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  1. Just curious how much time it took everyone. If you read this please post your time. I'll accept the average of what everyone posts.

    User Info: Klyern

    Klyern - 7 years ago
  2. It seems that if you reset the game it takes you only a few minutes (some kind of exploit) but if you keep rolling without resetting acording to what most people say in-forum it takes hours....... seriously hours... and it variates from ppl to ppl but everyone says hours without the exploit

    Regardless you can just roll a 20 and start from there, you gain stats by leveling up, and once you hit a cap (10 above your race's, in every stat) you start balancing them out (wining and loosing every level up)

    So around level 10+ you will cap your stats regarless of rolling a 20 or a 40, if you roll a 40 you'll just have reached the cap sooner, even so everyone keeps saying that level is more important than stats in the game, so forget it and just roll a 20 which takes a couple of minutes.

    User Info: Klyern

    Klyern - 7 years ago

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  1. It takes as long as it takes, tough I have noticed that 1 will appear in the first couple minutes. After that - anyone's guess.

    You are much better off just rolling and playing. The game has a balance of 10 point max above staring stats, so if you wait on a higher roll, you will then wonder why the stats decrease as you level up. If you just roll and play, you will get better Exp, and an overall increase in stats until you hit the max for each. If you are worried about getting a Lord, Samurai or Ninja - don't sweat it. The gold you find isn't for buying items, it's for tithing in the temple. Example, you finally have the stats for a Samurai, so you change class at the guild, and then Tithe gold at the Temple. 1 gold = 1 Exp point. Fast way to catch back up to the rest of the group.

    User Info: Jazzwind

    Jazzwind - 7 years ago 0   0

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