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Challenge Guide by Slateman

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/21/10

Document:   Mega Man 10: Challenge Guide
Game:       Mega Man 10
Platform:   Sony Playstation 3, Microsoft Xbox360, Nintendo Wii
Developer:  Capcom
Publisher:  Capcom

Author:     Slateman (slateman@godflesh.com)
Version:    1.0
Date:       21st March, 2010


This guide was designed for the average gamer in mind.  Any advanced gamer will 
find the challenge mode no big deal, and thus, this guide, useless.  I have not 
given advanced hard enemy gold tips (i.e. how to beat Wily on Hard without 
getting hit).  I'm not that good.  If that's what you're looking for, I'm sorry.

Since you get no achievements/trophies for the challenges, many will avoid them 
altogether.  However, they offer a good training ground for the main game and 
they can be a lot of fun.  Some of these are self-explanatory.  For others, you 
may find some useful tips herein.

Revision History:
1.0   Basic outline done.  
      Main Bosses not detailed.  
      Hard Mode Boss information not included.

Basic Challenges: #1-15
The first 15 challenges give you a good feel for how the game works and how
cheap it can be!  

01:  Stroller
     Run to the right!  No weapons.  This has taught you the integral lesson of
     pushing right and pausing

02:  Chicken Race
     Only the 2nd of 88 challenges, this shouldn’t be bad, right?  Heh.  
     Did you die?  You’ll get to the end here and just have to gingerly push 
     right.  I tend to make a jump and try to drop down.  Be nice and careful!  

03:  Climber
     First screen, second screen, jump late on the third screen.  Fourth screen.
     Climb to the top of each, hold left, press jump, press up.  Not hard.  

04:  Jump!  Jump!
     The only tough part is the end.  Just time it.  Don’t stop.  Just GO!

05:  Careful!
     Haha, you died the first time, didn’t you?  Well, of course you did, 
     that’s why they made it?  I died too of course.  And you started feeling 
     better about yourself until that last stupid pit.  Yup, got you again.  
     (me too).  Shame on us.
06:  Jump Master
     Spikes!  You don’t have to jump down below the start to progess.  Up to 
     you.  The rest is just control until that über-annoying last jump.  That’s 
     all about placement.   Walk until you are JUST about to fall off.  You 
     didn’t fall off, did you?  No?  You made it and you are now the jump 
     master! To test that theory, go and do it again 2 more times.  Did you 
     die again?  Not a jump master, I guess.

07:  Sea Bath
     Not so bad after that last one!  One tricky jump at the end, but you 
     figured that one out yourself.  

08:  Scuba Die-ving
     This isn’t so bad but you will die the first time.  Jump down and 
     aim towards the middle.  Avoid everything (of course) and on the third 
     screen move to the left. You’re going to want to be very close to the 
     spikes.  Hold this down when you progress to the fourth screen and land 
     on the platform. 
09:  Submarine Man
     I hate these.  Well, do short jumps for the first section.  1, 2, 3.  You 
     don’t have to drop down after #2.  After the third jump, run to the wall 
     and make a nice…gentle jump.  Too strong, DEAD.  Then, just run right.  
     Don’t jump here, that would be death.  Small jump and then you’ve got to 
     clear 4 spikeys.  Oh yeah, maybe die here too.  You’re going to want to 
     just about touch the spikes on the ceiling to make this one.  

     KEEP RUNNING!  Next is a big jump.  You can make it over this huge wall
     of spikes with a perfectly-timed, huge jump.  I don't know if you can 
     make it by standing just next to the tall wall.  If you missed, yup, 
     death again.  If  you’ve made it this far without dying, I wonder why 
     you’re even reading this guide.  

     The last part isn't hard.  Just walk to the edge, jump off screen and
     navigate your fall to make it through the gap.  

10:  World Adventurer
     I find it easier to try to jump and land on the very edge of these moving 
     platforms. But here I suggest running to the very end.  Then comes the 
     quicksand.  If you have troubles here, try to make a small jump just 
     before the spikes.  Not TOO close, as your head will hit them.  Then come 
     the ice pillars.  Remember that after you pause on one of these (you 
     should), gaining momentum is not easy.  

