• Unlock Desperate Escape

    Do the following to unlock the Desperate Escape episode:

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Desperate EscapeComplete the Game

    Contributed By: Warhawk.

    5    6

  • Unlock Lost in Nightmares

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Lost in NightmaresComplete Chapter 3-1

    Contributed By: Warhawk.

    6    1

Resident Evil 5 Cheats


  • Regenerate items

    Chapter 2-1, take all the items at the beginning and then Quit the game. Return to the game by selecting "Continue" and you will begin Chapter 2-1 with the items you got before you quit the game, however, the items at the beginning (you took just now) are still at the same place, so you can obtain them again. Repeat the same thing to get as many as you like.

    Note: This works on any stage, this is just one example of how to benefit from it.

    Contributed By: sephirosuy.

    19    10


  • Clear game bonus

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Alternate CostumeBeat the game once.
    Classic Horror FilterBeat the game on Amateur difficulty
    Infinity ammoBeat the game once.
    MercenariesBeat the game once.
    New Game+Beat The Game Once
    Noise FilterBeat the game on Veteran difficulty
    Play as ShevaBeat the game once
    Professional modeBeat game in Veteran mode
    Retro FilterBeat the game on Normal difficulty

    Contributed By: sephirosuy, stealthgiga, Bristow84, and combine41.

    24    5

  • Mercenaries Mode Characters

    Stage-specific A ranks for new character unlocks (40,000+ points in single player, 80,000+ points in co-op constitutes an A)

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Chris (S.T.A.R.S.)Get an A rank on Experimental Facility
    Chris (Safari)Get an A rank on Village
    Jill (Battle Suit)Get an A rank on Ship Deck
    Jill (BSAA)Get an A rank on Public Assembly
    Sheva (Clubbin')Get an A rank on Ancient Ruins
    Sheva (Tribal)Get an A rank on Missile Area
    Wesker (Midnight)Get an A rank on Mines
    Wesker (S.T.A.R.S.)Get an A rank on Prison

    Contributed By: Kirksta.

    19    3

  • Unlock Infinity Rocket Launcher

    To unlock the Rocket Launcher with infinite ammo, beat the game under 5 hours on any difficulty, and turn infinite ammo on under bonus features.

    Contributed By: gGuardian2099.

    10    5

  • Unlockable Costumes for Campaign

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Clubbin' ShevaBeat the game
    S.T.A.R.S. ChrisShoot 25 BSAA emblems
    Safari ChrisBeat the game
    Tribal ShevaShoot 30 BSAA emblems

    Contributed By: Emperorwon.

    13    4

  • Unlockable guns

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Gatling Gun (Chris exclusive)Fully upgrade the VZ61 then buy the Gatling gun from the shop
    HydraFully upgrade the Ithaca M37 then buy the Hydra from the shop
    Longbow (Sheva exclusive)Fully upgrade S75 then buy the longbow from the shop
    M93RFully upgrade the M92F then buy the M93R from the shop
    S&W M500 Magnum (HandCannon)Fully upgrade the S&W M29 Magnum then buy the S&W M500 from the shop

    Contributed By: KiraYamatoDaMan.

    10    2

  • Unlockable Home items

    Complete the following tasks to unlock Resident Evil 5 items in Home

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Chris Redfield OrnamentSign in to Home and you will automatically get it
    Jill Valentine OrnamentBeat the game on veteran
    Sheva Alomar OrnamentBeat the game on normal
    Treasure Chest OrnamentCollect all treasures in the game
    Wesker OrnamentBeat the game on professional

    Contributed By: Tsao01 and TRin12.

    7    1

  • Versus Mode: Unlockable Characters

    These are the 8 unlockable characters for the DLC Versus Mode. While the same as Merceneries, they only have slightly different weapon-sets.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Chris(S.T.A.R.S)Unlock him through the Bonus Features menu at the cost of 13,000 Exchange Points
    Chris(Safari)Unlock him through the Bonus Features menu at the cost of 8,000 Exchange Points
    Jill(Battle Suit)Unlock her through the Bonus Features menu at the cost of 7,000 Exchange Points
    Jill(BSAA)Unlock her through the Bonus Features menu at the cost of 5,000 Exchange Points
    Sheva(Clubbin')Unlock her through the Bonus Features menu at the cost of 6,000 Exchange Points
    Sheva(Tribal)Unlock her through the Bonus Features menu at the cost of 15,000 Exchange Points
    Wesker(Midnight)Unlock him through the Bonus Features menu at the cost of 30,000 Exchange Points
    Wesker(S.T.A.R.S)Unlock him through the Bonus Features menu at the cost of 50,000 Exchange Points

    Contributed By: ElusionM_08.

    10    0

Resident Evil 5: Desperate Escape Cheats


  • Play as Josh Stone and unlock Professional Difficulty

    Unlock Jill's partner in this chapter and the hardest difficulty setting in the game

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Josh StoneComplete Desperate Escape on any Difficulty Setting
    Professional ModeComplete Desperate Escape on the Veteren Difficulty

    Contributed By: SHAO-Khan.

    5    2

Resident Evil 5: Lost in Nightmares Cheats


  • Resident Evil 5: Lost in Nightmares Unlockables

    Unlockables for the DLC-based level {Lost in Nightmares} released for {Resident Evil 5}.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    FiguresBeat the game to unlock figurines. Viewable in the Bonus Gallery.
    Old-School Resident Evil camera-mode:When the chapter starts, turn around and try to open the front door. Do this 3 times and a '?' will appear. Click to activate classics camera!
    Play as Jill ValentineBeat the scenerio on any difficulty with Chris Redfield and you will be able to use Jill Valentine. She has several different paths you must take.

    Contributed By: ElusionM_08.

    7    3

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