Billy wants his
Bike back.
Go to the Chop Shop In Bohan and bring Billy's Bike. The mechanic there 
tells you that The Angels of Death Bikers Gang Took it to Their territorry, In

Go there, When you reach the Place, find some cover and Start killing the 
attackers. See that Barrels?Chik Chak,Fire some Bullets and
then Ka-Boom. Now pick off the remaining Punks.

After the war is over, get on your bike(The green dot on your radar)
and Follow Billy back to the Clubhouse. Occasionally,A LOST badge will appear
On the Road,Stay on it for 3-4 seconds and you will Receive health boosts and
Your bike will be repaired.
After you reach your Destination,Watch the final CS and then see how
to save your game.

2.Angels In America--$750

The cutscene shows Billy and the gang at the clubhouse, still 
celebrating his release from rehab. Billy isn't impressed with Johnny's
attitude, and the two have a go at each other, but Jason interupts 
before it can get serious. Jason reveals that the Angels of Death are 
waiting outside, and apparently they're unhappy that Billy broke the 
truce. The leader demands an explanation, but Billy has no regrets and 
shoots him in the back.

After The CS, get on your bike and Chase The Angels of death. 
Six bikes carrying two people each. Therefore,

Therefore we Know That We need to Chase 12 People.

Get close to them and Start shooting them. Watch out for Traffic and
for bikes Skidding in front of you. Once all these are dead, Go meet Billy in
Algonquin. His location is highlighted by A Yellow blip. Stop there to trigger
another cutscene.

Billy invites Jason back to the clubhouse for a drink, but Jason 
reveals he is meeting a girl in Broker and needs to go there.


3.It's War--$750

Billy is at the clubhouse talking to someone called Dave, who is supposedly a
lawyer by day and a biker by night. Johnny isn't happy with Dave's inclusion
into the gang. Infact, he's unhappy overall with the way Billy has been 
operating the gang since he got out from rehab, and there's clearly a growing 
tension between the two. Billy gets a text message with some urgent news, and 
it's down to business once again.

Ride with your Crew to Acter Industrial Park, where The AOD are waiting
for you. Find cover and pick the Shootist up on the roof ahead.
Make your way south, taking cover all times and eliminating everyone.
Soon more people Join the fun, Three bikes, A Van and some more bikers.

Once all AOD's are lying in their Pool of blood, Ride in formation to Get a 
health boost to the next Shootout area.

This time there are more AOD's waiting. Start by killing the ones on the pipes
and then get to the one's on the ground. Go to the back of the Park, where
more reinforcements arrive. Finish off any remaining attackers,then go to your
Bike. Pick up weapons along the way and health packs if you need.

Once you reach your Bike, Billy says that Jason Has been Killed by some
Serb. SHHH!That's Niko Bellic.

4.Action/Reaction---No Money

At the clubhouse, Billy is talking to Ray Boccino. Billy has work to do, so
off we go. Ride In formation to the freeway, Now you will be prompted to race
the others to Angels Of Death Clubhouse.
Once you reach there, Billy will Give you A Nad (Grenade)Launcher and
tells you that It was the AOD Gang who killed Jason and Not SHHHH!! Niko.
Fire A Nad Through the window of the Clubhouse. AOD members will run out 
from the back of Clubhouse. There are 4-5 of them, But more soon
arrive, and then more. Dont forget to use the grenade launcher while you
are in Cover to take out multiple enemies at once.
After It's Done, Follow Billy into the Clubhouse and take cover behind the
Door. Fire some grenades inside and Eliminate Anyone who remains. Make your
way downstairs and Kill the three Bikers.

At this point, a cutscene begins, and Billy's motives for doing this 
mission suddenly become apparent - two huge bags of heroin lie on the 
table up ahead, which Billy orders Brian to retrieve. Exit the clubhouse,  
get on your bike, and clear the area to finish the mission.

5.Liberty City Choppers--$1000

During a cutscene, Jim explains that he wants to steal some bikes 
from the Angels of Death. These particular bikes are in high demand, 
and Jim knows a guy who is willing to pay for them and ship them to Japan.
Ride With Jim To The truck In Alderneyy City, which you will use to steal
the bikes. Get In the truck With Jim and head to the Diner In Tudor
where the Bikes are Situated. Get in one Bike, Ride back to The Truck
and Go For One Again.