     On the third pillar, jump from the top part and not the bottom.  For
     the last section, jump from the bottom little section.  Start from the
     way left and run right.  I know, there's no room here, but you need
     some momentum to make the jump.  Got it?  Great!

11:  Countdown
     Ah, it gets a bit chaotic here but it’s all fun.  Remember that if you 
     get hit, you’re in stun mode and you can stand on spikes for a second.  
     Time your jump at the end of the second pit (the 3).  At the end of the 
     third pit, make sure you hit all the 0s at the end to give you enough 
     time.  But you knew that. 

12:  Sky Jumper
     A little pattern, classic MM style.  The blocks don’t always start where
     you want to, so be careful not to just rush.  

     3 blocks first.  No biggie.  Jump up on your fifth for the second set.   
     Be careful when jumping to start your third set.  Start just at the 
     right edge.  Tricky.  

     During your third set, on your third jump, get there early and jump 
     straight up.  If you miss this, then you’re dead.  The rest should be 
     easy going.  

13:  Shooter
     Shoot.  Victory.  Yay!

14:  Gunner
     Four targets.  Run, shoot, succeed.  Is a FAQ even necessary?
15:  Sniper
     Just nail the targets.  Some will take a quick jump/shoot combo.  
     Easy breezy.


Weapon Challenges: #16 - 25

16:     Rush Coil
17:     Rush Jet
18:     Triple Blade
19:     Water Shield
20:     Commando Bomb
21:     Chill Spike
22:     Thunder Wool
23:     Rebound Striker
24:     Wheel Cutter
25:     Solar Blaze

The only one worth mentioning here is the Wheel Cutter IMO.  Realize you can
hold the button to climb a wall.  Otherwise, these are just very basic

Advanced Challenges: # 26 - 37

For this next set of challenges, you will receive a silver for completing the 
level.  A gold will be awarded for doing so without getting hit.  Don’t forget 
that you have all of your weapons available to you.  Some of the smaller guys 
are much easier to hit with your secondary weapons.

26:  Fight On!
     This level pits you against only hard-hat guys.  Your Solar Blaze works 
     well here but so does the Wheel Cutter if you can time it right.  Beat the 
     first 3 guys and the fourth will just throw blobs (don’t count as a hit).  

     After beating the second set of enemies you’re faced with some platforms 
     to jump on.  You can try to beat the enemies and scale them, or just take 
     the bottom path. Finish off the last guy and use a Rush Coil to launch you 
     to the end.

27:  Cannon Ball 1
     From the starting point you can hit the first snowman with a lone Wheel 
     Cutter blast.  Then switch to the Solar Blaze for the next snowman.  For 
     the crab dudes, you can dish out two Wheel Cutters and a Solar Blaze.  
     It's more fun to equip the Water Shield and trash them.  Not bad so far.  
     Two Rebound Striker or Triple Blades shots kill the lamp guy from afar.

     Equip the Triple Blade and you can keep your distance here.  That weapon
     will get all three guys pretty easily.  You can hit the lamp dude with
     a pair of Triple Blades or Rebound Strikers, or, you can simply avoid
     him and use the bottom path.  Rush Coil will launch you to your gold.

28:  Cannon Ball 2
     Jump up to the first platform and run to the wall.  The balls the 
     first enemy shoots out won't hit you here.  Use a Solar Blaze.  2 shots
     and he's gone.  

     From here, equip the Water Shield.  Use this to block any balls that are
     shot and to kill the dudes that come from the walls.  Finish two 
     sections like this and swap to the Triple Blade.  Each of the next two
     guys are vanquished with that weapon.  If you fall before killing these
     enemies, you'll have to backtrack and the baddies will reappear.  Try
     to avoid falling.

29:  Charge Force 1
     These enemies aren't bad, as you can kill them with a Chill Spike.  Defeat
     those three and equip your Triple Blade.  They work great against the sword
     guys.  Repeat.  For the last section, you can freeze the guys and defeat
     however you prefer, or you could use any weapon, really.  Triple Blades 
     work, you can stay on the ladder that way.  Solar Blaze helps hit a few 
     at a time, but they can be slow.

