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  1. I really wish this game had stat explanation in. I'd like to know specifically what each stat does especially INT and PIE. Can someone tell me what exactly PIE does? Is it only for boosting healing spells? Is it used for something like magic defense? Is INT? What determines your maximum spell usage? It seems one of my characters with lots of pie seems to get spell uses frequently. I'm just trying to figure out if, when distrubiting points to a thief or fighter, if I should use points for PIE and/or INT.

    User Info: noir_maou

    noir_maou - 7 years ago

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  1. The following are merely logical guesses ...

    STR - Strength. Affects how hard you hit in melee
    INT - Intelligence. Affects spell learn rate for Mage spells, as well as effectiveness those spells
    PIE - Piety. Affects spell learn rte for Priest spells, as well as effectiveness of those spells
    VIT - Vitality. Affects your physical defense. Also affects how many HP you gain on a level-up.
    AGI - Agility. Affects your Dodge rate
    LUC - Luck. Affects everything to a slight degree

    As for how to assign points, that depends both upon the class and your plans for the character's future. If you want your characters to advance to higher classes, you can either keep rolling for a 40 or a 47, or you can level the characters up in a base class with an eye towards changing class later. If you do the first, then simply assigning stats and alignment to get the class you want is the way to go. If you are going to do the latter, however, then assigning spare points to LUC or AGI or INT or PIE may make it easier to get the minimum stats for the advanced classes later on.

    User Info: Astroshak

    Astroshak - 7 years ago 2   0

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