Soon, A Shootout Takes Place, And You Are in a Firefight. Take out your Phone,
Access Phonebook, go to either Terry or Clay and Select Backup. Your friends
will come to Help You. After all are dead, Park three more Bikes In The Truck.

Then Get In The Truck With Jim.
Beware Though, The AOD's Havent Given up yet. Four bikes begin chasing the 
truck. Dont worry,just haul Your Ass into the yard as quickly as you can.
Stop in the yellow marker and Watch the CS. Two cops arrive and are
demanding a fee, because they saw everything That happened.

6.Bad Cop Drop--$2000

Jim is still seething after some cops attempted to blackmail him
(Previous Mission). He's decided he isn't taking any crap from them and 
wants revenge. After the cutscene, Jim gives you an Automatic Pistol and 
you must race him to the location of the bent cops.

Lure the Cops to the ambush in South Alderney, dont Stay too far ahead
of them or they'll get lost, And dont stay too close to them too otherwise you
will Get Shot. Press B To see from their Perspective. When you reach the Spot, 
Lost members are Waiting to help you.

Dont worry, They arent Shooting you(It looks Like it). Find Cover and
Eliminate The Cops. After All Cops Are Dead, get on your Bike and Leave The 
Area To Complete The Mission.

7.Buyer's Market--No Money

Elizabeta Torres claims she has a buyer for the heroin that 
you stole from the Angels of Death. She wants you to go to 
with Playboy X and Niko and attempt to negotiate a deal with the 
buyers. AFter The CS, Go And Pick Up The Heroin package in Dukes and
then Go to to Destination Building Where the deal is taking place.
Now From Here,you would know the Story if you Played Grand theft Auto
IV. (Niko's Story)

This Is Exactly Same Mission As "Blow Your Cover".

The deal was a setup, and LCPD officers storm the building. Niko and Playboy
head for the roof, whereas you must go the opposite way.
Always Stay in cover while eliminating Cops and Use blind fire to Minimise the
damage. Go to the bedroom on your right to Collect Armour before heading for
the Stairs. There are few cops waiting at the bottom, and two more on the top
of next set of stairs. And two more on the exit and a lot of Waiting outside.
Eliminate everyone carefully, Taking cover at every point. There are two 
police cars and a Police Van outside, with 5-6 cops firing at you. After you 
have hold of a Car, get to the Pay And Spray or use Alleyways And Sudden turns
to Lose the Cops and beat The Mission.


Tom Stubbs attempts to blackmail Johnny by claiming to know 
about the activities of The Lost. Tom requires money to stand 
any chance of being re-elected, so he wants you to kill his 
uncle because he controls the family trust. He wants to make 
it appear like a terrorist act, because it will aid his campaign!

Wow!You Have A Rocky. . . Rocket Launcher. Get to Francis Intrnl
Airport By 21:30. There Are Two Ways To Complete The Mission.

1)You Can Use The Rocky To Destroy The Heli As It Lands,
2)Ambush The Convoy as it makes its way out Of The Airport.

First method is Easy, but For Those Hard-Boiled, Bold, Bracelled And 
Pulionatic guys(huff!!).
I Am Going to describe the Second Way.

Stop in the yellow marker and let the Chopper land.
Do not go into the Runway Area. Once the Convoy is moving, get behind it
and start shooting when it Reaches the Tunnel.
After The Target's dead, Escape the Cops to Beat This Mission.

9.Coming Down--No Money

This mission is triggered by a phone call from Ashley. 
She says she's "into something bad" and is afraid that 
she's going to be killed. Drive to the projects in North Algonquin
and go upstairs to find Ashley.
At the top of the Stairs, Ashley is in an apartment to your right.
But But But..GTA Wont Be So Simple Without Firefights.

This Place is full of Dealers. Kill the one standing near the Door.
And then pick off the Ones In the Hallway. There are 3-4 total in
The Building. Loot The Enemies For money and weapons. And Then Talk
To Ashley. Take Ashley To Berchem(Alderney) to Complete The Mission.