30:  Charge Force 2
     Use your Solar Blaze here.  It’s slower, but it’ll beat the armored guys 
     with 2 hits and both sets of green guys with 1.  Fire fast once climbing 
     the ladder if you’re going for gold.     

31:  Air Force 1
     Water Shield all the way.  Avoid the bombs in the first section if you
     can and just keep your shield going, jumping into all the enemies.  Nice.

32:  Air Force 2
     Water Shield!  I used one on each of the first two sections and then a 
     pair at the end.  Protects you from projectiles and allows you to get 
     multiple hits on a nearby enemy.  Easy gold.

33:  Special Force 1
     Solar Blaze gets the first guy from above so use that on the pillar 
     before him.  Keep that equipped and pay attention to your jumps.  
     You'll kill the second guy in the same manner but you'll be below
     his shots.  

     Of course the tricky part is the jump at the end.  You could use a
     Water Shield but it's not too helpful for attacking.  So, make your
     perfect jump and try shooting a Solar Blaze as you land and 
     immediately jump over the green enemy's attacks.  You'll have to time
     two jumps perfectly.  

     Not out of the woods yet!  Oh no, the most annoying part is yet to come!	 

34:  Special Force 2
     Not nearly as hard as Special Force 1, just equip your Triple Blade
     and mow down everybody!  Be careful with the fast-moving mech shrimps
     but otherwise this is a breeze.

35:  Special Force 3
     The jumping at the beginning is the only slight challenge here, I guess.
     Be patient if you find yourself rushing.  Use your Triple Blade for all 
     baddies.  Note the first two enemies you see reverse the treadmill 
     direction.  That may be a good thing if you're having troubles.  

36:  Special Force 4
     Part of this is luck as you don't know where the guys will come from.
     However, using your Water Shield and taking your time may help.  

37:   Jumping Force
     Jump up and wait.  Hit the first guy with your Solar Blaze.  Run down and 
     don’t stop until you’re just before the second guy.  Solar Blaze him.  
     Use the same weapon for jumping dude in the green tights.  Climb up and 
     don’t hesitate to freeze him with your Chill Spike.  Commando Bomb him 
     (or use your Mega Buster). 
     Triple Blade your final guys.  Rush Coil to the top because you really 
     are that lazy.  Beat it, get the gold.  Thank me?  

Mid-Boss Challenges: #38-43

The next 50 challenges require you to beat all of the bosses and sub-bosses
in the game.  Once again, you will get a gold if you can manage to complete
them without getting hit.  

Each boss has 3 versions, Easy, Normal and Hard and you can only unlock 
them by beating them on each difficulty in the main game.  I'm nowhere
near great at MM, never was, so I'm not offering tips on how to get golds
on Hard mode bosses.  

38:  Tricastle E
39:  Tricastle N
40:  Tricastle H
     You can use your Solar Blaze or Rebound Striker, but the best way is to 
     hit this guy with your Water Shield.  Initiate the weapon and jump up.  
     If you measure it right, you can hit two sets of eyes at one time.  Once 
     your shield is depleted (or mostly, 2-3 bubbles left), shoot it off and do 
     it again.   Once again, the Solar Blaze works well by hitting the enemy 
     twice per shot, but nothing works as well as the Shield.

44:  Octobulb E
45:  Octobulb N
46:  Octobulb H
     On easy, just go nuts with the Mega Buster.  You can beat him in one try.  
     If you’re not daring (or going for gold), hit up the Rebound Striker.  
     That one will dispatch him quickly.  The Triple Blade works well too here 
     but isn’t as powerful.  

47: Suzak & Fenix E
48: Suzak & Fenix N
49: Suzak & Fenix H
     You can try your luck with the water shield.  It blocks the fire that 
     rains down and can hit multiple times.  Sometimes they won’t let you get 
     close to do so though, particularly on harder difficulties.

     The Commando Bomb works well but try not to waste them.  It’s easy to miss.
     The Triple Blade is probably the best but none are too great.  Classic
     Mega Buster still does the trick.

41:  The Keeper E
42:  The Keeper N
43:  The Keeper H
     You have to face this sub-boss twice just like in the stage.

     On Normal Mode, block the soccer balls with your Water Shield or even 
     Triple Blade but I’d save the latter.  You can beat the first form with a 
     few good shots of the Triple Blade.   