10.Off Route--$5000

A group of "outstanding civillians" (aka Stubbs voters) 
have "mistakingly" been taken into LCPD custody. Stubbs wants 
you to do hijack the prison bus and "liberate" them.

After The CS, head over to the LCPD Station In Alderney.
There are 6-8 officers guarding The Bus. Once all cops are dead
enter the prison bus. Now your objective is Simple, Escape the Cops.
Use small Alleyways and Take Sudden Corners to Escape the Cops.

Once you've Lost Them, take The Bus to Acter Industrial Park. Stop
In The Yellow Marker to Complete The Mission.

11.This Shit's Cursed--No Money

The heroin you stole from the Angels of Death actually 
belonged to some Chinese guys, and the AOD have informed them that 
it's in the hands of The Lost. Billy wants to teach them a lesson, 
but Jim feels it would be wise to do a deal with them instead.

After The CS, follow Billy to Chinatown. On Reaching Algonquin,
you will be instructed to Race the rest of the Gang to the Location.

During a cutscene, Billy suggests that Johnny and Jim 
go in to do the deal, while he and Brian watch their backs. 
The deal (not surprisingly) goes bad, and a shootout begins.

You Spawn on the roof with Jim. There are 8 Triads In Your way.
Take cover and Eliminate The Triads one by one. Blind fire if necessary.

Once all Triads Are Dead, follow Jim Across the Roof and kill the two 
Attackers who come from the Corner. Keep going forward and eliminate
the Next group. Keep going and Go down the ladders to kill the Last
group of triads. Walk to the yellow marker at the front of the 
building, and watch the cutscene that follows.

During the cutscene, Billy is arrested by the cops, and he believes that 
Johnny set him up. Brian calls a few moments later to say that he's waiting
around the corner. You are now the Chapter President in Billy's absence, 
so get on your bike and lead the gang back to the clubhouse. In the Final 
CS, Brian accuses Johnny of "talking to the law" and setting Billy up, which 
Johnny strongly denies.

12.Hit The Pipe--$2000

Malc has a new connection who provides explosives, which Jim says 
could help put the Angels of Death out of business for a long time.
After The CS,you are Equipped with Twenty Five Pipe Bombs,and three
Vans are marked on your Radar.
Go to Alderney And locate one van. Kill The Driver and then use The Pipe Bombs
to blow it up.

One of the vans contains shootists and the other one contains two
shootists. Blow up all three vans to Complete the Mission.

13.End Of Chapter--$2000

During the cutscene, Jim says that Brian wants to call a truce, however 
Johnny's having none of it. After The CS, lead the Gang to The Docks in 
Alderney, And As Always, A ShootOut begins.

Brian's faction are circling the area on bikes. They have five bikes 
in total, with two shootists on each one. 


Therefore, we Know that there are Ten Shooters In total.
Find Cover and Start Picking off Everybody. Use Nads, Nad Launcher To Your
Advantage. Once they are gone, A Van will arrive, with more Gunmen, followed 
by Two Bikes and Then Another Van. Take them out and Proceed South where more 
gunmen are approaching at the wall. Throw Nads towards the wall as Gunmen 
climb over it or Kill them Normally. The remaining guys attempt to Escape on
Bikes, so chase Em down and Kill em'. But unfortunately, Brian Has Escaped.

14.Bad Standing

In the cutscene, Ray informs Jim, Terry, Clay and Johnny where Brian is 
hiding. Ray wants The Lost to resolve their dispute for the sake of 
business. After The CS, go to Brian's house In Alderney. At this point, Call
Terry And Clay for Backup.

Terry and Clay will cover the Rear exit of The House. Now its up to you - 

1) Either you can throw a Nad through the window
2) Go all Guns Blazing into the House.

If you use the 1st method, three attackers will make their way to the 
front of the house, followed by Brian on a bike. Try to kill Brian 
immediately, or you may have to get on your bike and chase him on the freeway.
Go for his tires first, wait for him to slow down and then eliminate him.