     The second form has a different attack where both hands come down, and 
     then one hand swoops over to the other side (thus hitting the electric 
     fence).  Don’t hop on the hands here in case.  Use your  Rebound Striker 
     for some good damage.  The Commando Bomb isn’t so bad either.  

Normal Boss Challenges: #50 - 73

So you don't have to look this up elsewhere or don't want to do any major 
reading, here is a list of each boss and his weakness.

Boss                    Weakness
----                    ---------
Blade Man               Commando Bomb
Pump Man                Thunder Wool
Commando Man            Wheel Cutter
Chill Man               Solar Blaze
Sheep Man               Rebound Striker
Strike Man              Triple Blade
Nitro Man               Chill Spike
Solar Man               Water Shield

50:  Blade E
51:  Blade N
52:  Blade H

     Since you have all your weapons, go straight for the Commando Bomb and 
     memorize his pattern.  You can usually get two hits on each side if
     you time it right.  Shoot one before he lands, then another as soon 
     as you have the opportunity.  

53:  Pump E
54:  Pump N
55:  Pump H

56:  Commando E
57:  Commando N
58:  Commando H

59:  Chill E
60:  Chill N
61:  Chill H

62:  Sheep E
63:  Sheep N
64:  Sheep H

65:  Strike E 
66:  Strike N
67:  Strike H
     A good Triple Blade does nice damage to Strike Man.  

68:  Nitro E
69:  Nitro N
70:  Nitro H

71:  Solar E
72:  Solar N
73:  Solar H

Wily Boss Challenges: #76-88
Here you are at the final set of challenges, all from Wily's final stages.
The same rules apply: beat the boss for a silver, do so without getting 
hit for a gold.  

74:  W. Archive E
75:  W. Archive N
76:  W. Archive H

This stands for Weapons Archive and you’re going to be facing off against 
bosses from old Mega-Man games!  They’re housed in hamburger-like capsules.  

First Room: 
     Left:     Electric Man (Mega Man)
     Middle:   Gemini Man (Mega Man 3)
     Right:    Wood Man (Mega Man 2)

Electric-Man: The guy with the yellow spiked helmet.  
     Avoid his electric attacks and hit him with the Wheel Cutter.  If you can 
     get close, even better, because you don’t want to miss him and waste 
     ammo by not timing your attacks wel.

Gemini-Man:  The guy with the blue spiked helmet
     Dispatch this guy very quickly by standing close and using your Wheel 

Wood-Man:  The guy that looks like he’s made of wood.
     From the fan-favorite, Mega-Man 2, three shots from your Triple Blade 
     destroys him on easy mode.  

--coming soon--

Second Room:
Third Room:

77:  Crab Puncher E
78:  Crab Puncher N
79:  Crab Puncher H

80:  Block Devil E
81:  Block Devil N
82:  Block Devil H
     He isn't *hard* but this is so just not fun. 

83:  Wily Machine E
84:  Wily Machine N
85:  Wily Machine H
     There will be two forms here.  For the first, stay to the left.  He is
     weak to the Solar Blaze, but I find the ol' Mega Buster is best as it
     is easier to hit him with.  Stay left, shoot the missiles and get in as
     many shots to the skull as possible.

     His second form is more annoying than difficult.  He's weak to the 
     Water Shield, a good way to hit him a few times too.  You'll have to 
     avoid the laser thing, but you knew that as you've fought him once 
     before!  If you get caught by his orb of imprisonment, just shoot fast 
     to break out.  

86:  Wily Capsule E
87:  Wily Capsule N
88:  Wily Capsule H
     Wily is weak to the Chill Spike.  Remember you can tell his real form
     as he's less pale and doesn't have a triangle on his forehead.  

Legal Stuff

This FAQ is copyright (c) 2010, Trevor Esposito (slateman@godflesh.com)
Mega Man 10 is copyright (c) 2010, Capcom
Mega Man 10 is a trademark of Capcom.

You may not distribute this for profit.  
You may not edit or alter the contents herein without the permission 
of the author.

The most current version of this FAQ can always be found at the
following address:


Hope the FAQ was useful in some form.

Good luck and have fun!


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