If you go All Guns Blazing, proceed carefully as there are gunmen at every 
Corner and Room. Once you reach Brian, you have the oppurtunity to Let him
live or Execute him. If you let Brian live, you'll have an opportunity to meet
him later as a random character. Or Use A Pistol To perform an Execution.

Once the mission is over, Brian's safehouse becomes your property.
You can now save your game there and also store Cars.

15.Heavy Toll---No Money

Elizabeta needs you to take down some thieves. They have bribed one 
of the guards on the East Borough bridge to let them through without 
checking their load, so go to the toll booths and wait for the 
convoy to approach. After The CS, you will get a Text Message from Jim telling
you to make use of Clay and Terry, as you are now their Leader. Stop in the 
Yellow marker on the Bridge and Watch as the Convoy approaches. Johnny will
Knock out the Guard and Malc will Activate The Barrier.

Once it pulls up, take cover and Fire at the Enemies. There Are 13-14
in total .Dont blow up the Van Instead. After all are Dead, get in the
Van and pick Malc Up And Lose the Cops. After you have Won In evading
The Cops, Get To The Lock Up In Bohan to Finish This Mission.

16.Marta Full Of Grace--$2000

Elizabeta needs you to pick up a drug mule, who has just arrived 
in Liberty City on a flight from Puerto Rico. After the cutscene, 
drive to the airport, which is highlighted yellow on the radar. 
Jim sends a text message to remind you that Terry and Clay will 
offer their services should you need them, so give them a call 
at any time during the mission.

After reaching the Airport. A CS shows the Mule taken away by The FBI.
Johnny does some Dangerous action and Takes Marta(Mule) to Safety.
Find Cover and pick off the Cops. Use Nads And Rocky for The Cops which are 
very difficult to Reach. A Chopper will Arrive, Use The Rocky to Burn It Down.
Yes, burn it Down ,
We Cant Wait to burn it To The Ground.
Na Na Na...
Ooops Sorry..I Went Into Linkin Park Studio, Sorry.
Back In Liberty City, kill any remaining attackers in the Ground Level.
Afterwards, get in a Vehicle With Marta And Lose the 3-star wanted Level.
Dont go on the Highway, and Follow Police Escaping Rules I told you
Earlier. Once you've Lost Them, Go To Elizabeta's Apartment
To Finish This Level.

17.Shifting Weight--$3000

The objective in this mission is to sell the coke that Marta 
(Elizabeta's drug mule) brought into the country. After the cutscene,
go to the location of the deal with the Uptown Riders. Stop in the 
yellow marker, and watch the cutscene which follows. The deal 
(not surprisingly) doesn't go to plan, and the dealers decide they 
want to keep the cash and the coke. However, DeSean is having none 
of it - he shoots one of the dealers and retrieves the coke, but the 
cops are on their way.

Get On The Bike With Malc and Defend DeSean from The cops.
Two Cops begin Chasing behind, watch out for em'. When you reach the 
Highway, more Cop Cars and A Chopper arrives.

No This time we Wont Burn It To The Ground, But Aim The Cops Shooting
From the Chopper. Keep Shooting as you go through Algonquin.
Oh Shit!
Cops have blocked the road at Middle Park East, and there appears to 
be no way out. After the short cutscene, shoot one of the windows 
in the car showroom, So That We Can Safely Escape via the Opposite side.
Another Chopper Arrives, So Destroy it Normally This Time.
Eliminate the last Bomb of Chasers who are now Following you.

It's Done.

18.Diamonds In The Rough--No Money

Ray Boccino needs you to pick up some diamonds from a guy called 
Gay Tony. After The CS, go and meet the Other Lost Members at The Broker
Bridge and Proceed to The Docks. Call Terry And Clay On the Road To Your
Destination for Backup. The cutscene shows Gay Tony negotiating with the 
seller, but the deal is soon interrupted by The Lost and a shootout begins. 

Follow the limousine, take out Gay Tony's boy and retrieve 
the diamonds for Ray. Once the Target's Dead, pick up the Diamonds and drive 
to the Two Trash Bag Locations to Complete the Mission.

19.Roman's Holiday--No Money

Ashley is in debt to Dimitri Rascalov, and two representatives 
are at her apartment to collect the money. Ashley doesn't have 
it, so instead they want Johnny to kidnap someone (Roman Bellic) 
and take him to a warehouse in Bohan.

After the cutscene, Johnny calls Malc to request some assistance, 
so meet him in Algonquin, and then travel to the gambling den in Broker.
Stop in the Marker and wait for Roman to Come out. After a Short CS, proceed 
to The Warehouse In Bohan.

Once you reach The Dukes Bay Bridge, Roman will exit the Vehicle and attempt 
to Escape. Go after him and threaten, but dont kill him to get him back in the
Car. Travel to the warehouse and stop in the Marker to finish the Mission.

20.Collector's Item--$10000

The Greatest Reward In TLAD, 10000 $.
Serious Work Bah!!

This mission is triggered by a phone call from Ray. Go to the 
North entrance of the Libertonian museum and meet Niko. 
If you played the mission "Museum Piece"


(in Niko's story) then you should know what happens next: 
the deal is ambushed (by Gay Tony's bodyguard, Luis) and the 
diamonds are stolen. Your task is very simple: escape from 
the Libertonian.

Find Cover, eliminate the Targets and Fight your way to the Exit (Dont
forget to Loot enemies). Men are waiting outside, so find cover and
use nads to finish em off. Give Terry and Clay a Call for help.
Then Some Of The men escape in a Vehicle, Begin chasing them and dont
let them get away. Once all the targets are gone, take the money to Jim, 
who is waiting in an alley in Northwood.

Enjoy the Reward

21.Was It Worth It?--No Money

Ray wants to know where his money is, and he knows that Johnny 
is hiding something. The initial cutscene shows Ray torturing 
Johnny and Jim in the basement of his restaurant in Little Italy. 
They refuse to reveal where the cash is, and manage to escape after 
a brief struggle with one of Ray's mafia goons.
After The CS, Go and meet Ashley. 

Shortly before you reach Ashley, She will call and say Ray has sent people to 
hunt you. 4 new markers appear on the radar, representing Ray's hitmen. 
Call Terry or Clay, and meet them next to the freeway where they have setup an
ambush. Climb the ladder to reach the roof, and wait for the hitmen to arrive.

Take Cover and begin taking them out, Use A Nad or Rocky to take out multiple 
targets at Once. Each vehicle contains four hitmen. Once the targets are dead,
go and meet Ashley at the clubhouse.

During The CS, Ashley Says That Jim Is Dead, and tries to Convince Johnny that
Billy Is The Main Problem-not Ray. 
She recommends calling Congressman Stubbs for help.

22.Get Lost--$7000

Ah! The Final Mission.

During a cutscene at the clubhouse, Stubbs claims that Billy 
is trying to pin the drug deal on Johnny and Angus, and hints 
that Johnny should eliminate him. After the cutscene, go to the 
prison (which is marked yellow on the radar) and meet Terry and 
Clay. Go to Terry's van and take as many weapons/ammo as you like - 
you don't have to pay for anything, so take full advantage of this 
opportunity. Be sure to grab some armour as well.

Now head towards the Red marker on the RADAR and block the prison
doors using Rocky. Fire some more Rockets to kill the guards ahead. Go through
the entrance and Take out the Prison guards.

Follow Terry And Clay through the Gate, and eliminate the Next group
of prison guards. Collect the health pack while taking cover behind the
Sink. Take out the Sniper ahead, and Help Terry and Clay deal with the Rest Of
The guys.

Proceed East, And Toss some grenades into the area in front of the Large 
Barrel to take out some targets. Proceed Towards the Yard, and eliminate any 
remaining attackers. A CS Shows choppers with SWAT Teams onboard. Use 
everything you have, Nads, Nad Launchers, Rocky, Pipe bombs and Make sure 
there are no Survivors. More Reinforcements Will Soon Arrive.

Once The reinforcements are dead, Billy's location will be Marked on The
radar in red. Pick armour near the Tower if needed and Go Towards Billy, but 
watch out for any remaining attackers. Take Out Your Pistol and Execute Billy.
Then Follow Terry And Clay out Of the prison And Then lead your
Gang Back to the Safehouse, Which is Trashed And Burnt To Symbolise The End of
The Lost Motorcycle Club. Enjoy The Credits.

It's All Over. You Done It, You beat The Game, Congo.


Total Achievements:5
GamerScore Possible:250

You Must Have An Active Internet Connection And An Account On Games For 
Windows Live. You Must be Connected To GFWL To Earn Achievements.

It's Easy To understand


Name -  Description [GamerScore]

============  ---------------------------------------------
1.Full Chat - Build terry And Clay's Toughness To 100 % [70]
============  ----------------------------------------------

How To get The Achievement goes here

I Have Placed All Achievements In Alphabetical Order.


===================   ----------------------------------------
1.Easy Rider        - Beat The Game                    [100]
===================   ----------------------------------------

You Must Complete The 22 Missions In The Game to earn this
I Have Already Listed All of Them Above.
If Still Any Tubelight Guy Didnt Find the Walkthrough Section.

Press Ctrl+F and Type "6.Walkthrough" and Mark the Up Direction and
Select Find next.

This Achievement Will Unlock After You Have Watched or Skipped The
End Credits.

===================    -------------------------------------------
2.Full Chat          - Build Terry And Clay's Toughness to 100% [70]
===================    -------------------------------------------

For This Achievement, It's best to Complete The Politics mission first.
After Completion of this mission, Gang wars will be available.
There will always be Gang wars throughout the City. So, Just go there on
a bike, wait for Terry, Clay and others and Kill the Enemies in the 
Location Marked on the Map. After each successful gang war, A Bar In the
Game Will Display how Strong Terry And Clay Are. Keep Doing Gang Wars
until both of them have 100% Toughness to get this achievement.

==================   -----------------------------------------------------
3.Get Good Wood    - Whack Off 69 Bikers With A Wooden Bat In Bike Races[50]
==================   -----------------------------------------------------

After "Liberty City Choppers", You Can Do bike Races. After the completion
of this Mission, Terry will call and say that A Race is going on. Johnny
will automatically accept and then you must ride to the race location.
Before the start, you will get a Wooden bat that will be your weapon.
Once the race starts, Approach a Biker and If He's on your Right then long
press RMB to whack him off. For left sided use LMB. For a good whack
hold the bat before approaching a Biker and release the button when
near the Biker. When you whack all The 69(Yeah!69). This Achievement Is Yours.
To Know How Many You Whacked, Check the Statistics in The Pause menu.

================    -------------------------------------------------------
4.One Percenter   - Help Billy get his bike back.                        [5]
================    -------------------------------------------------------

Very Simple, Just Complete The First Mission(Clean And Serene)And This
Achievement is Yours. In this Mission you Fight against the AOD's and
Get Billy's bike back.

See [6.Walkthrough] For Help On this Mission

================    --------------------------------------------------------
5.The Lost Boy    - Become Leader Of The Lost Biker Gang                [25]
================    --------------------------------------------------------

Just Complete the mission "This Shit's Cursed" to earn this Achievement.
In This Mission, After Billy gets arrested by The Cops, You Are Declared
As The President of the Lost. This achievement will Unlock once you start
riding your bike to the Clubhouse.

See [6.Walkthrough] For Help On this Mission

Hoo!You Done The Missions!Earned All Achievements!


Well, It Is The End Of The Guide. Well It Was Enjoying, But Now I Have To Stop 
FAQing now(try To Pronunce It Straight, Sounds Familiar NA?)
Some busy work personally, and hope you enjoyed it.

Check out another guide I am writing - Grand Theft Auto IV


A Big Big Thanks To All The Readers Of This guide.
I, Me And Myself
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Selmiak - For a great site on tips on line breaks
Me, (Keep Thinking Why)
And Everybody Who Think Have A Contribution in My Life

**And If I Forgot To Add Someone, Sorry and Please Contact me to add you**

10.Version History

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Version 1.1 - 21-06-13

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Updated my facebook address, earlier one was permanantly blocked for
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To Come

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-And Vehicles

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